Top 20 Books

Note: rankings are completely arbitrary but fun to do anyway. Books are at least tangentially related to Spygate. Subject to revision.


The official "first draft" of Spygate, responsible for redpilling thousands. Bongino, McAllister and Palumbo footnoted the text extensively, which backs up their assertions quite a bit. There are even charts in the back for the visual learners.


From a legend on Twitter. A compiled work of his research and another great starting point for understanding the outlines of the entire Spygate story, especially taking into consideration the UK angle.


George Papadopoulos was one of the "surveilled four" of Spygate. He lived it, so a first hand account is very helpful to people trying to understand. On the other hand, even George has an agenda and an angle to push, one that puts him in a positive light. Overall, it's an important book to read.


One of the best books to understand the 2016 Trump Campaign, from an insider of course. And since Lewandowski has an ongoing relationship with these people, he is able to include details found nowhere else.


If Lewandowski's book is the best one to understand Trump's Campaign, Cliff Simm's book is the best one to understand the first year or so of the Trump White House. Simms is not a diehard Trump insider, but he certainly had proximity to power and seemed to take a level headed appoach to the rumours and stories.


McCabe filled his book with quite a few new interesting details. Might have been a self-serving move. But certainly worth reading. Looking back, we'll likely see major events he left out.


An essential background book on Hillary Clinton. This book is not about Spygate of course but to understand Spygate you need to understand the underlying tensions. Clinton corruption is one of those strains.


Similar to the Clinton background book, you must understand the Snowden disclosures to understand Spygate. Snowden rocked the IC to its core. Plus, the author of this book is a key player in the Christopher Steele saga later on.


Sidney Powell describes malfeasance at the Department of Justice in this book. Again while this book is not Spygate related, it certainly sets the stage. Powell of course later becomes Michael Flynn's defense lawyer.


Field of Fight

This book by Flynn himself is a peek into his brain. A description of the world as he sees it.


Another backgrounder, this time from a reporter surveilled by the Obama administration. Sharyl has been a tireless exposer of the injsutice of it all.


The Kavanaugh hearings were a break from Spygate. But many of the same characters and struggles are interlaced.


Not necessarily a Spygate book but certainly related to the whole shebang. Many of the same characters.


Don't laugh, this book actually has lots of info about the early Trump White House.


Trump clearly liked this book as he was tweeting about it the second it came out.


Mostly rehashes what is in other books, but helpful nonetheless.


Another Hillary Clinton backgrounder


Interesting first hand accounts of Mueller and his team


This book doesn't necessarily have accurate stories, but it has interesting ones. A starting point for tracking rumours.


Even if you don't believe Qanon, this is essential reading. Simply becuase it has become so popular