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??? ??, 1976 FBI agent Myron Fuller meets with Trump in Brooklyn sometime spring 1976 to discuss mafia connections
??? ??, 1977 Gennady Vasilenko and Jack Platt meet at a Harlem Globetrotters game in DC [see: The Seven Million Dollar Spy]
Oct 25, 1978 The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 is signed into law by Jimmy Carter
Oct 08, 1979 CIA officer Jack Platt is nearly fired after a drunken night out in DC [see: Best of Enemies Ch. 4]
Jan 04, 1980 Ronald Pelton calls the Soviet Embassy in D.C.; he meets KGB agents the following day,
??? ??, 1980 Black, Manafort & Stone lobbying firm, based in Washington DC, founded
Oct ??, 1980 Gennady Vasilenko meets Aleksandr Shcherbakov (aka "Anatoly Stepanov") sometime Oct 1980 in D.C.
Nov 04, 1980 Ronald Regan elected President of the United States. Chuck Grassley first elected to the US Senate
Dec 04, 1981 Executive Order 12333 issued; "United States Intelligence Activities"
Mar 16, 1982 Casino Control Commission of Atlantic City reserves a casino license for Trump
Jan 01, 1984 NYT article about Trump's USFL New Jersey Generals
May 15, 1984 Harrah's at Trump Plaza opens in Atlantic City| 8BJe,
Mar 11, 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev selected as the new general secretary and leader of the Soviet Union, following the death of Konstantin Chernenko the day before
Nov 25, 1985 Black, Manafort and Stone files a FARA registration due to work with the Philippines dictatorship, accelerating the firm’s international business
??? ??, 1987 Christopher Steele begins working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Oct ??, 1987 Jack Platt's memo of his interaction with Gennady Vasilenko in Guyana is intercepted by Robert Hanssen
Jan ??, 1998 KGB lures Gennady Vasilenko to Cuba; KGB imprisons him in the Soviet Union, then dispel him from KGB
Apr 30, 1988 Vincent "The Fish" Cafaro tells SPSI that 75% of the construction industry in NYC is mob-controlled
Jun 21, 1989 Manafort admits to using lobbying influence to obtain HUD grant
Nov 09, 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall. The head of the East German Communist Party announces that citizens of the GDR could cross the border whenever they pleased
??? ??, 1990 Christopher Steele begins serving as Second Secretary in Moscow (until sometime 1993)
Apr 06, 1990 NYT article on Trump Taj Mahal
Apr 08, 1990 NYT on opening of Trump Taj Mahal opens
May 29, 1990 Boris Yeltsin elected Chairman of the Russian Supreme Soviet
Sep 13, 1990 WaPo: "Gorbachev shifts on economy" (Stanislav Shatalin's "500 Days" program)
Mar 17, 1991 A referendum on the future of the Soviet Union was held, asking voters if they want to preserve the union of soviet block states as a new federation
Jun ??, 1991 Carter Page visits Soviet Union as a U.S. Naval Academy Midshipman sometime in 1991,
Jun 14, 1991 Yeltsin elected leader of Russia
Jul 31, 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) signed by President Bush & Secretary Gorbachev
Aug 19, 1991 Communist coup in Moscow; ends Aug 22, 1991
Aug 23, 1991 Chinese dissidents hail failed coup in Moscow; Chinest govt initially supports coup
Aug 25, 1991 Moscow coup-plotters exalted in parts of Russia
Aug 25, 1991 Yeltsin formally recognizes Estonia and Latvia
Aug 27, 1991 Europe recognize independence of Baltic republics
Sep 06, 1991 Soviets recognize Baltic independence, ending 51-year occupation of 3 nations
Sep 02, 1991 President Bush recognizes Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia,,
Dec 08, 1991 Belavezha Accords signed in Belarus, declaring the USSR dissolved
Dec 13, 1991 Gorbachev set to resign as post-Soviet plan advances
Dec 22, 1991 11 Soviet states form Commonwealth after end of Soviet Union,
Dec 26, 1991 Gorbachev resigns; U.S. recognizes republics' independence
Oct 02, 1992 Senate endorses START-I reduce strategic arms; Senate votes 93-6
Nov 04, 1992 Clinton wins U.S. election
??? ??, 1993 Carter Page serves as an officer in the U.S. Navy (until 1998)
Jan 22, 1993 AG William Barr heavily criticizes FBI Director William Sessions
May 17, 1993 Carter Page Trident Scholar Project Report accepted by review committee; pdf 129 pages
Jul 21, 1993 Louis Joseph Freeh nominated FBI Director
??? ??, 1994 Carter Page graduates with a Master of Arts in National Security Studies from Georgetown University
Feb 21, 1994 CIA employee spying for Russia, Aldrich Ames, arrested in Virginia
Dec 05, 1994 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) goes into enforcement
??? ??, 1995 Trump declares $916m loss; $50m annual tax break eligible for 15yrs
Apr 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
Jun 30, 1995 Al Gore and PM of Russia sign the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission; classification SECRET
Feb 10, 1996 DoD Reform Initiative Directive #27 issued; establishes what later becomes DOD Cyber Crime Center (DC3)
??? ??, 1996 Andrew McCabe joins the FBI in the New York Field Office
Jan 24, 1997 Al Gore admits California temple fundraiser was a mistake
Mar 04, 1997 Al Gore says he did nothing illegal in soliciting donations from the White House
Mar 07, 1997 Krauthammer op-ed on Al Gore fundraising scandal
May 19, 1997 FBI memo details Trump's assistance to the feds in Atlantic City in 1981
Feb ??, 1998 Monica Witt is assigned to the U.S. Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA; there, she learns Farsi
Aug 30, 1998 Ruble crash
??? ??, 1999 Aleksandr Poteyev begins working for the CIA as a mole within the SVR
??? ??, 1999 Fethullah Gulen arrives in America for medical treatment
??? ??, 1999 Gennady Vasilenko works as a P.I. in Russia with Jack Platt; later on, with Alexandr Shcherbakov
Mar 30, 1999 Michael Isikoff releases a book called "Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story"
Jun 09, 1999 Marla Maples settles prenup for $2m in divorce
Apr 24, 1999 NATO Summit in DC; Czech Republic, Hungary, & Poland officially join NATO
May ??, 1999 Monica Witt is deployed to overseas locations to handle classified missions involving SIGINT
Aug 16, 1999 Russian Duma confirms Putin as Prime Minister
Sep 09, 1999 Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton discuss possible successors to Russia [see: Aug 30, 2018 Clinton Digital Library]
Sep 19, 1999 Russian investigators trace $500m in laundered money to NYC through the Bank of New York
Nov ??, 1999 Michael Caputo co-founds Rainmaker' DC-based PR firm specializing in Russian interests (ends June 2001)
Nov 19, 1999 The Adapted Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty signed at OSCE Istanbul Summit; criticized by Putin
Dec 31, 1999 Yeltsin's last day in office; Putin elevated to acting President of Russia
??? ??, 2000 Operations Ghost Stories begins around this time [see: Nov 11, 2010 Kommersant]
??? ??, 2000 Felix Sater joins Bayrock, sets up offices in Trump Tower [see: Jun 3, 2018 ABC News (Australia)]
Jan ??, 2000 Russian Illegals Juan Lazaro and Vicky Pelaez surveilled in an unidentified South American country
Mar 26, 2000 Putin wins Russian presidential election with 53% of the vote
Apr 21, 2000 NYT: "Russian Banks Hold Enigmas Within Mazes; U.S. Tries to Follow Path Of Suspected Wrongdoing"
May 07, 2000 Putin assumes presidency in Russia
Jun 04, 2000 NYT: "Clinton and Putin meet at Kremin with wide agenda"
Sep 01, 2000 White House: "Vice President Al Gore Signs U.S. - Russia Plutonium Disposition Agreement"
Sep 06, 2000 Wired: "U.S., Russia sign plutonium pact"
Oct ??, 2000 KGB defector, Alexander Litvienko, defects
Oct ??, 2000 Colonel Sergei Tretyakov defects to the U.S. on Oct 11, 2000 [see: Jul 10, 2010 Pete Earley]
Oct 12, 2000 USS Cole Bombing
Oct 13, 2000 NYT: "Despite a Secret Pact by Gore in '95, Russian Arms Sales to Iran Go On"
Nov 09, 2000 NYT: "Bush barely ahead of Gore in Florida as recount holds key to the election"
Dec 11, 2000 Jack Quinn delivers pardon petition to the White House [see: Jun 2001 Vanity Fair]
Dec 13, 2000 NYT: "Bush prevails; by single vote, Justices end recount, blocking Gore after 5-week struggle"
Dec 19, 2000 NY prosecutor Robert Abrams files $3b lawsuit against Marc Rich, Deripaska, et al
??? ??, 2001 Tevfik Arif founds Bayrock in NYC [see: Oct 1, 2010 Daily Mail]
Jan 09, 2001 DOJ forms Enron Task Force, led by Lisa Monaco, Andrew Weissmann, James Comey, Christopher Wray, and Robert Mueller
Jan 20, 2001 Marc Rich is pardoned
Feb 15, 2001 NYPost: "How Marc helped plunder Russia"
Feb 18, 2001 CIA mole, Robert Hanssen, arrested in Virginia
Feb 22, 2001 The Telegraph: "US double agent 'unmasked by Russian'" (Tretyakov, Hanssen)
Jun ??, 2001 Vanity Fair: "The face of scandal" (Denise, Marc Rich)
Jun 06, 2001 WSJ: "D.H. Blair Ex-Broker Pleads Guilty To Charges of Stock Fraud in IPOs" (Palagonia)
Jul ??, 2001 Bayrock LLC is formed [see: Jun 4, 2016 Haaretz]
Jul 28, 2001 NYT: "Eyes of Chicago Turn to Plan for a New Landmark" (Chicago Sun-Times building)
Aug 02, 2001 "Robert S. Mueller III to be Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation"
Sep 11, 2001 Four coordinated terrorist attacks on US mainland by Al-Qaeda kill 3,000 people
Sep 12, 2001 UN Security Council Resolution 1368 condemns terrorist attacks; aligns response in accordance w/UN Charter
Oct 07, 2001 War in Afghanistan begins when US and British forces initiate aerial bombing campaigns targeting Taliban and Al-Qaeda
Oct 11, 2001 FBI Field Divisions directed to expand Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs) [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10] (p. 10)
Oct 26, 2001 PATRIOT Act signed into law by George W. Bush
Dec 03, 2001 FBI Security Division established; Cyber Divsion established; Office of Intelligence established
??? ??, 2001 Anna Kuschenko ("Chapman") marries Alex Chapman in Moscow; later that year, they move to London
Feb 07, 2002 FBI Office of Records Management created [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Apr 09, 2002 David Szady, Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI, appears before SJC
Jun 14, 2002 Bush says radical killers are behind Karachi bomb
Jun 18, 2002 FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF) created [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Jul 31, 2002 Congress approves FBI reorganization; Criminal reassigned to Counterterrorism [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Aug 06, 2002 Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force consolidated into FBI counterterrorism [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Aug 13, 2002 FBI's National Counterintelligence Strategy announced [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Oct ??, 2002 IC releases National Intelligence Estimate; asserts Iraq possesses WMD; Brennan is deputy exec director of CIA
Nov 01, 2002 FBI Fisa unit created [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Nov 05, 2002 Devin Nunes first elected to US House of Representatives, defeating David LaPere
Nov 06, 2002 Special Technologies and Applications Section created as part of Cyber Division [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Nov ??, 2002 Sater offers a job to Jodi Kriss at Bayrock Group; mentions new investor, Arif Tevfik [see: Jun 21, 2017 Bloomberg]
Dec 04, 2002 FBI Communications Exploitation Section (CXS) created [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Dec 31, 2002 FBI Counterintel reprogramming approved by Congress; 167 agents and 49 support positions assigned to counterintel
??? ??, 2003 Michael Caputo founds Caputo Public Relations; his associate, Sergey Petrushin, operates as CEO in Moscow
Jan 10, 2003 FBIHQ Local Area Network for storing TS/SCI material, codenamed SCION, becomes operational [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Jan 25, 2003 Marina Poteyev files a police reoprt; claims three assailants tied up and robbed her family
Feb 05, 2003 Colin Powell appears in front of UN presenting evidence of Iraq WMD
Feb 06, 2003 FBI Intelligence program established. Executive Assistant Director for Intelligence and AD of Intelligence appointed [see: Apr 14, 2004 Report, page 10]
Mar 01, 2003 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan [see: Nov 27, 2011 Der Spiegel]
Mar 20, 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom starts
Mar 27, 2003 Daily Times: "Pakistani couple sought in Qaeda hunt" (Aafid Siddiqui, Mohammed Khan)
Mar 31, 2003 Lawsuit against Marc Rich, Deripaska, et al dismissed
Apr 03, 2003 "Neurologist Questioned By FBI For Alleged Al-Qaida Links" (Aafid Siddiqui)
Apr 21, 2003 U.S. official tells NBC's Lisa Myers that Aafia Siddiqui is in Pakistani custody [see: Feb 14, 2011 Counterpunch]
Oct 05, 2003 Mikhail Khodorkovsky arrested [see: Mar 4, 2013 Vanity Fair]
Oct 06, 2003 Stanley McChrystal becomes commander of JSOC. Flynn is his intelligence chief. They reform the way units use intelligence. Putting it on the front lines
Nov ??, 2003 Monica Witt is assigned as an AFOSI Special Agent criminal investigator and counterintelligence officer
Oct 23, 2003 FBI: "Andrew G. McCabe Named Executive Assistant Director of National Security Branch"
Nov 05, 2003 Jonathan Winer of Alston & Bird files a FARA registration form to lobby for Oleg Deripaska's visa
Nov 10, 2003 New Yorker: "Concrete Jungle"
??? ??, 2004 Keither Schiller hired as Trump's Head director of security
??? ??, 2004 Middle Eastern arms dealer, Abdul Rahman al-Assir, loans Paul Manafort $250k [see: Apr 26, 2016 WaPo]
??? ??, 2004 Tom Barrack loans Paul Manafort’s wife $1.8m (secured by real estate, settled in 2006) [see: Mar 29, 2017 WSJ]
??? ??, 2004 Carter Page moves to Moscow sometime in 2004
??? ??, 2004 Soros loans $160m for Trump International Hotel and Tower sometime in 2004 [see: Aug 6, 2016 Daily Beast]
Jan 08, 2004 First appearance of The Apprentice on NBC [see: Jan 25, 2004 NYT]
Jan 25, 2004 NYT: "TELEVISION; Due Diligence on the Donald"
Jan 27, 2004 Plans are announced to move the FBI’s central records repository to a site outside Winchester, VA [see: Jan 15, 2016 Warner Statement]
Mar 10, 2004 Comey races to the hostpital room of Attorney General Ashcroft; they successfully persuade him not to renew Bush's warrantless surveillance, which the Justice Department had just determined was illegal [see: May 16, 2007 LA Times]
Apr 14, 2004 The FBI’s Counterterrorism Program Since September 2001 Report
Jun 28, 2004 NATO Istanbul summit where Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia are officially added to NATO. Russia is especially bothered by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Oct 01, 2004 GSA National Broker Contract awarded to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Staubach, Julien J. Studley, Inc., and The Trammel Crow Company
Oct 04, 2004 Buryakov's first day working at VneshEconomBank in Pretoria, South Africa
Oct 08, 2004 Chicago Tribune: "Big names back Trump tower" (Soros $160m, Deutsche Bank $650m)
Dec 19, 2004 Rosneft (thru shell company, Baikalfinansgrup) buys Yukos oil at auction for $9b [see: Mar 4, 2013 Vanity Fair]
??? ??, 2005 Trump takes $103m in losses [see: Mar 14, 2017 McClatchly]
??? ??, 2005 Alston & Bird (Jon Finer, Bob Dole) paid ~$260k for State Dept work tied to Deripaska [see: May 11, 2007 Reuters]
??? ??, 2005 Deripaska issued a U.S. visa [see: May 11, 2007 Reuters]
Aug 04, 2005 WSJ: "Deputy Attorney General Comey To Take Post at Lockheed Martin"
Aug 25, 2005 Gennady Vasilenko is beaten and imprisoned by KGB operatives who believe he is a mole [see: Oct 2, 2018 Daily Beast]
Sep 05, 2015 Ukrainian president, Viktor Yuschenko, is suspected of having been poisoned on this day
Oct 05, 2005 FBI Intelligence Analyst Leandro Aragoncillo arrested in New Jersey and charged with espionage and with leaking classified information to a former Filipino president
Oct 07, 2005 NBC News: "IAEA, ElBaradei win Nobel Peace Prize"
Oct 08, 2005 Ekim Alptekin (Erdogan ally) starts Inovo BV in the Netherlands
??? ??, 2006 Anna Chapman divorces her husband, Alex Chapman
??? ??, 2006 Michael Cohen joins the Trump Organization in 2006 at Trump's invitation [see: Apr 16, 2011 ABC news]
??? ??, 2006 Douglas Campbell begins work as an informant for the FBI sometime in 2006 [see: Dec 4, 2017 The Hill]
??? ??, 2006 NSA contractor, Nghia H. Pho, begins work for NSA's Tailored Access Operations (until 2016) [see: Dec 1, 2017 NYT]
??? ??, 2006 Manafort receives pro-Putin payments (~$75m) from 2006-14
Jan 10, 2006 BBC: "Iran breaks seals at nuclear site" (Natanz)
Jan 25, 2006 World Economic Summit at Davos (Jan. 25th-29th)
Jan ??, 2006 McCain meets Deripaska at a gathering in an apartment in Davos, arranged by Rick Davis [see: Jan 25, 2008 WaPo]
Feb 22, 2006 Clinton Foundation and Alexander Downer (as a representaive for the Australian Government) sign a MOU scribd pdf
Mar 16, 2006 Lockheed Martin awarded the six year, $305 million SENTINEL contract by the FBI. Project means to modernize case file information
May ??, 2006 U.S. intel locates clandestine Iranain enrichment facility at IRCG base sometime Spring 2009 [see: Sep 25, 2009 NYT]
May 16, 2006 Philly Mag: "Where’s Donald?"
Jul ??, 2006 Deripaska visa revoked [see: May 11, 2007 Reuters]
Jul 12, 2006 New York Sun: "Investment Firm Says Soros Group Rigged GM Building Bid"
Jul 24, 2006 Gracetown Inc. registered in Deleware (buyer of Deripaska mansion in DC) [see: Oct 11, 2018 Crime Russia]
Aug 29, 2006 John McCain celebrates his 70th birthday in Montenegro on a yacht owned by Oleg Deripaska, published by The Nation
Sep 12, 2006 Enron Task Force given honors at DOJ Annual Awards Ceremony, include Zebley, Laufman, Yates
Sep 26, 2006 Jerusalem Post: "Russia agrees to ship nuclear fuel to Iran's atomic power plant"
Sep 27, 2006 NYT: "Russia Agrees to Send Fuel for Iran Nuclear Plant"
Oct ??, 2006 GAO releases report: "FBI Has Largely Staffed Key Modernization Program, but Strategic Approach to Managing Program’s Human Capital Is Needed" referring to SENTINEL project
Nov 01, 2006 KGB defector, Alexander Litvienko, poisoned with polonium
Nov 14, 2006 IAEA: "Implementation of the NPT SafeguardsAgreement in the Islamic Republic of Iran"
Nov 20, 2006 Guardian: "Former KGB officer was poisoned because he was enemy of Putin" (Litvienko)
Nov 23, 2006 CNN: "Russian former spy dies" (Litvinenko)
??? ??, 2007 Sergei Mikhailov allegedly sells information to U.S. intel about Pavel Vrublevsky, owner of ChronoPay
??? ??, 2007 Anna Chapman tells her ex-husband, Alex, that she wishes to travel to the U.S. for business
??? ??, 2007 Royal Bank of Scotland bankers joke about destroying the American mortgage economy sometime in 2007
??? ??, 2007 APCO provides services in kind to the Clinton Global Initiative, ends around 2008 [see: Oct 19, 2017 Circa]
Jan 17, 2007 In a letter to the Congress, then Attorney General Gonzales announces that a judge of the FISA Court will oversee aspects of the Terrorist Surveillance Program
Jan 22, 2007 NYT: "Iran denies entry to 38 UN nuclear inspectors - Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune"
Feb 09, 2007 The Star: "IAEA cuts back aid projects in Iran in nuclear row"
Mar ??, 2007 FBI questions Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai about ties to Pakistani intelligence, Fai denies [see: Jul 19, 2011 FBI]
Mar 09, 2007 Robert Levinson, possibly working for British American Tobacco in London, reported missing in Iran
Apr 17, 2007 WSJ: "How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington" by Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby. Article mentions Paul Manafort, Bob Dole, Haley Barbour
Apr 23, 2007 Daily Press Briefing at State Department, Sean McCormack is asked about Robert Levinson. "At this point, I can't validate those press reports, but certainly, they do raise questions in our mind about where exactly is Mr. Levinson"
Apr 25, 2007 C-SPAN: "McCain formally announces his campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination"
Apr 26, 2007 New FBI budget proposed to Senate. Requests $7.5M for FBI headquarters annex and $4M for Central Records Complex
May 11, 2007 Reuters: "U.S. revoked Deripaska visa - State Dep't official"
May 16, 2007 LA Times: "Gonzales Hospital Episode Detailed" (Comey, Ashcroft, warrantless surveillance)
Jun 04, 2007 Interior Ministry officer Artyom Kuznetsov raids Browder office [see: Oct 26, 2011 Moscow Times]
Jun 26, 2007 Reuters: "Russia blames late payments for Iran reactor delay"
Jul 07, 2007 Reuters: "Clinton mining anti-poverty plan gets $100 mln pledge" (Lundin Group)
Aug 05, 2007 The Protect America Act is signed by George W. Bush. It is an amendment to FISA, removes the warrant requirement for government surveillance of foreign intelligence targets "reasonably believed" to be outside the United States (PRISM)
Aug 06, 2007 Michael Caputo: "Behind an Anti-Spitzer Site, an Ally of Roger Stone" (Michael Caputo)
Aug 31, 2007 Gen. Cartwright begins serving as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; last day is 8/3/11
Sep ??, 2007 Trump SoHo opening [see: Dec 7, 2007 NYT]
Sep ??, 2007 Nicole Argentieri hired as Assistant U.S. Attorney at EDNY
Sep 24, 2007 CBS News: "Ahmadinejad Questions 9/11, Holocaust"
Oct ??, 2007 Mission Ridge buildings completed by Carlyle. Immediately sold. But left vacant.
Oct 07, 2007 Groundbreaking of Trump International Hotel in Toronto [see: Jan 10, 2017 Kansas City Star]
Oct 05, 2007 Telegraph: "US imposes harsh new sanctions against Iran"
Oct 27, 2007 Daily Mail: "Revealed: Poisoned ex-Russian spy Litvinenko WAS a paid-up MI6 agent"
Nov ??, 2007 Fordo nuclear facility becomes operational sometime in late 2007
Nov 19, 2007 Dept of Energy: "U.S. and Russia Sign Plan for Russian Plutonium Disposition"
Nov 19, 2007 IPFM: "U.S.-Russian agreement on plutonium disposal"
Dec 07, 2007 NYT: "Real Estate Executive With Hand in Trump Projects Rose From Tangled Past" (Sater)
Dec 10, 2007 Reuters: "Putin crafts Russian nuclear titan" (Atomenergoprom)
??? ??, 2008 Douglas Campbell signs an NDA for his work as an informant for the FBI sometime in 2008 [see: Dec 4, 2017 The Hill]
??? ??, 2008 Alan Patricof retains Cynthia Murphy's firm, Morea Financial Services, around this time [see: Apr 5, 2012 Moscow Times]
Jan 01, 2008 Victor Pinchuk, Ukraine oligarch, pledges five-year, $29-million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative [see: Mar 19, 2015 WSJ]
Jan 08, 2008 George W. Bush issues NSPD-54/HSPD-23 "Cybersecurity Policy" which establishes the FBI National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force (NCIJTF) and a DHS National Cybersecurity Center
Jan 08, 2008 BBC: "Recession in the US 'has arrived'"
Jan 21, 2008 Bayrock counsel, Julius Schwarz, emails Sater, "I think it is a trap," adding that the meeting with the Trumps was likely to become "a royal ass fucking." [see: Aug 13, 2017 Vanity Fair]
Jan 22, 2008 Aafia Siddiqui arrives unexpectedly at the doorstep of her uncle's house [see: Feb 04, 2010 BBC]
Jan 24, 2008 WaPo: "Spy vs Spy" (David Wise book review wrt defector Sergei Tretyakov)
Jan 25, 2008 WaPo: "Aide Helped Controversial Russian Meet McCain" (Rick Gates, Oleg Deripaska)
Jan 25, 2008 WaPo: "John Podesta Leads Obama's Transition Team With His Usual Energy"
Feb ??, 2008 Budget for FY 2009 asks for 70 new special agents specifically for cyber. $38,648,000 increase in "Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative" budget
Feb 14, 2008 NYPost: "Breaking the mob"
Mar ??, 2008 Monica Witt is employed as a U.S. govt contractor; she acts as the AFOSI Desk Officer of PROJECT A/B
Mar 02, 2008 Toronto City News article about Frank Giustra's fundraising for the Clintons,
Mar 02, 2008 The Star: "Bill Clinton speaks at Toronto fundraiser" (Frank Giustra)
Mar 04, 2008 Buryakov issued visa to Pretoria, South Africa
Mar 04, 2008 @MMStewartNews: "CNN projects John McCain will win the Texas GOP primary, giving him enough delegates to clinch nomination."
Mar 07, 2008 NYT: "Four Charged With Running Online Prostitution Ring" (Spitzer)
Mar 11, 2008 LA Times: "Governor of N.Y. linked to call girl" (Spitzer)
Mar 12, 2008 NYT: "Spitzer resigns as New York governor amid sex scandal"
Mar 20, 2008 John McCain holds a fundraiser at London’s Spencer House, facilitated by Nathaniel Rothschild, an associate of Oleg Deripaska
May 05, 2008 Global Energy Capital, LLC registered in Poughkeepsie, New York
May 06, 2008 Reuters: "Russia, U.S. sign civilian nuclear pact" (U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement)
May 07, 2008 Reuters: "Lawmakers urge Bush to shelve Russia nuclear deal"
May 07, 2008 Putin's last day as president (becomes Prime Minister May 8)
May 27, 2008 Prosolicitation sent out for FBI space in Northern Virginia. It requests cccupancy by Apr 8, 2011
May 11, 2008 Foreign Policy: "The Israelis Who Prevented a War With Iran"
Jun ??, 2008 Two FBI agents (McCabe?) meet with Deripaska at a Paris hotel around this time [see: Dec 13, 2013 NYT]
Jun 01, 2008 Hillary's Apple server (runs until March 2009)
Jun 02, 2008 New Yorker article on "the dirty trickster" Roger Stone
Jun 11, 2008 PR Week: "Winer joins APCO as SVP"
Jun 12, 2008 @usatodayDC: "Obama's birth certificate: He is who he says he is"
Jun 25, 2008 Reuters: "Russian nuclear chief tempts foreign investors" (Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko)
Jun 26, 2008 Reuters: "Trump cashes in on weak dollar with overseas sales" (SoHo)
Jul 10, 2008 FISA Amendments Act of 2008 signed by George W. Bush
Jul 14, 2008 Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) acquires Staubach
Jul 15, 2008 Rybolovlev buys Trump mansion for ~$100m [see: Feb 17, 2017 McClatchly]
Jul 17, 2008 Al-Qaeda operative, Aafia Siddiqui, arrested by FBI agents in Kabul [see: Nov 27, 2008 Der Spiegel]
Jul 25, 2008 Telegraph: "Bill Browder accuses Russian corporate raiders of $230m fraud"
Jul 29, 2008 AG approves "National Security Agency's Standard Minimization Procedures for Acquisitions Targeting United States Persons Reasonably Believed to be Located Outside the United States Pursuant to Section 704 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" [see: Jan 7, 2016 NSA IG Report]
Aug 09, 2008 Welt: "Georgia fighting continues over South Ossetia"
Aug 10, 2008 Guardian: "Abkhazia: Moscow sends troops into second enclave"
Aug 18, 2008 The AG issues a memorandum to the NSA director (known as the "Mukasey letter") that requres NSA to proceed under section 704 and 705(b) of FISA to conduct foreign intelligence [see: Jan 7, 2016 NSA IG Report]
Aug 27, 2008 Times Online: "Russian-backed paramilitaries 'ethnically cleansing villages'"
Sep ??, 2008 Shawn Henry becomes Assistant Director of the FBI Cyber division
Sep 02, 2008 Carter Page attends the (Council on Foreign Affairs) Foreign Policy Symposium in Minneapolis
Sep 09, 2008 Pensions&Investments: "Developer sues Soros, Fortress, Cerberus" (Leslie Dick Worldwide)
Sep 12, 2008 Guardian: "ElBaradei to step down as chief of UN nuclear watchdog body" (leaked memo)
Sep 21, 2008 CNN: "Bush wants OK to spend $700B"
Sep 29, 2008 CNN: "Defiant House Rejects Huge Bailout; Next Step Is Uncertain"
Nov ??, 2008 Monica Witt signs an SAP non-disclosure agreement
Nov 04, 2008 Obama wins presidential election
Nov 05, 2008 Reuters: "Russia to station missiles near Poland"
Nov 11, 2008 Prez-elect Obama and Hillary Clinton discussed over telephone the possibility of her serving as Secretary of State
Nov 18, 2008 Chicago Business: "Like Trump, other developers may sue lenders"
Nov 19, 2008 IMF: "IMF Executive Board Approves US$2.1 Billion Stand-By Arrangement for Iceland"
Nov 27, 2008 Der Spiegel: "'The Most Dangerous Woman in the World'" (Ahmed Siddiqui)
Dec ??, 2008 Chad Fulgham hired by Director Mueller to oversee SENTINEL development
Dec 01, 2008 Obama formally announced that Clinton would be his nominee for Secretary of State
??? ??, 2009 James Wolfe's first wife, Leslie Adair Wolfe, accuses him of having broken into her house; the charge is later dropped at a later unspecified time [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
??? ??, 2009 Joshua Adam Schulte begins sending & receiving online illicit images of minors [see: Jun 18, 2018 grand jury charges]
??? ??, 2009 Harold T. Martin joins Booz Allen Hamilton (ends sometime 2015) [see: Oct 19, 2016 NYT]
??? ??, 2009 FBI begins investigation into Uranium One and Tenex [see: Oct 19, 2017 Circa]
??? ??, 2009 Felix sater becomes managing director of Global Habitat Solutions (NYC energy congolmerate)
??? ??, 2009 Jonathan Winer befriends Christopher Steele [see: Feb 8, 2018 WaPo]
??? ??, 2009 FBI agents (one is McCabe) court Deripaska in hotels in Paris, Vienna, Budapest, and DC [see: May 14, 2018 The Hill]
Jan 01, 2009 Russia closes supply of natural gas to Ukraine [see: Jan 5, 2009 BBC]
Jan 05, 2009 BBC: "Russia to cut Ukraine gas supply"
Jan 21, 2009 NYT: "Senate Confirms Clinton as Secretary of State"
Feb ??, 2009 Russian spy, Cynthia Murphy, reports to Moscow that she's gained access to Alan Patricof's finances
Feb ??, 2009 FBI budget for Fiscal Year 2010 submitted. Large ask for increase in Cyber staffing, part of "Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative" which is now at $61,180,000 (an increase of that?)
Feb 02, 2009 Israel Nation News: "Obama's Secret Talks with Iran"
Feb 03, 2009 Russian illegal, Cynthia Murphy, sends an encrypted text to Moscow Center: "'several work-related meetings' with a New York-based 'financier' who was 'prominent in politics,' an 'active fundraiser' for a major political party whose name the FBI redacted, and “a personal friend' of an Obama cabinet official" [see: Oct 20, 2017 Daily Caller]
Feb 07, 2009 WaPo: "'Reset' Sought on Relations With Russia, Biden Says"
Feb 09, 2009 FBI SES meets at NRO in Chantilly
Feb 11, 2009 Guardian: "Kadima and Likud claim victory in Israel poll" (Netanyahu)
Feb 17, 2009 State Department security, intelligence and technology specialists, along with five officials from the NSA, gather in State Department conference room and explain the risks of Blackberry usage to Cheryl Mills while also seeking “mitigation options” that would accommodate Clinton’s wishes
Feb 19, 2009 Reuters: "Netanyahu wins backing in Israeli PM contest"
Feb 19, 2009 Guardian: "Iran has enriched enough uranium to make bomb, IAEA says"
Feb 19, 2009 Anna Chapman registers PropertyFinder LLC
Mar ??, 2009 HRC's Pagliano bathroom server (runs until June 30, 2013)
Mar 01, 2009 NYT: "Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government"
Mar 06, 2009 Eric Boswell sends a memo to Clinton's executive staff titled "Use of Blackberries in Mahogany Row" [see: Judicial Watch uploaded pdf]
Mar 06, 2009 Reuters: "Clinton, Lavrov push wrong reset button on ties"
Mar 16, 2009 Orbis founded by Christopher Burrows and Christopher Steele
??? ??, 2009 Chris Steele hired by England Football Association to investigate FIFA corruption
Mar 31, 2009 Reuters: "Netanyahu sworn in as Israeli prime minister"
Mar 31, 2009 Guardian: "Binyamin Netanyahu ready to take charge of new Israeli government"
Apr ??, 2009 U.S. intel discovers sometime in Spring 2009 that Iran is secretly enriching uranium near Qom [see: Sep 25, 2009 NYT]
Apr 30, 2009 Buryakov's last day of employment at VneshEconomBank in Pretoria, South Africa
May 01, 2009 Telegraph: "Robert Gates: bombing Iran would not stop nuclear threat"
May 08, 2009 Adam Waldman files FARA papers to represent Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to help with Deripaska’s US Visa, assistance with commercial transactions, and advice on global issues in the aluminum market [see: filing pdf]
May 25, 2009 RFERL: "Kazakhstan Arrests Head Of State Uranium Company"
May 27, 2009 Reuters: "UPDATE 2-Uranium One stock plunges on Kazakhstan probe"
May 29, 2009 Fusion intelligence group, International Organized Crime Intelligence and Operations Center (IOC-2) established. Mission is to disrupt and dismantle international criminal organizations. Its located at DEA SOD
May ??, 2009 Shahram Amiri disappears while traveling in Saudi Arabia in late May [see: Oct 9, 2009 LA Times]
Jun ??, 2009 Ben Zygier investigated by Australian intel at least six months before Mahmoud al-Mabhouh assassination [see: Feb 13, 2013 The Age]
Jun ??, 2009 Stock in Uranium One nosedives sometime in June 2009, falls 40% [see: Apr 23, 2015 NYT]
Jun 03, 2009 Shahram Amiri says he was kidnapped by CIA while traveling in Saudi Arabia [see: Jul 13, 2010 NYT]
Jun 04, 2009 In a televised meeting at a cement factory in Pikalyovo, Putin asks Deripaska for his pen back
Jun 10, 2009 Uranium One executive VP, Paul Clarke, tells American Embassy in Kazakhastan he needs valid licenses for the uranium deposits purchased earlier from now-arrested head of Kazatomprom, Moukhtar Dzhakishev [see: Apr 25, 2013 NYT]
Jun 11, 2009 Energy officer from U.S. Embassy in Kazakhastan meets with Kazakh officials [see: Apr 25, 2013 NYT]
Jun 13, 2009 Guardian: "Ahmadinejad wins surprise Iran landslide victory"
Jun 13, 2009 NYT: "Protests Flare in Tehran as Opposition Disputes Vote"
Jun 14, 2009 Atomredmetzoloto (Rosatom) completes deal for 17% of Uranium One [see: Apr 25, 2013 NYT]
Jun 15, 2009 WH: "Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Berlusconi in press availability"
Jun 16, 2009 NYT: "Obama Warns Against Direct Involvement by U.S. in Iran"
Jun 17, 2009 Harper's: "Russian Oligarch Retains Advisory Firm Close to Hillary to Help Resolve Visa Ban"
Jun 20, 2009 Death of Iranian woman, Neda Agha-Soltan, filmed after being shot by Iranian forces [see: Jun 23, 2009 NYT]
Jun 23, 2009 The Secretary of Defense directs the Commander of U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) to establish USCYBERCOM, based at NSA Headquarters in Fort Meade, MD
Jun 23, 2009 NYT: "Obama Condemns Iran’s Iron Fist Against Protests"
Jun ??, 2009 Obama’s toughening stance against Iran attributed to Iranian crackdown on protesters [see: Feb 13, 2012 Newsweek]
Jun ??, 2009 Stuxnet goes viral sometime Summer '09 (after Iranian election, before Aghazadeh resigns?) [see: Mar 2, 2011 VF]
Jun ??, 2009 Secret uranium enrichment facility (Fordo) built near Qom detected sometime June '09 [see: Mar 5, 2018 Politico]
Jun 28, 2009 Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, resigns, according to WikiLeaks
Jul 01, 2009 French academic, Clotilde Reiss, arrested in Iran [see: Jul 7, 2009 France24]
Jul 01, 2009 CNN: "Supermarket tycoon sworn in as Panama president" (Ricardo Martinelli)'>1bIt'>
Jul 02, 2009 IAEA: "Board Selects Japan´s Yukiya Amano as IAEA Director General"
Jul 03, 2009 (Explosion or accident at Natanz nuclear facility in Iran around this?) time [see: Jul 17, 2017]
Jul 06, 2009 White House: "Press Conference by President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia"
Jul 06, 2009 White House: "Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission"
Jul 07, 2009 Politico: "Obama meets with Vladimir Putin"
Jul 07, 2009 France24: "French woman arrested in Tehran: “A pathetic diplomatic game”"
Jul 09, 2009 Market Rap: "Profiting From Demise: Steve Cohen, Millennium Management, and Dendreon" (Sater)
Jul 16, 2009 Reuters: "Head of Iran's atomic energy body resigns" (Gholamreza Aghazadeh),
Jul 16, 2009 WikiLeaks says a source in Iran informed them weeks ago about a nuclear accident at Natanz
Jul 17, 2009 "Serious nuclear accident may lay behind Iranian nuke chief's mystery resignation"
Aug 01, 2009 NYT: "Iran Says It Arrested 3 American Hikers"
Aug 05, 2009 Guardian: "Ahmadinejad sworn in for second term amid walkouts and protests"
Aug 17, 2009 Guardian: "Iran releases French teaching assistant on bail"
Aug 17, 2009 Nick Warner becomes Director of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ends Dec 18, 2017)
Aug 19, 2009 Forbes: "Rosavia asks Boeing, Airbus to help supply 65 planes"
Aug 27, 2009 BBC: "Iranian protesters 'not agents'"
Aug 28, 2009 Jeffrey Lewis: "Twenty-two cascades under vacuum"
Aug 30, 2009 @WikiLeaks: "Further suggestive evidence of Iranian nuclear accident cover-up at Natanz"
Sep ??, 2009 FBI issues rare law enforcement visa to Deripaska sometime in fall 2009 [see: May 14, 2018 The Hill]
Sep 21, 2009 Iran sends a letter to Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the IAEA, saying they've established a second pilot uranium enrichment plant in Qom, parallel to the one in Natanz (who tipped off Iran that U.S. intel knew about Qom plant?)
Sep 22, 2009 Hillary (to Doug Band): "The Turkish PM was prevented from getting into the Sheraton by Pres Obama's Secret Service. He was very upset. Pls ask Bill to call and express regrets"
Sep 24, 2009 Obama arrives in Pittsburgh for the beginning of a two-day event (G20)
Sep 25, 2009 WH CoS Denis McDonough taps David Sanger on the shoulder, and leads him to a back room
Sep 25, 2009 NYT's David Sanger reveals that Iran has a secret nuclear enrichment plant (Natanz)
Oct ??, 2009 White House officials believe Iranian leaders were being persuaded sometime in October to hand over some of its uranium stocks to be enriched abroad, but that deal fell apart soon afterwards [see: Apr 19, 2010 Reuters]
Oct ??, 2009 FBI intercepts comms btw Russian handlers instructing spies to gather non-public info about State Dept
Oct 01, 2009 Guardian: "Nuclear talks lead to rare meeting between US and Iran"
Oct 01, 2009 NYT: "Iran Agrees to Send Enriched Uranium to Russia"
Oct 01, 2009 RCW: "Remarks on the Meeting of the P5+1 Regarding Iran"
Oct 08, 2009 LA Times: "Tehran says U.S. had role in nuclear scientist's disappearance" (Shahram Amiri)
Oct 09, 2009 BBC: "Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize"
Oct 11, 2009 Reuters: "Clinton warns Iran of need for nuclear progress"
Oct 11, 2009 CNN: "Report: Iran to enrich its uranium if talks fail"
Oct 13, 2009 Reuters: "Clinton: 'reason to hope' Boeing to win Russia bid" (Rosavia)
Oct 18, 2009 Moscow Center to Russian illegals: "seek out information 'unknown publicly but revealed in private by sources close to State Department, Government, major think tanks'" [see: Oct 20, 2017 Daily Caller]
Oct 21, 2009 IAEA: "IAEA Draft Agreement Circulated at Nuclear Fuel Talks"
Oct 21, 2009 NYT: "Iran Deal Would Slow Making of Nuclear Bombs"
Oct 21, 2009 Iran tentatively agrees to ship 3/4 of uranium fuel to Russia for enrichment [see: Oct 21, 2009 NYT]
Oct 22, 2009 Radio Praha: "US Vice President Biden arriving in Prague Thursday evening ahead of talks with Czech leaders"
Oct 23, 2009 Sentencing Hearing in United States of America vs John Doe (Felix Sater case where he is referred to as Felix Slater)
Oct 23, 2009 IAEA: "IAEA Statement on Proposal to Supply Nuclear Fuel to Iranian Research Reactor"
Oct 25, 2009 Guardian: "UN inspectors visit uranium enrichment facility in Iran"
Oct 27, 2009 RT: "Moscow says Iran didn’t refuse to enrich uranium in Russia"
Oct 29, 2009 IAEA: "IAEA Receives Initial Iranian Response on Proposal to Supply Nuclear Fuel to Research Reactor"
Nov ??, 2009 Anna Chapman arrives in NYC, possibly sometime early Nov 2009,,
Nov ??, 2009 FBI presolicitation first issued on May 2008 is modified. The area considered is more narrowly defined. A tenant improvement allowance is specified. Requested cccupancy date is now stated as Jan 12, 2012
Nov 16, 2009 Sergei Magnitsky dies from pancreatitis in a Russian prison [see: Nov 18, 2009 BBC]
Nov 18, 2009 WikiLeaks cable: "The GOI described 2010 as a critical year -- if the Iranians continue to protect and harden their nuclear sites, it will be more difficult to target and damage them. Both sides then discussed the upcoming delivery of GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel, noting that the transfer should be handled quietly to avoid any allegations that the USG is helping Israel prepare for a strike against Iran."
Nov 18, 2009 BBC: "Row over Russia lawyer jail death" (Magnitsky)
Nov 19, 2009 Telegraph: "Russia refuses autopsy for anti-corruption lawyer" (Magnitsky)
Nov 23, 2009 WH counsel Greg Craig departs; Bob Bauer to take his place
Nov 24, 2009 Guardian: "The mystery of Dr Aafia Siddiqui"
Nov 27, 2009 First kickback payment linked to Vadim Mikerin recorded by FBI through an informant [see: Oct 17, 2017 The Hill]
Nov 30, 2009 "ElBaradei steps down"
Nov 30, 2009 GSA publishes a draft solicitation for its National Broker Contract
Dec 05, 2009 START I treaty expires [see: Dec 29, 2009 BBC]
Dec 09, 2009 Politico: "Iran links U.S. hikers case to detained Iranians"
Dec 09, 2009 LA Times: "Iran accuses U.S. and Saudis of kidnapping a nuclear scientist" (Shahram Amiri)
Dec 10, 2009 Guardian: "Barack Obama receives the Nobel peace prize in Oslo"
Dec 10, 2009 RFERL: "Kazakh Uranium Magnate Charged With Corruption"
Dec 15, 2009 NYT: "Iran Says 3 American Hikers Will Be Tried Over Crossing"
Dec 21, 2009 CBS News: "Ahmadinejad: 3 U.S. Hikers Might Be Spies"
Dec 25, 2009 PageSix: "Sightings: Oliver Stone holding court with billionaires Donald Trump, George Soros and Steve Schwarzman at a private party hosted by Nouriel Roubini — nicknamed “Dr. Doom,” for predicting the economic crisis — at RdV Lounge in the Meatpacking District"
Dec 29, 2009 BBC: "US rejects Russian missile shield concerns"
??? ??, 2010 Sometime in 2010, Russian intel suspects a mole is within their ranks (later determined to be Poteyev)
??? ??, 2010 Pavel Vrublevsky accuses Mikhailov & Stoyanov of passing secrets to Verisign, which passed intel to CIA
??? ??, 2010 Mossad spy, Ben Zygier ("Prisoner X"), disappears in Israel sometime in early '10 [see: Feb 12, 2013 ABC Australia]
??? ??, 2010 Toward the end of a meeting sometime in 2010, Israel's military chief and director of the Mossad espionage agency are ordered to put the country on "P Plus" status — code for pre-attack mode on Iran [see: Nov 12, 2012 CBS]
??? ??, 2010 KGB defector, Boris Karpichkov, receives a passport and asylum from the UK [see: Feb 22, 2012 Guardian]
??? ??, 2010 Secretary Gates predicts U.S. efforts to stop Iran's nuclear testing are not working (leaked) [see: Apr 17, 2010 NYT]
??? ??, 2010 WH approves NSA monitoring of Angela Merkel (ends Jun 2013) [see: Oct 27, 2013 Telegraph]
??? ??, 2010 NSA contractor, Nghia H. Pho, begins removing and retaining top secret info until Mar 2015 [see: Dec 1, 2017 NYT]
Jan ??, 2010 Russian whistleblower, Alexander Perepilichny, moves to the UK sometime in January [see: May 19, 2015 Guardian]
Jan ??, 2010 "On 10 occasions between Jan 2010 and June 2010, [Anna] Chapman is observed on FBI surveillance communicating covertly via a private internet wireless network with a Russian government official including a coffee shop at 47th and 8th Ave and other locations around New York City" [see: Jun 29, 2010 ABC]
Jan 04, 2010 Think Tank Center for a New American Security publishes a lengthy white paper by Michael Flynn called "Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan"
Jan 05, 2010 Chelsea Manning downloads 400k documents while stationed in Kuwait (Iraq War Logs]
Jan 10, 2010 Igor Shuvalov and Vladislav Surkov visit MIT, discuss plans for a Russian Silicon Valley [see: Jun 24, 2010 MIT]
Jan 12, 2010 NYT: "Blast Kills Physics Professor in Tehran" (Masoud Ali Mohammadi)
Jan 12, 2010 Podesta Group begins contract work for the National Security Council of Georgia; renews 7/1/10
Jan 13, 2010 GSA officially publishes its solicitation for the National Broker Contract. Due date is Feb 17, 2010 for proposals
Jan 15, 2010 Guardian: "Viktor Yanukovych poised to take Ukraine presidency"
Jan 17, 2010 NYT: "Presidential Election in Ukraine Goes to a Runoff"
Jan 17, 2010 @BW: "Yanukovych Wins First Round of Ukrainian Election"
Jan 18, 2010 Hackers said to breach gmail accounts in China
Jan 19, 2010 Hamas military Commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, assassinated in Dubai (Israel suspected) [see: Feb 17, 2010 Telegraph]
Jan 20, 2010 Anna Chapman electronically surveilled by FBI at a shopping mall in NYC
Jan 23, 2010 On vacation, Chelsea Manning flies to the U.S. via Germany to visit her partner
Jan 27, 2010 Greg Craig joins Skadden Arps
Jan 27, 2010 Ukrainian intel reportedly uncovers a Russian spy network and expels four Russian officers [see: Feb 3, 2010 RT]
Jan 28, 2010 Glenn Simpson & the Ohr's attend an organized crime seminar in D.C.,,
Jan 29, 2010 BBC: "Hamas military commander 'assassinated in Dubai'"
Jan 31, 2010 Mossad spy, Ben Zygier, arrested in Israel (correct date???) [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Feb ??, 2010 Anna Chapman arrives in the U.S. from Moscow, possibly sometime Feb 2010
Feb ??, 2010 White House is briefed on 11 Russian illegals sometime Feb 2010,
Feb ??, 2010 Shawn Henry named Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office
Feb 02, 2010 CBS News: "Ahmadinejad Offers Swap for U.S. Hikers"
Feb 02, 2010 Reuters: "Iran makes new nuclear offer, U.S. seeks firm deal"
Feb 02, 2010 Guardian: "CIA workers trained Wall Street firms to detect lies"
Feb 03, 2010 Chelsea Manning sends Iraq War Logs to WikiLeaks
Feb 03, 2010 RT: "The “strange story” of Russian spies in Ukraine"
Feb 03, 2010 Christian Science Monitor: "Iran's offer on nuclear deal: genuine or diplomatic wedge?"
Feb 04, 2010 NYT: "China Renews Opposition to Iran Sanctions"
Feb 04, 2010 BBC: "Questions about convicted Pakistani doctor Siddiqui"
Feb 07, 2010 Reuters: "Iran plans 10 new enrichment plants in 2010/11"
Feb 07, 2010 @charlesadler: "Ukraine election: Viktor Yanukovych claims victory"
Feb 08, 2010 Guardian: "Yanukovych set to become president as observers say Ukraine election was fair"
Feb 08, 2010 YouTube: "William Browder (Bill Browder) - Opalesque.TV interview Part 1"
Feb 08, 2010 IAEA Statement on Iranian Enrichment Announcement
Feb 09, 2010 Iran 'starts enriching nuclear fuel to 20% at Natanz,,
Feb 10, 2010 Anna Chapman registers sometime before Feb 10, 2010
Feb 16, 2010 Israel informs Australian intelligence of Ben Zygier’s arrest [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Feb 17, 2010 Telegraph article on Israeli assassination in Dubai of Hamas leader
Feb 18, 2010 IAEA Security Council resolutions against Iran
Feb 18, 2010 Iran accused of working on a nuclear warhead; UN says they have video evidence,
Feb 23, 2010 Iran picks sites for 10 uranium enrichment plants
Feb 24, 2010 Israel brief Australia, says Ben Zygier has adequate legal representation [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Feb 25, 2010 Yanukovych sworn in as Ukrainian president
Feb 26, 2010 Melanne Verveer email to HRC; mentions that the Pinchuk's send their best
Feb 27, 2010 Australian intel seeks three Israeli spies who may have used Australian passports in an assassination
Mar ??, 2010 Second version of Stuxnet appears online sometime in March 2010 [see: Mar 2, 2011 Vanity Fair]
Mar ??, 2010 FBI sends a letter to Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai; suggests he may have to file FARA [see: Jul 19, 2011 FBI]
Mar 01, 2010 Australian foreign ministry is made aware of two additional reports about Ben Zygier [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Mar 02, 2010 Bill Browder arrives in DC to report on Magnitsky's death; first meeting is with Jonathan Winer
Mar 03, 2010 Australian foreign ministry receives a copy of a report about Mossad spy, Ben Zygier [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Mar 04, 2010 Tymoshenko vacates premier's post
Mar 10, 2010 HRC says the U.S. wants to help strengthen Russia
Mar 10, 2010 Australian foreign ministry provides a copy of a report re: Zygier to Australia’s AG [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Mar 13, 2010 Australian foreign ministry briefed on two additional reports about Mossad spy, Ben Zygier [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Mar 18, 2010 HRC in Russia for nuclear and Middle East talks
Mar 18, 2010 Iran dispute becomes focus of HRC’s trip to Russia
Mar 18, 2010 Guardian article about Netanyahu; dispute with Obama about settlements
Mar 19, 2010 HRC to meet Putin on nuclear arms treaty
Mar 20, 2010 WaPo: "Russia's Vladimir Putin bombards Hillary Clinton with complaints about trade"
Mar 21, 2010 ThinkProgress article critical of Devin Nunes
Mar 24, 2010 NYT: "Russia and U.S. Report Breakthrough on Arms" (START I replacement)
Mar 29, 2010 Buryakov issued a U.S. visa
Apr ??, 2010 Third version of Stuxnet appears online sometime April 2010 [see: Mar 2, 2011 Vanity Fair]
Apr ??, 2010 Anna Chapman begins to have communication failures sometime Apr 2010
Apr ??, 2010 Chinese intel officers approach former CIA officer, Jerry Chun Shing Lee
Apr 02, 2010 wikileaks hints at a video they're about to release; "Collateral Murder; Baghdad airstrike
Apr 05, 2010 Shahram Amiri allegedly films himself on this day saying the CIA kidnapped him [see: Jul 13, 2010 LA Times]
Apr 05, 2010 WikiLeaks releases video of Baghdad airstrike; search results for WikiLeaks spike,
Apr 10, 2010 NYT article on Medvedev's promotion of Skokolvo
Apr 10, 2010 Buryakov visits the U.S. until Apr 20, 2010
Apr 12, 2010 CEO of APCO Worldwide Inc, Margery Kraus, signs 2yr, $3m contract with TENEX
Apr 13, 2010 HRC and Lavrov shake hands after signing plutonium protocol
Apr 16, 2010 FBI informant, Douglas Campbell, details in a memo Russia's effort to aid Iran with uranium [see: Oct 19, 2017 Circa]
Apr 17, 2010 Secretary Gates says U.S. lacks a policy to thwart Iran
Apr 19, 2010 Reuters: "Iran says to start work on new enrichment plant"
May ??, 2010 Head of VneshEconomBank, Vladimir Dmitriyev, requests a U.S. visa for Evgeny Buryakov sometime May 2010
May ??, 2010 Poteyev requests (and is denied) leave to visit the alleged mother of his illegitimate child in Odessa
May ??, 2010 FBI pre-solicitation first issued in May 2008 modified again. It proposes a two building scenario and sets out guidelines. Goes into extra detail about secure features needed. Occupancy requested by Jun 4, 2012
May 10, 2010 White House: "Message from the President Regarding a Peaceful Nuclear Agreement with Russia"
May 16, 2010 Guardian: "French academic Clotilde Reiss arrives home after Iran spying conviction"
May 19, 2010 WaPo: "U.S., partners agree to sanctions on Iran" (draft)
May 21, 2010 Chelsea Manning chats with computer hacker, Adrian Lamo [see: Jun 10, 2010 Wired]
May 23, 2010 BBC: "Iran seeks prisoner swap involving three US 'hikers'"
May 24, 2010 Adrian Lamo tips FBI about chat logs with Chelsea Manning around this time [see: Jun 10, 2010 Wired]
May 25, 2010 NYT article on Russia's Inograd tech industry
May 26, 2010 Chelsea Manning detained by Army authorities, put into pre-trial detention in Kuwait [see: Jun 10, 2010 Wired]
May 26, 2010 Khodorkovsky op-ed in the Washinging Post; says world's biggest threat is corruption
May 26, 2010 Moscow Times article on Medvedev promotion of Skolkovo
May 26, 2010 Bloomberg: "Russia May Begin Seizing Corrupt Officials’ Ill-Gotten Assets"
May ??, 2010 Late May 2010, U.S. officials get concerned that Russian spies may leave U.S. sometime Summer 2010
Jun ??, 2010 Al-Qaeda operative, Rami Makanesi, arrested in Pakistan sometime Jun 2016 [see: May 8, 2011 VOA News]
Jun ??, 2010 Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) awarded GSA Nat'l Broker Services Contract, along with CB Richard Ellis, Global Corporate Services and UGL Equis
Jun ??, 2010 Figliuzzi says that around early Summer 2010, FBI agents feared Cynthia Murphy was too close to HRC
Jun ??, 2010 Poteyev gets word that Russian spies are being rounded up in U.S.; he hurries out of Russia [see: Aug 27, 2011]
Jun 05, 2010 Mikhail Semenko dines in DC w/a Russian official who arrived in a car w/diplomatic plates [see: Jun 29, 2010 ABC]
Jun 06, 2010 First verified mention on twitter about Manning being connected to WikiLeaks
Jun 06, 2010 Shaky-cam video emerges of a man alleged to be Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri
Jun 07, 2010 Follow-up video emerges of a man alleged to be Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri
Jun 07, 2010 Army SPC Bradley Manning jailed in Kuwait for allegedly releasing classified info
Jun 08, 2010 Uranium One announces agreement to sell majority stake to the mining arm of Rosatom
Jun 08, 2010 Russia's ARMZ to acquire control of Uranium One
Jun 09, 2010 U.N. sanctions Iran; 12 vote in favor (including Russia), 2 against, 1 abstains,
Jun 10, 2010 publishes chat logs of Chelsea Manning and Adrian Loma
Jun 11, 2010 Homeland Security's Brennan advises Obama on FBI's plan to arrest Russian spies,
Jun 11, 2010 Reuters article on sanctions against Iran
Jun 13, 2010 Richard Silverstein's article on Israel’s Mr. X (Ben Zeyger)
Jun 13, 2010 Sergei Tretyakov dies at his home in Florida [see: Jul 9, 2010 NYT]
Jun 16, 2010 Guardian: "WikiLeaks to release video of deadly US Afghan attack"
Jun 17, 2010 Russian spy, Christopher Metsos, flies from the U.S. to Cyprus [see: Jul 2, 2010 Stratfor]
Jun 17, 2010 Iranian client sends copy of unknown virus (Stuxnet) to VirusBlokAda, a Belarusian company [see: Mar 2, 2011 VF]
Jun 18, 2010 GSA publicity says it’s not selecting Mission Ridge for home of FBI cyber branch
Jun 18, 2010 Obama convenes with National Security Council on case of 11 Russian Illegals
Jun 19, 2010 Aleksander Poteyev flees to U.S. three days before Medvedev visit to U.S. [see: Nov 11, 2010 Kommersant]
Jun 21, 2010 IAEA: "Inspectors in Iran"
Jun 21, 2010 Aleksander Poteyev flees to U.S. six days before arrests of Russian Illegals [see: Nov 15, 2010 Moscow Times]
Jun 21, 2010 Guardian: "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange breaks cover but will avoid America"
Jun 22, 2010 Rolling Stone article on McChrystal; seems to mock Obama and his top aides; resigns immediately after
Jun 22, 2010 Gov Schwarzenegger greets Medvedev in San Francisco
Jun 22, 2010 Igor Sutyagin brought to Moscow from a Siberian penal colony for a prisoner exchange [see: Jul 8, 2010 WaPo]
Jun 23, 2010 Shahram Amiri uploads a video, says he is doing well, hopes to return to Iran soon [see: Jul 13, 2010 LA Times]
Jun 23, 2010 President Obama welcomes Medvedev to America
Jun 24, 2010 Burger Summit
Jun 24, 2010 MIT agreement with Skolkovo Foundation
Jun 24, 2010 Poteyev, accompanied by his wife, purchases a rail ticket to Minsk,
Jun 25, 2010 Poteyev, once arriving in Minsk, texts his wife goodbye forever,
Jun 25, 2010 SVR officials begin searching for Poteyev after he fails to appear for work on Jun 24, 2010
Jun 25, 2010 Cisco Systems pledges $1.0b for Skolkovo
Jun 25, 2010 Comey joins Bridgewater Associates LP
Jun 26, 2010 Medvedev leaves U.S. to visit Ontario for G8 Summit
Jun 26, 2010 Undercover FBI agent meets with Anna Chapman at a Starbucks to discuss her faulty laptop [see: Jun 29, 2010 ABC]
Jun 26, 2010 Anna Chapman calls her father about a suspicious request from her SVR handler
Jun 26, 2010 Haaretz: "'Mossad Chief Meir Dagan to Step Down'"
Jun 27, 2010 Scheduled departure day for SVR Illegal Chris Murphy to fly to Moscow [see: Jul 12, 2010 WaPo]
Jun 27, 2010 Russia spies arrested in New York and Massachusetts [see: Jul 8, 2010 Fox]
Jun 28, 2010 @CBSNews: "FBI: 10 Russian Spies Arrested in U.S." (12:56pm)
Jun 28, 2010 @gavinsblog: "Interesting those arrests happen just after Medvedev visits the US" (2:09pm)
Jun 29, 2010 Bill Clinton receives $500k for a speech in Mosecow given to Renaissance Capital [see: July 18, 2017 Fox News]
Jun 29, 2010 Russian spy, Christopher Metsos, arrested in Cyprus, posts bail same day, flees [see: Jul 2, 2010 Stratfor]
Jun 29, 2010 ABC News: "The SoHo Spy: Stunning Anna Chapman Accused in Russian Spy Ring"
Jun 30, 2010 CIA assigned to make spy-swap negotiations approach to the SVR
Jun 30, 2010 Under Secretary of State William J. Burns meets with Kislyak to discuss spy case [see: Jul 9, 2010 NYT]
Jul ??, 2010 Buryakov U.S. visa approved sometime Jul 2010
Jul 01, 2010 Russian officials agree to negotiate on spy case [see: Jul 9, 2010 NYT]
Jul 01, 2010 WSJ: "U.N. Official: Miscues Led to Kolkata Ship Debacle"
Jul 02, 2010 Russian officials agree to negotiate on spy swap
Jul 02, 2010 Secretary Clinton tells Ukrainians they could "count on the support and friendship of the United States" as they "chart your own course toward your own future" [see: Jul 7, 2010 RFERL]
Jul 02, 2010 Stratfor: "The Dismantling of a Suspected Russian Intelligence Operation" (re: Tretyakov)
Jul 03, 2010 CIA Director Leon Panetta and SVR's Mikhail Fradkov finalize spy swap negotiations
Jul 04, 2010 Secretary Clinton tells Azerbaijanis that Washington was "committed to helping you and your fellow citizens build a prosperous, independent, democratic, sovereign Azerbaijan" [see: Jul 7, 2010 RFERL]
Jul 05, 2010 Dept head of VirusBlokAda sends findings of zero-day virus (Stuxnet) to Microsoft [see: Mar 2, 2011 VF]
Jul 05, 2010 Russian arms researcher, Igor Sutyagin, moved from a Siberian penal colony to Lefortovo prison
Jul 05, 2010 Secretary Clinton tells Georgians the U.S. will "do everything we can to assist our partners, inside and outside the Georgian government, as they strive to strengthen democratic institutions and processes." [see: Jul 7, 2010 RFERL]
Jul 07, 2010 @SkyNewsBreak: "Russia to swap jailed scientist for one of the suspected spies being held in the US, a lawyer tells Reuters agency" (1:59am)
Jul 07, 2010 RFERL: "Clinton Concludes 'Reassurance' Tour of Russia's Neighbors"
Jul 08, 2010 @BreakingNews: "Russian agency quotes lawyer as saying Igor Sutyagin, convicted of spying for U.S., already in Vienna, indicating spy swap imminent" (6:43am)
Jul 08, 2010 @FoxNews: "Russian spy ring pleads out in federal court" (12:49pm)
Jul 08, 2010 @AP: "Russia plans to release four people in the spy swap with the U.S." (1:26PM)
Jul 08, 2010 @markknoller: "All three networks lead tonight with the Russian spy guilty pleas and deal for a spy swap." (3:31pm)
Jul 08, 2010 @ABC30: "10 Russian agents who pleaded guilty in NY spy case are deported, part of Cold War-style swap (AP)" (7:35pm)
Jul 08, 2010 Fox News report on Russian spy swap; mentions Feb 2010 & Jun 11, 2010 White House briefing
Jul 09, 2010 @SkyNewsBreak: "US flight carrying deported Russian agents lands in Vienna as part of landmark spy swap deal" (2:25am)
Jul 09, 2010 @BreakingNews: "Update: Russian plane carrying agents takes off from Vienna airport following spy swap" (3:41am)
Jul 09, 2010 @nytimes: "NYT NEWS ALERT: U.S. Official Confirms Prisoner Swap With Russia" (4:42am)
Jul 09, 2010 Pete Earley: "Sergei Tretyakov, Russian Spy ‘Comrade J,’ Dead at 53" (5:00am)
Jul 09, 2010 @dimitriWTOP: "Former Russian Master Spy Sergei Tretyakov (the subject of a recent WTOP series) is dead." (5:47am)
Jul 09, 2010 @BreakingNews: "UPDATE: US Justice Department announces successful completion to the spy swap." (7:07am)
Jul 09, 2010 Pete Earley: "Sergei Tretyakov, Russian Spy ‘Comrade J,’ Dead at 53" (5:00am) [see: Jul 10, 2018 Pete Earley]
Jul 09, 2010 @hhowardWTOP: "WH official: #US considered idea of #spy swap as early as June 11 - well ahead of arrests." (11:28am)
Jul 09, 2010 @MajorCBS: "POTUS 1st briefed on emerging evidence in Feb., idea of swap 1st dicussed 6/11" (12:33pm)
Jul 09, 2010 @markknoller: "New info on the Russian spy case and swap. The White House was first briefed about the spy matter in February." (1:22pm)
Jul 09, 2010 @10101WINS: "PIC: Spy Swap Plane Thought to Have Landed at Dulles" (4:06pm)
Jul 09, 2010 Fox News: "U.S. Began Deliberating Spy Swap Well Before Arrests"
Jul 09, 2010 NYT: "Sergei Tretyakov, Spy Who Fled to U.S., Dies at 53"
Jul 09, 2010 NYT article on Russian spy swap
Jul ??, 2010 Anna Chapman is scheduled to return to Moscow around this time
Jul 10, 2010 Pete Earley: "Sergei’s Death. Mistakes. Nonsense and a Chuckle"
Jul 11, 2010 Daily Beast: "Inside the FBI's Bid to Flip a Russian Spy" (Gennady Vasilenko)
Jul 12, 2010 WaPo: "Sources: Call by Russian spy Anna Chapman to dad in Moscow led U.S. to hasten arrests"
Jul 12, 2010 VirusBlokAda dept head posts findings of zero-day virus (Stuxnet) to message board [see: Mar 2, 2011 Vanity Fair]
Jul 13, 2010 NYT: "Iranian Scientist Emerges in D.C., but Mystery Only Deepens"
Jul 13, 2010 Sputnik: "Russian spies not subject to witness protection program"
Jul 13, 2010 LA Times: "Iranian nuclear scientist turns up in Washington" (Shahram Amiri)
Jul 13, 2010 Foreign Policy: "Clinton says Iranian scientist is “free to go”"
Jul 14, 2010 Foreign Policy: "Amiri’s side of the story"
Jul 14, 2010 Guardian: "Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri heads home"
Jul 15, 2010 Shahram Amiri resurfaces in Iran, where he is welcomed by officials and family members [see: Aug 7, 2010 BBC]
Jul 15, 2010 Krebs on Security: "Experts Warn of New Windows Shortcut Flaw" (Stuxnet)
Jul 16, 2010 First verified tweet about Stuxnet (Kaspersky Labs)
Jul 16, 2010 NYT: "Spy Swap Forced Prosecutors Into Balancing Act" (Bharara)
Jul 18, 2010 Harold T. Martin creates twitter account "@hal_9999999999",
Jul 26, 2010 WSJ: "Putin Sings With Deported Agents"
Aug ??, 2010 Russian whistleblower, Alexander Perepilichny, contacts Bill Browder using a pseudonym [see: Dec 13, 2016 Atlantic]
Aug ??, 2010 Oil drilling businessman, Todd Kozel, files for divorce in Florida court sometime Aug 2010
Aug 01, 2010 NYT article on Sec. Gates, WikiLeaks, Afghan interpreters, Manning; byline Sanger
Aug 05, 2010 James Clapper is confirmed as Director of National Intelligence by unanimous vote in the senate
Aug 09, 2010 US Senate votes to confirm James Clapper as DNI. Two days after John McCain, who placed a hold on the nomination, recieved a classified report on troubled intelligence technology programs.
Aug 10, 2010 Buryakov likely arrives in U.S. on this day,
Aug 11, 2010 Assange flies into into Sweden [see: Dec 17, 2010 Guardian]
Aug 13, 2010 Bloomberg: "'Bush Brother’s TX Oil, Chevron May Win Caspian Oil Prospects" (Sater)
Aug 16, 2010 Body of GCHQ/NSA employee, Gareth Williams, found in a UK intelligence safe room [see: Oct 24, 2015 Telegraph]
Aug 20, 2010 @expressen: "Wikileaks founder Julian Assange charged in his abscence for rape of two in Stockholm" (11:21pm est)
Aug 21, 2010 CNN: "Sweden drops rape accusation against founder of WikiLeaks"
Aug 22, 2010 NYT: "Sweden Defends Reversal of Warrant for Founder of WikiLeaks"
Aug 22, 2010 Daily Mail: "Assange blames Pentagon for rape 'smears' as Swedish authorities revoke arrest warrant"
Aug 23, 2010 NYT: "Plotting Doubted in WikiLeaks Case" (Pentagon, DOD, lures, dirty trick)
Aug 25, 2010 Daily Mail: "Women who accused WikiLeaks founder of sex attacks deny they are part of Pentagon conspiracy"
Aug 25, 2010 @DavidClinchNews: "Swedish prosecutor says Assange no longer suspected of rape but "molesting" accusation still being investigated."
Aug 31, 2010 Uranium One stockholders approved sale of 51% of U-1 shares to Atomredmetzoloto (Rosatom) [see: Sep 25, 2010 CNN]
Sep ??, 2010 Shawn Henry named Executive Assistant Director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch of the FBI
Sep ??, 2010 FBI Chad Fulgham takes control of SENTINEL development from Lockheed
??? ??, 2010 "3Q 2010" Jones Lang LaSalle buys Mission Ridge buildings from Pitcairn
Sep 01, 2010 @expressen: "Swedish prosecutor has - again - opened the investigation on the #Assange rape"
Sep 03, 2010 @AKIpress_com: "Kazakhstan officially approves Uranium One swap deal with ARMZ"
Sep 08, 2010 UK terrorist, Abdul Jabbar, dies from a U.S. drone strike [see: Oct 5, 2010 Guardian]
Sep 14, 2010 Guardian: "Iran demands $500,000 to free US hiker Sarah Shourd"
Sep 14, 2010 Guardian: "Iran frees US hiker Sarah Shourd after detaining her on spy charges"
Sep 14, 2010 NYT: "Paladino rout of Lazio jolts New York G.O.P."
Sep 15, 2010 Lavrov writes to Waldman, thanks him for his work for Deripaska
Sep 20, 2010 @batchelorshow: "quite the new york welcome for mahmoud ahmadinejad!"
Sep 21, 2010 Seattle Times: "Autopsy: Defected Russian spy chief choked on meat" (Tretyakov)
Sep 21, 2010 Leaked email from Fred Burton (Stratfor) says then-U.S. Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan is behind DC witch hunt
Sep 23, 2010 NYT: "Scientist Gets 86 Years for Firing at Americans" (Aafia Siddiqui)
Sep 25, 2010 CNN: "Russian company seeks to buy U.S. uranium mining operations"
Sep 26, 2010 Herald Tribune: "An espionage mystery solved on an autopsy slab" (Tretyakov)
Sep 27, 2010 The Atlantic: "Obama's 'Favorite General' Heading to White House?" (Cartwright)
Oct ??, 2010 FBI opens investigation of a new group of SVR agents in NYC
Oct ??, 2010 Russia Ministry of Defense hires Adam Waldman's Endeavor Group [see: Feb 9, 2018 Daily Caller]
Oct 01, 2010 Bloomberg: "Bayrock’s Arif Detained in Turkish Vice Raid on Yacht"
Oct 01, 2010 Daily Mail: "New York real estate mogul arrested in Turkey on suspicion of running prostitute ring on $60m luxury yacht"
Oct 05, 2010 Washington Times: "4 GOP leaders warn of uranium mine sale"
Oct 06, 2010 Guardian: "Briton killed by US drone 'had wanted to attack UK'" (Abdul Jabar)
Oct 06, 2010 Telegraph: "British terror suspect 'was head of The Islamic Army of Great Britain'" (Abdul Jabbar)
Oct 06, 2010 FBI informant, Douglas Campbell, is asked to help overcome opposition to Uranium One deal [see: Feb 7, 2018 The Hill]
Oct 06, 2010 Waldman files FARA for Russian Foreign Ministry (Lavrov)
Oct 07, 2010 ABC News: "German Terror Connection Grows; 45 More Suspects Being Tracked" (Ahmed Siddiqui)
Oct 11, 2010 Moscow Times: "Uranium Deal Faces U.S. Objections"
Oct 22, 2010 U.S. Dept of Treasury's Committee On Foreign Investments approves sale of Uranium One
Nov 09, 2010 Special prosecutor John Durham declines charges in the destruction of CIA torture tapes
Nov 11, 2010 "Fresh Betrayal - Kommersant found out who passed the network of Russian intelligence officers-illegal immigrants to the American special services" (Shchervakov suspected)
Nov 12, 2010 Wired: "Which One of You Snitched on Anna? Russian Prez Wants Answers on Spy Ring Breakup" (Shcherbakov suspected)
Nov 14, 2010 Sputnik: "FBI takes Russia spy ring traitor under protection" (Shcherbakov suspected)
Nov 15, 2010 Moscow Times: "Defector May Have Been Recruited Years Ago" (Shcherbakov suspected)
Nov 17, 2010 TheRealDeal: "Trump Soho offers deposit refunds for buyers who don’t join fraud lawsuit"
Nov 18, 2010 @SkyBreakNews: "Prosecutor in Sweden seeks court order to detain WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for questioning in rape case, AP news agency reports." (4:44am est)
Nov 18, 2010 @A_Osborn: "Ex-KGB soldier named as double agent who exposed Anna Chapman spy ring" (11:43am est)
Nov 18, 2010 @TelegraphNews: "Ex-KGB soldier named as double agent who exposed Anna Chapman spy ring" (11:58pm est)
Nov 18, 2010 Telegraph: "Ex-KGB soldier named as double agent who exposed Anna Chapman spy ring" (Poteyev ID'd) (12:30pm est)
Nov 22, 2010 Sporyshev begins serving as a trade representative of the Russian Federation (til Nov 21, 2014)
Nov 23, 2010 HRC asks if Assange can be drone-striked, according to State Dept sources of True Pundit
Nov 23, 2010 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approves change of control from Uranium One to ARMZ
Nov 25, 2010 @SkyNewsBreak: "Swedish court rejects Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's appeal against an arrest warrant issued following a rape allegation" (8:54am est)
Nov 29, 2010 @markknoller: "Atty-Gen Holder says "there is an active, ongoing criminal investigation" into the WikiLeaks disclosures of classified material."
Nov 29, 2010 Iranian nuclear scientist, Majid Shahriari, dies from a car bomb in Tehran [see: Dec 4, 2010 Guardian]
Nov 30, 2010 Forbes: "WikiLeaks' Cablegate meets Taiwanese animation [Video]"
Dec ??, 2010 Bob Levinson's family view a tape of Bob being held hostage [see: Dec 13, 2013 NYT]
Dec 04, 2010 Guardian: "Covert war against Iran's nuclear aims takes chilling turn" (Majid Shahriari)
Dec 05, 2010 @KeithOlbermann: "RT @BiancaJagger '#Assange “rape” accuser has #CIA ties'"
Dec 06, 2010 Daily Caller: "Leftist bloggers point to CIA connections in Assange rape case"
Dec 06, 2010 @CNNValencia: "Holder: 'Significant' actions taken in WikiLeaks investigation"
Dec 07, 2010 @KeirSimmons: "Julian Assange arrested on behalf of Swedish authorities by Scotland Yard on suspicion of rape - went to police station by appointment."
Dec 09, 2010 @danielnasaw:"The US prosecutors seek criminal charges against Julian Assange, but I found significant hurdles to prosecution"
Dec 09, 2010 Guardian: "Julian Assange put in segregation unit as lawyers aim for bail"
Dec 09, 2010 @trevortimm: "Sen Dianne Feinstein: Suspend the 1st Amendment for Assange because he is an “agitator," not a reporter"
Dec ??, 2010 Chinese govt begins disappearing CIA informants in the "last few weeks of 2010" [see: May 20, 2017 NYT]
Dec 13, 2010 State Dept's Richard Holbrooke dies of a torn aorta, a big blow for Obama's foreign policy team
Dec 14, 2010 Guardian: "Julian Assange granted bail"
Dec 15, 2010 Guardian: "Julian Assange bail decision made by UK authorities, not Sweden"
Dec 15, 2010 Mossad spy, Ben Zygier ("Prisoner X"), is found hanging in an Israel prison [see: Feb 12, 2013 ABC Australia]
Dec 16, 2010 Vladlen Stepanov and Olga Stepanova file for divorce, according to Alexei Navalny [see: Oct 26, 2011 Moscow Times]
Dec 17, 2010 Guardian: "10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange"
Dec 17, 2010 Australian foreign ministry says they are given first update about Ben Zygier since Feb '10 [see: Mar 7, 2013 Haaretz]
Dec 22, 2010 Senate ratifies new START; vote is 71-26
Dec 25, 2010 Daily Mail article on murdered MI6 spy, Gareth Williams
Dec 27, 2010 "Ayalon Prison: Nameless inmate commits suicide, then disappears" (Ben Zygier)
Dec 27, 2010 Haaretz: "The Mystery of Jail Suicides" (Ben Zygier)
Dec 27, 2010 @ReutersIndia: "US Secy Of State Clinton: Khodorkovsky trial raises questions "about rule of law" being overshadowed by political considerations"
Dec 27, 2010 Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom) successfully buys Uranium One
Dec 28, 2010 Vladimir Poteyev sets up Newtop, LLC
Dec 30, 2010 Guardian: "Wired journalists deny cover-up over WikiLeaks boss and accused US soldier"
??? ??, 2011 Sporyshev meets an undercover FBI agent at an energy conference in NYC; the two exchange business cards
??? ??, 2011 FBI cyber ALAT program expands. Several FBI Cyber Division personnel were deployed to a handful of legat offices to address significant cyber threats in those regions impacting US interests and FBI investigations. Kiev, Estonia, Amsterdam.
Jan 07, 2011 NYT: "Israeli Ex-Spy Predicts Delay for Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions" (Dagan)
Jan ??, 2011 Martin Nesbitt Jan moves to Board of Directors of Jones Lang LaSalle
Feb 10, 2011 Trump at CPAC says "the people that went to school with [Obama], they never saw him, they don't know who he is" [see: Feb 14, 2011 Politifact]
Feb 14, 2011 Counterpunch: "The Siddiqui Case"
Feb 14, 2011 Politifact: "Donald Trump says people who went to school with Obama never saw him"
Feb 25, 2011 HuffPost: "Donald Trump Distances Himself From Roger Stone"
Mar ??, 2011 Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai again denies comms with Pakistani intel, according to FBI interview [see: Jul 19, 2011 FBI]
Mar ??, 2011 Iran plans to build 10 new uranium-enrichment plants by March 2011 [see: Apr 19, 2010 Reuters]
Mar 02, 2011 ABC News: "Marc Rich Tied to Russian Mafia?"
Mar 02, 2011 Vanity Fair: "A Declaration of Cyber-War" (Stuxnet)
Mar 02, 2011 OBL Raid. Obama apparently thought his "presidency was on the line" seeing dire consequences if the raid failed. Clinton later says she was fully supportive of the raid but that's disputed. The infamous photo. Press reports right after raid say Biden was the lone "dissenting voice" when it seems like others were similarly not sure, including Obama. The biden dissent is portrayed as building up obama to be courageous and "trusting his gut"
Mar 03, 2011 AP: "BREAKING: US has proof that ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson is alive, 4 years after vanishing in Iran"
Mar 11, 2011 @foxnewspolitics: "Trump Has 'Just a Little' Doubt Obama Was Born in America" a
Mar 17, 2011 ABC News reports that Trump plans to spend $600m on a presidential run
Mar 17, 2011 Roland Martin tweets about Trump's comments about Obama's birth certificate; point of origin(?)
Mar 21, 2011 Powerline article on Petrobras
Mar 26, 2011 Gen. Cartwright creates the gmail account he later uses to discuss Stuxnet with the NYT's David Sanger
Apr 04, 2011 Carter Page asks Russian deputy PM Sergey Ivanov a question at the Council on Foreign Relations
Apr 07, 2011 @Newsmax: "Trump: Grandma Says Obama Was Born in Kenya"
Apr 16, 2011 McClatchly: "Wikileaks: Dim view of Panama president Obama will meet" (Ricardo Martinelli)
Apr 16, 2011 ABC News: "Donald Trump's Political 'Pit Bull': Meet Michael Cohen"
Apr 30, 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Obama hits Trump hard and Trump is steaming about it
May ??, 2011 At a trial in Moscow sometime May 2011 (and sometime into Jun 2010, Anna Chapman is asked to choose out of a photo lineup the man who met with her in the United States; Anna selects Alexander Poteyev [see: Jun 27, 2011 HuffPost]
May ??, 2011 Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri, is arrested and reportedly tried for treason [see: Aug 7, 2016 BBC]
May 03, 2011 BBC: "Russia charges US spy ring 'traitor' Alexander Poteyev"
May 08, 2011 VOA News: "Germany Sentences Al-Qaida Member to Prison" (Rami Makanesi)
May 08, 2011 NYT: "Israeli Strike on Iran Would Be ‘Stupid,’ Ex-Spy Chief Says" (Dagan)
May 08, 2011 Jerusalem Post: "Barak: Dagan should not have made Iran comments in public"
May 10, 2011 NPR: "Covert War With Iran: A 'Wilderness Of Mirrors'" (Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri)
May 19, 2011 NYT: "New York Attorney General Is Investigating Trump’s For-Profit School"
May 26, 2011 Daily Beast: "Inside Donald Trump's Empire: Why He Didn't Run for President in 2012" (Sater, SoHo)
May 26, 2011 Barack Obama signed the PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011, a four-year extension of three key provisions in the Act: roving wiretaps, searches of business records, and conducting surveillance of "lone wolves"
May 27, 2011 Moscow Times: "Rosatom Restrictions Lifted"
Jun 03, 2011 NYT: "Why Khodorvorsky Matters"
Jun 04, 2011 Wedding day of Andrea John Catsimatidis and Christopher Nixon Cox [see: Jun 22, 2011 New York Social Diary]
Jun 06, 2011 Australian Financial Review: "Huawei hires political insiders" (Alexander Downer)
Jun 08, 2011 Sidney Blumenthal sends TOP SECRET cable to HRC about a 6/7/11 Sudanese coup,
Jun 13, 2011 Solicitation finally awarded for FBI Cyber home, first issued in May 2008. GSA signs Lease. Award was for $53M. That is $444,791/mo for 10 years
Jun 22, 2011 New York Social Diary: "Catsimatidis-Cox Wedding"
Jun 27, 2011 Moscow military court sentences Russian Alexander Poteyev to 25 years for treason
Jun 27, 2011 Sputnik: "Moscow military court sentences Russian mole to 25 years for treason"
Jul 19, 2011 FBI: "Two Charged with Conspiring to Act as Unregistered Agents of Pakistani Government"
Jul 19, 2011 Reuters: "U.S. charges two for illegal lobbying for Pakistan"
Aug 03, 2011 Gen. Cartwright's last day serving as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Aug 20, 2011 Yahoo: "Iran sentences 2 American men to 8 years in jail"
Aug 27, 2011 HuffPost article on Alexander Poteyev
Sep 01, 2011 Gen. Cartwright retires from USMC
Sep 01, 2011 Wikileaks releases all State Dept diplomatic cables in its possession. Obama directs a spy hunting effort inside the intelligence community and gives a one-year deadline. Trying to stop leaks
Sep ??, 2011 Felix Sater begins work for TxOil (?) [see: Nov 10, 2018 @GeorgePapa19]
Oct 26, 2011 Moscow Times: "Alexei Navalny vs. Vladlen Stepanov"
Oct 28, 2011 Cezka Pozice: "US VP Biden warns Czechs over Russian nuke contracts" (promotes Westinghouse)
Oct 31, 2011 CBS: "How FBI caught Anna Chapman, Russian spies explained" a
Nov ??, 2011 2 FOIA requests filed by Colliers for info on Mission Ridge lease
Nov 01, 2011 Daily Mail: "Did Russian spy get close to infiltrating Hillary Clinton's inner circle?"
Nov 03, 2011 TheRealDeal: "Trump Soho developers settle fraud suit, give buyers 90% refunds"
Nov 05, 2011 Gulf News Asia: "From Russia with love: Evidence from a ten-year FBI investigation into a team of spies is made public for the first time"
Nov 21, 2011 CIA starts "coverage" (spying) on French presidential election. Continues through Sep 2012 [see: Feb 16, 2017 Wikileaks]
Dec ??, 2011 John Kerry seeks out Omani officials to develop back-channel to Iran [see: Oct 22, 2015 WSJ]
Dec 04, 2011 Russian legislative elections are held. Hillary Clinton says the Russian election was "neither free, nor fair" and that there were "serious concerns" about the fairness of the election. Vladimir Putin said that Hillary Clinton "set the tone for some opposition activists" to act "in accordance with a well-known scenario and in their own mercenary political interests."
Dec 06, 2011 CNN: "Clinton cites 'serious concerns' about Russian election"
Dec 07, 2011 WaPo: "Fai pleads guilty to conspiring with Pakistani spy agency to lobby for Kashmir"
Dec 09, 2011 Yuila Tymoshenko complaint vs Firtash et al
??? ??, 2012 Nisar Ahmed Chaudhry begins lobbying in DC on behalf of Pakistani intel [see: May 7, 2018 Reuters]
??? ??, 2012 Fusion GPS digs into the financial background of a big Mitt Romney donor
Jan 12, 2012 WSJ: "Scientist Killing Stokes U.S.-Iran Tensions"
Jan 18, 2012 Gen. Cartwright speaks to David Sanger on his cell phone for 39min
Feb 01, 2012 Iran holds its 2nd annual Hollywoodism conference in Tehran; ends 2/11/12
Feb ??, 2012 Monica Witt travels to Iran; she participates in New Horizon's Hollywoodism conference
Feb 07, 2012 WikiLeaks begins publishing Stratfor intel files
Feb 13, 2012 Newsweek's Daniel Klaidman publishes an article about Stuxnet; Gen. Cartwright is an anonymous source
Feb 15, 2012 Telegraph: "Mukhtar Ablyazov to hear on prison sentence in £3bn fraud case"
Feb 16, 2012 Guardian: "Arrest warrant for Kazakh billionaire accused of one of world's biggest frauds" (Ablyazov)
Feb 16, 2012 Telegraph: "Mukhtar Ablyazov given 22 months for contempt"
Feb 20, 2012 Skadden emails Manafort; suggests a visit to Ukraine
Feb 20, 2012 Greg Craig charges $1,150/hr for his lobbying on behalf of the govt of Ukraine
Feb 21, 2012 Rick Gates tells Podesta Group that they would be lobbying for the Ukraine govt
Feb 22, 2012 Guardian: "Confessions of a KGB spy"
Mar ??, 2012 Buryakov begins meeting with Podobnyy and Sporyshev around Manhattan and the Bronx to exchange intel
Mar 04, 2012 Vanity Fair: "The Wrath of Putin"
Mar 09, 2012 @RebeccaJarvis : "Robert Levinson went missing in Iran 3/9/07"
Mar 09, 2012 Gen. Cartwright speaks to David Sanger on his cell phone for 31min
Mar 13, 2012 Reuters: "RUSAL chairman quits in Russian oligarch fight" (Vekselberg, Norilsk Nickel, Deripaska)
Mar 16, 2012 US Natl Regulatory Commission approves license to Uranium One to ship yellowcake to Canada [see: Nov 2, 2017 The Hill]
Mar 26, 2012 NYT: "Obama Caught on Microphone Telling Medvedev of 'Flexibility'"
Mar 30, 2012 "Two Year Sentence For Man Accused In Pakistan Spy Plot" (Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai)
Apr ??, 2012 Sporyshev meets UCE-1 (analyst at a New York energy firm) at an oil and gas industry conference
Apr ??, 2012 Trump International Hotel opens in Toronto [see: Jan 10, 2017 Kansas City Star]
Apr 01, 2012 Independent: "Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all" (BBC, Figliuzzi, Anna Chapman)
Apr 03, 2012 NYDN: "Sexy Russian spygal Anna Chapman got too close to President Obama's inner circle, FBI official tells BBC"
Apr 03, 2012 ABC News: "Russian Fem Spy Spooked US, But It Wasn't Anna Chapman" (Cynthia Murphy)
Apr 04, 2012 Guardian: "Anna Chapman never got anywhere near seducing a member of US cabinet"
Apr 05, 2012 Moscow Times: "Russian Spy's Closeness to Obama's Circle Prompted 2010 Arrests"
Apr 08, 2012 Manafort writes to Yanukovych; he says he'll continue to update him on D.C. lobbying efforts
Apr 15, 2012 Alexander Torshin, a former Russian senator and lifetime member of the NRA, tweets about Butina’s group, comparing it to the NRA
Apr 17, 2012 Flynn nominated DIA Director; assumes position Jul 2012
Apr 18, 2012 European Center for a Modern Ukraine hires Podesta Group; PG retroactively files FARA on 4/12/17
Apr 18, 2012 Shawn Henry leaves FBI for Crowdstrike
Apr ??, 2012 Chad Fulgham leaves FBI for Lockheed after substantially completing the SENTINEL project
May ??, 2012 FBI starts its Next Generation Cyber initiative. As part of it, the Cyber Division is restructured to focus solely on computer intrusions and the FBI transferred responsibility for the investigation of crimes not focused on intrusion, specifically the Cyber Crime Program, Innocent Images National Initiative (addressing child pornography), Intellectual Property Rights, Internet Fraud, Internet Extortion, Identify Theft, Internet Money Laundering, and Internet Gambling, from the Cyber Division to the Criminal Investigative Division.
May 03, 2012 Lockheed announces it will manage the DOD DC3 as part of a task order with GSA
May 07, 2012 Guardian: "US air strike kills top al-Qaida leader in Yemen" (Fahd al-Quso)
May 07, 2012 Putin's last day as Prime Minister (assumes presidency May 8, 2012)
May 25, 2012 FBI warns Monica Witt that she is a potential target of recruitment by Iranian intelligence services
May 30, 2012 Halper starts a contract with Pentagon Office of Net Assessment
Jun ??, 2012 PressTV's Marzei Hashemi hires Monica Witt sometime Jun 2012 to be in an Iranian propaganda video
Jun ??, 2012 Manafort issues an EYES ONLY memo that he is assembling an influential group of pro-Ukrainian lobbyists
Jun 01, 2012 NYT excerpts David Sanger's new book Confront and Conceal; Stuxnet; Cartwright is a source
Jun 05, 2012 David Sanger's new book Confront and Conceal goes on sale; reveals details of Stuxnet virus
Jun 07, 2012 House Foreign Affairs Committee: "Russia Human Rights Legislation Passes Foreign Affairs Committee"
Jun 16, 2012 FT: "‘Magnitsky law’ makes progress in Senate"
Jun 19, 2012 @WikiLeaks: "Julian Assange has requested political asylum and is under the protection of the Ecuadorian embassy"
Jun 19, 2012 Telegraph: "Julian Assange: WikiLeaks founder seeks political asylum from Ecuador"
Jun 24, 2012 Guardian: "Julian Assange asylum bid: Ecuador's ambassador flies to Quito for talks"
Jun 27, 2012 Obama emails Sec State Clinton over unsecured server (briefing of emails on 28th)
Jun 28, 2012 Guardian: "Julian Assange told to turn himself in at London police station"
Jun 29, 2012 Telegraph: "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to remain in Ecuadorian Embassy"
Jul ??, 2012 FBI first deploys SENTINEL case file system to users
Jul ??, 2012 Hope Hicks begins work at Hiltzik Strategies
Jul 01, 2012 HRC sends Obama an email titled "Fw: Congratulations" from her plane while in Russia
Jul 24, 2012 Reuters: "Special Report: Russian Railways' family connections" (Yakunin, Katsyv)
Jul 25, 2012 Flynn made Director of DIA; Clapper hints that it's a "put-up-or-shut-up" promotion
Jul 31, 2012 Miami Herald: "High court reveals secret deal of Trump developer’s crimes"
Sep ??, 2012 Alexander Perepilichny takes out several life insurance policies shortly before death [see: May 18, 2015 Independent]
Aug 20, 2012 Obama says he has made it "very clear" to Assad that there is a "red line" on chemical weapons
Aug 29, 2012 Rosenstein submits request to subpoena Google for Gen. Cartwright's gmail account; approved 9/12/12
Aug 31, 2012 Reuters: "Russia says Iran's nuclear power plant fully operational"
Sep 01, 2012 TheIranProject: "1st unit of Bushehr nuclear power plant is fully launched"
Sep 06, 2012 Reuters: "Security startup CrowdStrike hires one of FBI's top lawyers"
Sep 08, 2012 NYT: "Clinton Tells Russia That Sanctions Will Soon End"
Sep 08, 2012 Miami Herald article about Felix Sater's work as a confidential source for the CIA
Sep 11, 2012 Benghazi
Sep 12, 2012 Court approves search warrant for Gen. Cartwright's gmail account; pdf
Sep 27, 2012 Guardian: "Deripaska and Cherney make surprise deal out of court"
Oct 17, 2012 PressTV's Marzei Hashemi compliments Monica Witt; Monica says she hopes she can put her skills to use
Oct 30, 2012 CBS News: "Israeli official: Iran pulled back from the brink"
Nov ??, 2012 Gates asks [Podesta Group, Mercury?] to provide a lobbying assessment so Manafort can brief Yanukovych
Nov ??, 2012 Skadden tells Manafort that the accusations against Tymoshenko are nearly non-existent
Nov ??, 2012 Buryakov travels to Canada to gather intelligence on union representatives
Nov 02, 2012 Gen. Cartwright misleads FBI about being a source for David Saenger,,
Nov 06, 2012 BBC: "President Barack Obama defeats Romney to win re-election"
Nov 08, 2012 CBS: "Netanyahu reportedly backed off preps for Iran strike in 2010 amid rift with Israel's military"
Nov 09, 2012 Guardian: "CIA director David Petraeus resigns over 'unacceptable' extramarital affair"
Nov 09, 2012 WSJ: "Virus Aimed at Iran Infected Chevron Network" (Stuxnet)
Nov 10, 2012 Russian whistleblower, Alexander Perepilichny, dies in England [see: Nov 28, 2012 Reuters]
Nov 16, 2012 NYT: "House Passes Russia Trade Bill With Eye on Rights Abuses" (Magnitsky)
Nov 28, 2012 Reuters: "Russian mafia whistleblower found dead outside UK mansion" (Perepilichny)
Dec ??, 2012 DOJ investigators zero in on Gen. Cartwright as the suspected Stuxnet leaker
Dec 06, 2012 WaPo: "Russia fumes as U.S. Senate passes Magnitsky law aimed at human rights"
Dec 12, 2012 HSBC pays $1.9b fine for laundering Mexican drug cartel profits
Dec 12, 2012 NYT article on Tymoshenko's jailing in Ukraine; mentioned in 1/17/19 DoJ press release on Skadden
Dec 13, 2012 Publication of the Tymoshenko report
Dec 13, 2012 Podobnyy serves as attache to the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation (til Sep 12, 2013)
Dec 14, 2012 Bipartisan Magnitsky Act (Pub.L. 112–208) passed and signed into law
Dec 17, 2012 Moscow Times: "Obama Signs Magnitsky Bill"
Dec 17, 2012 Gowdy/Chaffetz letter to AG Holder; expresses concern NCTC can now hold 5yr dossiers on U.S. citizens
Dec ??, 2012 Chinese govt disappears CIA informants "through the end of 2012" [see: May 20, 2017 NYT]
Dec 27, 2012 Perth Now: "Russia puts dead lawyer Sergei Magnitsky on trial"
Dec 30, 2012 Reuters: "Huawei partner offered embargoed HP gear to Iran"
??? ??, 2013 Gen. Flynn visits GRU in Moscow
??? ??, 2013 Jonathan Winer's consultations for APCO Worldwide ends sometime in 2013
??? ??, 2013 DOJ stands up a CyberLaw section in Chantilly
Jan ??, 2013 Male-1 meets Podobnyy in NYC sometime Jan 2013; they exchange emails later on about the energy market
Jan 18, 2013 Carter Page meets Podobnyy at Asia Society in NYC; meet once later on,,
Jan 21, 2013 Obamas second inauguration
Jan 29, 2013 WaPo: "John Kerry confirmed as secretary of state"
Jan 30, 2013 "Former US Deputy Attorney General joins HSBC Board" (Comey)
Jan 31, 2013 Reuters: "Huawei CFO linked to firm that offered HP gear to Iran"
Jan 31, 2013 Sporyshev recorded from within a secure office in Manhattan; speaks with unnamed SVR agent
Feb ??, 2013 Monica Witt travels to Iran for another Hollywoodism conference; meets with IRCG officials
Feb 01, 2013 HRC's last day as Secretary of State
Feb 04, 2013 Maxine Waters interviewed by Roland Martin, talks about massive Obama for America database
Feb 07, 2013 Bush family email accounts hacked by entity called Guccifer
Feb 12, 2013 ABC Australia: "Family tight-lipped on Israeli 'Prisoner X' case"
Feb 13, 2013 NYT: "More Details Emerging About Israel’s Prisoner X"
Feb 13, 2013 Guardian: "Australia was investigating 'Mossad agent' Zygier who died in Israeli jail"
Feb 13, 2013 Haaretz: "Israel Arrested Ben Zygier Fearing He Exposed Mossad Plans in Italy, ABC Reports"
Feb 14, 2013 The Age: "Ben Zygier: ASIO suspect who died in Israeli jail"
Feb 15, 2013 Brisbane Times: "Zygier 'planned to expose deadly use of passports'"
Feb 20, 2013 Gawker: "The Mystery of Israel's 'Prisoner X'"
Mar ??, 2013 Justin Cooper gives Monica Hanley MacBook laptop, remotely transfers HRC emails to Apple mail program
Mar ??, 2013 Carter Page meets w/Podobnyy; Carter says Podobnyy didn't ask about documents, Gazprom
Mar 07, 2013 Haaretz: "Australian Probe: Zygier Was Facing 20-year Sentence for 'Serious Espionage'"
Mar 08, 2013 John Brennan sworn in as CIA Director
Mar 11, 2013 Colin Powell Facebook page hacked by Guccifer
Mar 12, 2013 Clapper publicly testifies to SSCI, says the NSA does not "wittingly" collect data on citizens
Mar 13, 2013 Colin Powell AOL, Comcast email accounts hacked by Guccifer
Mar 14, 2013 Russia bans 18 Americans in a rebuke to the Magnitsky act; Preet Bharara is one of the people banned
Mar 15, 2013 Sidney Blumenthal AOL email account hacked by Guccifer
Mar 18, 2013 Guccier disseminates four memos Sidney Blumenthal sent to HRC
Mar 19, 2013 Manafort and Gates arrange a DC meeting w/Rohrabacher and Podesta Group's Vin Weber,
Mar 23, 2013 Evening Standard: "Exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky is found dead in his bath"
Mar 28, 2013 Institutional Investor: "Still Bullish on Ireland, Wilbur Ross Eyes Southern Europe" (Cyprus)
Mar 28, 2013 Baxter Hunt email says Podesta Group is lobbying for the Party of Regions,
Apr 08, 2013 Podobnyy tells Sporyshev he intends to trick Carter Page into handing over sensitive documents
Apr 10, 2013 Podobnyy recorded in an SVR office in NYC; confirms Sporyshev's cover is as a trade representative
Apr 11, 2013 Sporyshev and Podobnyy recorded in an SVR office; they discuss Buryakov's prior banking employment
Apr 13, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, Andrew McCabe is deeply involved with the case
Apr 25, 2013 Sporyshev and Podobnyy discuss ineffectiveness of Directorate S in America; 2010 Illegals cited
Apr 27, 2013 BBC report on Russian money laundering in the U.K.
May 07, 2013 Secretary of State Kerry travels to Moscow
May 09, 2013 Carter Page forms Global Natural Gas Ventures LLC
May 13, 2013 Ryan C. Fogle detained by Russian officals, later declared persona non grata,
May 15, 2013 Nunes tells Hugh Hewitt of DOJ "tapping" congressional cloakroom; later corrected to phone records
May 15, 2013 GSA signs Lease Supplemental for FBI Mission Ridge properties; Tenant Improvement
May 16, 2013 Manafort instructs his lobbyists to plant false stories in U.S. media on Tymoshenko
May 16, 2013 Member of the Hapsburg Group meets with Obama and Biden in the White House to lobby for Ukraine
May 16, 2013 Obama to hold bilateral meeting with Turkish prime minister
May 21, 2013 Sporyshev calls Buryakov; asks Buryakov for help gathering intel for a Russian news agency
May 22, 2013 Breitbart: "Stratfor Email: Brennan Behind 'Witch Hunt' of Journalists Reporting Leaks"
May 23, 2013 Sporyshev & Podobnyy discuss intel gathered from Buryakov on a Canadian airplane manufacturer
May 29, 2013 @KedarPavgi: "James Comey to be nominated as FBI Director, per multiple reports"
Jun ??, 2013 FBI agents warn Carter Page about Podobnyy; Carter is dismissive,,
Jun ??, 2013 Hope Hicks first meets Trump while stuck in an elevator in Vancouver sometime in June 2013; p.23
Jun 05, 2013 Guardian: "NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others"
Jun 05, 2013 FBI Director Mueller travels meets Yanukovych in Ukraine; they discuss counterterrorism
Jun 08, 2013 Guardian: "Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data"
Jun 06, 2013 Ukrainian Embassy in U.S. shares on Facebook a photo of FBI Director Mueller with Ukraine President Yanukovytch
Jun 09, 2013 Guardian exposé on Edward Snowden
Jun 12, 2013 Guccifer hacks Facebook account of Neile Miller, acting NNSA administrator
Jun 13, 2013 FBI interviews Carter Page/"Male-1" about Victor Podobnyy,
Jun 13, 2013 @RobinLeach: "Donald Trump, Miss Universe sign document with Russian partner for Miss USA move to Moscow November 9"
Jun 13, 2013 Trump: "The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast live from MOSCOW, RUSSIA on November 9th"
Jun 14, 2013 US charges Snowden with unauthorized sharing of declassified info, filed under seal [see: Jun 21, 2013 NPR]
Jun 15, 2013 BBC: "Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election"
Jun 18, 2013 BuzzFeed journalist, Michael Hasting, pronounced dead at 4:25am [see: Jun 21, 2013 Yahoo]
Jun 19, 2013 @WikiLeaks: "Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him"
Jun 21, 2013 NPR: "U.S. Charges NSA Leaker Snowden With Espionage"
Jun 21, 2013 ODNI Clapper amends testimony correcting falsehoods from a Mar 12, 2013 hearing
Jun 21, 2013 Yaoo: "Witness: Hastings’ speeding car ‘shook my car like a freight truck going by’"
Jun 23, 2013 Monica Witt emails PressTV's Marzei Hashemi; she says she might go public like like Snowden
Jun 26, 2013 NYT: "Marc Rich, Financier and Famous Fugitive, Dies at 78"
Jun 27, 2013 NBC: "Ex-Pentagon general target of leak investigation, sources say" (Cartwright)
Jun 27, 2013 John Podesta emails now-Gov. Murphy; says he and his brother Tony have connections to Puerto Rico
Jul 29, 2013 EUCOM research paper on Skolkovo
Jun 30, 2013 Monica Witt emails PressTV's Marzei Hashemi; she says she "told all" at the Iranian Embassy in Kabul
Jun 30, 2013 Platte River Networks server; "successor server"; runs until Oct 2015
Jul ??, 2013 Charges against Ahmed Abu Khattala filed in US Courts under seal for deaths in Benghazi
Jul ??, 2013 Monica Witt begins searching for her former military colleagues on Facebook sometime Jul 2013
Jul 01, 2013 PressTV's Marzei Hashemi emails Monica Witt; IRCG expresses concerns about Monica's backstory
Jul 01, 2013 Susan Rice succeeds Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor. Does not need to be confirmed by Senate.
Jul 02, 2013 Gov Cuomo appoints Moreland "Commission to Investigate Public Corruption"
Jul 03, 2013 Monica Witt emails PressTV's Marzei Hashemi; she says she hopes she can contact WikiLeaks in Russia
Jul 08, 2013 BBC: "Donald Trump sued over failed Florida deal" (Marc Renaud, Fort Lauderdale)
Jul 08, 2013 The Independent article on Trump's connections to Felix Sater
Jul ??, 2013 PressTV's Marzei Hashemi directs Monica Witt to contact the Iranian Ambassador while in Tajikistan
Aug ??, 2013 AG Schneiderman files $40m civil fraud lawsuit against Trump University sometime in August [see: May 11, 2018 NYT]
Aug 01, 2013 The Hill: "Samantha Power confirmed as Obama’s UN ambassador"
Aug 01, 2013 Guardian: "Exclusive: NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ"
Aug ??, 2013 FBI downloads a Nov 2012 report from Buryakov's banking office
Aug ??, 2013 FBI interviews Carter Page about recent interaction with Viktor Podobnyy
Aug 12, 2013 PressTV's Marzei Hashemi dicusses re-location efforts to Turkey with Monica Witt
Aug 14, 2013 France24: "US consultant admits role in France's 'Karachi affair'"
Aug 21, 2013 Motion by Oberlander, Palmer and Lerner to unseal transcripts related to Felix Sater
Aug 25, 2013 Monica Witt emails her resume and bio to PressTV's Marzei Hashemi
Aug 25, 2013 In a letter, Carter Page refers to himself as an informal advisor to the staff of the Kremlin
Aug 28, 2013 Monica Witt defects to Iran; she divulges an SAP program; she is provided w/computers and an apartment
Aug 30, 2013 US govt says Syria used chem weapons. Obama waffles
Sep 05, 2013 NYDN: "James Comey sworn in as director of FBI"
Sep ??, 2013 Jon Winer assigned as Special Envoy for Libya, a position that doesn't need confirmation by the Senate
Sep 06, 2013 Trump questions what American officials have promised to Russia
Sep 10, 2013 Lengthy Prevazon Complaint filed. Preet Baharara signs it
Sep 12, 2013 Podobnyy's last day serving as Attache to the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation
Sep 14, 2013 Kerry agrees to a framework where Russia is in charge of removing Syrian chem weapons
Sep 20, 2013 HuffPost: "N.S.A. Spying on Petrobras Forms Part of Wider U.S. Oil Espionage"
Sep 24, 2013 Foreign Policy: "Obama’s Favorite General Stripped of His Security Clearance" (Cartwright)
Sep 27, 2013 Netanyahu adviser, Yaakov Amidror, confronts Susan Rice for secretly negotiating with Oman [see: Oct 22, 2015 WSJ]
Sep 30, 2013 Nunes calls GOP "lemmings with suicide vests" for their plans to shut down the government
Oct 13, 2013 Mikk Marran nominated to Director General of the Estonian Information Board
Oct 14, 2013 WaPo: "NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally"
Oct 16, 2013 Reuters: "U.S. eavesdropping agency chief, top deputy expected to depart soon"
Oct 16, 2013 WaPo: "Meet the man who could be next in line to control the NSA’s spying apparatus"
Oct 27, 2013 The Telegraph: "Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone 3 years ago'"
Nov ??, 2013 Negotiations start on the JCPOA. They continue for the next 20 months
Nov 08, 2013 Trump arrives in Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, hosted at a property secured by a development firm called the Crocus Group and it's president, Aras Agalarov. His son, Emin, a singer, performs
Nov ??, 2013 At some point during Miss Universe Moscow weekend, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Alex Sapir and Rotem Rosen meet to discuss plans for a Trump SoHo Moscow project. They agree to continue talks
Nov 11, 2013 MSNBC: "Why bring Miss Universe to Moscow?"
Nov 11, 2013 @realDonaldTrump: "@AgalarovAras I had a great weekend with you and your family. You have done a FANTASTIC job. TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next. EMIN was WOW!"
Nov 24, 2013 Guardian: "Ukrainian protesters flood Kiev after president pulls out of EU deal"
Dec ??, 2013 Felix Sater ends work with TxOil [see: Nov 10, 2018 @GeorgePapa19]
Dec ??, 2013 Trump meets with GOP county chairs in Trump Tower, says he'll win 2016 nomination [see: Feb 1, 2016 Politico]
Dec ??, 2013 Ali Watkins begins a romantic relationship with James Wolfe sometime Dec 2013
Dec ??, 2013 FBI Special Agent Monaghan installs video surveillance inside Buryakov's house on Leibig Avenue
Dec 05, 2013 @JimmyVielkind: "On @CapitalTonight last night, Republican GOP Chr. Ed Cox confirmed my report that @RealDonaldTrump's ppl reached out"
Dec 13, 2013 NYT: "A Disappearing Spy, and a Scandal at the C.I.A." (Levinson)
Dec 16, 2013 Independent: "Senior US climate change adviser avoided work by pretending to be a CIA agent" (Beale)
Dec 20, 2013 BBC: "Russia frees Khodorkovsky after Putin signs pardon"
??? ??, 2014 Virginia’s congressional delegation secures $97,853,000 for construction of an FBI Central Records Complex in Virginia [see: 1/15/16 Warner Statement]
Jan ??, 2014 Beginning Jan 2014, Monica Witt discloses the true name of USG agents to IRCG
Jan 17, 2014 WSJ: "Obama Says NSA's Mass Collection of U.S. Phone Data Will End"
Jan 19, 2014 Bloomberg: "Sleuths Hunt for Kazakh Bank’s Missing $6 Billion" (Ablyazov)
Jan 23, 2014 Henry Oknyansky files a FOIA request for "any and all records" pertaining to himself from "2008-2012 FBI paroles and old INS files from 1999-2001" [see: Jun 17, 2018 Caputo Dossier]
Jan 25, 2014 WaPo: "Obama signs off on nomination of Rogers as NSA director"
Jan 27, 2014 NBC News: "Snowden docs reveal British spies snooped on YouTube and Facebook"
Jan 27, 2014 Lawfare: "Jim Baker Appointed as FBI General Counsel"
Jan 27, 2014 LA Times: "Navy cyber warfare chief is Obama's pick to lead NSA" (Adm. Rogers)
Jan 29, 2014 Op Ed written by Papdopoulos published in
Feb ??, 2014 Mike Flynn attends a dinner at University of Cambridge put on by the campus CIS group. The dinner is also attended by Stephen Halper and a woman connected with Russia. Halper tells US govt that Flynn has suspicions interactions with the woman
Feb ??, 2014 Monica Hanley uploads HRC email archives to PRN server from MacBook laptop, fails, sends laptop to Combetta
Feb 04, 2014 A recording of Victoria Nuland on the phone saying "F the EU" is released on YouTube. Nuland blames the Russians.
Feb 13, 2014 Buzzfeed: "36 Hours On The Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump"
Feb 17, 2014 NYPost: "Trump fires top advisor & political consultant Sam Nunberg"
Feb 20, 2014 NYT: "E.U. Imposes Sanctions Despite Russian Criticism"
Feb 25, 2014 Daily Beast: "Ukraine’s D.C. Lobbyists in Disarray as Dictator Flees" (ECFME)
Mar ??, 2014 Chinese hackers infiltrate OPM’s computer systems. The agency notices but believes they were able to thwart the attack
Mar ??, 2014 James Wolfe gifts a pearl bracelet to Ali Watkins sometime May 2014 [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
Mar 05, 2014 Politico article about Manafort; Roger Stone also mentioned; byline Haberman, Burns
Mar 09, 2014 Henry Oknyansky files another FOIA request for records pertaining to himself [see: Jun 17, 2018 Caputo Dossier]
Mar 11, 2014 Australian Financial Review: "Downer to quit Huawei board ahead of London stint"
Mar 16, 2014 Referendum on the status of Crimea held by the legislature of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and by the local government of Sevastopol (both subdivisions of Ukraine). The official result was a 96.77 percent vote for integration of the region into the Russian Federation
Mar 18, 2014 Guardian: "Putin confirms Crimea annexation as Ukraine soldier becomes first casualty"
Mar 21, 2014 NYT: "As Sanctions Start, Russia Feels a Sting"
Mar 28, 2014 Sporyshev calls Buryakov, says he needs help researching the effects of economic sanctions on Russia
Mar 31, 2014 NYT: "Capitol Corruption Panel’s Demise Angers Watchdogs" (Cuomo, Moreland Commission)
Apr ??, 2014 Flynn told he was being fired as DIA
Apr 02, 2014 Sporyshev calls Buryakov; the two meet outside; Buryakov googles "sanctions Russia consequences"
Apr 04, 2014 Buryakov calls Sporyshev; he suggests they meet; they do, and exchange a small object
Apr 04, 2014 Carter Page recertifies Global Natural Gas Ventures, LLC
Apr 08, 2014 Dankse Bank whistleblower, Howard Wilkinson, tenders his resignation [see: Sep 26, 2018 Financial Times]
Apr 12, 2014 @BenjySarlin: "@realDonaldTrump on rehiring Sam Nunberg: 'He's a good guy and I didn't think it was fair to him that somebody took advantage of him'"
Apr 13, 2014 Lisa Myers and Mike Isikoff banished from NBC Nightly News investigative team. Apparently they had been clashing with Brian Williams
Apr 14, 2014 NYT: "With Ukraine Tensions Mounting, U.S. Weighs New Sanctions Against Russia"
Apr 17, 2014 NYT: "Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit"
Apr 25, 2014 NRA Annual Meetings even in Indianapolis. Runs through the 27th. Maria Butina and Alex Torshin attend
Apr 28, 2014 @markknoller: "Officials say Sergi Chemezov and Igor Sechin are the two sanctions targets...Putin's inner circle"
Apr 30, 2014 Gen. Flynn announces his resignation; not effective till Jul 2014,
May ??, 2014 Michael Gaeta joined the FBI’s Legal Attaché Office in Rome as the Assistant Legal Attaché
May 04, 2014 Juan Carlos Varela wins Panama's presidential race
May 13, 2014 Joe Biden's son appointed to board of Ukraine's largest gas producer
May 13, 2014 The Federalist: "9 Questions To Ask About Biden’s Work With A Gas Company In Ukraine"
May 19, 2014 Foreign Policy: "China Has Russia Over a Barrel"
May 22, 2014 MSNBC: "China and Russia’s epic oil deal"
May 30, 2014 Daily Beast: "Is Iran’s Missing General, Ali Reza Asgari, Living in the United States?"
Jun ??, 2014 John Giacalone promoted to executive asst director of FBI
Jun ??, 2014 Ali Watkins and James Wolfe begin exchanging tens of thousands of texts & phone calls from a timeframe that extends up until or around Dec 2017 [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
Jun ??, 2014 Ahmed Abu Khattala lured to a villa south of Benghazi and apprehended by US Special Forces and interrogated, Andrew McCabe involved with the case
Jun 05, 2014 @mcfaul: "Obama: 'the stroke of a pen can never legitimize the theft of a neighbor’s land. So we will not accept Russia’s occupation of Crimea...'"
Jun 05, 2014 CBS News: "Obama, Cameron set new Russia sanctions deadline"
Jun 12, 2014 Virginia federal court indicts Marcel Lehel Lazar, aka Guccifer, on nine counts; 15 pages
Jun 14, 2014 Former Colombian agriculture minister, Andrés Felipe Arias, passes through U.S. customs on his way to South Florida shortly after a Panamanian judge finds him guilty of embezzlement [see: Aug 24, 2016 Miami Herald]
Jun 14, 2014 Veselnitskaya goes to House hearing on "U.S. Policy Toward Putin's Russia", sits behind Michael McFaul
Jun 17, 2014 Private contractor United States Investigation Services (USIS) discloses a breach of 25,000 government employees' personal information to the OPM and sends out a memo notifying 15 large federal agencies of the intrusion. OPM severs its contracts with USIS
Jun 18, 2014 First twitter mention of JCPOA (Iran Deal)
Jun 23, 2014 Yahoo! announces that it has hired Michael Isikoff as an investigative journalist, to start in August
Jul ??, 2014 Buryakov meets multiple times with confidential sources for the FBI ("CS-1") in Summer 2014
Jul 09, 2014 NYT: "Chinese Hackers Pursue Key Data on U.S. Workers" First public revelation of OPM Hack
Jul 12, 2014 Press of Atlantic City: "Trump Plaza owners confirm plan to close in September"
Jul 17, 2014 FinCEN indicates FBME to be of primary money laundering concern (Cyprus, Caymans) [see: Jul 23, 2015 FinCEN]
Jul 17, 2014 Telegraph: "Malaysia Airlines plane crashes on Ukraine-Russia border"
Jul 18, 2014 Daily Signal: "Obama Sanctions Russian Firms Once Subsidized by Ex-Im Bank" (Novatek, Rosneft, Vneshekonombank, Gazprombank)
??? ??, 2014 Happens in "summer". "Cozyduke" infiltrates "government networks". The Dutch say it’s the Russians and they are targeting the US Democratic Party, State Department and White House
Jul 22, 2014 Buryakov and CS-1 discuss meeting on Jul 25, 2014; Sporyshev is hesitant, but allows the meeting
Jul 23, 2014 House Select Committee on Benghazi reaches agreement with State Dept. to produce Clinton emails relevant to their investigation [see: Sep 19, 2016 USNews]
Jul 24, 2014 Clinton IT aide Paul Combetta, using the alias "stonetear", requests assistance on Reddit for deleting VIP email addresses [see: Sep 19, 2016 USNews]
Jul 25, 2014 Buryakov and CS-1 meet at Buryakov's banking office to discuss building casinos in Russia
Jul 24, 2014 SSA David Gadren of the DOE OIG confirms that Vadim Mikerin conspired to affect U.S. commerce
Jul 27, 2014 WSJ: "FBME Bank Named Primary Money Laundering Concern"
Jul 29, 2014 Fox Business: "Wilbur Ross on investing in Bank of Cyprus" ($1.3b)
Jul 29, 2014 Bill Browder walks out of Aspen Institute and is confronted by Glenn Simpson
Jul 29, 2014 Stephen Halper starts another contract with Pentagon Office of Net Assessment
Jul 31, 2014 NYT: "Inquiry by C.I.A. Affirms It Spied on Senate Panel", Ali Watkins scoop
Aug ??, 2014 Hope Hicks is hired by the Trump Organization sometime in August 2014; p.23,
Aug 07, 2014 Sporyshev advises Buryakov to let someone else drive him to meet CS-1 in Atlantic City
Aug 08, 2014 CS-1 meets w/Buryakov in Atlantic City; CS-1 hands over document labeled INTERNAL TREASURY USE ONLY
Aug 11, 2014 The State Department gives the House Benghazi committee 15,000 pages of documents related to the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi
Aug 22, 2014 NYMag: "Russia Inching Closer to War in Ukraine With Convoy ‘Invasion’"
Aug 28, 2014 CS-1 meets with Buryakov at his VEB office; CS-1 gives Buryakov a list of sanctioned Russian banks
Sep 05, 2014 Minsk agreements, Obama admin hopes is a first step to lifting sanctions
Sep ??, 2014 Federal investigators detect a data breach affecting KeyPoint Government Solutions, a provider of investigative services for the U.S. government. It is believed that as many as 390,000 current and former DHS employees, contractors and job applicants may have had their private data compromised
Sep ??, 2014 Poteyev targeted by hitman sometime Fall 2014; later, forced to move,,
Sep ??, 2014 FBI surveillance of Buryakov meeting with Sporyshev and Podobnyy ends sometime Mid-Sep 2014
Sep 17, 2014 James Comey testifies to the House Homeland Security Committee concerning "Worldwide Threats to the Homeland"
Oct ??, 2014 Hope Hicks begins work for the Trump Organization sometime in October 2014; p. 23
Oct ??, 2014 Flynn Intel Group starts. Registered to McChrystal's Virginia townhouse [11/11/16 Daily Caller]
Oct ??, 2014 Hope Hicks joins a nascent Trump campaign meeting at Trump Tower
Oct 01, 2014 HuffPost hires Ali Watkins
Oct 15, 2014 Clinton team instructs Datto to begin purging emails from their backup storage devices, which they apparently failed to do [see: Oct 6, 2015 Washington Examiner]
Oct 16, 2014 GSA accepts 175,000 sqare feet of improved space at the FBI Mission Ridge properties
Oct 27, 2014 @PoliticoPlaybook: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @mlcalderone, @AliWatkins and Chris @vlasto!"
Oct 27, 2014 Ali Watkins and James Wolfe's first romantic encounter [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
Oct 31, 2014 Vadim Mikerin charged, alongside Daren and Carol Condrey, and Boris Rubizhevsky
??? ??, 2014 500 million Yahoo accounts hacked sometime late 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Tad Devine signs on to work with Bernie Sanders on potential 2016 run
Nov 19, 2014 Devin Nunes appointed HPSCI Chairman by Speaker Boehner. Succeeds Mike Rogers
Nov 20, 2014 NYT: "Timeline on Iran’s Nuclear Program"
Nov 21, 2014 CIM Group wins Trump Soho in bankruptcy auction; Sapir Organization mentioned
Nov 21, 2014 Sporyshev's last day serving as a trade representative of the Russian Federation in New York
Nov 21, 2014 Steele and Ohr meet in Washington to discuss cultivating Deripaska [9/1/18 NYT]
Dec ??, 2014 HRC provides 55k electronic documents to State Dept in response to FOIA
Dec ??, 2014 KeyPoint security credentials are stolen in a separate breach and are used to infiltrate the OPM’s computer systems
Dec 04, 2014 Deripaska’s lawyers wrote a petition filed in the Cayman Islands court, saying Manafort and Rick Gates had failed to respond to repeated requests for audit reports or any other information about the Ukrainian investment funds put out by Deripaska. “It appears that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have simply disappeared” [4/26/16 Yahoo]
Dec 18, 2014 Free Beacon: "Woman in Creepy Bill Clinton Photo Files for Divorce" (Andrea Catsimatidis)
??? ??, 2015 James Wolfe messages unknown reporter w/Senate email up til sometime 2017; Wolfe denies contact [6/7/18 NYT]
??? ??, 2015 Stonecroft I and II buildings completed in Chantilly, VA
??? ??, 2015 FBI again expands ALAT program. Establishes FBI Legats positions in London, Canberra and Ottowa
Jan ??, 2015 Paul Manafort purchases an apartment in Trump Tower [see: Apr 26, 2016 WaPo]
Jan 09, 2015 Adam Schiff named as Democratic ranking member of HPSCI
Jan 12, 2015 BBC: "Ukraine ex-leader Yanukovych wanted by Interpol"
Jan 12, 2015 Bloomberg interview with Devin Nunes, he talks about FISA among many other things
Jan 13, 2015 Nick Merrill states in an email that Maggie Haberman has never let the Clintons down [see: Oct 9, 2016 Intercept]
Jan 20, 2015 "On appointing Alexander Torshin as State Secretary – Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia"
Jan 22, 2015 NYT: "Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker, Took Millions in Payoffs, U.S. Says"
Jan 22, 2015 NYT: "Complaint Details How Silver Earned Millions From Obscure Legal Work"
Jan 22, 2015 Gawker: "Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet"
Jan 23, 2015 Special Agent Monaghan files affidavit against Buryakov, Podobnyy, and Sporyshev; published 1/26/15
Jan 26, 2015 Viktor Podobnyy leaves for Russia, citing diplomatic immunity
Jan 26, 2015 Buryakov revealed to be detained throughout court proceedings at Metropolitan Correctional Center
Jan 26, 2015 Buryakov complaint; 26 pages; pdf
Jan 26, 2015 DOJ press release on Buryakov arrest
Jan 26, 2015 DOJ: "13 Suspects Indicted In West Tennessee On Federal Drug Trafficking Violations"
Jan 27, 2015 Moscow Times speculates Buryakov traveled to Canada to gather intel on Bombardier Aircraft union bosses
Jan 27, 2015 NYT: "Sheldon Silver to Be Replaced as Speaker of New York State Assembly"
Jan 28, 2015 DailyMail: "Russian 'undercover agent' New York is a former Moscow tax inspector"
Jan 29, 2015 WSJ: "U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress"
Jan ??, 2015 Hope Hicks attends a late January 2015 Trump campaign meeting at Trump Tower
Feb 08, 2015 Bill Browder op-ed in the Daily Mail; Peripilichnyy, Magnitsky mentioned
Feb 09, 2015 Senate forms Ukrainian caucus to further Ukrainian interests. John McCain is a member.
Feb 09, 2015 Sara Carter interviews Gen. Flynn
Feb 10, 2015 Revelations about Brian Williams lying about reporting surface. Isikoff?
Feb 11, 2015 Minsk II agreed to after first agreement completely collapsed. This is tied to lifting of Russian sanctions
Feb ??, 2015 Deutsche Bank money laundering scheme detected sometime in February [see: Jan 30, 2017 NYDFS]
Feb 13, 2015 Podesta's last day in the Obama White House
Feb 16, 2015 Last appearance of Trump on The Apprentice
Feb 19, 2015 Jennifer Palmieri's replacement is announced, she leaves White House for Clinton campaign
Feb 23, 2015 WaPo: "John Podesta: The backbone of the second Obama term departs"
Feb 25, 2015 Jill McCabe: "Hi Andrew. The assistant to the Lieutenant Governer of Virginia called me today to ask if I would consider running against Dick Black for the State Senate"
Feb 25, 2015 @JamesPindell: "Corey Lewandowski, who was with Trump in Iowa last month, will head up Trump efforts in NH"
Mar ??, 2015 NSA contractor, Nghia H. Pho, charged by the FBI around this time [see: Dec 1, 2017 NYT]
Mar 02, 2015 NYT: "Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules" first disclosure of private server used while at State
Mar 03, 2015 Clinton aides call Platte River Networks, which operated her email server, to confirm all emails were deleted per their 2014 order [see: Sep 8, 2016 NYT]
Mar 04, 2015 John Podesta suggests to Cheryl Mills to withhold Obama emails
Mar 04, 2015 Emails between Clinton Campaign members (Mills, Sullivan, Podesta, Mook, Reines) talking about how to "take advantage" of subpoenas of emails [see: Wikileaks Podesta emails]
Mar 05, 2015 John Hannah LLC transfers Trump Tower apartment to Paul Manafort for $0 [see: Mar 28, 2017 WNYC]
Mar 06, 2015 FinCEN fines Trump Taj Mahal $10m for money laundering Violations
Mar 06, 2015 Dan Pfeiffer last day at Obama White House
Mar 07, 2015 Obama says he learned of HRC's use of personal email for official business once it hit the news
Mar 07, 2015 Cheryl Mills says HRC emails need to be cleaned up; says Obama has emails from HRC
Mar 07, 2015 At a gathering, Governor McAuliffe urges Jill McCabe to run for state senate [see: Oct 24, 2016 WSJ]
Mar 10, 2015 State Dept acknowledges Russian hackers infiltrated their email system for much of the past year
Mar 12, 2015 Jill McCabe announces run for State Senate of Virginia
Mar 12, 2015 Senators Burr, Corker, and Johnson request a review of State Dept employees' use of personal email
Mar 16, 2015 CBS reports that a Chinese company, Rilin Enterprises, pledged $2m to Clinton Foundation in 2013
Mar 19, 2015 WSJ: "Clinton Charity Tapped Foreign Friends"
Mar 24, 2015 Maria Butina "Second Pozner" email to Paul Erickson; also, requests $125k from Torshin,
Mar ??, 2015 Somehwere between the 25th and 31st Combetta had an "oh shit" moment and used Bleachbit to delete all the emails [see: Sep 2, 2016 Politico]
Mar 26, 2015 DOJ OIG report finds DEA agents engaged in sex parties w/prostitutes hired by drug cartels in Columbia
Mar 30, 2015 Amitabh Desai email to Team Clinton re Pinchuk feeling neglected, demands attention
Apr ??, 2015 Joshua Adam Schulte sexually assaults an unconscious woman (partner?), films it [see: Jun 20, 2018 Emptywheel]
Apr 02, 2015 Iran promises to reduce its nuclear program in return for gradual lifting of sanctions
Apr 02, 2015 CNN article lists seven key points of Iran deal
Apr 07, 2015 Maria Butina, Alexander Torshin, Stanley Fischer, and Nathan Sheets discuss Russian sanctions in D.C.
Apr 08, 2015 CNN reports Russian hackers penetrated sensitive WH networks from entry point within State Dept network
Apr 10, 2015 SDNY Judge Caproni cautions U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara over remarks on Sheldon Silver case
Apr 10, 2015 Daily Beast article about Robert Mercer's alleged tax dodges
Apr 10, 2015 NYT article on Robert Mercer's support for Ted Cruz; by Eric Lichtblau & Alexandra Stevenson
Apr 12, 2015 HRC announces run for president
Apr 15, 2015 NPR interviews former FBI agent, Robyn Gritz
Apr 19, 2015 NYT article on Peter Schweizer's new book Clinton Cash
Apr 22, 2015 OPM CIO Donna Seymour testimony conceals that separate hacks exposed large amounts of sensitive data
Apr 23, 2015 NYT article on HRC and 2010 uranium deal
Apr 23, 2015 Daily Mail article on Clinton Foundation donors; Bill's speaking fees
Apr 23, 2015 Statement by Frank Giustra re: Clinton Foundation
Apr 23, 2015 Loretta Lynch confirmed as Attorney General; Senate votes 56-43
Apr 24, 2015 White & Case LLP motion to represent Buryakov in court; sponsored by VEB,
Apr 24, 2015 Michael Caputo blog: "Putin Paid, Then Uranium One Got Made"
Apr 24, 2015 Maria Butina attends NRA convention in Nashville; she meets with Torshin Gov. Scott Walker
Apr 25, 2015 NYT reports that Russian hackers have been able to read Obama’s unclassified emails since 2014
Apr 29. 2015 FBI warns Andrew McCabe about potential conflicts of interest related to his wife's campaign [1/5/18 FBI Vault]
Apr 30, 2015 Mike Vickers last day as Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. Retires from government service.
Apr 30, 2015 Indian Today: "Hillary Clinton dismisses claims Indian cash swayed her nuclear deal stance"
May 05, 2015 "Clinton Cash" hits bookshelves [see: Apr 19, 2015 NYT]
May 13, 2015 WaPo: "Yoda’s replacement: Air Force veteran to lead legendary Pentagon office" James H. Baker appointed Director of Pentagon think tank Office of Net Assessment (ONA). It was run by one guy for 42 years who finally retired at 93.
May 13, 2015 USAToday: "Rosenberg named to head troubled DEA, replacing Leonhart"
May 15, 2015 Politico: "Michael Morell: Foreign governments have Hillary's email"
May 15, 2015 Bernie Sanders announces Jeff Weaver will be his presidential campaign manager
May 16, 2015 Philly Inquirer: "New owners see ill-fated Trump Tower Phila. plan as template to develop site"
May 18, 2015 Perepilichnyy's 2012 death in London increasingly being attributed to poison,
May 19, 2015 DOJ official Peter Kadzik emails John Podesta; he warns of House probe into HRC emails
May 19, 2015 Guardian: "'Poisoned' Russian whistleblower was fatalistic over death threats"
May 19, 2015 HRC defends Sidney Blumenthal; she says it's important to talk to the friends you had before politics
May 22, 2015 State Dept releases first batch of Benghazi-related HRC emails; 296 in total, or about 850 pages
May 22, 2015 ICIG McCullough says on 6/19/15 that one email State Dept released on 5/22/15 was SECRET/NOFORN
May 29, 2015 NBC29: "VA Senators Recommend Boente to Stay on as US Attorney" Boente has been acting EDVA AUSA since 2013. Kaine and Warner recommend he be confirmed officially
May 31, 2015 FEC filings show Trump Org paid Drake Ventures, LLC (Roger Stone) $30k between Apr 10, 2015 and May 31, 2015 [see: Jul 20, 2015 Media Matters]
May 31, 2015 Beau Biden, the vice president's son, dies
Jun ??, 2015 Gen. Flynn Promotes Joint US-Russia Nuclear Project in Mideast sometime Jun 2015
Jun 01, 2015 Buryakov waives his right to a conflict-free counsel
Jun 02, 2015 @annmarie: "Lavrov: Putin, Obama relationship pragmatic. Also says US, Russia reset wasn't Russia's invention"
Jun 02, 2015 USA Freedom Act signed by Barack Obama. Amendment to FISA
Jun 03, 2015 @monasalama_: "Congress finally approved #FreedomAct President Obama signed it into law And somewhere in Russia, #EdwardSnowden is taking a shot of vodka"
Jun 03, 2015 Marie Harf emails Carlos DeJuana, mentions Robert Otto and Anne Joblonski, says she was handler for Bob Levinson
Jun 04, 2015 CNN: "China might be building vast database of federal worker info, experts say"
Jun 10, 2015 WSJ: "Spy Virus Linked to Israel Targeted Hotels Used for Iran Nuclear Talks"
Jun 11, 2015 Lawyers for Buryakov motion to dismiss govt indictment; denied
Jun 11, 2015 Speaking two days after the G7 threatened tougher measures against Moscow, Putin tells a press conference in Milan that many contracts signed by Italian firms had been stalled by the sanctions and may have to be torn up. Also says the G7 is "not an organization, just a club."
Jun 12, 2015 National Interest: "The Bear and the Elephant" Article written by Maria Butina who argues that a Republican president might be the only way to improve relations with Russia. After the article was published, she sent it to Torshin, who approved [see: Jul 14, 2018 Butina Affadavit]
Jun 12, 2015 Grassley letter to Comey about privacy issues of remotely-deployed spyware programs used by U.S. govt
Jun 15, 2015 CNBC: "Donald Trump announces candidacy for president" Decends the golden escalator
Jun 16, 2015 At a hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta reveals that Social Security numbers stored by the OPM were not encrypted due to the networks being "too old."
Jun 17, 2015 Devin Nunes sends a letter to all House members that voted for Lofgren Massie Amendment
Jun ??, 2015 After Trump announces his campaign, Roger Stone sets up a meeting between Trump and Flynn almost immediately, in Aug 2015 (did I parse this tweet accurately(
Jun 18, 2015 @RogerJStoneJr: "@TimNaftali Watched you--you aren't a historian - you are a lying cocksucer. Nixon was a great president, you are a duplicitous little fag"
Jun 19, 2015 Memo from State OIG Linick and ICIG McCullough to Pat Kennedy of State making four recommendations related to Clinton email investigation [see: Jul 17, 2015 IG Memo]
Jun 19, 2015 Foreign Policy: "Out of Uniform and Into the Political Fray" (Flynn)
Jun 22, 2015 Roger Stone forms an exploratory committee for a Florida Senate seat
Jun 22, 2015 CNN: "U.S. data hack may be 4 times larger than the government originally said" referring to the OPM hack. James Comey says it could have affected 18 million accounts
Jun 24, 2015 The Atlantic: "Justice Dept. May Probe 'Compromise' of Classified Info In Hillary Clinton's Email"
Jun 25, 2015 Clapper confirms that China is the chief suspect behind the OPM breach
Jun 25, 2015 ICIG McCullough letter says HRC lawyer, David Kendall, possesses a thumbdrive with 30k State emails
Jun 25, 2015 Pat Kennedy of State response to State OIG Linick and ICIG McCullough [see: Jul 17, 2015 IG Memo]
Jun 25, 2015 Politico: "Supreme Court: Obamacare ruling upholds key portion of Affordable Care Act"
Jun 29, 2015 Followup Memo from State OIG Linick and ICIG McCullough to Pat Kennedy of State providing additional information supporting investigation concerns [see: 7/17/15 IG Memo]
Jul ??, 2015 Manafort pays off $250k 2004 loan from Middle Eastern arms dealer Abdul Rahman al-Assir [see: Apr 26, 2016 WaPo]
Jul 06, 2015 WaPo: "At Trump hotel site, immigrant workers wary" by Antonio Olivo
Jul 06, 2015 The Intercept: "Leaked documents show FBI, DEA, and U.S. Army buying Italian spyware"
Jul 06, 2015 FBI receives a referral from ICIG McCullough regarding potential compromise of classified information
Jul 06, 2015 Yahoo article about a possible deal between the DoJ and Edward Snowden; by Michael Isikoff
Jul 07, 2015 Motherboard article about how the Hacking Team's spy equipment was stolen in Panama
Jul 07, 2015 National Review article about Ted Cruz, the Mercers, and Cambridge Analytica; by Eliana Johnson
Jul 08, 2015 DOJ awards $150k contract to Crowdstrike (effective til Jul 7, 2016)
Jul 08, 2015 Daily Beast: "Trump Tower Was Built on Undocumented Polish Immigrants' Backs" by Michael Daly
Jul 08, 2015 Comey, Yates testify to Senate Judiciary Committee about "Going Dark" initiative
Jul 09, 2015 Carter Page terminates Global Natural Gas Ventures, LLC
Jul 09, 2015 White House releases "FACT SHEET: Administration Cybersecurity Efforts 2015"
Jul 10, 2015 OPM government data breach impacts 21.5 millions Americans; internal investigation closes
Jul 10, 2015 FBI opens investigation into Hillary Clinton email server. Page 3 of
Jul 10, 2015 Politico report on Mercer's support for Ted Cruz by Hadas Gold, Katie Glueck, & Kenneth Vogel
Jul 11, 2015 Maria Butina asks Trump about 2014 sanctions against Russia at FreedomFest in Las Vegas,
Jul 13, 2015 Maria Butina attends launch of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign
Jul 14, 2015 Landmark deal reached on Iran nuclear program
Jul 14, 2015 Pat Kennedy of State response to State OIG Linick and ICIG McCullough [see: Jul 17, 2015 IG Memo]
Jul 14, 2015 Center for Medical Progress begins releasing inflammatory investigative footage of Planned Parenthood. Fusion GPS is part of the team to diffuse the situation
Jul 17, 2015 Memo from State OIG Linick and ICIG McCullough to Pat Kennedy of state describing status of Clinton email investigation
Jul 19, 2015 State Dept transmits JPCOA to Congress; annexes, related materials; 60-day review period starts next day
Jul 22, 2015 Rob Goldstone emails DJT assistant Rhona Graff advising that Emin Agalarov would like to invite DJT to Aras Agalarov's 60th birthday party in Moscow on November 8 [see: Sep 7, 2017, Page 30 of Don Jr. transcript, page 5 of exhibits]
Jul 22, 2015 Politico report on Corey Lewandowski
Jul 22, 2015 Yates 58-page memo; denies IG access & oversight to info collected by DOJ & FBI under Title III
Jul 23, 2015 Statement by DOJ Inspector General Horowitz "strongly disagreeing" with the Yates memo
Jul 23, 2015 Daily Beast: "Trump’s Mobbed Up, McCarthyite Mentor Roy Cohn"
Jul 23, 2015 NYT: "Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Email"
Jul 23, 2015 FinCEN: "FinCEN Severs Access to U.S. Financial System for FBME Bank Ltd."
Jul 24, 2015 NYPost: "Hillary could be facing criminal probe over emails"
Jul 24, 2015 Rhona Graff politely suggests DJT will not attend party. Goldstone offers to have Emin Agalarov set up a meeting with Putin to entice DJT to Moscow [see: Sep 7, 2017, page 31 of Don Jr. transcript, page 5 of exhibits]
Jul 24, 2015 Mother Jones: "Donald Trump Is Channeling Richard Nixon" by David Corn. Fluff piece but hits on "silent majority", "law and order" and "end the war"
Jul 24, 2015 State OIG and ICIG say classified info found in HRC State emails; thumbdrive, server possibly missing
Jul 24, 2015 The Wrap: "New York Times Alters Hillary Clinton Story in ‘Response to Complaints We Received From the Clinton Camp’"
Jul 24, 2015 Rob Goldstone email to Trump's personal assistant Rhona Graff "Maybe he would welcome a meeting with President Putin," saying that Emin Agalarov could probably set it up [see: Dec 14, 2017 WaPo]
Jul 27, 2015 Russian intel gained access to DNC netowrk from July 2015 until at least July 2016 [See: Jun 2018 IG report]
Jul 27, 2015 First article on Hope Hicks joining the Trump campaign
Jul 28, 2015 National Review article on Roger Stone
Jul 31, 2015 NY1 News interview with Roger Stone
Jul 31, 2015 NRO: "House Intel Chair Devin Nunes’s One-Man War on the Pentagon"
Jul 31, 2015 CNN article on Trump's associations to mob figures; article based on a 1992 book by Wayne Barrett
Jul 31, 2015 Gen. Flynn schedules a meeting with Russian airliner, Volga-Dnepr
Aug ??, 2015 Trump meets with Gen. Flynn sometime Aug 2016; meeting lasts 90min [see: Feb 27, 2017 New Yorker]
Aug 02, 2015 Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg fired over racially charged Facebook posts,
Aug 02, 2015 CIA official, Tyler Drumheller, dies at age 63
Aug 04, 2015 Washington Examiner article on Trump's ties to Felix Sater; by Ryan Lovelace
Aug 05, 2015 FBI investigation of HRC emails disclosed as criminal probe
Aug 05, 2015 Geraldo tweets at Roger Stone, "I’m going to kick your racist ass punk"
Aug 06, 2015 First GOP primary debate, sponsored by FOX, held in Cleveland, OH
Aug 06, 2015 Politico article on "dirty trickster" Roger Stone
Aug ??, 2015 Roger Stone recommends Manafort join the Trump campaign somewhere around this time
Aug 08, 2015 Trump fires Roger Stone; Stone says he resigned,,
Aug 10, 2015 CNN: "Trump campaign claims it fired top adviser -- who says he quit" (Roger Stone)
Aug 10, 2015 Flynn interview with Al Jazeeras Mehdi Hasan. "Willful decision" to arm radicals in Syria
Aug 12, 2015 FBI enters into evidence HRC's Dell PowerEdge 2900 tower PC from Platte River Networks
Aug 18, 2015 Henry Oknyansky files a declaration to Judge Carla Woehrle about his coorperation w/FBI [6/17/18 Caputo Dossier]
Aug 19, 2015 Gen. Flynn receives $11,250 from Russian airliner, Volga-Dnepr,
Aug 19, 2015 FOIA'd email shows Andrew McCabe potentially promoting his wife's campaign while on-the-clock
Aug 19, 2015 Henry Oknyasky letter to Judge Woerhle of the Central District of California; scribd pdf 3 pages
Aug 20, 2015 London Post: "Syrym Shalabayev – $5 billion thief Arrested in Vilnius" (Lithuania)
Aug 24, 2015 Sam Clovis leaves Rick Perry's campaign
Aug 24, 2015 WaPo: "Rick Perry’s Iowa chairman quits: ‘Time to move on’" (Clovis)
Aug 25, 2015 Sam Clovis tapped as Trump's national campaign co-chairman & policy adviser; intro'd in Dubuque, IA
Aug 25, 2015 Vadim Mikerin signs plea agreement
Aug 26, 2015 Johnny McEntee joins Trump Campaign
Aug 28, 2015 WSJ: "FBME Bank Gets Reprieve Over ‘Death Sentence’ Ruling"
Aug 31, 2015 Vadim Mikerin pleads guilty
Sep ??, 2015 Washington Free Beacon hires Fusion GPS sometime either Sep/Oct 2015
Sep ??, 2015 Yared Tamene of MIS Department Inc. receives call from FBI agent Hawkins about DNC network ("Dukes" malware)
Sep ??, 2015 Andrey Rozov letter to Michael Cohen; offers to meet on 10/5/15 to discuss Trump Tower Moscow project
Sep ??, 2015 Sater sets up a meeting with Cohen in Manhattan to discuss a possible deal in Moscow
Sep 08, 2015 NBC News: "Hillary Clinton 'Sorry' For Use of Private Email"
Sep 09, 2015 Politico: "Donald Trump, very much the Washington insider" by Ben Schreckinger, links Trump to Manafort, Stone
Sep 10, 2015 Daily Beast article on Trump business items that are made in Africa
Sep 11, 2015 Trump internet video speech to Kiev/Pinchuk; catches Carter Page's attention
Sep 15, 2015 Page: "Honestly, I thought it was weird that [?] would let you brief clapper before he got a recent update..."
Sep 15, 2015 Spycast podcast released where Vince Houghton interviews Ali Watkins
Sep 16, 2015 Second GOP primary debate, sponsored by CNN, held in Simi Valley, CA
Sep 16, 2015 Start of UN General Assembly in NYC
Sep ??, 2015 Carter Page tells an unnamed Russian govt official at U.N.G.A that he's aware that he's "Male-1"
Sep 17, 2015 Sixty day congressional review period ends, the JCPOA goes into effect
Sep 20, 2015 Trump tells CBS "I'd enjoy" meeting with Putin. Repeats it at a debate. Rubio hits back on it
Sep 25, 2015 Stefan Halper hired on contractor basis by DOD's ONA for a total of $244,960.00
Sep 25, 2015 Sigurdur "Siggi" Thordarson sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault of a minor
Sep 26, 2015 Manhattan judge finds Todd Kozel moved $100m in assets to offshore accounts to avoid divorce payments
Sep 28, 2015 Lynch advises Comey to refer to HRC's emails as a matter, not an investigation [see: Jun 14, 2018 IG Report p.64]
Sep 28, 2015 Boris Karpichkov says MI6's Gareth Williams died after he refused to spy for Russia,
Sep 28, 2015 Dilma, Obama, Xi, Putin, and Rouhani are speakers at the UN general assembly
Sep 28, 2015 NYT reports on Obama’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly
Sep 29, 2015 Dmitry Chizhikov emails Felix Sater; he attaches a letter from Andrey Rozov,
Sep 29, 2015 Evelyn Farkas announces resignation to take place in late October 2015
Oct ??, 2015 FBI agent Hawkins leaves multiple voicemails to DNC help desk, calls not returned
Oct ??, 2015 Gen. Flynn is paid $11.5k from Kaspersky sometime Oct 2015 [see: Mar 16, 2017 NYT]
Oct 01, 2015 Alexandra Chalupa begins investigating Trump's ties to Russia
Oct 01, 2015 Russian airstrikes in Syria
Oct 01, 2015 Start of Federal Fiscal Year 2016
Oct 01, 2015 Jill McCabe's campaign recieves $150k from Common Good VA, an organization linked to Terry McAuliffe
Oct 03, 2015 "Blowback: Secret Service knew about leaked info used to smear congressman"
Oct 03, 2015 FBI seizes the Platte River Networks server as well as the "Pagliano" server
Oct 05, 2015 Senator Ron Johnson sends a letter to Datto, Inc.; he demands the backup server be turned over
Oct 06, 2015 McClatchy reports Datto, Inc. stored HRC emails on the cloud; by Greg Gordon and Anita Kumar
Oct 06, 2015 Washington Examiner: "Clinton's tech firm worried about being dragged into cover-up"
Oct 08, 2015 Isikoff article on Benghazi and HRC emails; mentions Blumenthal, Drumheller
Oct 09, 2015 Sater emails Cohen to tell him he plans to meet with a Moscow developer about possible land for a building
Oct 11, 2015 CNN: "Obama: Hillary Clinton emails didn't pose 'national security problem'" On 60 Minutes, President Obama absolves Hillary Clinton of blame for her private email server
Oct 12, 2015 Sater informs Cohen over email that his associates would be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a deputy on Oct. 14 and that VTB Bank would fund the project. VTB was and is subject to sanctions by the U.S. government [see: Mar 26, 2018 page 51 of minority views]
Oct 13, 2015 Sater sends Cohen a letter of intent to move forward on a deal in Moscow. He includes a note: “Lets make this happen and build a Trump Moscow, and possibly fix relations between the countries by showing everyone that commerce & business are much better and more practical than politics. That should be Putins message as well, and we will help him agree on that message. Help world peace and make a lot of money, I would say thats a great lifetime goal for us to go after.”
Oct 13, 2015 Email correspondence btw Leading Authorities, Inc. & Russia Today (Flynn related)
Oct 13, 2015 First Democratic debate. Sanders decides not to attack on the emails. Pivotal moment on Clinton not facing that challenge in the primary
Oct 14, 2015 Yahoo: "What Clinton left out about her history with Gadhafi" by Michael Isikoff
Oct 14, 2015 Guardian: "Bernie Sanders to Clinton: people 'are sick of hearing about your damn emails'"
Oct 15, 2015 Article by George Papadopoulos "Natural Gas Isn't Just About Israel"
Oct 16, 2015 Yahoo: "Hillary moneyman highlights new Saudi connection" by Michael Isikoff. About Tony Podesta getting a PR contract from the Saudis, "betting on the horse they think will win"
Oct 16, 2015 WaPo: "Trump swam in mob-infested waters in early years as an NYC developer" by Robert O'Harrow
Oct 18, 2015 Trump signs a letter of intent to develop and license his name to a real estate project in Moscow
Oct 19, 2015 WSJ: "Iran Nuclear Deal Formally Adopted"
Oct 19, 2015 Yahoo: "Benghazi panel outs CIA source, then tries to cover its tracks"
Oct 20, 2015 WikiLeaks claims the FBI lost chain of custody of HRC tower PC from Platte River Networks
Oct 20, 2015 At a rally in Florida for Hillary Clinton, Obama calls out Rubio and other GOP senators for supporting a presidential nominee who has a "bromance" with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "If you've made a career out of idealizing Ronald Reagan, then where were you when your own party's nominee for president was kissing up to Vladimir Putin? You used to criticize me for even talking to the Russians. Now suddenly your nominee is having a bromance with Putin?"
Oct 22, 2015 WSJ: "Spy vs. Spy: Inside the Fraying U.S.-Israel Ties"
Oct 22, 2015 James Comey appears on Capitol Hill at a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing
Oct 24, 2015 Telegraph article about British spy, Gareth Williams
Oct 26, 2015 George Papadopoulos learns Obama admin is keeping tabs on him at the 2nd London Oil & Gas Forum
Oct 27, 2015 Jill McCabe's campaign recieves $125k from Common Good VA, an organization linked to Terry McAuliffe
Oct 28, 2015 Trump reportedly signs the letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow; .pdf
Oct 28, 2015 Third GOP primary debate, sponsored by CNBC, held in Boulder, CO
Oct 29, 2015 USA Today: "Turkish faith movement secretly funded 200 trips for lawmakers and staff"
Oct 29, 2015 Jill McCabe's State Senate campaign recieves $175k from Common Good VA, an org linked to McAuliffe
Oct 30, 2015 Joseph Mifsud's profile disappears from a London legal practice's website, reports
Nov ??, 2015 FBI agent Hawkins calls DNC help desk, says DNC server "calling home" to Moscow as part of a state-sponsored attack
Nov ??, 2015 Papadopoulos joins Carson campaign
Nov ??, 2015 Gen. Flynn asks to meet with Kislyak (?)
Nov 02, 2015 Jury selection begins in Sheldon Silver corruption trial
Nov 03, 2015 Jill McCabe loses to Dick Black in Virginia state senate race
Nov 03, 2015 Felix Sater emails Michael Cohen; says they can get Trump elected president
Nov 05, 2015 Mikhail Lesin, adviser to Vladimir Putin, dies under mysterious circumstances in a DC hotel room
Nov 09, 2015 Email correspondence btw Leading Authorities, Inc. & Russia Today (Flynn related)
Nov 10, 2015 Fourth GOP primary debate, sponsored by FOX, held in Milwaukee, WI
Nov 12, 2015 Yahoo: "U.S. weighs ‘genocide’ label for IS in Iraq — and more than a word may be at stake" by Michael Isikoff
Nov 15, 2015 Reporter Evan Perez moves from WSJ to CNN
Nov ??, 2015 Michael Caputo says he joined the Trump campaign in late Nov 2015 as New York State Primary Director
Nov 29, 2015 Flynn in Der Speigel, criticizes Obama's mideast policy
Dec ??, 2015 Victoria Nuland is briefed about Russian hacking of DNC servers sometime in December 2015 [see: Jun 20, 2018 Yahoo]
Dec ??, 2015 Treasury official, Katherine Bauer, resigns sometime in late 2015 [see:
Dec ??, 2015 Carter Page emails Ed Cox sometime Dec 2015
Dec 01, 2015 Sater emails Cohen, asking him to send him photographs of his passport to facilitate a trip to Moscow
Dec 01, 2015 Gen Flynn appears on CNN with Jake Tapper to discuss ISIS threat
Dec 01, 2015 Gen. Flynn says the Iraq war helped create Islamic state
Dec 02, 2015 Trump: "Felix Sater, boy, I have to even think about it. I’m not that familiar with him"
Dec 02, 2015 Mother Jones: "Trump Says He Predicted Osama Bin Laden. He Didn’t" by David Corn
Dec 02, 2015 Flynn and son meet Kislyak at Kislyak's DC residence [see: Apr 27, 2018 Talking Points Memo]
Dec 02, 2015 Flynn Intel Group receives $33,750 check for attending Russia Today anniversary dinner
Dec 02, 2015 Yahoo article on Sheldon Adelson's support in the upcoming GOP primaries; by Michael Isikoff
Dec 02, 2015 Lisa tells Peter that she saw "[REDACTED] and Rybicki with a huge strange man today"
Dec 03, 2015 Pre dawn raid of FIFA officials in Switzerland. Publicised by Loretta Lynch
Dec 04, 2015 Guardian article on Shelodon Adelson's support for various GOP candidates; by David Smith
Dec 04, 2015 Daniel Jones leaves Feinstein staff, Congressional records show [see: Feb 20, 2018 The Federalist]
Dec 05, 2015 AP: "Trump Picked Stock Fraud Felon as Senior Advisor" linking Trump to Felix Sater
Dec 07, 2015 Stefan Halper and Peter Navarro host round table for Navarro's book, "Crouching Tiger"
Dec 07, 2015 Mother Jones: "President Obama’s Terrorism Problem" by David Corn
Dec 07, 2015 @JebBush: "Donald Trump is unhinged. His "policy" proposals are not serious."
Dec 08, 2015 @JebBush: "Maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy @HillaryClinton. Continuing this path will put her in the White House."
Dec 08, 2015 Ben Carson announces George Papadopoulos as a member of his National Security & Foreign Policy advisory team
Dec 09, 2015 James Wolfe emails "REPORTER #1" (Ellen Nakashima) "Nice meeting you." to which the reporter replied "Very nice meeting you! Enjoyed the chat."
Dec 09, 2015 St. Martin's Press announces that Mike Flynn has signed a book deal. To be a collaboration with Michael Ledeen and released Jul 2016
Dec 09, 2015 Comey testifies to Senate Judiciary Committee regarding oversight
Dec 10, 2015 ABC: "Memory Lapse? Trump Seeks Distance From 'Advisor' With Past Ties to Mafia" Brian Ross special report linking Trump to Sater
Dec 10, 2015 Gen. Flynn photographed seated next to Putin for Russia Today's 10th anniversary
Dec ??, 2015 John Podesta realizes that he’s not prepared for the eventuality that Trump wins nomination
Dec 11, 2015 "Vice President of Railways called provocation information about his meeting with the FBI"
Dec 11, 2015 Daily Beast: "Russian Oligarch or FBI Rat?"
Dec 12, 2015 Reporter Ken Dilanian moves from AP to NBC News
Dec 12, 2015 Evelyn Lieberman dies. She had been working on HRCs campaign. She formerly was WH deputy COS and undersecretary of State Dept. She was known as an "enforcer" for the Clintons. Her husband, Ed Lieberman, has a relationship with Rinat Akhmetshin, and later shows up in the events surrounding the Trump Tower meeting.
Dec 14, 2015 Aaron Zebley sends letter to DOJ, asks for Justin Cooper's Blackberry files (not HRC's) be destroyed
Dec 15, 2015 DOJ sends letter to Zebley, agrees that the FBI will not review the back-up Blackberry files
Dec 15, 2015 Fifth GOP primary debate, sponsored by CNN, held in Las Vegas, NV
Dec 15, 2015 Dana Boente confirmed by Seante to be EDVA U.S. Attorney. He had been acting in that position since 2013.
Dec 15, 2015 DOJ: "Former Russian Nuclear Energy Official Sentenced to 48 Months in Prison for Money Laundering Conspiracy Involving Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations" (Vadim Mikerin)
Dec 15, 2015 Yahoo: "Documents shed new light on Jeb Bush’s role in freeing a Cuban terrorist" by Michael Isikoff
Dec 16, 2015 Marcel Lettre confirmed as Under Secretary of Defense by Senate
Dec 16, 2015 Bernie staffers allegedly accessing Hillary voter files,
Dec 17, 2015 Cohen sends Sater a news article in which Putin calls Trump "talented"; "Now is the time, call me"
Dec 18, 2015 Bernie Sanders accuses DNC of sandbagging him to help Hillary's campaign
Dec 18, 2015 Bernie Sanders sues DNC",
Dec 18, 2015 Politico article about Trump's comments about Putin; by Benjamin Oreskes
Dec 18, 2015 Mother Jones: "Pete Seeger’s FBI File Reveals How the Folk Legend First Became a Target of the Feds" by David Corn, Ironic, long article about how pete seeger was unfairly targeted by the FBI for communist sympathies
Dec 19, 2015 Pro-Kasich ad runs which mentions Trump Putin "bromance" "Make Tyranny Great Again"
Dec 19, 2015 Date of DNC oppo research document on Donald Trump. This document was leaked by Guccifer 2.0 on June 15, 2016
Dec 19, 2015 To facilitate a trip to Russia, Sater asks Cohen to provide information about his and Trump’s passports. A contact in Russia, Evgeny Shmykov (who Sater later testifies once worked for Russian intelligence), needs the information to facilitate getting visas through VTB. Cohen sends photos of information from his own passport but not Trump’s
Dec 21, 2016 Mike Flynn interview with Russian magazine Vlast published. Talks about Syria
Dec 22, 2015 BBC: "Panama orders arrest of ex-leader Ricardo Martinelli"
Dec 22, 2015 Fox News: "Cyprus Central Bank revokes license of FBME Bank branch, bank to mount legal challenge"
Dec 23, 2015 Mother Jones: "Why Donald Trump Loves Vladimir Putin" by David Corn. All about Trump being a narcissist. Nothing about real connections to Russia
Dec 28, 2015 Page: "You get all our oconus lures approved? ;)"
Dec 28, 2015 Daniel Jones named Senior Vice President and Public Policy Adviser at the Daschle Group
Dec 29, 2015 WSJ: "U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress"
Dec 29, 2015 "Is Trump the new Armand Hammer" Pretty amazing article from Cliff Kincaid linking from and Russia really early on
Dec ??, 2015 GCHQ picks up intelligence about Trump associates connected to Russians (later revealed in 2017 in Guardian)
Dec 30, 2015 HPSCI announces it is looking into reports that the IC collected of communications between Israeli government officials and members of Congress. House Oversight sends a letter to Adm. Rogers later that day requesting documentation on the same subject
Dec 30, 2015 Cohen, angry at the slow pace of progress, emails Sater. "One month plus since the signing of the [letter of intent] that I wasted my time on. I put the others all on hold and still, despite every conversation with you, nothing. … Not you or anyone you know will embarrass me in front of Mr. T when he asks me what is happening." Sater replies that he’d helped bury a story from ABC News in which Trump denied knowing Sater "because I kept my mouth shut for you and your team."
Dec 31, 2015 @JenniferJJacobs: "SCOOP: 2 of Ben Carson's top aides have RESIGNED: campaign manager Barry Bennett and communications director Doug Watts, sources tell me."
Dec 31, 2015 Sater informs Cohen that the new funder will be GenBank, itself subject to sanctions shortly before. He indicates that meetings in Moscow will include Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s press secretary. Cohen responds unfavorably about how things were proceeding. "We’re done. Enough. I told you last week that you thinking you are running point on this is inaccurate. You are putting my job in jeopardy and making me look incompetent. I gave you two months and the best you send me is some ... garbage invite by some no name clerk at a third-tier bank."
Dec 31, 2015 Minsk II implementation deadline missed
Dec 31, 2015 Carter Page emails Ed Cox
Jan ??, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa suspects sometime Jan 2016 that Paul Manafort will be involved in the Trump campaign
Jan ??, 2016 Carter Page meets w/Lewandowski, Clovis in late 2015 or early 2016
Jan ??, 2016 Mikk Marran confirmed as Director General of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service
Jan ??, 2016 Alexander Poteyev is pulled over while driving a Lexus; given a traffic ticket
Jan ??, 2016 FBI opens Clinton Foundation investigation
Jan 01, 2016 Ed Cox forwards Carter Page's email to Corew Lewandowski
Jan 02, 2016 Carter Page and Corey Lewandowski arrange to meet at Trump Tower on January 12th
Jan 02, 2016 John Podesta emails Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, "Look forward to working with you to elect the first woman President of the United States,” Sandberg replies she was “thrilled” by the progress that Clinton was making
Jan 04, 2016 NV's U.S. visa parole extension request is denied
Jan 04, 2016 Yahoo: "Obama blamed for failing to prevent Shiite cleric’s death"
Jan 05, 2016 Veselnitskaya makes a legal declaration in Prevazon Case, saying her parole extension was denied
Jan 06, 2016 @simonamangiante: "Between #roosvelt & #churchill #UnitedNations #london" (Picture of her on a bench between two statues)
Jan 06, 2016 Mis Department Inc.'s Yared Tamene meets with FBI agent Hawkins to install "a robust set of monitoring tools"
Jan 06, 2016 Mike Flynn interview with Megyn Kelly
Jan 06, 2016 Hearing starts against Perezvon in New York
Jan 06, 2016 Joint letter from orgs like ACLU and James Madison Project addressed to Charles McCullugh stating concerns about an ODNI policy regarding whistleblowers
Jan 07, 2016 NV's U.S. visa parole expires
Jan 07, 2016 NSA Inspector General, George Ellard, released a report on NSA Controls & FISA compliance
Jan 07, 2016 London Review of Books: "Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war" (Flynn, Turkey, ISIS)
Jan 10, 2016 Glenn Fine becomes Acting Inspector General for the DOD. Previously served as IG for DOJ (2000-2010)
Jan 11, 2016 DOJ sends letter Aaron Zebley, DOJ memorializes agreement that Zebley will back-up all relevant email communications
Jan 11, 2016 Zebley gives the data to Hillary lawyers and informs the DOJ (per their agreement).
Jan 12, 2016 Carter Page and Corey Lewandowski meet together at Trump Tower
Jan 12, 2016 Steele emails Ohr; mentions Waldman applying for Deripaska visa; trying to get to U.S. for Feb meeting
Jan 13, 2016 An individual from FBI’s Washington Field Office emails Strzok and other employees that their polygraphs were “out of scope.” [6/28/18 Wray Testimony]
Jan 14, 2016 ICIG McCullough letter to Burr, Corker; "several dozen" add'l classified HRC emails are identified
Jan 14, 2016 Sixth GOP primary debate, sponsored by FOX, held in Charleston, SC
Jan 14, 2016 Cohen emails Peskov to ask for help with the Moscow project
Jan 15, 2016 Mark Warner and Tim Kaine release statement about progress on the FBI Central Records Complex project
Jan 15, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa warns DNC about Paul Manafort
Jan 16, 2016 NYT: "What Donald Trump’s Plaza Deal Reveals About His White House Bid" (Tom Barrack mention)
Jan 16, 2016 Cohen again emails Peskov’s office, asking to speak with someone who speaks English
Jan 17, 2016 CNN: "U.S. to pay Iran $1.7 billion in legal settlement"
Jan 19, 2016 Goldstone emails DJT Jr. cc'g Rhona Graff. Goldstone pitches some sort of page on VK, the Russian Facebook. Rhona Graff responds to Rob Goldstone, forwarding the VK pitch email to Dan Scavino
Jan 19, 2016 Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin discuss the 2016 National Prayer Breakfast; MFA approves
Jan 19, 2016 Fox: "Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs" byline Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne
Jan 20, 2016 Bloomberg: "What Kind of Man Spends Millions to Elect Ted Cruz" by Zachary Mider, about Robert Mercer
Jan 20, 2016 Cohen and Peskov’s assistant (identified as “Assistant 1” in the statement of offense) speak on the phone for 20 minutes. From the statement of offense: “COHEN described his position at the Company and outlined the proposed Moscow Project, including the Russian development company with which the Company had partnered. COHEN requested assistance in moving the project forward, both in securing land to build the proposed tower and financing the construction. Assistant 1 asked detailed questions and took notes, stating that she would follow up with others in Russia.” Allegedly they discuss the prospect of giving the penthouse property, valued at $50 million, as a gift to Putin.
Jan 21, 2016 Sater emails Cohen asking him to call. The message says, “It’s about Putin they called today.”
Jan 22, 2016 Politico: "Carson confidant accuses ex-aides of cozying up to Trump" (Barry Bennett, Doug Watts)
Jan 22, 2016 Papadopoulos joins Carson campaign? (six-week stint, campaign suspended March 4th) [see: Oct 31, 2017 WaPo]
Jan 25, 2016 Cohen receives a letter from a Russian businessman inviting him to come to Moscow for a working visit “[i]n furtherance of our previous conversations regarding the development of the Trump Tower Moscow project.”
Jan 25, 2016 WaPo: "Top Sessions aide joins Trump campaign" (Stephen Miller)
Jan 25, 2016 CNN: "Hillary Clinton email delay 'grave' harm to voters, Vice News says"
Jan 26, 2016 Sater asks Cohen to take a call from Evgeny Shmykov, the former intelligence officer coordinating the deal in Moscow. Cohen says he will
Jan 26, 2016 Manafort asks his son-in-law to tell the IRS that he's living in Manafort's condo in Manhattan
Jan 28, 2016 Reception for the Cuba Consortium hosted at the Cuban Embassy in Washington is attended by Daniel Jones and Ben Rhodes
Jan 28, 2016 Seventh GOP primary debate, sponsored by FOX, held in Des Moines, IA
Jan 29, 2016 "Andrew McCabe Named Deputy Director of the FBI"
Jan 29, 2016 NBC News: "State Department Declares Some Hillary Clinton Emails 'Top Secret'"
Jan 29, 2016 White House: "Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest"
Jan 29, 2016 Josh Earnest: "based on what we know from the Department of Justice, [an indictment of Hillary Clinton due to top secret emails discovered on her private server] does not seem to be headed in that direction." [see: Jan 29, 2016 White House]
Jan 29, 2016 Vice: "The Salacious Ammo Even Donald Trump Won’t Use in a Fight Against Hillary Clinton" by Ken Silverstein, linking Trump to Epstein in a roundabout way. Later revealed that this article was sourced from Fusion GPS research
Jan 31, 2016 Bloomberg: "The Trump Doctrine Revealed" by Josh Rogin, quotes Flynn saying he has spoken to Trump, as well as other GOP candidates
Jan 31, 2016 NYPost: "'This was all planned': Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying" by Paul Sperry
Feb ??, 2016 UK and Australia target Papadopoulos and other Trump campaign members [see: Oct 7, 2018 @GeorgePapa19]
Feb ??, 2016 FBI gives a presentation of findings about the Clinton Foundation to the DOJ. Apparently the DOJ does not like it at all. Really icy towards moving forward with anything. "That was one of the weirdest meetings I've ever been to" one participant told others.
Feb ??, 2016 John Giacalone retires from the FBI
Feb 01, 2016 DEA: "DEA And European Authorities Uncover Massive Hizballah Drug And Money Laundering Scheme"
Feb 01, 2016 McCabe's first day as FBI Deputy Director [see: Jan 29, 2016]
Feb 01, 2016 Iowa Primary, Cruz wins but Trump is 2nd place
Feb 01, 2016 WaPo: "Mike Huckabee ends 2016 presidential bid"
Feb 01, 2016 Politico: "How Trump Did It"
Feb 01, 2016 Conspirators instructed to send 0.026043 bitcoin to a bitcoin address
Feb 02, 2016 Guardian: "Hillary Clinton declared winner of Iowa caucuses by razor-thin margin"
Feb 02, 2016 Christopher Steele "admonished" by FBI [see: Aug 3, 2018 FBI Vault]
Feb 02, 2016 Daily Beast: "Ted Cruz’s Sugar Daddy Has a $2 Million Toy Railroad" by Michael Daly, about Robert Mercer
Feb 03, 2016 Strzok: "Nothing like a 4:00am email from a British [?] needs to talk urgently. I'm on the road in 10..."
Feb 03, 2016 USA Today: "Rand Paul ends presidential bid"
Feb 03, 2016 Vox: "Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign ends in a whimper"
Feb 04, 2016 Yahoo: "Family of murdered ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller speaks out" by Michael Isikoff
Feb 04, 2016 Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin attend 2016 National Prayer Breakfast
Feb 04, 2016 Email mentions dinner plans among Rinat Akhmetshin, Glenn Simpson, and NV
Feb 04, 2016 Papadopoulos emails Nagi Idris, possibly about returning to LCILP
Feb 05, 2016 Strzok: "Work, but not for here. Agency F’ed uo big. Will get to Andy, prob Mon. Not telling you in that capacity, want to vent as a friend. Better to talk around it"
Feb 06, 2016 Page: "[Andy] sent me his gmail, and said 'Don't send me anything classified, especially TS/SAP."
Feb 06, 2016 Eighth GOP primary debate, sponsored by ABC, held in Manchester, NH
Feb 06, 2016 Clinton Campaign considers Rubio "out" after terrible debate performance. Campaign re-assesses everything. “'I asked a Clinton staffer about this,' said Sullivan, who around that time briefly went online to research Irish double-citizenship out of her revulsion with the Republican nominee-to-be. 'He said, ‘Well, you know, now we have to save the republic.’ It was a great paradox after nearly a year of virtual certainty—and outright enthusiasm—about their ultimate opponent that her team would swing between overconfidence, denial and disbelief as it struggled to concoct an electoral formula for stopping Trump. It was supposed to be Jeb Bush, if you asked Democratic honchos in mid-2015, except when it was always supposed to be Scott Walker. Eventually, they insisted, it was always supposed to be Rubio."
Feb 08, 2016 Adm. Rogers announces spy/hacking reorganization project
Feb 08, 2016 Adm. Rogers meets GCHQ's Hannigan at Bletchley Park
Feb 08, 2016 Steele emails Ohr; mentions Deripaska visa approved to visit U.S. later in the month
Feb 08, 2016 Steele sends an email to a potential private sector client: "I also don’t believe any Russian client or associate will admit to a Western business contact that PUTIN has been weakened or is on the way out, as the intel suggests, out of fear of being branded an oppositionist. We shall see but I hope you find them informative/useful anyway. All are sensitive source, of course, and need handling accordingly with anyone Russian or Ukrainian." [see: Nov 19, 2018 The Hill]
Feb 09, 2016 New Hampshire Primary, Trump wins
Feb 09, 2016 Clapper provide statement to Senate Armed Services Committee, says that Putin appeared emboldened for a "more assertive foreign policy approach"
Feb 09, 2016 INSA Achievement Awards. Clapper speech
Feb 09, 2016 White House releases "Cyber Security National Action Plan" via Lisa Monaco
Feb 09, 2016 Yahoo: "The Wall Street kingpin behind the attack on Kasich’s ties to Wall Street" by Michael Isikoff tying him to financier Steven A. Cohen
Feb 09, 2016 John Podesta emails Steve Elmendorf: "Didn't think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard."
Feb 10, 2016 NYT: "Chris Christie Drops Out of Presidential Race After New Hampshire Flop"
Feb 10, 2016 CNN: "Carly Fiorina ends presidential bid"
Feb 10, 2016 Internet Research Agency (St. Petersburg) circulates plans to criticise Hillary Clinton while elevating Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Feb 11, 2016 DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells CNN's Jake Tapper that superdelegates exist "really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”
Feb 11, 2016 Politico: "What happened at Sanders U." (Jane Sanders, Burlington College)
Feb 12, 2016 Gen Flynn on Jake Tapper, calls for HRC to withdraw
Feb 12, 2016 Munich Security Conference attended by Clapper, Kerry, Soros, Hannigan, McCain, Alperovich. Runs through the 14th
Feb 13, 2016 Ninth GOP primary debate, sponsored by CBS, held in Greenville, SC
Feb 13, 2016 Politico: "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79". He was at a hunting resort in Texas, didn't show up for breakfast and was found dead in his room
Feb 15, 2016 Tom Barrack meets with Paul Manafort for coffee and snacks at Montage hotel in Beverly Hills [see: Apr 8, 2017 NYT]
Feb 15, 2016 Tom Barrack decides Paul Manafort would be a good fit for the Trump campaign
Feb 16, 2016 Roger Stone: "Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty"
Feb 16, 2016 A federal magistrate judge in the US District Court for the Central District of California issues an order requiring Apple to assist the FBI in obtaining encrypted data off of an iPhone related to the San Bernardino shooting. Apple resists the order
Feb 16, 2016 Bloomberg: "Hedge Fund Magnate Mercer backs Group attacking IRS" by Zachary Mider
Feb 17, 2016 Buryakov superseding indictment,
Feb 17, 2016 NAFUSA: "Greg Brower Appointed Deputy GC at FBI"
Feb 17, 2016 Yahoo: "NSA chief: ‘Paris would not have happened’ without encrypted apps" by Michael Isikoff, interviews Mike Rogers
Feb 17, 2016 Carter Page emails Corey Lewandowski, Sam Clovis, and Michael Glassner about adviser position, Nuland's activities in 2014,
Feb 18, 2016 In an FBI interview, Paul Combetta says he does not recall acting on directions to delete HRC emails
Feb 18, 2016 VneshEconomBank chairman, Vladimir Dmitriyev, announces his resignation
Feb 20, 2016 Guardian: "Jeb Bush ends presidential bid after Donald Trump wins in South Carolina"
Feb 21, 2016 Steele emails Ohr; mentions Waldman, Hauser; Ohr to attend inter-agency meeting on Deripaska that week
Feb 21, 2016 Farkas emails Podesta; she asks to do surrogate work for HRC campaign in relation to Eastern Europe
Feb 22, 2016 Bloomberg: "Mercer, a Longtime Funder of Climate Skeptics, Backs a Believer" by Zachary Mider
Feb 22, 2016 Gateway Pundit: "Trump Insider ROGER STONE Says CBS About to SLIME Trump with Alleged Mafia Ties"
Feb 22, 2016 Roger Stone tweets to Anderson Cooper that Ana Navarro is "dumber than dogshit"
Feb ??, 2016 Ted Cruz discontinues contract w/Cambridge Analytica sometime before 2/23/16 Nevada GOP caucus
Feb 23, 2016 CNN pledges to no longer have Roger Stone on air
Feb 24, 2016 Oleg Deripaska visits the U.S. on a visa; stays till February 27th; p. 66 SSCI Report Volume 5
Feb 25, 2016 @rebeccampeters tweets about LCILP; George Papadopoulos is in the photo
Feb 25, 2016 Tenth GOP primary debate, sponsored by CNN, held in Houston, TX
Feb 26, 2016 @Aloha_Analytics manually tweets Roger Stone about Romney's intention for a brokered convention
Feb 26, 2016 Daily Beast: "Cruz Sugar Daddy Funds a Fake Black GOP Group" by Jay Michaelson, about Robert Mercer
Feb 26, 2016 The Moscow Times: "Putin Appoints New Head of Russian State Development Bank VEB" (Gorkov)
Feb 26, 2016 Reuters: "Trump being advised by ex-U.S. Lieutenant General who favors closer Russia ties"
Feb 26, 2016 The Weekly Standard publishes a Max Boot article about Trump's "bromance" with Putin
Feb 26, 2016 Senior Democratic strategist and Clinton veteran Joel Johnson wrote this to Palmieri "I know you can’t look past Bernie and March primaries, but who is in charge of the Trump swift boat project? Needs to be ready, funded and unleashed when we decided — but not a half assed scramble."
Feb 27, 2016 Roger Stone says GOP elite are conspiring to steal delegates away from Trump [3/1/16 Media Matters]
Feb 28, 2016 Senator Jeff Sessions endorses Trump,
Feb 28, 2016 Cruz on Meet the Press, mentions possible Trump mob ties; he says that's why he won’t release his taxes
Feb 29, 2016 RSA information security conference held in San Francisco. Speakers include CrowdStrike's Dmitri Alperovitch, DOJ's John Carlin, A.G. Loretta Lynch, and CrowdStrike's Shawn Henry. Runs through Mar 4th
Feb 29, 2016 Manafort writes a letter to the Trump campaign
Feb 29, 2016 Postmark for letter Aras Agalarov sends to Trump which says "Alongside with many people in this country who appreciated your statement the US and Russia should work together more closely, all of us at Crocus Group follow with great interest you bright electoral campaign.” [9/7/17 Don Jr. transcript and exhibits]
Feb 29, 2016 OCCRP: "Kazakh Oligarch’s Fugitive Brother-in-Law Granted EU Refugee Status" (Syrym Shalabayev)
Mar ??, 2016 CIA hacking tool related to Vault 7 are exfiltrated either March or February 2016
Mar ??, 2016 Bank approves $3.5m loan for Manafort based on fraudulent filings on Manafort's Manhattan condo
Mar ??, 2016 FBI receives AG Lynch/Renteria email sometime early Mar 2016 from unknown foreign source
Mar ??, 2016 Sam Clovis asks Carter Page to sign an NDA sometime Mar 2016 inside Trump Tower,
Mar ??, 2016 Schulte illegally gains access to a U.S. intel computer; deletes traces of his activities
Mar ??, 2016 Brennan flies to Moscow sometime (early?) Mar 2016; visits FSB
Mar ??, 2016 One of President Erdoğan’s chief advisors, journalist İlnur Çevik, sends Berat Albayrak an email sometime Mar 2016 that includes lists of opposition groups in Washington, D.C., in order to help the lobbying for Erdoğan; Çevik urges action beyond the White House. “There is no chance of improving the image of the Turkish government while Barack Obama is in power as president of the United States,” Çevik adds [9/27/17 RedHack]
Mar ??, 2016 Fusion GPS approaches Perkins Coie sometime early Mar 2016
Mar 01, 2016 Super Tuesday
Mar 01, 2016 Moscow Times: "Ousted Ukrainian President Yanukovych Planning a Comeback"
Mar 01, 2016 Yared Tamene of Mis Department, Inc. meets twice in person with FBI to confirm that Agent Hawkins is a real agent
Mar 01, 2016 RSA Conference speakers include Dmitri Alperovitch, Shawn Henry, DOJ's John Carlin, & AG Lynch
Mar 02, 2016 NBC News: "Is Brennan Joking When He Says CIA Spies Doesn't Steal Secrets?"
Mar 02, 2016 War on the Rocks: "Open letter on Donald Trump from GOP national security leaders"
Mar 02, 2016 Ben Carson campaign heads for the exits
Mar 02, 2016 Strzok attends a MYE briefing
Mar 02, 2016 Carter Page, FBI/SDNY, Podobnyy, "joining the campaign",,,
Mar 02, 2016 Ambassador McFaul tweets that he wants to know if Gen. Flynn is taking money from the Russian govt
Mar 03, 2016 Eleventh GOP primary debate, sponsored by FOX, held in Detroit, MI
Mar 03, 2016 Obama executive order extends Russia sanctions for another year
Mar 03, 2016 Politico: "Trump names Sessions chairman of national security committee"
Mar 03, 2016 Moscow Times: "How Putin's Bank Became Russia's $20 Billion Problem" (VneshEconomBank)
Mar 04, 2016 Ben Carson suspends campaign
Mar 05, 2016 Donna Brazile emails a CNN debate question in advance to John Podesta
Mar 05, 2016 Buffalo News article on Michael Caputo joining Trump campaign
Mar 06, 2016 Papadopoulos learns he'll be joining the Trump campaign, by at least 3/6/16
Mar 06, 2016 Bloomberg article on Chinese investors receiving U.S. visas for investing in Kushner properties
Mar 07, 2016 Yahoo article on mafia-related figures who've done business with Trump by Michael Isikoff
Mar 07, 2016 reports Marcel Lazar Lehel, aka Guccifer, to be extradited to the U.S.
Mar 07, 2016 Podesta Group contracts w/Sberbank; charges $20k/mo till Sep 2016; LDA not filed till 3/25/16
Mar 07, 2016 John Giacalone joins Hilton Worldwide as the Vice President of Global Security and Safety
Mar 08, 2016 Joint Unclassified Statement Before the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate at a Briefing on the FISA Amendments Act
Mar 08, 2016 Politico: "Loretta Lynch bows out of Supreme Court running"
Mar 08, 2016 Mifsud invited to World Summit on Uncontrolled Migration in Adelaide, Australia,
Mar 09, 2016 FBI report of mishandled classified info from a CHS; documents held at Washington Field Office
Mar 09, 2016 DOJ oversight personnel discover they had disclosed raw FISA information to private contractors
Mar 09, 2016 Lisa tells Strzok at 7:03pm that she "need[s] to try to fix a HUGE who [Washington Field Office] f-up"
Mar 09, 2016 AG Lynch suggests the White House "stay silent" on HRC email probe, according to Politico
Mar 09, 2016 Daily Beast article on Gen. Flynn; bylines Shane Harris, Nancy Youssef; mentions RT dinner
Mar 09, 2016 Buryakov, his lawyers, and federal prosecutors sign a plea agreement
Mar 10, 2016 Judge Berman notified in the afternoon that Buryakov is likely to proceed with a plea agreement
Mar 10, 2016 Bruce Ohr twice visits the White House
Mar 10, 2016 Twelveth GOP primary debate, sponsored by CNN, held in Miami, FL
Mar 10, 2016 Maria Butina and two U.S. persons exchange emails about arranging "friendship and dialogue" dinners
Mar ??, 2016 Fusion GPS approaches Perkins Coie early Mar 2016 about starting a contract in regards to Trump research
Mar 11, 2016 Former CIA Deputy Director Morell emails Podesta; they agree to meet next day at John's house @ 10am
Mar 11, 2016 Second round of phishing attempts, this time to senior Clinton officials
Mar 11, 2016 Michelle Fields files charges against Corey Lewandowski
Mar 11, 2016 Buryakov guilty plea,
Mar 12, 2016 Former CIA Director Michael Morell & John Podesta agree to meet in person at Podesta's house
Mar 12, 2016 Miami Herald article about about Trump, Bayrock, Sater, Tevfik Arif; by Michael Sallah
Mar 13, 2016 domain is registered
Mar 14, 2016 Obama signs executive order 13721; mandates creation of Global Engagement Center; counter to ISIS
Mar 14, 2016 Obama revokes 9/9/11 executive order 13584; anti-al Qaeda mandate,
Mar 14, 2016 Maria Butina emails US Person 2; says Torshin confirmed "his desire in our Russian-American project"
Mar 14, 2016 Brennan flies to Moscow; he visits the Director of FSB; maybe others; does not visit MFA
Mar 14, 2016 Yahoo article on Trump's bodyguard, Keith Schiller; by Michael Isikoff
Mar 14, 2016 Papadopoulos meets Mifsud in Italy at LINK Campus; Misfud promises contacts with Russian officials
Mar 14, 2016 Russian hackers purchase a VPN with bitcoin; later, VPN is used to log into @Guccifer_2 account
Mar 14, 2016 Conspirators use same pool of bitcoin funds to purchase a VPN account & to lease a server in Malaysia
Mar 15, 2016 Rubio suspends campaign after losing Florida
Mar 15, 2016 Manafort begins to have ties with Trump campaign
Mar 15, 2016 Bloomberg: "Trump’s Long Romance With Russia" by Josh Rogin; Agalarovs, Miss Universe Moscow
Mar 15, 2016 Yermakov runs a technical query for the DNC's IP configurations; searches open source info on DNC/HRC
Mar 16, 2016 Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) introduces the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016
Mar 16, 2016 Bruce Ohr remarks that he doesn't know why NYT thought he was in contact with Mikhail Lesin
Mar 16, 2016 Strzok: "Just waiting for Baker, then done", Lisa Page: "Our guy is talking..."
Mar 17, 2016 InfoWars: "How the GOP elite plan to rob Donald Trump"
Mar 17, 2016 Steele emails Ohr; Ohr says he has no plans to visit Europe; Steele asks to set up a call
Mar 17, 2016 Carter Page emails Sam Clovis about Russian responses, Powerpoint slide of proposed Russian policy
Mar 18, 2016 John Schindler article on legal problems HRC has with the NSA
Mar 19, 2016 Luvashev and co-conspirators send spearphishing email to John Podesta
Mar 19, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa starts consulting with DNC on Trump's Russia ties
Mar 19, 2016 Carter Page attends a Trump campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona,
Mar 21, 2016 Lukashev, Yermakov, and co-conspirators steal about 50,000 emails from John Podesta's online account
Mar 21, 2016 At 10:04am est, WaPo reports Trump's new advisors: Phares, Papadopoulos, Kellogg, and Carter Page
Mar 21, 2016 At 5:31pm est, the DOJ tweets a press release announcing the arrest of Reza Zarrab
Mar 21, 2016 @PreetBharara: "Reza Zarrab to soon face American justice in a Manhattan courtroom. @SDNYnews"
Mar 21, 2016 Trump on Wolf Blitzer, asked again about NATO. Again, Trump talks about the costs and re-vamping it
Mar 21, 2016 Comey and McCabe brief AG Lynch on Trump's FP advisors; they discuss, but advise against a defensive briefing
Mar 21, 2016 AP publishes article about Trump and Felix Sater and seeks documents relating to their dealings
Mar 21, 2016 Sergei Millian's first donation to the Trump campaign
Mar 23, 2016 Free Beacon: "Trump Adviser Compared U.S.-Russia Policy to Slavery, Police Shootings"
Mar 23, 2016 Flynn on RT
Mar 23, 2016 James Clapper visits New Zealand
Mar 24, 2016 Papadopoulos meets with Mifsud in London; Pdop introduced to "Putin's niece" (Olga Vinogradova)
Mar 24, 2016 Papadopoulos sends email ("Meeting with Russian Leadership -- including Putin") to Sam Clovis
Mar 24, 2016 Slate: "Donald Trump Hates Women: It’s the one position he’s never changed" by Franklin Foer
Mar 24, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa shares her research on Manafort with Ukraine's ambassador to the U.S., Valeriy Chaly
Mar 25, 2016 Podesta Group files LDA on 3/7/16 contract work w/Sberbank
Mar 25, 2016 Bill Browder tweets that Carter Page is "completely out of his mind in relation to Russia"
Mar 25, 2016 GRU officer Luskahsev uses john356gh account to mask additional links included in spearphishing emails
Mar 26, 2016 Anti-Erdogan Turks praise Preet Bharara on Twitter after SDNY indicts Reza Zarrab
Mar 27, 2016 WaPo: "How Clinton’s email scandal took root"
Mar 28, 2016 NYT: "Donald Trump Hires Paul Manafort to Lead Delegate Effort"
Mar 28, 2016 Yermakov researches the names of Victims 1 and 2 and their association with Clinton on social media
Mar 28, 2016 Moscow Times reports that CIA Director Brennan made a secret trip to Moscow on 3/14/16
Mar 28, 2016 Clinton says that Trump wants to pull out of NATO during one of her campaign speeches
Mar 29, 2016 Manafort recommends hiring pollster Tony Fabrizio shortly after joining the Trump campaign
Mar 29, 2016 Strzok texts Lisa Page about an article explaining Combetta's use of BleachBit
Mar 29, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa briefs the DNC on Manafort,
Mar 30, 2016 Flynn on Morning Joe
Mar 30, 2016 Maria Butina thanks assoc. of Nat'l Prayer Breakfast organizer; suggests Putin may attend in 2017
Mar 30, 2016 Politico: "Tip Sheets: Etsy registers" which has first mention of Sberbank hiring Podesta Group
Mar 30, 2016 Bloomberg article on Carter Page, non-paywall --->
Mar 31, 2016 Trump meets in Washington D.C. with his foreign policy advisers. A picture of the meeting tweeted by Trump shows Jeff Sessions, George Papadopoulos, J.D. Gordon and others
Mar 31, 2016 Nellie Ohr emails Robert Otto, mentions Aras Agalarov
Mar 31, 2016 Papadopoulos attends natsec meeting in DC; says he know high level Russian officials, but is shot down
Mar 31, 2016 Jane Rhodes-Wolfe retires as Section Chief of the Exploitation Threat Section, CT Div. [9/2/16]
Apr ??, 2016 Washington Free Beacon's contract with Fusion GPS ends sometime Apr 2016
Apr ??, 2016 Perkins Coie hires Fusion GPS sometime Apr 2016
Apr ??, 2016 Mission Ridge buildings are sold to Salus
Apr ??, 2016 Carter Page receives email invite in Apr 2016 to attend New Economic School of Business in Moscow
Apr ??, 2016 Dan Jones completes the legal paperwork to establish Penn Quarter Group [2/20/18 Federalist]
Apr ??, 2016 Drone Aviation hires Gen. Flynn [12/15/16 Daily Caller]
Apr ??, 2016 Dennis Raico (former senior VP at Federal Savings) receives a referral about Paul Manafort
Apr ??, 2016 Baltic intel shows Brennan a tape recording revealing Kremlin money going to the Trump campaign
Apr ??, 2016 Conspirators install X-Agent malware on the DNC network; same versions installed on the DCCC network
Apr ??, 2016 Comey tells Yates sometime Apr 2016 that he's considering a special counsel [6/14/18 IG report p. 172]
Apr 01, 2016 Carter Page in Hawaii attending a meeting with Tulsi Gabbard; misses 3/31/16 meeting,
Apr 01, 2016 NYFO opens an investigation into Carter Page
Apr 01, 2016 Papadopoulos in Greece meeting with Greek think tank. Goes to Israel after that
Apr 01, 2016 Council on Foreign Relations; CrowdStrike, Evelyn Farkas, Atlantic Council
Apr 01, 2016 Romanian Marcel Lazar ("Guccifer") makes first appearance in Virginia court
Apr 02, 2016 Lisa coaches (?) Peter what to tell his wife about their texts; she says work phones can't be traced
Apr 03, 2016 Guardian report on the Panama Papers
Apr 03, 2016 Evelyn Farkas op-ed in Politico critical of Trump's associations with Putin
Apr 04, 2016 Papadopoulos in Israel for Hadera Energy conference though the 5th. He speaks at the conference
Apr 04, 2016 National Review on Trump's connections to Russian figures; also, focuses on Carter Page
Apr 05, 2016 Free Beacon report on the Panama Papers; outlines legal implications for the Podesta Group
Apr 05, 2016 Washington Examiner article on Tony Podesta's ties to Sberbank as listed in the Panama Papers
Apr 05, 2016 NYT article about Trump SoHo, Felix Sater, Tevfik Arif; by Mike McIntire
Apr 05, 2016 Olga Bielkova reportedly seeks meetings with five dozen members of U.S. Congress and reporters
Apr 05, 2016 FBI General Counsel Jim Baker attends the Global Privacy Summit, along with Michael Sussmann (Perkins Coie)
Apr 05, 2016 Peter Strzok interviews Huma Abedin
Apr ??, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa meets with asst. to Rep Kaptur (D-OH) around this time to discuss Manafort research
Apr 06, 2016 Fake email account is used to send spearphishing emails to +30 Clinton Campaign employees
Apr 06, 2016 WikiLeaks tweets that the Panama Papers is funded by the U.S. govt, and is an attack on Putin
Apr 07, 2016 Yermakov runs a technical query for the DCCC's internet protocol configurations to identify devices
Apr 07, 2016 The Observer: "Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection" (Sberbank, Podesta)
Apr 07, 2016 Free Beacon: "Trump Elevates Former Putin Ally Adviser to Senior Campaign Role" (Manafort to lead RNC Convention)
Apr 07, 2016 Article in quotes Papadopoulos extensively. Talks about Russia
Apr 08, 2016 Paul Combetta issued a subpoena to appear before grand jury on May 3, 2016 [see: Jun 14, 2018 IG Report p. 105]
Apr 08, 2016 GovExec: "EPA Official Who Faked CIA Duty Moves to Halfway House" (John C. Beale)
Apr 09, 2016 Peter Strzok interviews Cheryl Mills
Apr 09, 2016 Strzok: "Did you have to invoke the D/Dd?" Lisa: ",yep. Done, but I need to call Bill with the storm that's coming"
Apr 09, 2016 ONA Director Baker rats on Strzok to FBI Counsel Baker wrt March 9 illegal access [see: April 10, 2016 Strzok texts]
Apr 10, 2016 Fox News: "President Barack Obama on 'Fox News Sunday'"
Apr 10, 2016 USA Today: "Obama to Fox News: No politics in Hillary Clinton email investigation"
Apr 10, 2016 Papadopoulos emails "Putin's niece"; she responds favorably the next day; Pdop then cc's Mifsud
Apr 11, 2016 Mifsud emails Papadopoulos; says he is visiting the Duma on 4/18/16
Apr ??, 2016 DCCC is hacked around Apr 11-12, 2016
Apr 11, 2016 Glenn Simpson attends Logan Symposium, along with Jane Meyer (New Yorker) and Ken Vogel (Politico)
Apr 11, 2016 Manafort emails Kilimnick; asks how he repay his debt to Deripaska
Apr 12, 2016 Flynn on Megyn Kelly
Apr 12, 2016 Olga Bielkova and a colleague meet with David Kramer, Liz Zentos, and Michael Kimmage
Apr 12, 2016 Stolen credentials of a DCCC employee is used to access the DCCC network
Apr 12, 2016 $37 worth of bitcoin paid to Romanian web host; reserves [see: Nov 3, 2017 Tribune]
Apr 12, 2016 Comey tells Yates, Rybicki, and Axelrod that he'd like to find a way to credibly close MYE [see: IG Report p. 168]
Apr 13, 2016 Robert Mueller and an Obama intel official meet at White House
Apr ??, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa begins working with Michael Isikoff about opposition research on Paul Manafort around this time
Apr 14, 2016 X-Agent keylog and screenshot functions activated to surveil DCCC Employee 1's computer activity
Apr 14, 2016 Guardian: "Ukraine parliament approves Volodymyr Groysman as new PM"
Apr 14, 2016 @NSC44: "Readout of @VP Biden’s Call with Ukraine's newly-elected Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman"
Apr 15, 2016 WaPo: "GOP foreign policy elites don’t know whether they’ll serve if Trump is president"
Apr 15, 2016 Hacked DCCC computer is searched thru for terms that include "hillary," "cruz," "trump," & "Benghazi"
Apr 16, 2016 Olga Bielkova and a colleague meet with Sen. John McCain associate David Kramer with the McCain Institute. Bielkova also meets with Liz Zentos of Obama’s National Security Council, and State Department official Michael Kimmage
Apr 16, 2016 Barbara Westgate appointed Director of Washington Headquarters Services (DOD Field Activity, agency that paid Halper)
Apr 18, 2016 FBI shuts down all outside contractor access to raw FISA info
Apr 18, 2016 GRU hacks DNC servers
Apr 18, 2016 First tweet from @HeatStreet
Apr 18, 2016 Heat Street article on Jane Sanders
Apr 18, 2016 Vanity Fair article about Heat Street
Apr 18, 2016 Mifsud tells Papadopoulos he met w/Ivan Timofeev; talks about setting up a meeting between the two
Apr 18, 2016 Yahoo article about Manafort's past lobbying efforts for for Pakistani spy front; by Isikoff
Apr 18, 2016 X-Agent keylog and screenshot functions activated to steal credentials of a DCCC employee
Apr 19, 2016 Trump takes New York Primary
Apr 19, 2016 Mifsud and Timofeev speak at Valdai event in Russia
Apr 19, 2016 Deccan Chronicle: "Top Trump aide lobbied for Pak ISI frontal outfit in US"
Apr 19, 2016 Mary Jacoby signs visitor guestbook at White House
Apr 19, 2016 NYMag: "How Paul Manafort Took Over the Trump Campaign"
Apr 19, 2016 Overseas computer configured to relay communications between X-Agent malware and AMS panel
Apr 19, 2016 Hackers attempt to register; ultimately register thru anon service
Apr 19, 2016 Christian Cantor introduces George Papadopoulos to Erika Thompson
Apr ??, 2016 Brennan receives Baltic tape showing Kremlin money going into a presidential campaign [see: Jan 27, 2017 BBC]
Apr ??, 2016 Brennan creates two task forces - Domestic task force (FBI, DOJ, Treasury) and Foreign task force (CIA, ODNI, NSA)
Apr 20, 2016 Erika Thompson emails George Papadopoulos, suggesting they meet up following Obama's visit to the UK
Apr 20, 2016 Politico article about Rick Gates joining the Trump campaign
Apr 20, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa begins receiving warnings about her Yahoo! mail account
Apr 20, 2016 X-Agent malware on the DCCC computers connects to AMS panel to receive directions from the Conspirators
Apr 21, 2016 George Papadopoulos emails Erika Thompson, suggesting that they meet in London on April 26, 2016
Apr 21, 2016 Rybolovlev plane photographed in Charlotte @1:20pm by anonymous source [see: Mar 10, 2017 Charlotte Observer]
Apr 22, 2016 Using X-Tunnel, gigabytes of data from DNC computers is sent to a GRU-leased server in Illinois
Apr 22, 2016 X-Agent keylog and screenshot functions activated to capture discussions of "DCCC Employee 2"
Apr 22, 2016 Alan Cullison: "So I'm told Deripaska was in the U.S. this past week." (email to David Kramer)
Apr 22, 2016 Russian intel prepares massive amount of data for exfiltration from DNC servers
Apr 22, 2016 Timofeev and Papadopoulos email about meeting in London or Moscow
Apr 25, 2016 Andrej Krickov email invites Carter Page to speek at the New Economic School in London on behalf of Shlomo Weber
Apr 25, 2016 Papadopoulos emails "Senior Policy Advisor" (Clovis?); says he's secured a meeting w/Putin, if needed
Apr 25, 2016 Obama For America begins paying funds into Perkins Coie for "legal services." Total OFA payments would total $972k
Apr 25, 2016 White House meeting including James Baker and Trisha Anderson and several FISA lawyers
Apr 25, 2016 House IG notified of irregularities, regarding Awan case
Apr 26, 2016 At a hotel in London, Mifsud (allgedly) tells Papadopoulos that Russian officials have dirt on HRC,
Apr 26, 2016 George Papadopoulos (likely) meets with Erika Thompson in London, following his meeting with Mifsud
Apr 26, 2016 WaPo: "Inside Trump adviser Manafort’s world of politics and global financial dealmaking"
Apr 26, 2016 Yahoo article about Manafort, Ukraine and the Cayman Islands filing by Deripaska; by Isikoff
Apr 27, 2016 Carter Page is in Dubai around this time,
Apr 27, 2016 Politico: "How Donald Trump became the Kremlin's Candidate" by Michael Crowley, talks about Flynn
Apr 27, 2016 Bruno Kahl nominated to be President of the Federal Intelligence Service in Germany
Apr 27, 2016 Trump gives his first speech on foreign policy; mentions "improved relations with Russia"
Apr 27, 2016 Papadopoulos emails Lewandowski; refers to possible meetings with Russian officials,
Apr 27, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa attends Ukraine at Library of Congress to discuss Manafort research
Apr 28, 2016 Hackers use remaining bitcoin from 3/14/16 to lease Malaysian server that hosts website
Apr 28, 2016 Henry Greenberg sets up Longmore LLC in North Miami, FL
Apr 28, 2016 DNC detects infiltration of GRU; FBI not informed; Michael Sussman summoned to emergency meeting
Apr 28, 2016 Vice article on Trump's ties to the mafia in the 1980's; by Tom Robbins
Apr 28, 2016 Slate article about Paul Manafort's past connections to tyrants and dictators; by Franklin Foer
Apr 28, 2016 X-Tunnel is used to send additional documents from the DCCC to the GRU-leased computer in Illinois
Apr 29, 2016 WaPo: "Sanders campaign drops lawsuit against DNC stemming from December data breach"
Apr 29, 2016 McClatchly: "What Panama Papers say - and don’t say - about Trump"
Apr 30, 2016 Strzok: "And now we've switched from the Patriot Act to a wire carrying current."
Apr 30, 2016 Papadopoulos thanks Mifsud for arranging a meeting between the Trump campaign and Russian govt
Apr 30, 2016 Hillary/DNC discovers it has been hacked and compromising information is now out there "in the wild". It hires Crowdstrike, an IT company, through a cutout, legal firm Perkins Coie to investigate the hack. Apparently all DNC contractors were notified, thus Fusion GPS was notified
May ??, 2016 Comey briefs Obama's NSC principals about "the [Carter] Page information" sometime late Spring 2016
May ??, 2016 Stefan Halper communicates with Steele, according to Yaacov Appelbaum
May ??, 2016 Russia uses gmail accounts to request info on billionaire Ziff brothers from Treasury Dept officials
May ??, 2016 Manafort and Federal Savings employees attend a dinner at the Capitol Grille in lower Manhattan; Stephen Calk and Manafort speak one-on-one for a fair amount of time [see: Aug 13, 2013 American Banker]
May ??, 2016 Stephen Miller receives an invite from Stephan Halper's office to attend a Cambridge event in London
May 02, 2016 Comey drafts initial statement concerning HRC's use of a private server; wrapping up MYE
May 03, 2016 Strzok says Cruz has withdrawn from the race; says pressure is on to finish Midyear
May 03, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa warns Luis Miranda that "a big Trump component...will hit in next few weeks"
May 03, 2016 Paul Combetta has a second interview with the FBI and he admits that he did know that emails he bleached from the server were under congressional orders to be preserved as evidence. Conflicting with his Feb 18 interview.
May 03, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa tells Luis Miranda that she's been getting strange messages on her Yahoo account
May 04, 2016 Papadopoulos forwards Timofeev email to Lewandowski, Sam Clovis wrt meeting with Russian govt
May 04, 2016 In an interview with the London Times, Papadopoulos says PM Cameron should apologize to Trump
May 04, 2016 Cruz drops out. Trump de-facto wins nomination. No serious threat anymore. A couple Page-Strzok texts lamenting
May 04, 2016 Sussman calls CrowdStrike's Shawn Henry regarding DNC server
May 04, 2016 Sater texts Cohen. “I had a chat with Moscow. ASSUMING the trip does happen the question is before or after the convention. Obviously the pre-meeting trip [you only] can happen anytime you want but the 2 big guys where [sic] the question. I said I would confirm and revert.” Cohen replies, “My trip before Cleveland. [Trump] once he becomes the nominee after the convention.”
May 05, 2016 Kilimnik has a pre-arranged meeting with State Dept employees in D.C.
May 05, 2016 US Embassy staff members Gregory Baker and Terrance Dudley reach out to Papadopoulos and meet with him
May 05, 2016 INSA Leadership Dinner with USD/I
May 05, 2016 Crowdstrike receives first payment from DNC
May 05, 2016 James Baker, Lisa Page, Iris Lan, Kelly Welsh, and other agency lawyers meet at White House
May 05, 2016 Carter Page emails Walid Phares and J.D. Gordon; he asks them to contact him via cell or iMessage
May 05, 2016 Yahoo: "One law firm, two sets of clients: Donald Trump, and the refugees he wants to deport" by Michael Isikoff
May 05, 2016 Sater texts Cohen to extend an invitation from Peskov to attend an event in St. Petersburg from June 16 to 19. The invitation includes a possible meeting with either Putin or Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
May 05, 2016 Politico: "When Donald Trump brought Miss Universe to Moscow"
May 05, 2016 CrowdStrike CEO, Dmitry Alperovich, installs Falcon software on DNC servers
May 05, 2016 CrowdStrike responds to the DNC’s hack; however, emails continued to be stolen for weeks
May 06, 2016 Cohen replies to Sater, saying the proposed St. Petersburg dates would work
May 06, 2016 Erika Thompson possibly meets with George Papadopoulos, based on a 5/9/2016 email where she mentioned "meeting [George] on Friday"
May 06, 2016 Guardian article about the children of Russian illegals, Donald Heathfield & Tracey Foley
May 07, 2016 Clagett (?), a contractor, tells Kirk Bell that the Trump campaign should search for HRC's emails
May 07, 2016 Kilimnik visits the U.S. to discuss business with Manafort,
May 08, 2016 Schulte google searches how to set up a TOR network
May 09, 2016 Erika Thompson emails George Papadopoulos, suggesting that they rendezvous the following night for drinks with her boss, Alexander Downer
May 09, 2016 Kirk Bell relays Clagett's story about HRC's alleged missing emails to Michael Caputo
May 09, 2016 Bill Priestap is likely in London, possibly meeting with Downer and Pdop, around this time
May 09, 2016 Judge Napolitano tells Megyn Kelly that the Kremlin is debating on releasing 20k HRC emails
May 09, 2016 Carter Page tells J.D. Gordon that he's received an email invite from Sergey Karaganov
May 10, 2016 Paul Erickson emails Rick Dearborn and offers himself as a "backchannel to President Putin's Kremlin". The upcoming NRA annual convention is mentioned as place to connect Russia and the Trump Campaign
May 10, 2016 Papadopoulos meets Downer, Erika Thompson in London; Pdop mentions Russians have damaging HRC emails
May 11, 2016 Romney facebook post encourages Trump to release taxes. Hints at mob ties
May 11, 2016 Credit Suisse prospectus on Mission Ridge mentions FBI "line of site" from NRO,
May 11, 2016 Judge releases documents to AP relating to links between Trump and Felix Sater
May 13, 2016 Mifsud emails Papadopoulos; says he will continue to send updates about potential future meetings
May 13, 2016 Event logs from a DNC computer are cleared in order to cover tracks of remote hackers
May 14, 2016 Papadopoulos emails [Clovis/Lewandowski?]; says Russian govt is interested in hosting Trump
May 15, 2016 Evan Perez indicates wiretapping of Paul Manafort ends sometime in 2016 due to lack of evidence
May 15, 2016 Crowdstrike claims it investigated DNC hacking and that the Russians were responsible. FBI denied access to server
May 15, 2016 Fusion GPS hires Nellie Ohr for their Russian research
May 15, 2016 Politico article on Trump, Miss Universe 2013, and the Agalarovs; by Michael Crowley
May 16, 2016 Trump tweets that Obama may be the worst president in history
May 16, 2016 Rybicki email cc'd to major DOJ players re: MYE
May 16, 2016 Carter Page suggests in an email that Trump visit Russia; refers to him as "principal",
May 16, 2016 Trump campaign hires pollster Tony Fabrizio after a month of rumors
May 16, 2016 Times of Israel: "Netanyahu brought about Iran nuke deal, says ex-Mossad head in last interview"
May 16, 2016 Yahoo: "Senate report on CIA torture is one step closer to disappearing" by Michael Isikoff
May 17, 2016 Washington Post article on Felix Sater; by Rosalind Helderman and Tom Hamburger
May 17, 2016 Forbes interview of Emin and Aras Agalarov, where they boast of Trump connections; article now deleted
May 17, 2016 Sidney Blumenthal attends a book party at John and Christina Ritch's home, where Sid meets Jamie Raskin (D-MD)
May 17, 2016 Rick Dearborn communicates Paul Erickson's offer of help to Manafort, Gates and Kushner
May 17, 2016 Grassley sends letter to Comey about Clinton's server
May 18, 2016 Clapper says he's "working with both campaigns" on cyber security
May 18, 2016 McCain introduces S.2943 "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017"; signed 12/23/16
May 19, 2016 NYT: "Trump Aide Paul Manafort Promoted to Campaign Chairman and Chief Strategist"
May 19, 2016 WaPo: "Veteran strategist Paul Manafort becomes Trump’s campaign chairman"
May 19, 2016 D.C. Judge Rudolph Contreras appointed to FISC
May ??, 2016 Papadopoulos travels to Greece for a week-plus long stay. Meets with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos among others
May 19, 2016 Peter Kadzik gives John Podesta a heads-up that the DOJ was likely to get questions related to HRC's emails from the House Judiciary Committee
May 20, 2016 Annual NRA Convention begins at Kentucky Exposition Center and continues through 22nd. Don Jr. attends and speaks to Torshin at a private dinner
May 20, 2016 Fusion GPS Trump-Russia document identifies three targets: Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and Carter Page
May 21, 2016 Carter Page attends a Roger Stone book-signing event,
May 21, 2016 Papadopoulos emails senior campaign official; says Russian govt interested in meeting Trump
May 22, 2016 Politico article on Trump's ties to the mob; by David Cay Johnston
May 23, 2016 Nellie Ohr obtains ham radio license
May 23, 2016 WSJ: "FBI Investigating Donations to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe" (Wang Wenliang)
May 24, 2016 Peter Strzok interviews Heather Samuelson
May 24, 2016 Carter Page emails J.D. Gordon from the Newark Sky Club,
May 25, 2016 "The [oldest] DNC email WikiLeaks published was written on [May 25, 2016]" [see: Dec 4, 2018 Daily Caller]
May 25, 2016 Politico: "Trump fires top aide" (Rick Wiley)
May 25, 2016 Secret Service agent interviewed by FBI, says Justin Cooper and Bryan Pagliano asked for help w/HRC's private server
May 25, 2016 NV submits application for US entry visa
May 25, 2016 Yahoo: "Trump moneyman’s shady history" by Michael Isikoff about Elliott Broidy
May 25, 2016 ABC News: "Russian Spy Who Posed as Manhattan Banker Is Heading to Prison"
May 25, 2016 @nkidris: "LCILP delegation with Link Campus university" Photo includes Papadopoulos. Unclear where this photo was taken or if it was taken that day or a different time
May 25, 2016 @USAttyBharara: "Banker by day, Russian agent by night. Buryakov sentenced for conspiracy to 30 mths in prison"
May 25, 2016 DNC Microsoft Exchange Server is hacked; thousands of emails from DNC employees work accounts is stolen
May 26, 2016 Carter Page attends a Trump rally in Bismarck, North Dakota,
May 26, 2016 Carter Page emails J.D. Gordon; he says he'll be speaking on 7/8/16 in Moscow next to Sberbank's CEO
May 26, 2016 Telegraph article about a "controversial" loan wrt Trump and Bayrock; by Sherlock, Malnick, Newell
May 26, 2016 David Corn tweets that Trump has mob links, and that Trump's upset about HRC's server
May 26, 2016 Trump locks in necessary 1,237 delegates after winning Indiana primary
May 27, 2016 Yahoo: "Senate sleuths focus on ex-State Department aide in Clinton email ‘cover-up’" by Michael Isikoff
May 27, 2016 CNN: "Trump's Veepstakes: Who is Michael Flynn?"
May 27, 2016 Putin lands in Greece and speaks to Greek leaders
May 29, 2016 NABU leaks existence of Manafort ledger (to whom?)
May 29, 2016 Henry Greenberg solicits Stone and Caputo in Sunny Isles, FL (see date on text message) [see: Jun 17, 2018 WaPo]
May 29, 2016 Oleg Deripaska visits the U.S. on a visa; stays till June 2nd; p. 66 SSCI Report Volume 5
May 30, 2016 Malyshev accesses AMS panel; X-Agent malware implants on DCCC and DNC computers are updated
May 30, 2016 Nellie Ohr emails Bruce about news concerning the Manafort black ledger
May 31, 2016 NV receives confirmation for an interview regarding her B1 visa application
May 31, 2016 Yermakov searches for open-source info about [CrowdStrike] and its reporting on X-Agent and X-Tunnel
Jun 01, 2016 Russian hackers attempt to delete traces of their presences on the DCCC network using CCleaner
Jun ??, 2016 Carter Page's last communications with Papadopoulos sometime June 2016
Jun ??, 2016 NV shops financial info on Ziff brothers in DC around this time,
Jun ??, 2016 Sergei Skripal visits intelligence officers in Estonia sometime Jun 2016; likely arranged by MI6
Jun ??, 2016 Steele flies to Rome to brief FBI agent Gaeta about dossier
Jun ??, 2016 NV granted permission from US Government to visit US on B-status non-immigrant visa
Jun ??, 2016 Despite CrowdStrike's efforts, the Conspirators remained on the DNC network from 6/2016-10/2016
Jun ??, 2016 The Conspirators use the Malaysian server (leased on 4/28/16) to host the website
Jun ??, 2016 Mensch says FISA on 4 Trump associates fails Jun 2016; debunked?,,
Jun 01, 2016 Clinton campaign sends out an email to press about Trump University
Jun 01, 2016 Payment to Genesis Capital is missed for Manafort-linked 377 Union St brownstone property [see: 7/25/17 Bloomberg]
Jun 01, 2016 Papadopoulos emails senior campaign supervisor; relays that Russian govt intends to meet with Trump
Jun 01, 2016 NV arrives at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for an interview
Jun 02, 2016 WSJ: "Real-Estate Investor Tom Barrack Raised $32 Million for Super PAC Backing Donald Trump"
Jun 02, 2016 HRC speech on National Security in San Diego. Russia is one of her main digs at Trump
Jun 02, 2016 Deripaska was on the campus of UC Berkeley, according to pictures on his social media
Jun 03, 2016 Emin Agalarov calls Rob Goldstone, asks for a meeting with “the Trumps” and NV [see: Sep 22, 2016 Yahoo]
Jun 03, 2016 Yahoo: "Who is Gonzalo Curiel? The ‘Mexican’ judge denounced by Trump fought the drug cartels" by Michael Isikoff
Jun 03, 2016 Rob Goldstone emails Don Jr about incriminating info on HRC; Don Jr sets up a meeting
Jun 04, 2016 RT's London bureau chief, Nikolay Bogachikhin, visits the London Eduadorian embassy for approximately 5 minutes
Jun 04, 2016 Glenn Simpson meets with Steele at Heathrow to commission work. Steele gets hired [see: "Russian Roulette"]
Jun 04, 2016 Haaretz: "Trump Approved Business Partner Whose Father Allegedly Laundered Money for Iran's Military" (Ziya Mammadov)
Jun 05, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook post shows geo-tag of Monroe, Pennsylvania
Jun 06, 2016 A U.S. diplomat (secretly a CIA agent) is assaulted by an FSB guarded outside the U.S. embassy in Moscow; the CIA agent is then flown to the U.S. for urgent medical care (outed by a mole?) [see: Jul 1, 2017 Politco]
Jun 06, 2016 CNN: "Hillary Clinton clinches Democratic presidential nomination"
Jun 06, 2016 NV receives 3-year visa
Jun 06, 2016 Browder forwards email to Kyle Parker about NV's London residence
Jun 06, 2016 Rob Goldstone calls Don Jr
Jun 06, 2016 Rob Goldstone and Don Jr set up the time and place for Trump Tower meeting
Jun 07, 2016 Kyle Parker forwards Browder email to Robert Otto at State
Jun 07, 2016 A Cambridge grad student sends an email invite to Carter Page at 11:22pm est to a Cambridge event
Jun 07, 2016 Paul Manafort was not wiretapped by the FBI at this time
Jun 07, 2016 Assange accuses Google of conspiring with the Clinton campaign
Jun 07, 2016 Strzok briefs USD(I)
Jun 08, 2016 Rob Goldstone asks to move meeting later. Don Jr. confirms with Manafort
Jun 08, 2016 website launches
Jun 08, 2016 Nikolay Bogachikhin visits the London Eduadorian embassy for approximately 22 minutes
Jun 08, 2016 Yana Maximova and Sarah Harrison visit the London Eduadorian embassy for approximately 2 hours
Jun 08, 2016 @dcleaks_ twitter account created
Jun 08, 2016 NV arrives in New York in the evening, dinner with Glenn Simpson
Jun 08, 2016 Carter Page meets with PM Modi on this day?,
Jun 09, 2016 NV emails Rob Goldstone at 9:30am asking to bring Akhmetshin
Jun 09, 2016 Melanne Verveer attends the House of Ukraine event in Washington, DC
Jun 09, 2016 Yana Maximova visits the London Eduadorian embassy for approximately 1.5 hours
Jun 09, 2016 Akhmetshin rides an Acela train with Ed Lieberman on way to Trump Tower meeting
Jun 09, 2016 Akhmetshin goes to lunch with NV and the team; NV asks Akhmetshin to come to the Trump Tower meeting, he says yes
Jun 09, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr, Kushner, Manafort, Rinat Akhmetshin, Anatoli Samochornov, and NV
Jun 09, 2016 4:40pm Sater texts Cohen, telling him about the upcoming conference and saying he might meet Putin
Jun 09, 2016 NV attends post-Trump Tower meeting with Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson
Jun 09, 2016 ABC News: "Trump Huddles With Donors, GOP Officials in New York" (John Catsimatidis)
Jun 09, 2016 Hillary campaign releases a video of Obama officially endorsing her
Jun 10, 2016 INSA Oliver Baker Award Dinner
Jun 10, 2016 NV goes to Washington, DC to meet with a key lawyer (unknown)
Jun 10, 2016 FBI issues immunity and side agreements to Mills, Samuelson and Bentel
Jun 10, 2016 Comey draft memo changes "gross negligence" to "extremely careless"
Jun 10, 2016 CrowdStrike takes possession of laptops of DNC members; infected software replaced
Jun 10, 2016 Aras Agalarov delivers an expensive painting for Trump's birthday
Jun ??, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa's car is broken into around this time; she believes it was a warning from Russians
Jun 10, 2016 Politico: "Paul Manafort’s Wild and Lucrative Philippine Adventure"
Jun 11, 2016 NYT: "How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions"
Jun 11, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook shows geo-tag at JFK Airport, traveling to Taiwan
Jun 12, 2016 SDNY convicts Florida man, Timothy Sedlak, for attempted hacking into HRC server from June-July 2015
Jun 12, 2016 Crowdstrike fixes DNC laptops; Alperovitch & team celebrate at Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão
Jun 12, 2016 Assange on interview with ITV. During the interview, Assange told British TV host Robert Preston that WikiLeaks had obtained "emails related to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication," which he said were "great."
Jun 12, 2016 Politico article about Trump and a Russian named Felix Nikolaevich Kolskyl; by Julia Ioffe
Jun 13, 2016 Sater recieves an invitation to the SPIEF conference via email. He asks for and recieves Cohen's as well
Jun 13, 2016 Sater emails Cohen the Visa application and texts, asking him to fill it out and for passport photos
Jun 13, 2016 NV and Akhmetshin host anti-Magnitsky Act film at the Newseum in Washington
Jun 13, 2016 Hillary interview scheduled
Jun 13, 2016 James Comey hosts FVEYs conference in Wash. DC. Conference lasts until 6/19/2016
Jun 13, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook post shows a geo-tag of Macao, China
Jun 14, 2016 Sater emails SPIEF conference contact at 3:41am and asks for ways to expedite Visa process
Jun 14, 2016 Debbie Wasserman Schultz hosts DNC conference, says Russians hacked their servers, stole Trump opposition research
Jun 14, 2016 Sater hassles Cohen to get the Visas taken care of starting at 6:05am
Jun 14, 2016 Sater & Cohen meet at Trump Tower lobby; Cohen says he won’t attend SPIEF conference; end of Trump Tower Moscow project
Jun 14, 2016 Washington Post reveals that the Russian govt hacked the DNC; DNC admits it knew months earlier
Jun 14, 2016 CrowdStrike blog about Russian intel hacking DNC servers
Jun 14, 2016 Veselnitkaya provides a hearing to the US House Foreign Relations Committee about Magnitsky act
Jun 14, 2016 Crowdstrike and DNC demand FBI announce that Russian entities hacked their servers
Jun 14, 2016 Russian hackers register; DCCC website modified; visitors redirected to
Jun 14, 2016 The DNC, through [CrowdStrike], announces it has been hacked by Russian government actors
Jun 14, 2016 Russian hackers create the online persona Guccifer 2.0 and falsely claim to be a lone Romanian hacker
Jun 15, 2016 Stanislav Yezhov translates in a meeting with Joe Biden at the White House [see: Dec 21, 2017 Guardian]
Jun 15, 2016 Yahoo: "Back to court for Trump, now in his suit against chef Zakarian" by Michael Isikoff
Jun 15, 2016 Hackers search for esoteric phrases; later, used in "DNC's servers hacked by a lone hacker" blog
Jun 15, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa's consulting contract with the DNC ends
Jun ??, 2016 FBI agents interview Alexandra Chalupa sometime Jun 2016; they examine her electronic devices
Jun 16, 2016 Christopher Steele first debrief of Igor Danchenko
Jun 16, 2016 NV returns to New York
Jun 16, 2016 John Brennan appears on Capitol Hill for an open SSCI hearing
Jun 16, 2016 Sergei Millian at SPIEF
Jun 17, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook post shows photo at St. Petersburg with Oleg Deripaska
Jun 17, 2016 Sberbank/Huawei memorandum is signed at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum [see: Jun 20, 2016]
Jun 17, 2016 NV meets with U.S. lawyers, returns to Russia
Jun 17, 2016 Trump sends Agalarov a thank you note for the birthday present
Jun 17, 2016 WaPo: "Inside Trump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin" byline Tom Hamburger, Rosalind Helderman and Michael Birnbaum, mostly about the Agalarovs
Jun 18, 2016 Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele
Jun 19, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook post shows a geo-tag of St. Petersburg, traveling to NYC
Jun 19, 2016 Papadopoulos emails senior campaign official; offers to visit Russia for off-the-record meetings
Jun 19, 2016 Stephanie Burant emails Robert Otto, asks Otto for his take on a WaPo article about Manafort
Jun 19, 2016 Bloomberg: "Putin Said to Weigh $11 Billion Rosneft Sale to China, India"
Jun 19, 2016 Carter Page emails Corey Lewandowski about an upcoming trip to Moscow,
Jun 20, 2016 Logs deleted from DNC network through the AMS panel
Jun 20, 2016 [CrowdStrike] disables X-Agent on DCCC network; Conspirtors try, but fail to reconnect to X-Agent
Jun 20, 2016 Steele memo #1
Jun 20, 2016 "Sberbank, Huawei sign memorandum, general agreement on cooperation"
Jun 20, 2016 Reuters: "Trump fires campaign manager in shakeup for election push" (Lewandowski)
Jun 20, 2016 @MichaelRCaputo: "Ding dong the witch is dead!"
Jun 20, 2016 Business Insider: "Lewandowski responds to adviser who cheered his ousting in tweet" (Michael Caputo)
Jun 20, 2016 Agalarov-controlled offshore company wires $19.5m to his account at a bank in New York
Jun 20, 2016 On Instagram, Flavio Briatore is with Tom Barrack celebrating a business deal in Baku
Jun ??, 2016 Dan Jones registers the Penn Quarter Group website [see: Feb 20, 2018 The Federalist]
Jun 21, 2016 First day of the "HuffPost Plaintiff Oeurvre" as described by Carter Page on 9/14/17
Jun 21, 2016 First donation from Robert Mercer to Trump campaign
Jun 22, 2016 Legal Insurrection: "Trump Promotes Paul Manafort to Campaign Manager"
Jun 22, 2016 Bloomberg: "Clinton Foundation Said to Be Breached by Russian Hackers" by Michael Riley
Jun 22, 2016 WaPo: "Republicans: Save your party, don’t give to Trump" by George Will
Jun 22, 2016 [WikiLeaks] DM's Guccifer 2.0, requests new DNC materials be sent for review
Jun 21, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 releases a batch of stolen DNC documents about Secretary Clinton
Jun 23, 2016 Brexit
Jun 23, 2016 RT presenter Afshin Rattansi hosts a broadcast at the Ecuadorian embassy
Jun 24, 2016 FedEx delivery of Memo 080 arrives at Fusion GPS
Jun 24, 2016 Roger Stone comments on Lewandowski's offer to work at CNN
Jun 24, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 interacts with Cassandra Fairbanks
Jun 24, 2016 Podesta meets with Claire McCombs, follow-up appointment Jun 27th in VP residence with Mook and Donolin
Jun 24, 2016 Simpson contacts Steele; arranges to receive [redacted] copy of the dossier; sent courier from UK to DC,
Jun ??, 2016 DOJ/NSD submit first FISA app for two Russian banks; rejected; unclear if happened, but was requested by Grassley
Jun ??, 2016 National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine signs evidence-sharing agreement with FBI late Jun 2016
Jun 26, 2016 Steele talks to Mike Gaeta; says he has info to relay; Gaeta checks with Victoria Nuland, who gives the green light
Jun 26, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook post shows a geo-tag of New York City
Jun 27, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 sends a password to a U.S. reporters that purportedly gives access to HRC staff emails
Jun 27, 2016 Podesta, Mook, Donolin meet with Obama, Biden in VP residence
Jun 27, 2016 Bill Clinton maneuvers his way onto AG Lynch's private jet on a tarmac in Phoenix
Jun 28, 2016 ABC15: "Clinton: 'Time to move on' from Benghazi report"
Jun 28, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook posts shows a geo-tag of New York City
Jun 28, 2016 Strzok emails Rybicki; says he has the POTUS-HRC emails that Comey recently requested
Jun 29, 2016 12:50pm EST: ABC News 15 reports Bill Clinton met privately with AG Lynch in Phoenix on 6/27/16
Jun 29, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group exercises a $216,178 Option
Jun 29, 2016 WaPo: "Russian FSB guard attacked U.S. diplomat outside Moscow embassy"
Jun 29, 2016 Rob Goldstone follows up via email on setting up a VK social media page for Trump
Jun 29, 2016 First attempt by the GRU to transfer stolen DNC emails to WikiLeaks; email was undelivered
Jun 29, 2016 is registered by....somebody; 3/6/17 original 4chan thread
Jun 30, 2016 Comey potentially confronts AG Lynch w/Renteria memo on this day?,,
Jun 30, 2016 Rep. Scalise (R-LA) says AG Lynch should recuse from the HRC email case and appoint a special counsel
Jun 30, 2016 Carter Page attends a dinner at the Capitol Hill Club; briefly mentions Moscow trip to Sessions
Jun 30, 2016 Ukraine's anti-corruption bureau (NABU) signs a memorandum of understanding with the FBI
Jun 30, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 releases stolen DNC documents, including research on Republican candidates and Secretary Clinton
Jun 30, 2016 Yahoo: "Trump super-PACs finding it hard to collect on pledges" by Michael Isikoff
Jun ??, 2016 Robert Hannigan, head of GCHQ, passes material in summer 2016 to CIA's John Brennan at "director level"
Jul ??, 2016 DOJ/NSD submit narrowed FISA application (still on two Russian banks?), fails again
Jul ??, 2016 (early July) Unmasking of Trump officials increases
Jul 01, 2016 DOJ statement says AG Lynch won't recuse from HRC email case, but will accept FBI's determination
Jul 01, 2016 Clinton campaign sends out a second email to press about Trump University
Jul 01, 2016 Bruno Kahl confirmed as President of the Federal Intelligence Service in Germany
Jul 01, 2016 Steele emails Bruce Ohr; says he'd like to discuss their "favorite business tycoon"
Jul 01, 2016 Strzok and Page discuss reporting about AG Lynch's non-recusal recusal
Jul 02, 2016 Hillary interviewed by FBI agents
Jul ??, 2016 Carter Page interviewd by the FBI sometime before his 7/3/16 trip to Moscow, up until 3/6/17
Jul 03, 2016 Carter Page flies out to Europe, then to Moscow,
Jul 03, 2016 Bruce Ohr schedules a Skype call with Steele
Jul 04, 2016 Slate: "Putin's Puppet" by Franklin Foer
Jul 04, 2016 Bruce Ohr meets Steele [see: September 6, 2018 The Hill]
Jul 05, 2016 FBI agent Gaeta meets Steele in London, receives copy of Steele's memo, says he has to notify headquarters
Jul 05, 2016 Comey defers HRC prosecution recommendation in public press conference
Jul 05, 2016 Bob Goodlatte letter to James Comey asking pointed questions about his press conference
Jul 05, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook geo-tag shows New York City
Jul 06, 2016 Carter Page & Andrey Baranov watch Wales vs Portugal at a bar in Moscow,
Jul 06, 2016 Bruce Ohr meets Steele [see: September 6, 2018 The Hill]
Jul 06, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 releases stolen DNC documents
Jul 06, 2016 Letter from Grassley to Comey about Clinton emails
Jul 06, 2016 Strzok calls someone from USD(I)
Jul 06, 2016 Trump: "I don't like those mosquitoes...I never did...okay, speaking of mosquitoes...hello, Hillary!"
Jul 06, 2016 Russian hackers use VPN to log into the @Guccifer_2 from same server used to register malicious domains
Jul 06, 2016 [WikiLeaks] requests from Guccifer 2.0 any documents related to HRC be expedited out for review
Jul 07, 2016 Skype call between Steele and Ohr from 8-8:30am,
Jul 07, 2016 Carter Page speaks at the New Economic School in Moscow; critices U.S. policy toward Russia transcript
Jul 07, 2016 Reuters reports that Carter Page declines to answer questions about Kremlin officials while in Moscow
Jul 07, 2016 Russian media reports Col. Alexander Poteyev has died in the U.S.
Jul 07, 2016 Manafort emails Kilimnick about "private briefings", "accomodations"
Jul 07, 2016 IC IG McCullough testifies before HPSCI that he can not provide some segment of HRC's emails
Jul 07, 2016 Comey testifies before Congress
Jul 08, 2016 Carter Page emails Tera Dahl, J.D. Gordon; mentions incredible insights and outreach
Jul 08, 2016 Kyiv Post article about Paul Manafort's lobbying work in Ukraine
Jul 08, 2016 Madeleine Albright attends the NATO Summit in Warsaw
Jul 09, 2016 Daily Beast article questions whether Russian media reports of Poteyev's death are accurate (Poteyev)
Jul 09, 2016 Steele vacations in Cyprus with family until the 16th
Jul 09, 2016 Washington Post article suggests Gen. Flynn could be tapped as Trump's VP pick
Jul 09, 2016 Michael Cohen (maybe) in Italy until the 17th
Jul 09, 2016 Carter Page sends an email to the Trump campaign late at night after arriving at JFK Airport
Jul 10, 2016 Seth Rich murdered
Jul 10, 2016 David Kramer emails Robert Otto, likely others; email outlines Russian connections of Carter Page
Jul 10, 2016 Carter Page in the U.K. from 7/10/16-7/13/16
Jul 11, 2016 Carter Page meets Stefan Halper at the Race to Change the World event in the U.K.
Jul 11, 2016 Cruz delegate requests "lethal weapons to Ukraine" added to GOP platform; language is reduced
Jul 11, 2016 Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee send letter to Comey about MYE press conference
Jul 11, 2016 Elizabeth Dibble submits referral to the FBI about Downer-Papadopoulos bar conversation
Jul 12, 2016 Mike Flynn releases his book "The Field of Fight"
Jul 12, 2016 DOJ provides defensive briefing to Lynch and Yates about the Renteria email [see: Jun 14, 2018 IG Report p. 172]
Jul ??, 2016 Nuland claims she saw the Steele dossier for the first time around this time
Jul 14, 2016 Papadopoulos emails Timofeev; he suggests August or September in UK as a time and place for a meeting
Jul 14, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 sends [WikiLeaks] encrypted file with instructions on accessing hacked DNC documents
Jul 15, 2016 Arsen Avakov tweets criticisms of Trump and Manafort, calls Trump “an even bigger danger to the US than terrorism.”
Jul 15, 2016 Papadopoulos DM's Timofeev; “We can chat on this, this weekend if you can’t tonight”
Jul 15, 2016 Arseny Yatseniuk writes on Facebook that Trump has challenged the very values of the free world
Jul 15, 2016 Bill Browder files a compaint with DoJ about Veselnitkaya and Akhmetshin. No follow up at DOJ till 4/17
Jul 15, 2016 Pence picked as VP, relieving some pressure off of Flynn
Jul 15, 2016 Flynn forwards an email to a communications advisor hoping to connect a military friend with campaign's social media ops. Flynn adds generic editorial comment about how cyber ops by nation-states, hacktivists, DNC, would affect election
Jul 15, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook posts shows a geo-tag of Seoul City, South Korea
Jul 16, 2016 Carter Page emails Clovis; mentions a professor offering to help the campaign scribd pdf
Jul 17, 2016 Erdogan says coup Was a "gift from God"
Jul 18, 2016 Carter Page arrives at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport at 1:36pm
Jul 18, 2016 NYPost reports that Ed Cox attempted to block Newt Gingrich from addressing an RNC delegation
Jul 18, 2016 GOP convention in Ohio begins
Jul 18, 2016 [WikiLeaks] informs Guccifer 2.0 that they have the 1gb archive of hacked DNC documents
Jul 18, 2016 The Hill publishes excerpts from hacked Dem emails provided by Guccifer 2.0
Jul 18, 2016 Isikoff interview Gen. Flynn at RNC convention; asks if he was paid/spoke at RT event
Jul 18, 2016 WaPo: "George F. Will: GOP minds are at sea, but not the right one"
Jul 19, 2016 Lisa Monaco meets Clapper and Tonya Ugoretz at ODNI
Jul 19, 2016 Brennan attends the Leadership Dinner at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance in McLean, Virginia
Jul 19, 2016 Steele memo #2; #3
Jul 19, 2016 Trump becomes official GOP nominee
Jul 19, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group exercises a $222,050 Option
Jul 19, 2016 Turkey submits request to U.S. to arrest Gulen
Jul 20, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group exercises a $217,178 Option and a $324,240 Option
Jul 20, 2016 Papadopoulos speaks at American Jewish Committee panel, a satellite event of the RNC convention
Jul 20, 2016 Carter Page, Sessions, and JD Gordon meet Kislyak at a luncheon at RNC in Cleveland. Gordon says Page & Kislyak talked at some length about topics of joint interest to US and Russia such as counterterrorism and energy policy
Jul 20, 2016 WFO and Office of General Counsel review Dibble referral, set up meeting with higher ups including Comey and Lynch
Jul 21, 2016 Papadopoulos sends Facebook DM to Timofeev: “How are things? Keep an eye on the speech tonight. Should be good.”
Jul 21, 2016 Weekly FBI counterintelligence exec meeting where "preliminary conclusions were discussed" regarding DNC hack. Comey is there as well as Lisa Page and Jon Moffa [7/26/16 NYT]
Jul 22, 2016 WikiLeaks releases hacked DNC documents; latest-in-time email released is dated 5/25/16,
Jul 22, 2016 Millian messages Papadopoulos on LinkedIn
Jul 22, 2016 Papadopoulos dm's Timofeev on Facebook; he asks about Sergei Millian
Jul 23, 2016 Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir
Jul 23, 2016 The Australian government supposedly tells State Department Deputy Chief of Mission in London Elizabeth Dibble about Papadopoulos' comments to Downer
Jul 23, 2016 Turkey formally submits extradition request to the U.S. for Gulen
Jul 23, 2016 TPM article about Sater, Bayrock, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page; tweeted out by Ariana Huffington
Jul 24, 2016 Trump goes on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Nothing about Russia/Wikileaks; some people call it a softball interview
Jul 24, 2016 Obama goes on Face the Nation and says Trump displays a “lack of preparedness” in his comments about NATO
Jul 24, 2016 Don Jr. goes on State of the Union and calls the Russia collusion allegation “disgusting” and “phony”
Jul 24, 2016 On CNN, Manafort laughs about idea Russia hacked DNC to help Trump. “This is an absurd conversation we’re having”
Jul 24, 2016 Joy Reid spends her show going over Trump-Russia-Wikileaks
Jul 24, 2016 Defenseone: “How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President”
Jul 24, 2016 Weekly Standard: "Will other Republicans sit by as the whole Republican party becomes Putin’s party?" by Bill Kristol
Jul 24, 2016 Robbie Mook goes on “State of the Union” in the morning and states that Russia is helping Trump
Jul 24, 2016 WaPo: "Clinton campaign — and some cyber experts — say Russia is behind email release"
Jul 24, 2016 Guardian: "Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as DNC chair as email scandal rocks Democrats"
Jul 24, 2016 White House releases statement praising DWS
Jul 24, 2016 Gianni Pitella is in Philadelphia meeting with "Italian american communities" that evening
Jul 24, 2016 PJMedia: "'This Is Not My Party': George Will Goes from GOP to Unaffiliated"
Jul 25, 2016 DNC convention Day 1 (Monday). Speakers include Michelle Obama, Bernie, Liz Warren
Jul 25, 2016 Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text each other about Strzok's relationship to Judge Rudolph Contreras
Jul 25, 2016 Strzok says "CI threat meeting has been set up". Still not totally sure with who? D and AG? Or White House?
Jul 25, 2016 DNC/Perkins Coie/Fusion brief national media outlets on Trump-Russia
Jul 25, 2016 Trump rally in Winton-Salem, NC
Jul ??, 2016 Sergei Millian does an interview with ABC’s Brian Ross
Jul 25, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group excercises a $354,612 Option
Jul 25, 2016 James Rosen (Fox News) writes email to Charles Ortel & Judge Napolitano: "am told Wikileaks will be doing a massive dump of HRC emails relating to the CF in September"
Jul 25, 2016 Yahoo article on hacked accounts of DNC employees; by Michael Isikoff
Jul 25, 2016 Email from Stone to Corsi about Assange and Clinton Foundation
Jul 26, 2016 Spearphishing emails sent to third-party server hosting Clinton campaign accounts
Jul 26, 2016 DNC convention Day 2 (Tuesday); Speakers: Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Eric Holder, Terry McAuliffe, Nancy Pelosi
Jul 26, 2016 DC-PPD-41 issued by White House. NCIJTF designated the lead responder to cyber threats
Jul 26, 2016 WaPo: "George F. Will: The path ahead for Clinton and Kaine"
Jul 26, 2016 Letter from Grassley to Lynch and Comey asking about Russian hacking
Jul 26, 2016 NYT: "Spy Agency Consensus Grows That Russia Hacked D.N.C." byline David Sanger and Eric Schmitt
Jul 26, 2016 WaPo: "Bernie Sanders asks delegates to back Hillary Clinton, and hears boos"
Jul 26, 2016 Steele memo #4
Jul 26, 2016 Obama signs directive, places FBI in charge of all cyber threats
Jul 26, 2016 Alexandra Chalupa leaves the DNC to work full-time on her research into Manafort, Trump and Russia
Jul 26, 2016 @realDonaldTrump: "For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia."
Jul 26, 2016 Sater: "'Fuck me, I thought to myself. All that work for nothing'" [see: May 17, 2018 BuzzFeed]
Jul 26, 2016 WSJ's Damian Paletta aska Carter Page @ 12:22pm about Sechin, Diyevkin,,
Jul 26, 2016 Sergei Millian facebook post shows a geo-tag in the Untited Arab Emirates
Jul 26, 2016 Matthew Mosk invites Sergei Millian to the ABC News Studios in New York; asks about Carter Page,,
Jul 27, 2016 Kian tells Alptekin he had a "detailed discussion" with Flynn the previous night
Jul 27, 2016 Kian informs Alptekin that, "We are ready to engage on what needs to be done"
Jul 27, 2016 Kian adds, "At the right time, I will include our partners in the communications"
Jul 27, 2016 HuffPost: "Harry Reid To Intel Community: Give Donald Trump Fake Briefings"
Jul 27, 2016 DNC Convention Day 3 (Wednesday); Speakers: Schiff, Reid, Biden, Obama, Pitella
Jul 27, 2016 Trump says he hopes Russia "can find Hillary's missing emails"
Jul 27, 2016 In the afternoon, Trump is in Scranton, PA with Pence
Jul 27, 2016 Trump holds a rally in Toledo, OH that night
Jul 27, 2016 Trump states he would recognise Moscow’s annexation of Crimea
Jul 27, 2016 Comey and Lynch "CI Threat" briefing, Lisa Page and Jon Moffa there
Jul 27, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group "other administrative action" a $69,901 Option
Jul 27, 2016 Aspen Security Forum
Jul 27, 2016 Calk skypes with Manafort and Yohai, indicates he would be interested in helping Trump [8/12/18 Tribune]
Jul 27, 2016 Politico: "Treason? Critics Savage Trump Over Russia Hack Comments”
Jul 28, 2016 Calk approves Manafort loan [8/12/18 Tribune]
Jul 28, 2016 DNC Convention Day 4, last day. Hillary accepts nomination. She has odd reaction to falling ballons
Jul 28, 2016 Henry Okyansky arrested by Miami Dade PD for speeding, drinking [see: June 17, 2018 Caputo Dossier]
Jul 28, 2016 Trump has two campaign stops in Iowa
Jul 28, 2016 Politico article about Trump and Rybolovlev; by Michael Crowley
Jul 28, 2016 Yahoo: "FBI warned Clinton campaign last spring of cyberattack" by Michael Isikoff
Jul 28, 2016 Carter Page emails Hope Hicks; says he has been contacted by many reporters, but will still help campaign
Jul 29, 2016 Steele tells Ohr he'll be in DC soon; asks if he and Nellie are free for breakfast [8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Jul 29, 2016 First payment to Cambridge Analytica by Trump campaign [11/10/17 WSJ]
Jul 29, 2016 WaPo: "Russias DNC hack: a prelude to intervention in November?" by David Ignatius
Jul 29, 2016 Kilimnik emails Manafort; possibly alludes to Yanukovych, as well as lucrative payments
Jul 29, 2016 Steele likely arrives in DC late afternoon/evening
Jul 29, 2016 Alptekin emails Kian, says he met w/Albayrak; Albayrak wants to meet with Kian and Flynn
Jul 30, 2016 Kian emails Alptekin; subject line "Truth"; cc's Flynn; him and Flynn discuss 90-day "Truth Campaign"
Jul 30, 2016 Kian replies to Alptekin, "this conversation shall remain limited to you, Flynn and myself"
Jul 30, 2016 Forbes: "Ex-FBI cyber sleuth: DNC and Clinton Campaign Hack part of a pattern" by Richard Behar
Jul 30, 2016 The Ohr's meet Steele in DC at the Mayflower Hotel; Manafort, Carter Page mentioned,
Jul 30, 2016 Manafort emails Dearborn & Gates asking about the Ukraine platform change
Jul 30, 2016 Steele memo #5
Jul 30, 2016 Bruce Ohr calls McCabe [9/6/18 The Hill]
Jul 31, 2016 Kilimnik emails Manafort; says when they meet on 8/2/16, that he has "a long caviar story to tell"
Jul 31, 2016 Meet the Press questions Manafort on RNC platform changes for Ukraine
Jul 31, 2016 Face the Nation has Bernie Sanders, Paul Manafort, David Axelrod, John Heilemann
Jul 31, 2016 Bruce Ohr warns McCabe et al about Steele, Fusion GPS, and Nellie's contract work with Fusion
Jul 31, 2016 Crossfire Hurricane officially begins
Jul 31, 2016 Stone emails Corsi "Call me MON [August 1]...[Malloch] should see Assange"
Jul 31, 2016 Two FBI agents are sent to London to interview Alexander Downer
Jul 31, 2016 Rybolovlev plane lands at Washington’s Dulles airport, stays 22 hours, takes off for NYC [see: Mar 7, 2017 McClatchly]
Jul 31, 2016 WSJ: "The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections"
Jul 31, 2016 Clagett contacts Kirk Bell, mentions a Breitbart story about HRC emails, says campaign should find them
Aug ??, 2016 Carter Page first hears about Professor Mifsud from the Washington Post's Tom Hamburger in August 2016
Aug ??, 2016 About a month after Comey's 7/5/16 press announcement, AG Lynch is briefed on the Renteria memo
Aug ??, 2016 Lisa Page says that as of Aug 2016, she was unaware of who Christopher Steele was
Aug ??, 2016 FBI officials conclude sometime Aug 2016 that the source of the Renteria memo is unreliable
Aug ??, 2016 Nastya Rybka posts photos and videos to her Instagram of her and Oleg Deripaska, as well as Sergei Prikhodko
Aug ??, 2016 Billy Bush brags to staffers at Rio Olympics that he recalls a vulgar NBC Trump tape [see: Oct 10, 2016 Page Six]
Aug ??, 2016 Shahram Amiri's family announces he has been executed, apparently by hanging [see: Aug 7, 2016 BBC]
Aug ??, 2016 Marina Butina arrives in the U.S. sometime Aug 2016
Aug 01, 2016 WaPo: "George F. Will: How entangled with Russia is Trump?"
Aug 01, 2016 Clinton campaign sends out an email to press about Trump's tax returns
Aug 01, 2016 The Duran: "NSA whistleblower says DNC hack was not done by Russia, but by U.S. intelligence"
Aug 01, 2016 WSJ: "Donald Trump Long Sought a Real Estate foothold in Russia"; Alan Cullison, Alexandra Berzon, Michael Rothfeld
Aug 01, 2016 Shadow Brokers post first message on Steemit
Aug 02, 2016 Kian emails Alptekin, says "You, Flynn, and I are the only cleared entities at this time"
Aug 02, 2016 Two FBI agents sent to London on 7/31/16 send a summary to DC of their interview with Alexander Downer
Aug 02, 2016 Corsi emails Stone that Assange plans 2 more dumps. One at end of August; 2nd in Oct. Topic: Clinton Foundation
Aug 02, 2016 Manafort & Kilimnik discuss internal polling, "unpaid bills" @ NYC Grand Havana Room,
Aug 03, 2016 Deripaska jet lands in Newark, NJ at 1:21am est; leaves around 10am
Aug 03, 2016 Russia wires funds to its U.S. embassy with note funds to be used "to finance election campaign of 2016 ". Wires went to embassies in 60 countries, and Russians say funds were used for its own 2016 parliamentary election [see: 11/14/17 Buzzfeed]
Aug 03, 2016 Manafort emails Dennis Raico; he asks for a copy of Stephen Calk’s resume
Aug 03, 2016 Bruce Ohr meets with Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page [see: September 6, 2018 The Hill],
Aug 03, 2016 Page and Strzok discuss secret info; question whether to tell Priestap; they say info could leak
Aug 03, 2016 Politico article on the Trump campaign changing Ukrainian foreign policy after Manafort was hired
Aug 03, 2016 George Nader, alongside Joel Zamel, meets Donald Trump, Jr., offers use of Zamel's company, Psy-Group
Aug 04, 2016 Flynn emails Kian & Alptekin; "I'll get with Kian today on your question regarding Kerry's staff"
Aug 04, 2016 Kian emails Alptekin & Flynn; subject line "Truth"; stresses need to begin work on Truth Campaign
Aug 04, 2016 Gianelli Pitella: Donald Trump is a "virus"
Aug 04, 2016 WaPo: "George F. Will: Shallowness runs deep with Trump"
Aug 04, 2016 Ukraine ambassador to the U.S., Valeriy Chaly, posts an op-ed in The Hill criticizing Trump
Aug 04, 2016 Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg exchange emails where Stone jokes about dining with Julian Assange [see: 4/2/18 WSJ]
Aug 04, 2016 At the Pentagon, Obama meets with top nat'l security officials for an update on ISIS [see: 8/6/16 NYT]
Aug 04, 2016 Brennan contacts Alexander Bortnikov, head of FSB intel, says to cease further interference in U.S. elections
Aug 04, 2016 Unnamed Treasury Dept official leaks classified documents to an unnamed open source,
Aug 05, 2016 Steele memo #6
Aug 05, 2016 Washington Post article about Carter Page; byline Steven Mufson and Tom Hamburger
Aug 05, 2016 Guardian: "Rio 2016 opening ceremony a mix of pared patriotism and climate concern"
Aug 05, 2016 Strzok: "the White House is running this"
Aug 05, 2016 Stephen Calk, CEO of The Federal Savings Bank, named to Trump's economic council,
Aug 05, 2016 WSJ: "The Big-Name Financiers Advising Trump on Economic Policy"
Aug 05, 2016 Erdogan's son, Bilal, emails Berat Albayrak; suggests they target friendly U.S. members of Congress
Aug 05, 2016 National Review reports that the Trump campaign has hired Cambridge Analytica
Aug 06, 2016 Obama seeks bipartisan support condemning Moscow and to urge states to accept federal help wrt securing election sites
Aug 06, 2016 NYT article about Obama visiting Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week vacation; Marine One lands at 6:20PM
Aug 06, 2016 Hillary tweets first video questioning Trump's relationship to Russia
Aug 06, 2016 Sergei Millian emails Anthony Livanios about setting up a Skype call with George Papadopoulos
Aug 07, 2016 Iran executes Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist who returned from the U.S. in 2010
Aug 07, 2016 WaPo: "Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'executed'"
Aug 07, 2016 Obama golfs with Chris Paul, lawyer Cy Walker and WH aide Joe Paulsen at the Farm Neck Golf Club
Aug 07, 2016 Washington Examiner: "[Senator] Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email"
Aug 08, 2016 Alptekin emails Kian & Flynn; says, "I had a long meeting with Cavusoglu upon referall from Albayrak"
Aug 08, 2016 The Observer: "Did NSA Try to Destroy Hillary Clinton"
Aug 08, 2016 Obama golfs with Steph Curry, Dell Curry, and Cy Walker
Aug 08, 2016 Page: "he's not ever going to be president, right? Right?"
Aug 08, 2016 Strzok: "No. No he won't. We’ll stop it"
Aug 08, 2016 Strzok, Page prep for McDonough briefing (Obama chief of staff)
Aug 08, 2016 NYT: "Evan McMullin, Anti-Trump Republican, Mounts Independent Presidential Bid"
Aug 09, 2016 Obama family goes to the beach for the day, then State Road restaurant for dinner
Aug 09, 2016 Flynn Intel Group signs a 3-month, $600k contract with Ekim Alptekin
Aug 10, 2016 Roger Stone tells a local Republican Party group in Florida "I've actually communicated with Julian Assange."
Aug 10, 2016 Alptekin emails Kian & Flynn; "I met with Albayrak...he would like to meet us during his visit to DC"
Aug 10, 2016 Alptekin emails Kian & Flynn; gets green light on confidentiality, budget and the scope of contract
Aug 10, 2016 Obama golfs with Glenn Hutchins, Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning
Aug 10, 2016 DOJ provides defensive briefing to Lynch and Yates about the Renteria email [see: Jun 14, 2018 IG Report p. 172]
Aug 10, 2016 Steele memo #7; memo #8
Aug 10, 2016 NYFO investigation into Carter Page transferred to Crossfire Hurricane
Aug 11, 2016 Clapper visits Estonia
Aug 11, 2016 Kian emails Alptekin; he and Flynn discussed campaign design, resources; mentions 20% kickbacks
Aug 11, 2016 Kian and Alptekin's "Truth Campaign" changed to "Project Confidence"; Turkish govt funding concealed
Aug 11, 2016 Brennan briefs Reid, McConnell, Feinstein, Burr, Ryan, Pelosi, Nunes, and Schiff (Gang of Eight) wrt "the full details of our understanding of Russian attempts to interfere in the election". Briefings are spread out through September 6th. He "provided the same briefing to each (person)"
Aug 11, 2016 Obama golfs with Alonzo Mourning, Ray Allen, and Cy Walker. Then Obama visits the home of Robert Wolf's home. It's followed by a date-night at Detente restaurant in Edgartown. They leave at 10:20PM
Aug 11, 2016 Donna Brazile at FBI HQ; Perkins Coie's Michael Sussman in attendance
Aug 12, 2016 Ivanka Trump spotted in Dubrovnik with Jared Kushner
Aug 12, 2016 Obama golfs with Robert Wolf, Chris Paul and his brother C.J. Paul
Aug 12, 2016 Matthew Axelrod calls McCabe, says NY FBI agents disregarding instructions on MYE [see: Nov 2, 2016 WSJ]
Aug 12, 2016 McCabe: "Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?" [see: Nov 2, 2016 WSJ]
Aug 12, 2016 Stone says on the #MAGA podcast he believes Assange has emails deleted by Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. He adds that he knows he has them and they should be expected to drop in the next three months. "In fact I know [Assange] has them. And I believe he will expose the American people to this information in the next 90 days."
Aug 13, 2016 Obama family spends the day at the beach. Then Obama and his wife stop at the home of Glenn Hutchins, before joining their daughters for dinner at Red Cat Kitchen, arriving around 8:30PM. Restaurant staff posts about it on instagram
Aug 13, 2016 Page: "I'm going to forward to Kortan. God, makes me want to tell state to go f it."
Aug 13, 2016 Strzok: "States BS just makes me want to include those additional 302s. But that's just vindictiveness talking."
Aug 13, 2016 Shadow Brokers hack The Equation Group (aka NSA); auction stolen code on tumblr page
Aug 14, 2016 NYT: "Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump's Campaign Chief" Maggie Haberman calls it "deeply reported" Byline is Kramer, McIntyre and Meyer
Aug 14, 2016 Stone engages in direct messages with DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0, according to direct messages reported by the Washington Times and The Smoking Gun. Stone tells the hacker he was "delighted" Twitter reinstated his account
Aug 14, 2016 Obama golfs with Cy Walker, Alonzo Mourning, and Mercer Cook. After that, the small group of reporters that accompanies the president in public is released for dinner, but told to reassemble at 8:15PM for covering Obama's dinner out that night. Obama’s motorcade doesn't roll down the dirt driveway until almost 11PM, headed to Lola's, a southern seafood restaurant
Aug 15, 2016 Senior Trump campaign official encourages Papadopoulos to visit Russia; trip never happens
Aug 15, 2016 Kian and Alptekin set the start date for "Operation Confidence" (formerly "Truth Campaign")
Aug 15, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 receives a request for stolen documents from a candidate for the U.S. Congress
Aug 15, 2016 Obama golfs with Cy Walker, Alonzo Mourning, and Martin Nesbitt. Then spends about an hour at a Clinton fundraiser at the Chilmark home of Hank and Carol Goldberg
Aug 15, 2016 DOH's Jeh Johnson calls state officials to gain support for election defense, but was met with "a wall of resistance"
Aug 15, 2016 Bruce Ohr contacts Peter Strzok [see: September 6, 2018 The Hill]
Aug 15, 2016 Roger Stone tells World Net Daily that Assange told him that Clinton Foundation material is forthcoming
Aug 15, 2016 Peter Strzok's "insurance policy" text is sent at 6:29am est
Aug 15, 2016 Case Agent 1 seeks FISA inquiry on Carter Page; cites finances, interactions with Podobnyy
Aug 15, 2016 WaPo: "Trump adviser Michael T. Flynn on his dinner with Putin and why Russia Today is just like CNN"
Aug 15, 2016 "Clinton's close ties to Putin deserve scrutiny"
Aug 16, 2016 Stone tells Alex Jones he has "backchannel communications" with Assange who has "political dynamite" on the Clintons
Aug 16, 2016 Rick Gates interviewed by FBI, provides misleading info about interactions with Mercury
Aug 16, 2016 Obama family goes to a private beach for the day
Aug 16, 2016 Guardian: "Hacking group auctions 'cyber weapons' stolen from NSA" (Shadow Brokers)
Aug 16, 2016 Daily Beast: "Donald Trump Took Liberal Icon George Soros’s Money"
Aug 16, 2016 Mediaite: "Trump Defended George Soros During 2011 Tea Party Rally: ‘Leave Him Alone’"
Aug 16, 2016 Rick Gates emails Mercury LLC; asks them to mislead media about ties to Modern Centre for Ukraine
Aug 16, 2016 Carter Page appears on Fox News with Charles Payne to discuss immigration issues
Aug 17, 2016 Joe Pientka debriefs Trump, Flynn, Christie; pdf 16 pages
Aug 17, 2016 X-fire Hurricane receives CIA memo, detailing Carter Page's prior working relationship with CIA
Aug 17, 2016 Obama golfs with Cy Walker, Alonzo Mourning, and Martin Nesbitt. Obama's have dinner at Jimmy Seas Pan Pasta
Aug 17, 2016 Vanity Fair: "Exclusive: Stephen Bannon, Trump's new CEO, hints at his master plan"
Aug 17, 2016 Boingboing: "Breitbart's Stephen Bannon, now Trump's new CEO, reveals his master plan"
Aug 17, 2016 Yahoo: "Manafort was go-between in secret Ukraine lobbying campaign" by Michael Isikoff
Aug 17, 2016 AP: "Manafort tied to undisclosed foreign lobbying" byline Jeff Horowitz and Desmond Butler
Aug 17, 2016 X-fire Hurricane team receive's CIA memo on Carter Page's 5-year contract
Aug 18, 2016 Politico: "Manafort’s man in Kiev: The Trump campaign chairman’s closeness to a Russian Army-trained linguist turned Ukrainian political operative is raising questions, concerns" by Kenneth Vogel
Aug 18, 2016 Stone says in an interview on C-SPAN he's been in touch with Julian Assange "through an intermediary—somebody who is a mutual friend." WikiLeaks would later tweet in response to Stone's appearance, "We are happy to hear true information from everyone. But so far, we have not heard from Mr. Stone."
Aug 18, 2016 Obama golfs with Larry David, Robert Wolf and Jonathan Lavine. Obama and first lady have dinner at Beach Road
Aug 18, 2016 Yanukovych sails into the Russian city of Volgograd aboard a triple-decker yacht
Aug 18, 2016 Reuters: "Hackers targeted Trump campaign, Republican Party groups"
Aug 19, 2016 Robby Mook mentions that Carter Page has deep ties to Russia
Aug 19, 2016 Obama family watches the annual fireworks display in Oak Bluffs with friends at Valerie Jarrett’s vacation rental
Aug 19, 2016 Clinton meets Ukranian President Poroshenko at UN General Assembly meeting
Aug 19, 2016 Ukrainian MP provides evidence against Paul Manafort
Aug 19, 2016 Politico: "Paul Manafort resigns from Trump campaign"
Aug 19, 2016 CNN: "First on CNN: Feds investigate Manafort firm as part of Ukraine probe"
Aug 19, 2016 Private company called ThreatConnect publishes a blog post (a la Crowdstrike) which ties Fancy Bear to a hack of the Russian olympic doping whistleblower
Aug 19, 2016 Andrea Chalupa: "Exciting day: Paul Manafort resigned from the Trump campaign and will likely face an investgation for not declaring being a foreign agent while lobbying for Yanukovych and his party"
Aug 20, 2016 NYT article about Russian nationals targeted by the Kremlin; mentions fake 7/6/16 report on Poteyev
Aug 20, 2016 Conyers Cummings Engel and Thompson ask Comey to investigate Trump Russia. Talk about Manafort, Page, Gates, Flynn
Aug 20, 2016 Carter Page treks to a Northern Virginia farm on his mountain bike, where he meets with Stefan Halper
Aug ??, 2016 (Another FISA starts on Manafort?)
Aug ??, 2016 "Late Aug" Susan Rice tells people organizing counter attacks against Russia to "stand down." Don't get ahead of the white house on this
Aug 21, 2016 Stone says he is not "at liberty to discuss" information he received from Assange. Stone claims he was hacked after speaking with Assange
Aug 21, 2016 Obama golfs with Glenn Hutchins, Robert Wolf and Cy Walker
Aug 21, 2016 Stone says on The Blaze radio that he had "communicated" with Assange through a "mutual acquaintance."
Aug 21, 2016 Stone denies Guccifer 2.0 is connected to the Russians on local Maryland radio. "The DNC leaks that nailed Deborah Wasserman Schultz in the heist against Bernie Sanders was not leaked by the Russians, it was leaked by Cruccifer [sic] 2, I should say hacked and leaked first by Cruccifer 2, well known hacker who is not in the employment of the Russians and then Wikileaks. So that whole claim is a canard."
Aug 21, 2016 @StoneColdRoger: "it will soon the Podesta's time in the barrel"
Aug 21, 2016 6:20PM Obama and family board Marine One, returning to DC from their Martha's Vineyard vacation. Unofficial deadline for outlining options regarding Russia is when Obama gets back to DC [see: 8/22/16 MV Times]
Aug 21, 2016 Robbie Mook on Stephanopoulos going off on Trump Russia
Aug 22, 2016 Steele memo #9
Aug 22, 2016 Russian hackers compress, send 2.5gb of data stolen from the DCCC, sent to a state lobbyist
Aug 22, 2016 MV Times: "A recap of President Obama's Martha's Vineyard summer vacation"
Aug 22, 2016 Hackers posing as Guccifer 2.0 sends a reporter stolen documents pertaining to Black Lives Matter
Aug 22, 2016 Alexander Poteyev registers to vote in Florida,
Aug 22, 2016 Ohr meets Simpson; Simpson offers info on campaign intermediaries; Alfa Bank info,
Aug 23, 2016 Michael Cohen claims to be in Southern California with his son until the 29th
Aug 24, 2016 Clapper and Brennan attend Presidential Daily Briefs Symposium at Nixon Library
Aug 24, 2016 NYT reports it's Moscow bureau was unsuccessfully hacked
Aug 24, 2016 Ex-Panamanian official, Andres Felipes Arias, arrested in South Florida
Aug 25, 2016 Brennan briefs Harry Reid, tells Reid to direct pressure towards FBI
Aug 25, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 interacts with model Robbin Young
Aug 25, 2016 Assange is on Randy Credico's radio show
Aug 25, 2016 Eastern District of Maryland judge authorizes search warrant for Hal Martin's twitter account
Aug 26, 2016 Politico: "Trump’s mob-linked ex-associate gives $5,400 to campaign"
Aug 26, 2016 In an interview with Breitbart Radio, Stone says, "I'm almost confident Mr. Assange has virtually every one of the emails that the Clinton henchwomen, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, thought that they had deleted, and I suspect that he's going to drop them at strategic times in the run up to this race."
Aug 26, 2016 Rebecca Mercer emails Alexander Nix, asks if he can help organize WikiLeaks emails [see: Oct 27, 2017 WSJ]
Aug 27, 2016 Hacking tools and instructions on how to use it seized during raid on Harold T. Martin’s house [see: Oct 19, 2016 NYT]
Aug 27, 2016 Senator Harry Reid sends a letter to Comey; demanding new investigation into Trump campaign be opened
Aug 27, 2016 Clinton gets her intelligence briefing at an FBI office in NY
Aug 27, 2016 Harold T. Martin is arrested and fired from his job as a private contractor
Aug ??, 2016 Carter Page divests Gazprom shares around the same time in Aug 2016 that Reid sends a letter to Comey
Aug ??, 2016 Steele memo #17 alleges Michael Cohen traveled to Prague sometime late Aug/early Sep 2016
Aug 28, 2016 NYT: "A powerful Russian weapon, the spread of false stories" by Niel McFarquar
Aug 28, 2016 NYPost publishes explicit but blurred photo of Anthony Weiner sext w/1yo son in frame
Aug 29, 2016 NYT: "Harry Reid Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote, and Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry"
Aug 29, 2016 Stone says on local Florida radio of Assange and the Clinton Foundation, "Perhaps he has the smoking gun that will make this handcuff time."
Aug 29, 2016 Stefan Halper reaches out to Sam Clovis for coffee meeting; mentions that Carter Page said that they should meet scribd pdf
Aug 30, 2016 NBCNews: "Russians Hacked Two U.S. Voter Databases, Officials Say" byline Robert Windrem, William M. Arkin, Dilanian
Aug 31, 2016 Report filed against Anthony Weiner to ACS
Aug ??, 2016 Susan Rice orders stand down to White House cyber security coordinator, Michael Daniel. Happens in "late Aug". Don't get ahead of the white house on this [see: Jun 20, 2018 Yahoo]
Sep ??, 2016 Nellie Ohr leaves Fusion GPS sometime Sep 2016; later gives memory stick to Bruce,
Sep ??, 2016 Russian hackers access DNC computers thru third-party cloud-based service sometime Sep 2016
Sep ??, 2016 DOJ inquires as to whether Manafort/Gates have been acting as unregistered agents of a foreign country
Sep ??, 2016 Comey, while testifying before Congress, does not confirm existence of any investigation into Trump's campaign aides
Sep ??, 2016 Steele briefs Jonathon Winer on dossier at DC hotel, Winer gives 2-page summary to Nuland and Jon Finer
Sep ??, 2016 Clovis meets Halper at DoubleTree hotel in Arlington, VA, Halper discusses China, Papadopoulos
Sep ??, 2016 Paul Ahern (Treasury Dept attorney) argues with FinCEN employees citizens private info being illegally searched
Sep ??, 2016 Agents on the Clinton Foundation case, run out of Southern District of New York with assistance from Little Rock, ask EDNY to review laptops from Clinton email case. Clinton investigators say no because of immunity deals
Sep ??, 2016 John Brennan interviewed by CTC
Sep ??, 2016 Carter Page is in Brussels for four days sometime around Labor Day Weekend
Sep 01, 2016 Clinton campaign sends email to press about Hispanic Trump surrogates are reconsidering support
Sep 01, 2016 NYT: "Behind China’s Anbang: Empty Offices and Obscure Names"
Sep 01, 2016 WSJ: "Donald Trump and the Mob" byline Michael Rothfeld and Alexandra Berzon
Sep 01, 2016 WaPo: "Trump enlists veteran operative David Bossie as deputy campaign manager"
Sep 02, 2016 CrowdStrike detects activity in DNC's AWS cloud account
Sep 02, 2016 Ukraine's anti-corruption unit (NABU) stations an FBI agent to assist with tracing monetary flows
Sep 02, 2016 James Wolfe's wife, Jane Rhodes, interviewed on the Jerri Williams podcast
Sep 02, 2016 Halper emails Papadopolous $3k offer; invites him to London to discuss a policy paper about Middle East energy issues
Sep 02, 2016 Peter Smith sets up KLS Research LLC to find Clinton emails
Sep 02, 2016 Page texts Strzok that Comey was preparing a meeting with Obama, who wanted to know what they were doing
Sep 02, 2016 Politico: "The 12 juiciest bits from the FBI's Clinton report"
Sep 02, 2016 NYT: "F.B.I. Papers Offer Closer Look at Hillary Clinton Email Inquiry" byline Lichtblau, Goldman; Strzok mentions it
Sep ??, 2016 Carter Page is in Budapest in either late August, or early September; Labor Day weekend starts 9/3/16
Sep 05, 2016 NYT: "Intelligence Community Investigating Covert Russian Plan to Disrupt November Elections" byline Tom Hamburger, Dana Preist, Ellen Nakashima. Strzok calls it 100% authorized and well sourced
Sep 05, 2016 In first press conference in 275 days, HRC accuses Russia of interfering with US election, ties Trump into helping with it. States it as concerns
Sep 05, 2016 At G20 Summit, Obama and Putin discuss US presidential election, Obama allegedly warns Putin to stop interfering
Sep 05, 2016 WaPo: "U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections"
Sep 05, 2016 Labor day. Simpson is under the impression that reporters stop doing stories that could be perceived as a "late hit" or some kind of stunt
Sep 06, 2016 Reporter Adam Entous moves from WSJ to WaPo
Sep 06, 2016 FBI, NSA, and ODNI hold classified briefings with Congressional staff members about Russian interference
Sep 06, 2016 LA Times: "$1.7-billion payment to Iran was all in cash due to effectiveness of sanctions, White House says"
Sep 06, 2016 Reuters: "UK inquest into death of Russian whistleblower delayed until 2017" (Perepilichny)
Sep 07, 2016 OCCRP: "Platon’s Money"
Sep 07, 2016 During Town Hall, NBCs Matt Lauer asks Trump about his relationship with Putin
Sep 07, 2016 Intelligence and Nat'l Security Summit; attended by Schiff, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Carlin, Adm. Rogers, Shawn Henry
Sep 07, 2016 Peter Smith sends out a "recruiting document" to Matt Tait and maybe others
Sep 08, 2016 Tim Kaine intelligence briefing
Sep 08, 2016 Jeff Sessions meets with Sergei Kislyak in D.C.
Sep 08, 2016 NYT reveals that Brennan's AOL account was hacked by two teenagers in North Carolina
Sep 08, 2016 NYT: "Justice Dept. Granted Immunity to Specialist Who Deleted Hillary Clinton’s Emails"
Sep 08, 2016 NYT: "Donald Trump's Campaign Stands by Embrace of Putin" by Jonathan Martin and Amy Chozick
Sep 08, 2016 Daily Beast article on Sergei Millian; by Tim Mak, Katie Zavadski
Sep 09, 2016 Mike Pence intelligence briefing by Clapper, Evanina, Strzok and Jen?
Sep 09, 2016 Clapper and Ash Carter propose to split Cyber from NSA
Sep 09, 2016 Evan McMullin suggested during an interview on CNN with Kate Bolduan that there was blackmail material on Donald Trump, and mentioned the connection between Flynn and Russia Today America
Sep 09, 2016 Yahoo article about problematic Trump donation to David Bossie; by Michael Isikoff
Sep 09, 2016 George Papadopoulos tells Brian Lanza that he received an interview requests from an Interfax reporter
Sep 10, 2016 Strzok: "thing is, there are VERY inflammatory things in the 302s we didn't turn over to Congress"
Sep 10, 2016 3 FBI agents visit Oleg Deripaska in New York and ask him about collusion
Sep 11, 2016 NBC News: "Hillary Clinton Leaves 9/11 Memorial Early After Feeling ‘Overheated,’ Has Pneumonia"
Sep 12, 2016 Sergei Millian is scheduled to pick up George Papadopoulos from LaGuardia Airport
Sep 13, 2016 Sergei Millian emails Michael Cohen about George Papadopoulos
Sep 13, 2016 Halper and Papadopolous have dinner at the Connaught Hotel, where Halper brings up his research assistant Azra Turk
Sep 13, 2016 NYT: "U.S. Finalizes Deal to Give Israel $38 Billion in Military Aid"
Sep 13, 2016 Colin Powell's e-mails published on DCLeaks
Sep 13, 2016 FARA registration chief Heather Hunt writes to Manafort's company seeking more information related company's FARA registration
Sep 13, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 releases DNC Documents
Sep 13, 2016 Carter Page emails several campaign staff that he plans to ask Joe Biden about Hunter's activities in Ukraine at a CFR event
Sep 14, 2016 Center for Strategic & Int'l Studies seminar: Comey, Lynch, Brennan, Carlin, McDonough, Baker, Fitzgerald, etc.
Sep 14, 2016 Lisa Monaco says at 10yr anniversary of DOJ/NSD that Russia hacking the election would be "extremely difficult"
Sep 14, 2016 Steele memo #10; memo #11; memo #12
Sep 14, 2016 Naked Capitalism article about Deripaska/HRC General Motors-Opel deal
Sep ??, 2016 Inovo BV hires Flynn Intel Group around this time [see: Nov 21, 2016 Daily Caller]
Sep ??, 2016 Papadopoulos tells Stefan Halper mid-Sep 2016 that colluding with Russia would be treasonous
Sep 15, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group exercises a $240,815 Option
Sep 15, 2016 Halper and Papadopolous meet at the Travellers Club, again with Azra Turk, Azra is said to have flirted with Pdop
Sep 15, 2016 Isikoff leaves a voicemail for Carter Page at 2:08pm; he asks for a call back
Sep 16, 2016 Maria Butina arranges 2nd "friendship and dialogue" dinner in DC with Paul Erickson and U.S. Person 2
Sep 16, 2016 Stone says on Boston Herald Radio that he expects Assange the WikiLeaks to "drop a payload of new documents on a weekly basis fairly soon. And that of course will answer the question of exactly what was erased on that email server." Stone adds of Assange, "I am in touch with him through an intermediary."
Sep 16, 2016 WaPo: "Donor to Clinton Foundation, McAuliffe caught up in Chinese cash-for-votes scandal" (Wenliang)
Sep 16, 2016 Steele texts Bruce Ohr, says he will be back in town "on business of mutual interest" [8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Sep 18, 2016 Consillium: "UN General Assembly, New York, 18-22 September 2016"
Sep 19, 2016 First meeting between Baker and Sussmann; the two would later have two conversations by telephone
Sep 19, 2016 Gen. Flynn meets w/Turks at Essex hotel; Alptekin disputes Woolsey's "late" claim,
Sep 19, 2016 USNews: "Computer Specialist Who Deleted Clinton Emails May Have Asked Reddit for Tips"
Sep 19, 2016 Alptekin arranges a meeting between Flynn, Mevlut Cavusoglu, and Berat Albayrak in NYC [see: Mar 24, 2017 New Yorker]
Sep 19, 2016 Michael Sussmann of Perkins Coie tells James Baker "he had cyber experts that had obtained some information that they thought they should get into the hands of the FBI" about the Trump-Alfa Bank server pings
Sep 19, 2016 Turkish officials meet w/Flynn Intel Group at 21 Club in NYC, raise idea to extradite Gulen
Sep 19, 2016 Glenn Simpsons emails Jonathan Winer, asks if he's in town
Sep 20, 2016 Woolsey meets w/Alptekin and Korkmaz at the Peninsula Hotel; he requests $10m for the Gulen contract
Sep 20, 2016 Genesis Capital files in state court seeking mortgage foreclosure on Manafort-linked loans [7/25/17 Bloomberg]
Sep 20, 2016 NYPost: "Trump has sit-down with Egypt’s president"
Sep 20, 2016 CHA recieves a briefing about weird things happening with Democratic Caucus server, part of the Awans scandal
Sep 20, 2016 WaPo: "Clapper: Russia has tried to influence U.S. elections before" James Clapper gives an interview to David Igantius. Plays up Russian interference and is actually featured in the FISA application
Sep 20, 2016 Strzok: "Plus I'm supposed to talk to Glenn Fine (DOD IG) at 145 with Baker..."
Sep 21, 2016 Yared Tamene discovers nefarious activity in the DNC's AWS; activity began 9/21
Sep 21, 2016 At UN, Biden rebuffs Erdogan demand to release Reza Zarrab,,
Sep 21, 2016 WSJ: "FBME Bank Wins Second Injunction Against FinCEN Rule"
Sep 21, 2016 Steele texts bruce Ohr; says he is in DC; "keen to meet up with you" [8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Sep 21, 2016 Jonathan Winer meets Steele at a DC hotel; he reviews (but does not keep) the memos; prepares 2-page summary
Sep 21, 2016 Steele briefs the New Yorker (Jane Mayer), NYT, WaPo, Yahoo (Isikoff), CNN, & McClathy @ Tabard Inn
Sep 21, 2016 DailyMail: "Anthony Weiner carried on a months-long online sexual relationship with a troubled 15-year-old girl"
Sep ??, 2016 Gang of 12 congressional leaders receive briefing from Lisa Monaco, Comey, and Jeh Johnson. McConnell pushes back on underlying intelligence
Sep 22, 2016 Unnamed Treasury Dept official leaks classified documents to an unnamed open source,
Sep 22, 2016 Yahoo: "The birth of a candidacy: Did the president’s mockery propel Trump into the race?" by Michael Isikoff
Sep 22, 2016 Schiff and Feinstein release statement saying the Russians are trying to influence election. Probably the end result of a failed effort to get a bi partisan statement out
Sep 22, 2016 Glenn Simpson emails Jonathan Winer at 7:37am; he requests a call asap, says it'll be quick
Sep 22, 2016 Isikoff leaves a voicemail for Carter Page at 5:23pm; he asks for a call back
Sep 22, 2016 SDNY issues subpoena for Anthony Weiner phone records
Sep 22, 2016 Long Term Strategy Group excercises a $155,750 Option
Sep 22, 2016 Yahoo! reports data breach to the public and fingers "state sponsored hackers". Sen. Blumenthal and Sen. Warner chastise Yahoo! for waiting so long to publicize
Sep 23, 2016 Oleg Deripaska visits the U.S. on a visa; stays till September 29th; p. 66 SSCI Report Volume 5
Sep 23, 2016 Weiner iPhone, iPad, and Dell PC transferred to Granite Intelligence LLC
Sep 23, 2016 NYT's Susanne Craig receives a copy of Trump's 1995 tax returns around this time [see: Oct 2, 2016 Medium]
Sep 23, 2016 Ohr meets with Steele for breakfast; tells him he is desperate Trump not get elected
Sep 23, 2016 Yahoo article published at 11:12am alleges Carter Page secretly met w/Sechin & Diveykin; Isikoff
Sep 23, 2016 McFaul tweets Isikoff's 9/23/16 article about Carter Page at 12:18am; he suggests Carter join Twitter
Sep 23, 2016 Hillary for America's Glen Caplin emails a press release about Carter Page at 6:41pm,,
Sep 23, 2016 Politico: "Who Is Carter Page? The mystery of Trump’s man in Moscow"
Sep 23, 2016 Jason Miller and Steve Bannon discuss removing Carter Page from the campaign
Sep ??, 2016 Winer starts talking to Blumenthal. Blumenthal shares Shearer information which was of a sexual and financial nature. Similar but different from Steele's info
Sep ??, 2016 Winer gives copy of Schearer memo to Steele (electronically?); Winer did not give to State. Steele gives to FBI as part of "handing over everything"
Sep ??, 2016 Comey tasks Priestap with a multifaceted effort to protect the 2016 election from interference
Sep 24, 2016 RFE/RL ("BBG") republishes Yahoo's 9/23/16 article on Carter Page; Carter takes legal notice on 9/14/17
Sep 24, 2016 Strzok texts Julia Ioffe's 9/23/16 article about Carter Page
Sep 24, 2016 Carter Page officially removed from the campaign
Sep 25, 2016 Carter Page emails letter to Comey in the evening,,,
Sep 25, 2016 Hurriyet: "Erdoğan says he asked US VP Biden about arrest of Iranian-Turkish businessman Zarrab"
Sep 25, 2016 Carter Page leaves Trump campaign
Sep 26, 2016 WaPo's Josh Rogin discusses Carter Page's response to Isikoff's 9/23/16 article
Sep 26, 2016 Carter Page says his 9/25/16 letter to Comey was published in the Washington Post on 9/26/16
Sep 26, 2016 Search and Seizure Warrant against Anthony Weiner; pdf 4 pages
Sep 26, 2016 Govt requests re-authorization of 702 searches for approval by FISC
Sep 26, 2016 Halper signs fourth contract with DOD's Office of Net Assessment ($411,575.00)
Sep 26, 2016 ACS alerts man who filed report against Weiner
Sep 26, 2016 First presidential debate. Trump says Govt has no idea who actually hacked. "It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds."
Sep 26, 2016 CNBC: "Trump brags about not paying taxes: 'That makes me smart'"
Sep 26, 2016 Peter Strzok says Carter Page's 9/25/16 letter to Comey "provides us a pretext for an interview"
Sep 27, 2016 Doug Schoen's book, Putin's Master Plan, hits bookstores
Sep 27, 2016 Halper's third contract with DOD expires ($244,960.00)
Sep 27, 2016 John Carlin announces resignation (does not resign immediately)
Sep 27, 2016 During the first presidential debate, Trump suggests a 400-lb hacker stole the DNC's emails
Sep 27, 2016 Turkish Minute article on the RedHack group's leaking emails from Berat Albayrak (Erdogan son-in-law)
Sep 28, 2016 Ryan, Pelosi, McConnel, and Reid sent letter to Todd Valentine about potential cyber attacks
Sep 28, 2016 Weiner's lawyer turns over subpoenad emails to SDNY
Sep 28, 2016 James Comey appears on Capitol Hill at a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing
Sep 29, 2016 J.D. Gordon meets Maria Butina for the first time at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador
Sep 29, 2016 Strzok texts Page that he's sending a team up to SDNY the next day to review Anthony Weiner's subpoenaed documents
Sep 29, 2016 Obama for America pays Perkins Coie $700,000
Sep 29, 2016 Mikk Marran attends CEPA Forum in DC, panelists Thomas Kent, Mustafa Nayyem, Michael Weiss, speech by Benjamin Wittes
Sep 29, 2016 George Papadopoulos interview with Interfax
Sep 30, 2016 Whistleblower Adam Lovinger sends letter to Office of Net Assessment Director James H. Baker
Sep 30, 2016 House leadership gets another warning about the Awans
Sep 30, 2016 End of FY 2016, beginning of FY 2017
Sep ??, 2016 Steele attends several off-the-record meetings with U.S. journalists from NYT, WaPo, Yahoo, New Yorker, and CNN
Oct ??, 2016 Linux-based version of X-Agent remains on the DNC network until sometime Oct 2016
Oct ??, 2016 Steele debriefed by FBI, hands over Cody Shearer memo
Oct ??, 2016 Kerry aides produce "action memo", includes relatiatory measures against Russia, not published till election night
Oct ??, 2016 Successful FISA on a server in Trump Tower, suspected of comms with two Russian banks [see: Nov 7, 2016 Heat Street]
Oct ??, 2016 Ash Carter and James Clapper recommend to Obama sometime Oct 2016 that Adm. Rogers be fired
Oct 01, 2016 @StoneColdRoger: "Wednesday @HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks."
Oct 01, 2016 Clinton campaign sends email to press about Chelsea Clinton speaking event
Oct 01, 2016 At the FBIs request, Steele meets with "four FBI officials" in Rome, one of them from Washington, and offers a full debriefing on his information. It was in Rome presumably because of Mike Gaeta. FBI tells Steele about the human source in the Trump campaign, and that FBI was specifically looking at Papadopoulos
Oct 01, 2016 NYT: "Pages From Donald Trump’s 1995 Income Tax Records"
Oct 01, 2016 Papadopoulos sends Mifsud a facebook message with an article from interfax
Oct 02, 2016 Medium: "Did Marla Maples Leak Her Own Tax Returns?" (Yashar Ali)
Oct 03, 2016 Forbes: "Trump And The Oligarch 'Trio'" by Richard Behar, also "Donald Trump And The Felon: Inside His Business Dealings With A Mob-Connected Hustler" by the same author on the same subject
Oct 03, 2016 NY FBI confiscates Weiner laptop, iPad, phone, wifi router
Oct 03, 2016 Roger Stone allegedly dines with an associate of Julian Assange (Credico?)
Oct 03, 2016 In London interview with Crossfire Hurricane, Steele offers Podobnyy as Carter Page's Russian handler
Oct 03, 2016 In London interview with Crossfire Hurricane, Steele falsey offers up Person 1 (Sergei Millian)
Oct 04, 2016 FISC holds a hearing wrt 9/26/16 DoJ/ODNI request for approval of certifications
Oct 04, 2016 Carter Page receives first death threat
Oct 04, 2016 FBI discovers +700k emails on Weiner laptop, also all HRC emails from 2006-2016 [see: Jun 22, 2018 Daily Caller]
Oct 04, 2016 Second presidential debate
Oct 04, 2016 Paul Erickson emails an acquaintance; says he is working on a Kremlin backchannel to GOP and NRA
Oct 04, 2016 Guccifer 2.0 releases DCCC documents and falsely advertises them as Clinton Foundation documents
Oct 04, 2016 George Papadopoulos presumed to have left the campaign somewhere around this time
Oct 05, 2016 DOJ charges Harold T. Martin with removal of classified materials and theft of govt property
Oct 05, 2016 Butina and Torshin Twitter DMs; Torshin is in the hospital; they discuss strategy,
Oct 05, 2016 Wordpress page first published showing links between Russian server and Trump tower
Oct 06, 2016 WaPo hosts Cybersecurity Summit, attended by Lisa Monaco, Ellen Nakashima, and DNC's Michael Sussmann
Oct 06, 2016 WaPo: "Trump personally lobbied Congress to give real estate developers bigger tax breaks"
Oct 06, 2016 Christopher Steele arranges a meeting with Kathleen Kavalec
Oct ??, 2016 "Early October" Comey and other senior administration officials meet twice in the White House Situation Room in early October to again discuss a public statement about Russian meddling. But the roles were reversed: Susan Rice, the national security adviser, wanted to move ahead. Mr. Comey was less interested in being involved
Oct 07, 2016 Manafort emails Calk, says $2.5m first mortgage on a property is actually $3.5 [see: Aug 13, 2018 American Banker]
Oct 07, 2016 Homeland Security, ODNI blame Russia for DNC leaks, Podesta emails, Guccifer 2.0 (Comey declines to attach his name)
Oct 07, 2016 Susan Rice summons Ambassador Kislyak to the White House to relay a message to Vladimir Putin
Oct 07, 2016 Strzok: : “Jesus. More BO leaks in the NYT” (Bruce Ohr?)
Oct 07, 2016 Access Hollywood tape released
Oct 07, 2016 [WikiLeaks] releases the first set of emails from John Podesta
Oct 08, 2016 NeverTrumper GOP Congressman Will Hurd dumps Trump
Oct 09, 2016 Second presidential debate. Hillary specifically mentions "17 intelligence agencies" assessment
Oct 09, 2016 Alexander Poteyev applies for a fishing license at 10:30am at a Wal-Mart in Florida
Oct 09, 2016 Mueller joins Booz Allen Hamilton after Shadow Brokers investigation arrests NSA contractor Harold Martin
Oct 09, 2016 WaPo: "Trump: If elected, I’ll appoint a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s emails"
Oct 09, 2016 FBI speaks with John Podesta, tells him his emails are being investigated [see: Oct 11, 2016 Politico]
Oct 09, 2016 Intercept: "New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship"
Oct ??, 2016 FBI general counsel James Baker meets with DNC lawyers to discuss Trump-Russia collusion [see: Oct 3, 2018 The Hill]
Oct 10, 2016 Page Six: "Billy Bush bragged about vulgar Trump video to NBC staffers"
Oct 10, 2016 @mike pence: "Delicious stop at Tony's Ice Cream, a family-owned-and-operated small business in downtown Gastonia, NC"
Oct 10, 2016 Alaturka: "Trump's adviser meets with Turkish society" (Flynn)
Oct 10, 2016 Gen. Flynn meets with Ibrahim Kurtulus and Hilal Mutlu, relatives of Erdogan, in NYC; in a Facebook post sometime later, Kurtulus brags that he used the meeting as an opportunity to “educate” Flynn about Gulenl also at the meeting was Halil Mutlu, another prominent player in the deep network of pro-Erdogan U.S.-based activists. Mutlu, whose late father Kemal was Erdogan’s uncle, serves as president of a U.S.-based non-profit called the Turken Foundation [see: Nov 16, 2016 Daily Caller]
Oct 11, 2016 Politico: "Podesta: Trump ally had ‘advance warning’ of hacked emails"
Oct 11, 2016 Don Jr at event in Paris, hosted by French think tank. Fusion apparently knew about it
Oct 11, 2016 Kavalec notes on Steele; 11 pages scribd pdf; 2 page scribd pdf
Oct 12, 2016 Guardian reports that Aveshka had been hired by the FBI since 2015 to be couriers for FISA info
Oct 12, 2016 Jane Rhodes-Wolfe hired as Head of Corp Security and Group Vice President at Charter Communications
Oct 12, 2016 CBS: "Trump Ally Roger Stone Admits ‘Back-Channel’ Tie To WikiLeaks"
Oct 12, 2016 Stone tells a local Florida radio station that he has "a back-channel communication with Assange, because we have a good mutual friend. That friend travels back and forth from the United States to London and we talk. I had dinner with him last Monday"
Oct 12, 2016 Steele memo #13
Oct 13, 2016 Trump delivers "Slings and Arrows" speech in Florida
Oct 14, 2016 Third presidential debate
Oct 14, 2016 Yahoo: "Former CIA director accuses Trump allies of 'working on behalf of the Russians'"
Oct 14, 2016 Michael McFaul tweets about bumping into Ambassador Kislyak at the White House
Oct 14, 2016 Page: "...DAG now wants to be there, and WH wants DOJ to host...get Cohen's view...We need to speak with one voice."
Oct 14, 2016 Strzok emails Lisa Page "at a minimum, that keeps the hurry the F up pressure on him"
Oct 14, 2016 Melissa Hodgman-Strzok is promoted to Associate Director in the SEC's Enfocement Division
Oct ??, 2016 Steele meets with several reporters again in mid-October 2016
Oct ??, 2016 Carter Page loses cell phone in busy traffic, sometime mid-October 2016
Oct 15, 2016 John P. Carlin resigns
Oct 15, 2016 Buzzfeed: "Meet Fancy Bear, The Russian Group Hacking The US Election"
Oct 15, 2016 FISA granted for "Any US person" connected to Alfa Bank or SVB (close w/Sberbank),
Oct 16, 2016 Assange's internet is severed; he blames John Kerry
Oct 17, 2016 British bank, NatWest, a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland, drops Russian Today as a client
Oct 17, 2016 Butina asks Torshin for a list of ten Russians who could attend the National Prayer Breakfast
Oct 17, 2016 Politico: "4-star general snagged for lying in Stuxnet leak probe"
Oct 17, 2016 NYT: "Agents clash over HRC emails" byline Eric Lichtblau, Steven Lee Myers
Oct 17, 2016 @ChrisSnyderFox: "Trump tells his supporters 'it is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.'"
Oct 17, 2016 Gen. Cartwright pleads guilty in Stuxnet case; DoJ press release; NYTimes
Oct 18, 2016 Steele memo #14
Oct 18, 2016 Steele emails Ohr at 6:51 a.m. to discuss a dispute between Deripaska's RUSAL and the Govt of Ukraine
Oct 18, 2016 Steele briefs reporters again. NYT, WaPo, Yahoo. Again visits the Washington Post's newsroom, "visibly agitated."
Oct 18, 2016 Steele visits State Department, Nuland apparently doesn't go
Oct 18, 2016 Crossfire Hurricane rush "Dragon" FISA warrant [see: July 7, 2018 The Hill]
Oct 18, 2016 NYO Case Agent alerts SDNY to FBI HQ "inaction", FBIHQ re-engagement regarding Weiner laptop
Oct 18, 2016 Maria Butina attends a Styx concert with J.D. Gordon;
Oct 19, 2016 Steele provided the FSB→Turkish→Shearer→Blumenthal→Winer memo to FBI
Oct 19, 2016 Steele memo #15
Oct 19, 2016 Stone writes on Breitbart: "I had no advance notice of WikiLeaks' hacking of Podesta's e-mails."
Oct 19, 2016 Third presidential debate. "You're the puppet"
Oct 19, 2016 Steele calls Bruce Ohr [8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Oct 19, 2016 Page: "Meeting with WH counsel is finally set up and I want to talk about timing. Thanks."
Oct 19, 2016 Page: "DAG approved. I told [?] already to stand by for one edit."
Oct 19, 2016 Reuters: "Clinton accuses Trump of being Putin's 'puppet'"
Oct 19, 2016 NYT: "Trove of Stolen Data Is Said to Include Top-Secret U.S. Hacking Tools" (Harold T. Martin)
Oct 19, 2016 Hillary for America issues presser sent at 9:37pm about Trump advisors ties to Russia
Oct 20, 2016 Steele memo #16
Oct 20, 2016 Halper talks at the China Forum in Washington
Oct 20, 2016 NSA compliance officer briefs Adm. Rogers on illegal FBI spying
Oct 20, 2016 Lisa Monaco meets with financial executives to discuss cyber security
Oct 20, 2016 AG Lynch delivers remarks in Rome, Italy on DOJ efforts to fight international fraud and corruption
Oct 20, 2016 Carter Page tweets on 2/20/19 that FISC authorized a warrant against him on 10/20/16,
Oct 21, 2016 Preet Bharara instructs SDNY deputy to inform DOJ of Weiner laptop delay [see: Jun 22, 2018 Daily Caller]
Oct 21, 2016 Goodlatte letter to Comey; asks about recently released 302's from Mid Year Exam investigation
Oct 21, 2016 Carter Page FISA; SSA; Comey; SQY; Collyer
Oct 21, 2016 NSA notifies DOJ & FISC of spying
Oct ??, 2016 Carter Page travels to South Africa sometime shortly after the first FISA is approved
Oct 23, 2016 McCabe tells Michael Kortan to alert him if the WSJ goes to print with an article about his wife
Oct 23, 2016 WSJ article about $467k in payments from Terry McAuliffe to Jill McCabe in 2015
Oct 24, 2016 Russia Today interviews Carter Page in London for its Going Underground program; topic is "Leave"
Oct 24, 2016 Esquire article about Dmitry Alperovitch; by Vicky Ward
Oct 24, 2016 Benjamin Wittes writes an article about insurance policies in Lawfare Blog
Oct 24, 2016 NSA verbally briefs FISA Court regarding non-compliance with NSA's minimization procedures
Oct 24, 2016 WSJ article on Terry McAuliffe; $467k donation to Jill McCabe in 2015 VA state senate run
Oct 24, 2016 WaPo: "The misplaced GOP buzz about Jill McCabe"
Oct 24, 2016 True Pundit says Comey lobbied against criminal charges for HRC
Oct 24, 2016 Jill McCabe emails a 10/24/16 True Pundit article to Andrew McCabe
Oct 24, 2016 Comey reassures McCabe that the 10/24/16 True Pundit article about Giacalone is likely a "yarn"
Oct 25, 2016 Giuliani teases that the Trump campaign has "surprises left" on Fox and Friends
Oct 26, 2016 McCabe, Lynch, and William Sweeney Jr. talk about leaks, including some about Eric Garner
Oct 26, 2016 NSA briefs FISC with written submissions; FISC holds a hearing; review deadline extended to 1/31/17
Oct 27, 2016 McCabe instructed to listen by phone to MYE-Weiner laptop conference led by Comey [see: Jun 14, 2018 IG]
Oct 27, 2016 Peter Fritch email to Mark Cymrot ccing Glenn Simpson, about the Prevazon/Browder case
Oct 28, 2016 Carter Page email OSCE; 5 pages + 7/7/16 speech in Moscow; pdf
Oct 28, 2016 Carter Page is in Europe/Africa from at least 10/28/16 until 11/1/16
Oct 28, 2016 Comey notifies Congress reopening Clinton investigation
Oct 28, 2016 Steele's relationship with the FBI breaks down
Oct ??, 2016 Maria Butina attends a birthday party for J.D. Gordon; it's the last time they meet with each other
Oct ??, 2016 (October 29th?) Steele Skypes with David Corn
Oct 29, 2016 Joe DiGenova announces FBI did not destroy Clinton team laptops
Oct 29, 2016 Stone says on local Florida television that he had no advanced knowledge of the forthcoming hack of Podesta's emails, but says he has a "backchannel contact" to Assange. "We have a mutual friend." When asked about the content of the information shared, "Broad information pertaining to the fact that Wikileaks has information pertaining to massive secret surveillance, war, oil, the U.S. election." Stone says he only knew about emails being released "in the broad sense." He says he has never met or spoken to Assange and didn't pass any information about it to Trump.
Oct 29, 2016 Joseph Mifsud emails his employee, Simona Mangiante, asking if he can meet with her in London
Oct 30, 2016 WSJ: "FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe"
Oct 30, 2016 12:32pm Search warrant issued for examining Weiners laptop
Oct 30, 2016 A British citizen envoy arrives in Charlotte, NC to walk precincts in support of Hillary Clinton, including Jen Thornton. Australians, led by Stephen Donnelly, go to Charlston, NC
Oct 30, 2016 Reid writes letter to Comey, demands he announce Trump Russia investigation
Oct 30, 2016 WSJ article on McCabe's ties to McAuliffe
Oct 30, 2016 McCabe in London
Oct ??, 2016 Clinton campaign and DNC stop paying Fusion GPS through Perkins Coie
Oct 31, 2016 HPSCI letter to Comey asking questions aboout email investigation
Oct 31, 2016 Grassley letter to Comey asking about email investigation
Oct 31, 2016 Slate article on computer servers btw Trump Tower & Alfa bank; Sussmann is source,
Oct 31, 2016 NYT: "Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia"
Oct 31, 2016 FBI leaks confirmation of Trump-Russia investigation to Mother Jones
Oct 31, 2016 Comey and McCabe have face-to-face conversation about 10/30 WSJ article
Oct 31, 2016 Obama admin calls Moscow on a secure line (matter unknown)
Oct 31, 2016 Gowdy on Fox: "Thank God he's leaving, is my initial reaction. My second reaction is, I did not know Mormons used drugs. And anyone who is capable of sending out that press release has to be under the influence of something."
Oct 31, 2016 David Corn publishes an article about a veteran spy's finding on Trump and Russia
Oct 31, 2016 NBC News: "FBI Making Inquiry Into Ex-Trump Campaign Manager's Foreign Ties" byline includes Ken Dilanian
Oct 31, 2016 Financial Times article on Trump and Sergei Millian; by Catherine Belton
Oct 31, 2016 NYT article disspelling rumor that FBI is investigating Trump & Russia
Nov ??, 2016 Schulte leaves CIA; moves from Virginia to NYC; hired by Bloomberg as senior software engineer
Nov ??, 2016 Schulte transports computer containing illicit images of minors across state lines around this time
Nov 01, 2016 Financial Times story about Sergei Millian
Nov 01, 2016 FBI releases Marc Rich vault; 129 pages, most of it redacted; response to FOIA
Nov 01, 2016 FBI terminates its CHS relationship with Christopher Steele,
Nov 01, 2016 Steele shows BBC reporter Paul Wood the Dossier
Nov 01, 2016 Moscow confirms it received Obama admin's call on a secure line
Nov 01, 2016 McCabe emails colleagues; recuses himself from Clinton Foundation investigation
Nov 02, 2016 Grassley sends letter to Comey about Andrew McCabe, Jill McCabe, & Terry McAuliffe
Nov 02, 2016 Alpektin meets with Brian McCauley and Bijan Kian in NYC at the Flynn Intel Group office in VA [3/16/17 New Yorker]
Nov 02, 2016 Time: "President Obama Criticizes FBI Chief on Disclosure of New Hillary Clinton Email Probe"
Nov 02, 2016 WSJ: "Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud in Clinton Probe"
Nov 02, 2016 Reuters: "John Brennans Attempt to lead Americas spies into the age of cyberwar" by David Rhode
Nov 03, 2016 Sputnik News interviews Halper, who says HRC would be better for UK-USA relations than Trump
Nov 03, 2016 CIA contractor, Reynaldo Regis, house raided by FBI [see: May 11, 2018, Daily Caller]
Nov 03, 2016 McClatchly report that Trump's jet was in Charlotte at the same time as Rybolovlev's jet
Nov 03, 2016 WaPo: "US Officials warn of Russian mischief in US election and beyond" by Greg Miller and Adam Entous
Nov 04, 2016 Newsweek: "Why Vladimir Putin's Russia Is Backing Donald Trump"
Nov 04, 2016 Huffington Post: "Rudy Giuliani Confirms FBI Insiders Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign"
Nov 04, 2016 WaPo: "In ‘Little Moscow,’ Russians helped Donald Trump’s brand survive the recession" (Sunny Isles Beach, Florida)
Nov 04, 2016 NBCNews: "U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election" by Ken Dilanian
Nov 05, 2016 John Kerry and aides travel to Antarctica
Nov 06, 2016 Clinton investigation closes again after Strzok & 2 others review 650,000 emails in about six days
Nov 07, 2016 Goodlatte letter to Comey asking further questions about the Mid Year Exam investigation
Nov 07, 2016 Chelsea Manning pro se motion alleges improper FISA warrant; filed 11/14/16; scribd pdf 27 pages
Nov 07, 2016 Heat Street: "FBI ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ Covering Trump Camp’s Ties To Russia"
Nov 07, 2016 "REPORTER #1" (Ellen Nakashima) emails James Wolfe "Hey Jim. How are you? Been awhile."
Nov 08, 2016 Strzok: "Managed to get into a huge fight here about the Bu and Clinton. Because [?] just can't stop at fair observations. She has to assert her mastery of things about which she has NO knowledge."
Nov 08, 2016 Gen. Flynn publishes a pro-Turkey op-ed in The Hill; FBI takes notice
Nov 08, 2016 Presidential election
Nov 08, 2016 Alexander Poteyev votes in the 2016 election
Nov 08, 2016 Butina and Torshin discuss the results of the election; speculate who might be Secretary of State
Nov 09, 2016 FBI logs intrusion analysis into HRC server
Nov 09, 2016 Strzok send Lisa Page a Lawfare article titled "The Burden on Donald Trump"
Nov 10, 2016 Daily Caller: "Here is a list of people Donald Trump is considering for senior White House jobs"
Nov 10, 2016 In the Oval Office, Obama "forcefully" tells Trump to "steer clear of Flynn" [5/8/17 Politico]
Nov 10, 2016 Chelsea Manning submits a pro se letter for clemency; pdf's 27 pages
Nov 11, 2016 Daily Caller: "Trump's top military adviser is lobbying for obscure company with ties to Turkish government" (Flynn)
Nov 11, 2016 Chris Christie demoted from leading the Trump transition team, replaced by Mike Pence
Nov 11, 2016 Devin Nunes press release: "Today I was honored to have been named to the executive committee of President-elect Donald Trump's transition team. In this role, I will advise President-elect Trump on the appointments of his Cabinet members and on appointments to other top positions in the new administration"
Nov 11, 2016 Michael McFaul tweets photo of Ambassador Kislyak at the Stanford Graduate School of Business giving a speech
Nov 11, 2016 Manafort emails transition official, recommends Stephen Calk for cabinet position [see: Aug 10, 2018 American Banker]
Nov 11, 2016 Maria Butina DMs Torshin; sends reports on meeting U.S. politicians; guesses Secretary of State
Nov 12, 2016 Torshin confirms reciept of Butina's proposal; says "[Kremlin] won't go for it"
Nov 13, 2016 Steve Bannon tapped as Chief Strategist & Senior Counselor; Reince Priebus for WH Chief of Staff
Nov 13, 2016 Lisa Page purchases "All the President's Men" to brush up on Watergate
Nov ??, 2016 Agaralov family wires $1.2m from Russian bank account to New Jersey account owned by son [see: 9/12/18 BuzzFeed]
Nov 14, 2016 CBS News: "Trump team seeks top-secret security clearances for Trump's children"
Nov 14, 2016 Mike Rogers (R-MI) hosts dinner party, guests John Brennan, Adm. Rogers, cast and crew of "Homeland"
Nov 14, 2016 Strzok texts Page; asks if she can set up a meeting with Pientka and Bruce so they can discuss Steele
Nov 15, 2016 Flynn Intel Group contract with Inovo BV ends
Nov 15, 2016 Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) resigns from Trump transition
Nov 15, 2016 Lisa Page: "Yeah, and then the Deputy Director (Yates) told you to go to London on 24 hours notice."
Nov 15, 2016 Atul & Sagar Chordia, Kalpesh Mehta meets Trump at Trump Tower
Nov 15, 2016 Daily Beast: "Was Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Attack Dog, Paid Illegally?"
Nov 15, 2016 Russian-based article on Felix Sater's informant roles on behalf of the U.S. govt
Nov 15, 2016 Bloomberg article on Buryakov ("The spy who added me on LinkedIn"); pdf
Nov 16, 2016 $9.5m loan closed against Manafort by Federal Savings bank [see: Aug 13, 2018 American Banker]
Nov 16, 2016 Washington Examiner: "Warner to replace Feinstein as top Democrat on Senate Intel Committee"
Nov 16, 2016 CNN: "Trump transition team asked about security clearance for his children"
Nov 16, 2016 A group of executives gather in a private dining room of the restaurant La Chine at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Midtown Manhattan; in attendance is Jared Kushner and Wu Xiaohui (discussion relates to the redevelopment of 666 Fifth Avenue) [see: Jan 7, 2017 NYT]
Nov 17, 2016 Tom Barrack scheduled to meet with UBS banker, Robert Foresman; ultimately, cancelled,
Nov 17, 2016 Daily Caller: "Trump adviser recently met with relative of Turkey's president" (Ibrahim Kurtulus, Hilal Mutlu)
Nov 17, 2016 Daily Caller: "Michael Flynn will cut ties with his consulting firm if picked for spot in Trump admin"
Nov 17, 2016 Adm. Rogers makes unexpected visit to Trump Tower
Nov 18, 2016 Trump transition team relocates to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster
Nov 18, 2016 Elijah Cummings writer letter to Pence re: payments to Flynn from foreign govts [see: Mar 24, 2017 New Yorker]
Nov 19, 2016 In Halifax, Sir Andrew Wood coordinates w/McCain, Brose, & Kramer to view Steele dossier in London
Nov 19, 2016 CNN: "Donald Trump settles Trump University lawsuits"
Nov 21, 2016 McClatchly: "Trump’s financial disclosures obscure his foreign business interests"
Nov 21, 2016 Daily Caller: "Michael Flynn flip-flopped on Turkey coup attempt in recent months"
Nov 21, 2016 Bruce Ohr meets with Strzok and Page; Ohr is introduced to Joe Pientka, who will be Ohr's FBI handler
Nov 21, 2016 Bruce Ohr meets up with Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and an unknown FBI agent
Nov 21, 2016 Bruce Ohr note indicates FBI officials tell Bruce Ohr that they "may go back to Chris"
Nov 21, 2016 Copy of Anthony Weiner laptop in SCIF at FBI HQ, available for viewing by Priestap
Nov 21, 2016 Email between Ohr and Kavalec talking about Steele [see: Aug 8, 2018 Washington Examiner]
Nov 21, 2016 Bruce Ohr turns over his handwritten notes about Steele over to Pientka
Nov 21, 2016 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 December 19, 2016). He provides FBI with all of Fusions oppo research probably more along the lines of financial transactions via wife Nellie Ohr
Nov 22, 2016 Forbes: "Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House"
Nov 23, 2016 ThinkProgress article on Maria Butina and the NRA
Nov 23, 2016 WSJ: "Donald Trump Jr. Held Talks on Syria With Russia Supporters" by Jay Solomon about a conference in Paris which Don Jr. attended
Nov 24, 2016 Manafort emails transition official, recommends Stephen Calk for Sec of Army [see: Aug 13, 2018 American Banker]
Nov 24, 2016 McCain sends aide Kramer to London to review Dossier. Kramer goes over the info with Sir Andrew Wood
Nov 26, 2016 Manafort and Gates file fraudulent FARA reports
Nov 28, 2016 Bill Callahan sends first outreach to Sergei Millian
Nov 28, 2016 Goldstone emails Rhona Graff, subject line: "For Mr. Trump." Says: "Aras Agalarov has asked me to pass on this document in the hope it can be passed on to the appropriate team. If needed, a lawyer representing the case is in New York currently and happy to meet with any member of the transition team." Goes on to argue that Magnitsky Act sanctions were part of a plot to undermine Russian economic interests. Graff forwards the email to Steve Bannon
Nov 28, 2016 In an interview, Bruno Kahl suggests Russia may try to interfere in upcoming German elections
Nov 28, 2016 Kramer arrives at Heathrow airport in London; meets Steele; return to Steele's residence
Nov 29, 2016 Strzok, Lisa Page discuss withholding info wrt McCabe and MYE ("tailor what we send")
Nov 29, 2016 Kramer meets with Fusion GPS in London
Nov 30, 2016 An anonymous source (Gates?) tells The Daily Beast that Manafort singlehandedly chose Pence for VP
Nov 30, 2016 Kramer views dossier in D.C.; Kramer advises McCain to share dossier w/FBI, CIA,
Nov 30, 2016 Butina emails Paul Erickson about the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast
Nov 30, 2016 WaPo: "Trump asks U.S. Attorney in Manhattan to stay on" (Preet Bharara)
Nov 30, 2016 @ChuckRossDC: "I wonder if Mike Flynn was in the meeting with Preet Bharara"
Dec ??, 2016 Federal Savings Bank loans $9.5m to Summerbreeze LLC (entity connected to Manafort) [see: Jul 25, 2017 Bloomberg]
Dec ??, 2016 Ivanka and Jared set up personal emails on domain to conduct govt business [see: Nov 19, 2018 WaPo]
Dec 01, 2016 Paul Erickson helps Maria Butina coordinate logistics for the National Prayer Breakfast
Dec 01, 2016 Strzok: "And I keep thinking about what the D said, what was it, sick to one's stomach?"
Dec 01, 2016 Kushner meets with Ambassador Kislyak at Trump Tower to discuss Moscow back-channel [see: May 26, 2017 NYT]
Dec 01, 2016 Flynn Intel Group files disclosure report terminating lobbying for Inovo BV,
Dec 02, 2016 WSJ: "The Last Diplomat" article about FBI spy hunters chasing down people at State department
Dec ??, 2016 Kramer meets w/Nuland, Wallender sometime early Dec 2016; they discuss seriousness of dossier
Dec 04, 2016 Mikhailov/Dokuchaev/Stoyanov detained?,,,,
Dec 05, 2016 Bruce Ohr emails to himself a spreadsheet of research targets created by Nellie Ohr; pdf 13 pages
Dec 05, 2016 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 December 19, 2016)
Dec 05, 2016 CIA representatives brief SSCI and includes "bold" and "unqualified" assertions of trump Russia connections
Dec 05, 2016 Strzok briefs HPSCI on Russia cyber activity; FBI is "fuzzy" & "ambiguous" about charges of trump-russia connections
Dec 06, 2016 Carter Page in Moscow; leaves 12/13/16,,,,
Dec 07, 2016 Daily Caller: "Trump fires Gen. Mike Flynn's son from transition team over 'PizzaGate' tweets"
Dec 07, 2016 Rosneft announces it's selling 19.5% of its stock
Dec 08, 2016 Simpson and Bruce Ohr speak on the phone; they set up a meeting in a DC cafe [see: 8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Dec 08, 2016 NYT reports Carter Page is visiting Moscow on business,
Dec ??, 2016 Carter Page meets with Andrey Baranov, Head of Investor Relations at Rosneft (London? Moscow?)
Dec 09, 2016 McCain meets with Comey; hand delivers first sixteen Steele memos,,
Dec 09, 2016 Miami Herald article on Panamanian ex-President, Ricardo Martinelli; hiding out in Florida
Dec 09, 2016 Brennan provides ICA assessment to Obama, showing Russia preferring Trump over Clinton
Dec 09, 2016 Obama orders review of Russian interference in US elections going back to 2008
Dec 09, 2016 Imran Awan returns to U.S. from Pakistan
Dec 09, 2016 NYT: "Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says"
Dec 10, 2016 Bijan Kian named to ODNI transition agency landing team
Dec 10, 2016 France blocks extradition of Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia
Dec 10, 2016 Strzok tells a reporter that the FBI's assessment on Russian preference for Trump was inconclusive
Dec 10, 2016 Simpson passes memory stick (dossier?) to Ohr; stick given to Pientka,,
Dec 11, 2016 Simpson emails Nellie Ohr a ThinkProgress article; Nellie forwards it to Bruce [see: 8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Dec 11, 2016 The Atlantic publishes an article about the suspicious death of Perepilichny in London
Dec 12, 2016 Clapper tells Strzok he'll be having dinner with Brennan and then-Deputy CIA Diretor David Cohen
Dec 12, 2016 Ahmed Al-Rumaihi visits Trump Tower; admits later in court to soliciting a bribe [see: 5/13/18 @MichaelAvenatti]
Dec 12, 2016 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 December 19, 2016)
Dec 12, 2016 Politico: "Here’s What America Needs to Know About Trump and Russia" (Evelyn Farkas)
Dec 12, 2016 Russia Today broadcasts a speech by Carter Page; video (55m14s)
Dec 12, 2016 Carter Page gives a presentation at 8:22am at the Rossiya Segodnya Int'l Information Agency in Moscow
Dec 12, 2016 At 8:20am, Carter Page says it would be an honor to meet Igor Sechin, though he never has personally
Dec 12, 2016 At 8:29m, a Sputnik journalist asks Carter Page if OSCE can counter fake news
Dec 13, 2016 Steele memo #17,
Dec 13, 2016 Ohr's phone log indicates he speaks to Glenn Simpson [see: 8/8/18 Washington Examiner]
Dec 13, 2016 NYT: "The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S."
Dec 13, 2016 Neil King informs colleagues he is joining Fusion GPS
Dec 13, 2016 NYT: "The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S."
Dec 13, 2016 Kushner meets VEB Bank CEO Sergey Gorkov; possibly next day as well,,
Dec 13, 2016 Trump nominates Rex Tillerson as the next Secretary of State
Dec 14, 2016 Xiao Yan Chen purchases $16m Park Ave condo from Jared & Ivanka; transferred 2/21/17,
Dec 14, 2016 Last Page/Strzok text for six months (starts back up 2017-May-18)
Dec ??, 2016 Mikhailov, Dokuchaev accept bribes around this time??
Dec 15, 2016 Carter Page appears for an interview on Russia Today (filmed in London?); video (26m12s)
Dec 15, 2016 Daily Caller: "Michael FLynn is on board of drone company that sells US military to Saudi Arabia"
Dec 15, 2016 CBS News: "Vladimir Putin likely gave go-ahead for U.S. cyberattack, intelligence officials say"
Dec 15, 2016 NBC News: "U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack"
Dec 15, 2016 Page: "Oh, remind me to tell you tomorrow about the times doing a story about the rnc hacks" [see: 9/12/18 Fox]
Dec 15, 2016 Strzok: "And more than they already did? I told you Quinn told me they pulling out all the stops on some story..."
Dec 15, 2016 Strzok: "Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried, and political...kicking into overdrive."
Dec 15, 2016 Strzok: "And we need to talk more about putting C reporting in our submission. They’re going to declassify all of it"
Dec 15, 2016 Page: "I know. But they’re going to declassify their stuff, how do we withhold..."
Dec 15, 2016 Strzok: "Just want to ensure everyone is good with it and has thought thru all implications."
Dec 15, 2016 Strzok: "CD should bring it up with the DD."
Dec 15, 2016 Evelyn Farkas discusses Russian meddling on CNN
Dec 15, 2016 Ukraine backs away from claims of Paul Manafort's illegal dealings
Dec 15, 2016 Lisa Monaco at Defense One Summit says that the Trump transition team has not contacted her personally
Dec 15, 2016 Clapper signs and authorizes the dissemination of NSA surveillance (Executive Order 12333), signed by AG Lynch Jan 3
Dec 15, 2016 George Nader and MBZ meet secretly with Kushner, Bannon, and Gen. Flynn at Trump Tower
Dec 15, 2016 Louise Mensch and News Corp. part ways [see: January 5, 2017 Politico]
Dec 15, 2016 USA Today: "Secret Service is one of the worst spots to work in the government"
Dec 16, 2016 @ToddRuger: "Schumer on Feinstein move to top Dem on Judiciary: "She's going to have a very important job" to explore "every aspect" of Trump's nominees"
Dec 16, 2016 Obama gives end-of-the-year press conference, says election overrun with leaked information
Dec 17, 2016 Dearlove, Halper, and Peter Martland resign from Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, cite Russian influence (Venuscript)
Dec 18, 2016 Strzok: "Man, our intel submission is going to be a BOMB." [see: Sep 20, 2018 The Hill]
Dec 18, 2016 Lisa Page: "Oh god, why do you say that? Was planning to try to go in early to reach it before our mtg with Jim." [see: Sep 20, 2018 The Hill]
Dec 18, 2016 Strzok: "Oh it's fine. You've heard it all. I'm just saying the C portion is absolutely different from the bulk of the stuff in the community. And the community and especially the Wh will jump all over it since it's what they WANT to say and they can attribute it to us, not themselves. All the benefit, none of the political risk. We get all of that." [see: 9/20/18 The Hill]
Dec 19, 2016 Guardian: "Israeli tycoon Beny Steinmetz arrested over Guinea bribery claims" (friend of Kushner)
Dec 19, 2016 Lisa Page: "And this. It will make your head spin to realize how many stories we played a personal role in. Sheesh, this has been quite a year… NYTimes: The most-read stories of 2016 (with a link)." [see: 9/20/18]
Dec 19, 2016 Peter Strzok: "Jesus, I want to take people out for a drink. I want to take YOU out for a drink. I hope this upcoming presidency doesn’t fill my years with regret wondering what we might have done differently." [see: 9/20/18]
Dec 20, 2016 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 December 27, 2016)
Dec 20, 2016 US Treasury Department issues sanctions to Russian individuals, including Yevgeniy Prigozhin
Dec 20, 2016 House Dems send a letter to Comey; they ask about an open investigation between Trump and Russia
Dec 21, 2016 Corey Lewandowski to open political consulting firm with Barry Bennett
Dec 21, 2016 DoJ announce guilty plea from Odebrecht and Braskem; they agree to pay at least $3.5b in penalties
Dec 22, 2016 Gen. Flynn speaks to unknown Russian officials regarding Israel
Dec 23, 2016 Obama signs into law S2943; authorizes $60m/yr budget to the Global Engagement Center
Dec 23, 2016 Politico: "Putin's Way of War" (Lawfare's Matt Tait)
Dec 25, 2016 Steele suggests to Kramer that he call Ben Kensinger of BuzzFeed to discuss the dossier
Dec 25, 2016 Ben Kensinger calls David Kramer; Kensinger arranges to fly out to D.C. to view a copy of the dossier
Dec 26, 2016 Torshin emails Butina saying he is likely coming to National Prayer Breakfast
Dec 27, 2016 Gen. Flynn allegedly speaks to Kislyak about sanctions (McCabe leak?) [see: Feb 9, 2017 NYT]
Dec 28, 2016 Obama orders sanctions against Russia in response to Russian interference in U.S. elections
Dec 29, 2016 Kensinger meets Kramer at McCain Institute; views dossier, leaves with a copy,
Dec 29, 2016 Obama expels 35 officials from the Russian Embassy in Maryland's Eastern Shore
Dec 29, 2016 Russian Malicious Activity Report, GRIZZLY STEPPE, is released
Dec 29, 2016 Flynn speaks again to Ambassador Kislyak
Dec 29, 2016 Controversial Victor Pinchuk op-ed in the WSJ; calls for a Ukrainian peace plan
Dec 30, 2016 FBI concludes it has not found any evidence of wrongdoing of Trump campaign officials to Russian government
Dec 31, 2016 Gen. Flynn resigns from Drone Aviation [see: Dec 15, 2016 Daily Caller]
Jan ??, 2017 David Geovanis visits Theodore Liebmamn in NYC to ask for an old photo from a party in Moscow, probably looking Donald Trump from 1996
Jan ??, 2017 USSS alerted to a female Russian mole working for over a decade in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow
Jan ??, 2017 Ivanka uses private email to discuss govt business sometime early 2017 [see: Nov 19, 2018 WaPo]
Jan ??, 2017 Obama spells out succession order, listing three U.S. attorneys as being in line to succeed as AG
Jan ??, 2017 Free Beacon parts ways with Fusion GPS sometime in January
Jan ??, 2017 Steele (and Fusion?) may have gone to work for Daniel Jones at Penn Quarterly Group post-election
Jan 01, 2017 Buryakov becomes eligible for transition to a halfway house; option is deferred
Jan 03, 2017 Feinstein leaves Senate Intel, joins Judiciary; Senator Mark Warner is SSCI replacement
Jan 03, 2017 Strzok-Page deliberate how much sensitive intel should be shared while Obama WH is lame duck
Jan 03, 2017 Schumer, in Maddow interview, says "the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you"
Jan 03, 2017 Loretta Lynch signs Section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333 (Obama's NSA data-sharing order)
Jan 03, 2017 Govt updates FISC on solutions to non-compliance; Court says govt update is not satisfactory
Jan 04, 2017 $6.5m loan closed against Manafort by Federal Savings bank [see: Aug 13, 2018 American Banker]
Jan 05, 2017 Obama and Biden briefed on dossier and report, presented by Clapper, Comey, Brennan, and Rogers
Jan 05, 2017 Maria Butina is forwarded an email in which Paul Erickson attaches a list of Russian visitors
Jan 05, 2017 Obama, Comey, Yates, Biden, Susan Rice meet in Oval Office to discuss FBI investigation and Steele dossier
Jan 05, 2017 Politico article about Louise Mensch leaving Heat Street
Jan 05, 2017 Kyiv Post: "Poroshenko to Pinchuk: Ukraine won’t abandon EU, NATO integration"
Jan 05, 2017 James Woolsey abruptly announces he's leaving the Trump transition team; vague explanation given
Jan 06, 2017 FBI interviews Huma
Jan 06, 2017 ODNI ICA report on Russian Activities; says CIA and FBI give high confidence, NSA moderate confidence
Jan 06, 2017 Comey briefs Trump on Steele dossier
Jan 06, 2017 Comey memo on his private dossier briefing with Trump; cc's colleagues on 1/7/17,
Jan 06, 2017 Clapper appears on CNN and tells Jake tapper about the dossier
Jan 07, 2017 NYT: "Jared Kushner, a Trump In-Law and Adviser, Chases a Chinese Deal"
Jan 09, 2017 Erik Prince meets with UAE in Seychelles to dissuade Russia's relationship with Iran [see: Apr 3, 2017 WaPo]
Jan 09, 2017 IBTimes: "Trump Administration Waives Punishment For Convicted Banks, Including Deutsche — Which Trump Owes Millions"
Jan 09, 2017 Strobe Talbott shares the Steele dossier with Fiona Hill one day before it's published in Buzzfeed
Jan 10, 2017 Jim Geraghty says it should be easy to disprove whether or not Michael Cohen in Prague in August 2016
Jan 10, 2017 Newsweek: "Trump, Putin, and the Hidden History of How Russia Interfered in the U.S. Presidential Election"
Jan 10, 2017 NYT: "Russian Hackers Gained ‘Limited’ Access to R.N.C., Comey Says"
Jan 10, 2017 Carter Page questions Lisa Monaco, hushed by pro-Clinton campaign journalist [see: March 8, 2017 letter to SSCI]
Jan 10, 2017 BuzzFeed publishes Steele dossier
Jan 10, 2017 Comey, Clapper, Rogers, Brennan testify before SSCI; Comey says DNC refused access to hacked servers
Jan 10, 2017 CNN reports 2-page synopsis of Steele dossier was included in prez-elect briefing given by Comey
Jan 10, 2017 Gen. Cartwright sentencing memorandum; pdf 26 pages
Jan 10, 2017 D.C. prosecutors seek two years incarceration for Gen. Cartwright
Jan 10, 2017 Kansas City Star: "A Canadian bankruptcy adds to Trump’s legal woes" (Shnaider, Shyfrin)
Jan 10, 2017 Michael Cohen says he's never been to Prague in his life
Jan 11, 2017 Wall Street Journal exposé on Christopher Steele
Jan 11, 2017 Politico article on Ukrainian influence in the 2016 election to sabotage the Trump campaign
Jan 11, 2017 Guardian: "John McCain passes dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts to FBI"
Jan 11, 2017 Vanity Fair: "What Intelligence Experts Think of the Explosive Trump-Russia Report"
Jan 11, 2017 Jake tapper releases statement from ODNI's Clapper about meeting with Trump
Jan 11, 2017 Nigel Farage warns Theresa May not to protect Christopher Steele
Jan 12, 2017 FISA Verified Application on Carter Page (p. 84-162) [signed: Comey, Yates]
Jan 12, 2017 FISA Primary Order and Warrant on Carter Page (p. 163-181) [signed: Judge Mosman]
Jan 12, 2017 Russian hackers falsely claim in a WordPress blog that Guccifer 2.0 has no relation to the Russian govt
Jan 12, 2017 Adam Lovinger invited to leave Office of Net Assessment
Jan 12, 2017 Paul Wood: "Trump 'compromising' claims: How and why did we get here?"
Jan 12, 2017 WikiLeaks: "If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition"
Jan 12, 2017 WARN notice filed w/NY Dept of Labor, Clinton Global Initiative main office closing [see: Jan 15, 2017 Observer]
Jan 12, 2017 Adam Waldman texts Bruce Ohr, the two agree to speak later in the day
Jan 12, 2017 Adam Waldman visits Julian Assange in London
Jan 12, 2017 Horowitz letter announcing a review concerning activities during the 2016 election,
Jan 12, 2017 Flynn conversation with Ambassador Kislyak is leaked to the Washington Post. David Ignatius article talks about it
Jan 12, 2017 Trump: "James Clapper called me yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious report that was illegally circulated."
Jan 12, 2017 CNN: "Trump aide Monica Crowley plagiarized thousands of words in Ph.D. dissertation"
Jan 12, 2017 Farkas: "Does Putin Have Something on Trump? Obama Should Tell Us"
Jan 12, 2017 Dem House Judiciary Committee letter to Comey asking about whether the FBI is investigating Trump
Jan 12, 2017 FSB fires head of the ISC, Andrei Gerasimov (Sergei Mikhailov's boss
Jan 12, 2017 Adam Waldman visits Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy [see: June 20, 2018 Guardian]
Jan 13, 2017 Adam Waldman visits Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy [see: June 20, 2018 Guardian]
Jan 13, 2017 Obama allows NSA to share private data gathered without warrants or court orders with 16 other intel agencies
Jan 13, 2017 The Ukrainian Weekly: "Pinchuk’s tone of appeasement toward Russia rattles Kyiv"
Jan 13, 2017 SSIC announces an investigation into interference and possible coorination between Trump campaign and Russia
Jan 15, 2017 The Observer: "The Clinton Foundation Shuts Down Clinton Global Initiative"
Jan ??, 2017 Jones Day letter to Carter Page; they inform him about potential misrepresentations of the campaign
Jan 16, 2017 Scaramucci meets with RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev in Davos, Switzerland [see: Jun 22, 2017 retracted CNN] Don McGahn sends cease-and-desist to Carter Page
Jan 17, 2017 Bloomberg: "Trump Aide Talks Investment With Sanctioned Kremlin Fund" (Scaramucci, RDIF)
Jan 17, 2017 NYT: "Trump Aide Scaramucci Sells Investment Business to Chinese Consortium" (Skybridge, HNA Group)
Jan 17, 2017 Samantha Power uses final speech in U.N. to criticize Russia
Jan 17, 2017 Sentencing date for Gen. Cartwright [see: Oct 17, 2016 Politico]
Jan 17, 2017 Gen. Cartwright pardoned by Obama [see: Jan 17, 2017 Politico]
Jan 17, 2017 Politico: "Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence"
Jan 17, 2017 Bloomberg: "Deutsche Bank Completes $7.2 Billion U.S. Mortgage Pact"
Jan 17, 2017 In a meeting with Susan Rice, Gen. Flynn tells her not to arm YPG against ISIS [see: Mar 24, 2017 New Yorker]
Jan 17, 2017 The Federal Savings Bank loans $6.5m to Manafort and his wife for Brooklyn property [see: Jul 25, 2017 Bloomberg]
Jan 18, 2017 Sergei Millian recieves an email from Mark Maremont at WSJ asking about the dossier
Jan 18, 2017 Jared Kushner submits his SF-86 security clearance form; omits meetings with Russians
Jan 18, 2017 Mevlut Cavusoglu meets with Flynn at a large gathering at Trump Hotel in DC
Jan 18, 2017 Imran Awan wires $283k to two individuals in Faisalabad, Pakistan [see: July 25, 2017 Daily Caller]
Jan 18, 2017 New Observer reports FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ, and FinCEN investigating Trump campaign
Jan 18, 2017 Guardian: "Julian Assange ready for US extradition, one of his lawyers suggests"
Jan ??, 2017 Steve Bannon calls Carter Page shortly before Trump's inauguration; warns Carter not to go on MSNBC
Jan 18, 2017 Genesis Capital agrees to withdraw foreclosure action in Brooklyn [see: Jul 25, 2017 Bloomberg]
Jan 18, 2017 McClatchy (Peter Stone and Greg Gordon) back up Mensch and Woods assertion that there was a FISA warrant on Oct 15. "One of McClatchy's sources confirmed the report"
Jan 19, 2017 @jeneps: "Warren & Cardin send letter to Mnuchin about concerns @Scaramucci violated Russia sanctions with Davos mtg"
Jan 19, 2017 Guardian: "Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán, Mexican drug lord, has been extradited to the US"
Jan 19, 2017 Top Obama intel and law enforcement deputies meet to talk about Flynn's conversation with Ambassador Kislyak
Jan 19, 2017 NYT: "Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates" LEO intercept communications of Trump officials, including Paul Manafort
Jan 19, 2017 Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Charlie Black (as well as their wives) have dinner [see: Feb 20, 2017 WSJ]
Jan 20, 2017 Simpson sends an email to Bruce Ohr: "Can you call me please?" [see: Aug 8, 2018 Washington Examiner]
Jan 20, 2017 Trump inauguration
Jan 20, 2017 Brennan resigns
Jan 20, 2017 Loretta Lynch resigns
Jan 20, 2017 Susan Rice sends herself an email about a 1/5/17 high-level meeting in the Oval Office
Jan 21, 2017 "Yellowhammer blog founder Cliff Sims resigns to take job in Trump White House"
Jan 22, 2017 WSJ: "U.S. Eyes Michael Flynn's Links to Russia" byline Carol E. Lee, Devlin Barrett and Shane Harris
Jan 22, 2017 Independent: "Donald Trump swears in son-in-law Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon as senior advisers"
Jan 22, 2017 Trump awkwardly hugs Comey on camera
Jan 22, 2017 "Scaramucci was left out of the group of about two dozen WH aides who were sworn in on Jan. 22" [see: 1/31/17 NYT]
Jan 23, 2017 @markknoller: "Senate votes 66-31 to confirm Mike Pompeo as CIA Director"
Jan 23, 2017 FBI reports nothing unlawful in content of Flynn call
Jan 23, 2017 Strzok: "I can feel my heart beating harder...THIS has the potential to go fully off the rails."
Jan 23, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 January 31, 2017)
Jan 24, 2017 Peter Strzok and FBI Agent Pientka interview Gen. Flynn in the WH Situation Room [see: Dec 11, 2018 AM Greatness]
Jan 24, 2017 McCabe memo concerning Flynn interview
Jan 24, 2017 Memo detailing FBI interview with Gen. Flynn,
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "On January 24, 2017, McCabe told Strzok to interview Flynn. McCabe called Flynn at 12:30pm and Flynn agreed to be interviewed that day at 2:30p.m. McCabe may have documented the conversation. Comey was going to tell Yates right before the interview, but she called him first for another reason before he had a chance to call. When he told her the FBI was interviewing Flynn she was not happy."
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "Strzok and FBI SSA [redacted], his interview partner, got access to the White House with the assistance of an FBI White House detailee. Flynn met them at about 2:15, which was earlier than agreed. Flynn was alone and 'relaxed and jocular.' He wanted to give them a little tour of the area around his office. During their walk through the West Wing, President Trump and some movers who were dicussing where to place some art work walked between Strzok and [redacted], but nobody paid attention to the agents. Flynn did not introduce them to anyone."
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "Before the interview, McCabe, [redacted] and others decided the agents would not warn Flynn that it was a crime to lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn to be relaxed, and they were concerned that giving the warnings might adversely affect the rapport."
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "Flynn was unguarded and clearly saw the FBI agents as allies. He talked about various subjects, including hotels where they stayed during the campaign and the President's knack for interior design. He talked about the long hours of the job and complained about the politics surrounding it, but Flynn always seemed to work his way to the subject of terrorism. Flynn was so talkative, and had so much time for them, that Strzok wondered if the National Security Adviser did not have more important things to do than have such a relaxed, non-pertinent discussion with them."
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "Throughout the interview, Flynn had a very 'sure' demeanor and did not give any indicators of deception. He did not parse his words or hesitate in any of his answers. He only hedged twice, which they documented in the 302. Strzok and [redacted] both had the impression at the time that Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying. Flynn struck Strzok as 'bright, but not profoundly sophisticated.'"
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "Strzok and [redacted] returned to the FBI Headquarters and briefed McCabe and [redacted] on the interview. McCabe briefed Comey. Strzok was aware that [redacted] and [redacted] later argued about the FBI's decision to interview Flynn."
Jan 24, 2017 [Name redacted] memo: "Shortly after the interview, Yates and McCord briefed White House staff on the Flynn calls."
Jan 24, 2017 WSJ reports Sergei Millian is reportedly the source for some of the salacious allegations in the dossier
Jan 25, 2017 Flynn offers Fiona Hill the position of senior director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council
Jan 25, 2017 Carter Page responds to McGahn email
Jan 25, 2017 DOJ receives detailed briefing on Flynn from FBI
Jan 25, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 January 27, 2017)
Jan 25, 2017 Ohr and Steele discuss available call times
Jan 25, 2017 HPSCI announces an investigation into events surrounding 2016 election
Jan 26, 2017 Forbes: "What A 2017 SEC Filing Can Tell Us About America's Real Estate Presidency"
Jan 26, 2017 Maria Butina Twitter DM's Torshin; Butina asks to be mentioned in Torshin's speech
Jan 26, 2017 FBI interviews Papadopoulos, Pdop is claimed to have said he met Mifsud before joining the Trump campaign
Jan 26, 2017 Trump at GOP Retreat: "Where is Pompeo? Where the hell is he? Did he ever come here? Oh, he's working!"
Jan 26, 2017 Sally Yates travels to the White House with Mary McCord to discuss Gen. Flynn
Jan 27, 2017 Govt updates FISC; says NSA can't provide thorough analysis; Court grants extension till 4/28/17
Jan 27, 2017 Sater, Cohen, and Artemenko exchange a Ukrainian peace plan proposal at the Loews Regency Hotel in NYC
Jan 27, 2017 Paul Wood BBC article on Steele dossier
Jan 27, 2017 Sally Yates returns to the White House for a second discussion about Gen. Flynn
Jan 27, 2017 Adam Waldman visits Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy [see: 6/20/18 Guardian]
Jan 27, 2017 FBI interviews Papadopoulos for the first time [see: Oct 5, 2017 Papadopoulos Statement of Offense]
Jan 27, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 January 27, 2017)
Jan 27, 2017 Steele tells Ohr that their guy "is OK for the time being"
Jan 27, 2017 Comey has dinner with Trump at 6:45pm est,,,
Jan 27, 2017 Adam Waldman visits Julian Assange in London
Jan 27, 2017 America First Policies PAC is incorporated
Jan 27, 2017 Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev arrested in Moscow
Jan 27, 2017 McCabe says, “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump"; 16 senior FBI officials in attendance [see: 3/15/17 True Pundit]
Jan 28, 2017 House Dem Caucus server stolen after IG report names it as evidence [see: Epoch Times Awan Timeline Infographic]
Jan 30, 2017 Carter Page emails Corey Lewandowski, Michael Glassner, and Sam Clovis about recent contacts who have close ties to the Kremlin
Jan 30, 2017 ABC's Brian Ross interviews Sergei Millian
Jan 30, 2017 AP: "Trump advisers start ‘America First Policies’ nonprofit"
Jan 30, 2017 NYDFS Consent Order against Deutsche Bank
Jan 30, 2017 Bloomberg: "Deutsche Bank Ends N.Y. Mirror-Trade Probe for $425 Million" ($10b Russian money laundering, 2011-14)
Jan 30, 2017 Sally Yates memo; describes reasons for not authorizing travel ban
Jan 30, 2017 Sally Yates fired
Jan 30, 2017 Matthew Axelrod (Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General) resigns
Jan 30, 2017 Dana Boente sworn in as acting Attorney General
Jan 31, 2017 FBI [Agent A] asks Papadopoulos to wear a wire in London to record Mifsud; Papadopoulos refuses
Jan 31, 2017 Steele tells Ohr he might need another FBI handler(?); says their "guy" can't be forced back home
Jan 31, 2017 "Democracy Integrity Project" Non-profit formed in Wash DC. Dan Jones, Soros
Jan 31, 2017 Trump nominates Maryland’s U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General
Jan 31, 2017 NPR: "Trump Political Advisers Now Raising Money For His 'America First' Agenda"
Jan 31, 2017 NYT: "Trump Aide’s Deal With Chinese Firm Raises Fear of Tangled Interests" (Scaramucci, HNA Group)
Jan 31, 2017 Scaramucci: "“They know they cannot talk to me, so what influence are they buying? If people are saying that HNA is trying to buy access, then people are saying HNA is stupid." [see: 1/31/17 NYT]
Jan 31, 2017 FSB finds $12m in the residence of former senior FSB official, Sergei Mikhailov
Feb ??, 2017 Michael B. Steinbach (FBI Executive Assistant Director for the National Security Branch) retires
Feb 01, 2017 Begin date for Ali Watkins's subpoenaed text messages
Feb 01, 2017 NBC News: "Rex Tillerson Confirmed as Secretary of State"
Feb 02, 2017 ABC's Brian Ross interviews Carter Page; it's Carter's first interview since 8/16/16,
Feb 02, 2017 Daily Beast: "Will Donald Trump Free This Russian Superhacker?" (Roman Seleznev)
Feb 02, 2017 Imran Awan banned from House Democratic computer network by the Committee on House Administration (CHA) [see: 9/16/17 Daily Caller and July 2, 2018 Daily Caller]
Feb 02, 2017 Webzilla files a libel suit against Buzzfeed both in Florida and in the UK
Feb 02, 2017 Maria Butina and Torshin attend the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.
Feb 03, 2017 Stone explains his WikiLeaks contacts in a Reddit ask me anything. "I have been forthright about the fact that Julian Assange of Wikileaks and I share a common friend who has communicated with both of us, I was simply told Wikileaks was in possession of 'political dynamite' that would 'rock Hillary's campaign,' and they would release it in late October. I had no previous knowledge of the subject of the disclosures, although I've speculated that it would be related to the Clinton Foundation. I've had no advance knowledge of the hacking of Podesta or anyone else. Nor do I believe that Assange is an agent of the Russians, a charge which is yet undocumented with proof and which he denies."
Feb 03, 2017 Waldman meets Bruce Ohr in DC [see: Jun 25, 2018 The Hill]
Feb 03, 2017 Richard Leggett retirement announced. To occur later in the spring
Feb 03, 2017 Laufman emails Waldman asking for a call scribd pdf
Feb 06, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 February 8, 2017)
Feb 06, 2017 Maria Butina emails a National Prayer Breakfast organizer asking for an additional meeting
Feb 06, 2017 Forbes: "How To Get Back A Lost $10B: One Bank's Tale In Europe's Biggest Alleged Fraud" (Abylazov)
Feb 08, 2017 @WJCLNews: "Sessions confirmed by Senate as attorney general"
Feb 08, 2017 FBI interviews Mifsud
Feb 08, 2017 Grand jury indicts Harold T. Martin,
Feb 08, 2017 Maria Butina emails George O'Neill, saying the Russian delegation had a great time
Feb 08, 2017 Comey asks Rybicki at 4:48pm who requested a 6:45pm phone call with Senator Warner
Feb 08, 2017 Comey visits Priebus at 4pm; Priebus asks if there's a FISA on Flynn,,
Feb 09, 2017 Jeff Sessions sworn in as Attorney General; gets FISA briefing,
Feb 09, 2017 NYT reports that Gen. Flynn talked with Russians about sanctions before 1/20/17
Feb 09, 2017 Rachel Brand (Associate Attorney General, number three official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein) resigns
Feb 09, 2017 Ecuadorian presidential candidate, Guillermo Lasso, promises to evict Julian Assange
Feb 10, 2017 McCabe interviews Pence in the Situation Room
Feb 10, 2017 Steele and Ohr agree to Facetime (Skype?) on 2/11/17 at 10am est
Feb 10, 2017 Charles Tawil contact with George Papadopoulos around this time [see: 11/2/18 Bongino]
Feb 10, 2016 Manafort and Gates file fraudulent FARA reports
Feb 10, 2017 Trump signs executive order reversing Obama's 1/13/17 DOJ order of succession
Feb 11, 2017 Joseph Mifsud is interviewed by the FBI in Washington, D.C.
Feb 11, 2017 McCabe and up to 16 senior FBI officials conspire in secret around this time [see: 2/14/17 True Pundit]
Feb 12, 2017 Carter Page sends 8-page letter (29 pages of attachments) to DOJ Civil Rights Division's Voting Section
Feb 13, 2017 Pitchfork: "Moby Claims to Have Top-Secret Information About Trump Ties to Russia"
Feb 13, 2017 NYT: "Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser"
Feb 14, 2017 Carter Page says he'll be traveling to Europe & Asia for business meetings
Feb 14, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 2/15/17)
Feb 14, 2017 House Dems send a letter to Sessions and Comey; they ask for a full briefing on Russia, Flynn
Feb 14, 2017 NYT reports Trump campaign aides have had repeated contacts with Russian govt officials
Feb 14, 2017 Washington Post reports that USSS Director Joseph Clancy expects to resign
Feb 14, 2017 Strzok texts Lisa at 3:37pm est; asks if McCabe is "good with F 302"; she replies, "launch on F 302"
Feb 14, 2017 Comey briefs Oval Office at 4:15pm; Trump asks Comey to drop investigation into Flynn,
Feb 14, 2017 Warner's first text to Waldman (6:40pm)
Feb 15, 2017 Waldman tells Warner he would end representation of Assange (?) if he was told it was inappropriate
Feb 15, 2017 Trump tweets that U.S. intel community is illegally leaking info to NYT & WaPo,
Feb 15, 2017 Grassley tweets that ongoing intel leaks about Gen. Flynn is unacceptable
Feb 15, 2017 Newsweek reports that Western govts have been conducting intel operations against Flynn, others
Feb 15, 2017 Carter Page tells Judy Woodruff that he had zero meetings with Russian officials last year
Feb 16, 2017 Trump tweets that the intel leakers will be caught
Feb 16, 2017 WikiLeaks leaks CIA documents showing they spied on the 2012 French presidential election
Feb 16, 2017 Waldman tells Warner that Assange will be catastrophic for the dems, Obama, CIA, & nat'l security
Feb 16, 2017 Katherine Bauer (Treasury official) testimony to the House Committee
Feb 16, 2017 FBI interviews Papadopoulos, Kevin Clinesmith is involved
Feb 17, 2017 Presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso vows to evict Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London
Feb 17, 2017 Papadopoulos deletes Facebook [10/5/17 Papadopoulos Statement of Offense]
Feb 17, 2017 Burr and Warner send a letter to Carter Page; they request he preserve pertinent records
Feb 17, 2017 Emptywheel's Rayne explores the idea that Trump is the wealthy casino investor from the Buryakov case
Feb ??, 2017 Warner relays message from Comey to Waldman to disengage with Assange (Feb 17th?) [6/25/18 The Hill]
Feb ??, 2017 Laufman disagrees with order, tells Waldman negotiations with Assange are to proceed [6/25/18 The Hill]
Feb 18, 2017 Carter Page arrives in London around the 18th?
Feb 18, 2017 Mifsud speaks at Global Ties national conference, sponsored by the State Dept's Office of International Visitors
Feb 19, 2017 NYT breaks the story about the Sater/Cohen/Artemenko peace plan that ended up on Gen. Flynn's desk
Feb 20, 2017 WSJ: "Trump’s Former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Thrust Back Into Focus"
Feb 21, 2017 INSD made aware of complaint against McCabe [10/15/18 FBI Vault]
Feb 22, 2017 Daily Beast on pro-Trump PAC, American First Policies; Rick Gates, Katrina Pierson
Feb 23, 2017 Papadopoulos changes cell phone numbers [10/5/17 Papadopoulos Statement of Offense]
Feb 23, 2017 Devlin Barrett joins the Washington Post; John Podesta hired as a contributing columnist"
Feb 23, 2017 Paul Manafort's daughter's phone is hacked showing unknown persons were trying to blackmail Manafort
Feb 24, 2017 Jared Kushner reported to have met with Kislyak in Trump Tower sometime Dec 2016
Feb 25, 2017 Carter Page exchanges emails with Jeff Jetton while Carter is traveling in Asia
Feb ??, 2017 Giuliani, Mukaskey meet w/Erdogan in Turkey late Feb to discuss Zarrab; Preet apprised
Feb ??, 2017 Carter Page meets with VP of Gazprombank in Singapore, likely sometime late February 2017
Feb 27, 2017 New Yorker article on Gen. Flynn; good piece!
Feb 27, 2017 Mother Jones article on Trump condo purchased by Xiao Yan Chen
Feb 27, 2017 McClatchy article on Trump property purchased by Rybolovlev
Feb 28, 2017 Indictments filed against Dokuchaev, Belan, and Baratov in the Northern District of California
Feb 28, 2017 NYPost: "$16M Trump penthouse sells to exec with ties to China"
Mar ??, 2017 BuzzFeed begins searching public databases for Alexander Poteyev
Mar ??, 2017 FinCEN whistleblower suspects senior Treasury officials are passing info to the Kremlin
Mar ??, 2017 Schulte possesses, accesses, and views illicit images of minors around this time
Mar ??, 2017 In a March 2017 FBI interview, Carter Page doesn't recall a September 2015 discussion about "Male-1"
Mar 01, 2017 WaPo reports AG Sessions had not disclosed two meetings with Amb. Kislyak during the 2016 election
Mar 01, 2017 NYT: "Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking"
Mar 01, 2017 Nunes, Schiff approve Scope of Investigation for HPSCI inquiry into 2016 Russian active measures
Mar 01, 2017 Carter Page returns to the U.S. from business meetings in Europe & Asia
Mar 01, 2017 Comey emails Rybicki; gives status update from earlier phone call from POTUS
Mar 02, 2017 Schulte says govt mistakes 3/2 dates for 3/7 dates (2016? Related to WikiLeaks release of Vault 7?
Mar 02, 2017 USA Today reports Carter Page and J.D. Gordon met with Sergei Kislyak at the RNC in Cleveland
Mar 02, 2017 Comey privately tells HPSCI about existence of FBI counterintelligence investigation against Trump
Mar 02, 2017 Mark Levin spends his show going over the Obama spying on Trump info. Talks about FISA request
Mar 02, 2017 House Dems demand resignation of AG Sessions, appointment of a special prosecutor,
Mar 02, 2017 Carter Page arrives back in the U.S.
Mar 02, 2017 Carter Page interview with Chris Hayes
Mar 02, 2017 Alex Oronov, the individual who set up Ukraine peace talk plan w/Cohen & Sater, dies in Ukraine
Mar 02, 2017 Jeff Sessions recuses himself from investigations concerning campaigns from the 2016 elections
Mar 03, 2017 Feinstein letter to Horowitz re: Sessions recusal; Horowitz responds to Feinstein letter on 7/14/17
Mar 03, 2017 Waldman tells Warner he's back in D.C.; offers to get together w/Jack (?) and their wives
Mar 03, 2017 Daily Caller reports the Trump campaign had sent several recent cease & desist letters to Carter Page
Mar 03, 2017 Jeff Jetton, Greg Graffin interview Carter Page,,
Mar 03, 2017 Carter Page interview with Anderson Cooper; video; transcript
Mar 04, 2017 George Papadopoulos emails Michael Cohen, inquires about a position in the admministration
Mar 04, 2017 Trump tweets that Obama had his "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before election night
Mar 04, 2017 Pence jokes that the media is the enemy of the people at DC Gridiron Dinner
Mar 04, 2017 Joseph Clancy resigns as Director of Secret Service (William Callahan takes over) [1/14/17 WaPo]
Mar 04, 2017 Corey Lewandowski tells Judge Jeanine on Fox News that he's never met Carter Page
Mar 04, 2017 Trump calls for probe into wiretapping claims
Mar 05, 2017 Carter Page sends letter in response to SSCI 2/17/17 documents request
Mar 05, 2017 U.S. Customs search Hina Alvi, the wife of Imran Awan; they find find $12,400 [7/25/17 Daily Caller]
Mar 06, 2017 NYT: "The Trump-SoftBank-Saudi Connection"
Mar 06, 2017 Carter Page says he had met with New York Times staffers in D.C. to discuss terror threats
Mar 06, 2017 @20Committee tweets that the Trump admin is targeting US journalists w/help from Russian intel
Mar 06, 2017 James Madison Project FOIA's for any Trump-related FISA warrants [10/19/18 James Madison Project]
Mar 06, 2017 Carter Page hand-delivers a letter to SSCI
Mar 06, 2017 Daily Caller reports that John Podesta received $170k to end US sanctions on Sberbank
Mar 06, 2017 Grassley letter to Comey; inquires about FBI, Steele, potential FISA's; pdf 3 pages
Mar 06, 2017 Stone tweets, then deletes, about communicating with Assange; says Assange has the good on Hillary
Mar 07, 2017 Daily Caller reports John Podesta didn't register as a foreign agent when he represented Sberbank
Mar 07, 2017 Gen. Flynn files FARA for work on behalf of Inovo BV, as well as for an unnamed Israeli gas company
Mar 07, 2017 Steele emerges from his London office, makes a brief statement to the press and goes back inside
Mar 07, 2017 Steele tells Ohr he's concerned by the 3/6/17 Grassley letter; sources could be revealed
Mar 07, 2017 WikiLeaks: "Vault 7 Part 1 'Year Zero': Inside the CIA's global hacking force"
Mar 08, 2017 Carter Page letter to Burr, Warner; mentions bumping into Lisa Monaco at CFR on 1/10/17; pdf 3 pages
Mar 08, 2017 HPSCI letter to Acting DAG Boente; asks to see all relevant FISAs; 3/13/17 deadline set
Mar 08, 2017 Guardian: "Why James Clapper's Trump comments may not conflict with reports of secret court order"
Mar 08, 2017 Politico: "Authorities looked into Manafort protégé" referring to Kilimnik
Mar 08, 2017 AP report on Gen. Flynn's Turkish lobbying; Devlin Barrett RTs the link
Mar 09, 2017 Waldman tells Warner that he spoke with someone at DOJ (Laufman?)
Mar 09, 2017 Complaint filed against McCabe [10/15/18 FBI Vault]
Mar 09, 2017 BuzzFeed: "Nigel Farage Just Visited The Ecuador| ian Embassy In London"
Mar 09, 2017 WaPo: "House Intelligence Committee chiefs ask Justice for proof of wiretaps on Trump"
Mar 09, 2017 CNN: "Sources: FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization"
Mar 09, 2017 Envelope sent to David Cay Johnston containing partial Trump tax return; postmarked Westchester, NY
Mar 09, 2017 Preet Bharara considers recording a phone call of POTUS, but backs out; pdf 5 pages
Mar 10, 2017 Carter Page meeting; dossier, Podobnyy,,,,
Mar 10, 2017 Monica Crowley registers FARA for Ukrainian billionaire, Viktor Pinchuk; pdf 2 pages
Mar 10, 2017 Daily Beast: "CNN Calls B.S. on Monica Crowley Claiming Her Plagiarism Was ‘Debunked’"
Mar 10, 2017 House Dems send a letter to Goodlatte; they request a status update on lines of inquiry
Mar 10, 2017 NYT: "Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign"
Mar 10, 2017 Charlotte Observer reports that Rybolovlev's jet mirrored Trump's
Mar 10, 2017 WH jumper Jonathan Tran arrested; found w/backpack, mace, Apple laptop, U.S. passport,
Mar 11, 2017 Roger Stone says accusation that he colluded with Russian hacker Guccifer are false
Mar 11, 2017 Ukraine lawyer seeks probe of alleged hacked texts of Manafort's daughter
Mar 11, 2017 Preet Bharara fired,
Mar 11, 2017 Daily Caller report on Flynn's elite investigative team operating on behalf of Inovo BV
Mar 11, 2017 Two USSS agents under investigation for snapping selfies with Don Jr.'s,
Mar 11, 2017 Waldman tells Warner that "[the DoJ is] already aware" about a topic the two had discussed earlier
Mar 13, 2017 Search warrant issued for Schulte's NYC apartment
Mar 13, 2017 Search warrant issued for Schulte's Google search history
Mar 13, 2017 DOJ asks for more time to collect evidence on Trump wiretap claims; HPSCI sets deadline for 3/20/17
Mar 13, 2017 Jonathan Tuan Tran released on his own personal recognizance; must comply with court conditions
Mar 13, 2017 Spicer announces Tillerson to have dinner with Trump and HR McMaster
Mar 14, 2017 Vekselberg and Putin allegedly meet in Moscow
Mar 14, 2017 SSCI Chairman Burr announces plan to hold public hearing on Russia sometime soon
Mar 14, 2017 Napolitano says Obama used GCHQ to spy on Trump campaign
Mar 14, 2017 Leaked return shows Trump paid $38m in taxes in 2005,,,
Mar 14, 2017 True Pundit says McCabe and others "secretly conspired to wage a coup against Flynn & Trump"
Mar 15, 2017 True Pundit says McCabe ranted about Trump on 1/27/17 to up to 16 senior FBI officials
Mar 15, 2017 FBI searches Schulte's apartment; 60 devices recovered; possibly also a passport,
Mar 15, 2017 Trump tweets about the implausibility of his tax returns ending up in the hands of David Cay Johnston
Mar 15, 2017 Comey joined by Grassley/Feinstein in Senate SCIF; later, Schumer & Warner
Mar 15, 2017 Complaint against McCabe received by INSD [10/15/18 FBI Vault]
Mar 15, 2017 McCain says Rand Paul is working for Vladimir Putin
Mar 15, 2017 Ohr asks Steele if the Special Counsel has a right to question in U.K.
Mar 15, 2017 Steele tells Bruce Ohr their his sources must be protected
Mar 15, 2017 HPSCI letter to Adm Rogers, Comey, Pompeo; inquires about WH unmaskings between 6/16-1/17
Mar 15, 2017 Mary McCord and Paul Abbate publicly present indictment of russian "Yahoo! hackers"
Mar 15, 2017 Grassley threatens to block the nomination of Rod Rosenstein if DOJ does not comply with demands
Mar 15, 2017 Dan Coats confirmed as DNI
Mar 15, 2017 Trump: "We have it [wiretapping evidence] before the committee. We're submitting some things." (Interview w/Tucker)
Mar 15, 2017 Two USSS agents under fire for taking selfies of Don Jr's son,,
Mar 15, 2017 Mother Jones article on Trump condo purchased by Xiao Yan Chen; reveals ties to Chinese intel
Mar 15, 2017 Four Russians (two FSB) charged with 2014 Yahoo email breach: Dokuchaev, Sushchin, Belan, and Baratov
Mar ??, 2017 Waldman (to Laufman, sometime around mid-March): "Dear David, I relayed our conversations to Assange and he had a generally positive view of it" [6/25/18 The Hill]
Mar 16, 2017 USSS laptop stolen @3am;,,,,
Mar 16, 2017 WaPo reports Gen. Flynn was paid $11,250 from Kaspersky Lab in 2015
Mar 16, 2017 NYT: "Michael Flynn Was Paid by Russian-Linked Firms, Letter Shows"
Mar 16, 2017 Carter Page meets with FBI agents under McCabe's command
Mar 16, 2017 Jonathan Tuan Tran must report for mandatory court supervision in California [3/13/17 @ScottTaylorTV]
Mar 16, 2017 Waldman tells Warner that Christopher Steele requested they speak
Mar 16, 2017 New Yorker article on Gen. Flynn's Turkish lobbying efforts
Mar 16, 2017 WSJ article on Gen. Flynn's work on behalf of Russian companies; primary documents inside
Mar 16, 2017 DoJ missses wiretap deadline; asks for more time
Mar 16, 2017 Complaint against McCabe handled by INSD [10/15/18 FBI Vault]
Mar 16, 2017 Rep Cummings letter to Trump, Mattis, Comey; list of questions for Gen. Flynn wrt Turkish, RT lobbying
Mar ??, 2017 Papadopoulos says George Tawil contacted him about a month after his 2/16/17 Clinesmith interview
Mar 17, 2017 Louise Mensch op-ed in New York Times
Mar 17, 2017 Package from DOJ to HPSCI "enclosed please find [FISA] documents responsive to your request, which we are providing for review only by each of you and for return to us today." One additional staff member is allowed to look at it as well. A DOJ representative is with the documents at all times.
Mar 17, 2017 Grassley, Feinstein are provided copies of two FISA's on Carter Page
Mar 17, 2017 Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan joke that Trump is paid by Putin [5/17/17 WaPo]
Mar 17, 2017 Waldman meets with Dan Jones
Mar 17, 2017 Reuters hit-piece on Trump properties in Sunny Isles; sourced by Dan Jones (hitpiece by Dan Jones)
Mar 17, 2017 Carter Page's 2016 FISA application is hand-carried several times to SSCI
Mar 17, 2017 James Wolfe texts and talks to Ali Watkins (82 texts, 28min phone call)
Mar 17, 2017 Trump says he and Angela Merkel have something in common when it comes to being wiretapped
Mar 17, 2017 Chaffetz letter about Jonathan Tuan Tran deliverd to acting USSS Director, William J. Callahan
Mar 17, 2017 Senator Warner enters a SCIF at 4:02pm est
Mar 18, 2017 Spicer applauds USSS after would-be WH intruder tackled
Mar 18, 2017 Man is arrested outside WH shortly before 1pm after jumping bike rack; man was carrying letter to Trump
Mar 18, 2017 USSS detain Sean Patrick Keoughan at WH checkpoint @ 11:05pm; he claims to have a bomb in his car
Mar 18, 2017 Steele tells Bruce Ohr that he hopes "important firewalls will hold"
Mar 20, 2017 Grassley tweets that recent intel leaks need to be investigated
Mar 20, 2017 Washington Examiner reports that USSS removed alarm sensors from the fence that Jonathan Tran scaled
Mar 20, 2017 FBI receives consent to search Schulte's cell phone
Mar 20, 2017 @StoneColdRoger in response to the HPSCI hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election: "It's only fair that I have a chance to respond 2 any smears or half truths about alleged "Collusion with Russians" from 2day's Intel Hearing."
Mar 20, 2017 OCCRP: "The Russian Laundromat Exposed"
Mar 20, 2017 Warner tells Waldman he'd like to meet up with Steele
Mar 20, 2017 Dan Jones (McClatchy) hit piece on Breitbart, InfoWars
Mar 20, 2017 Transcript of Comey testimony on Russian interference in 2016 election"
Mar 20, 2017 INSD recommends investigation into complaint against McCabe [10/15/18 FBI Vault]
Mar 20, 2017 Ivanka sets up office in West Wing next to Dina Powell; seeking security clearance
Mar 20, 2017 Guardian article on The Global Laundromat
Mar 20, 2017 Details from Carter Page's March 2017 FBI interviews sent for inclusion for FISA renewal app #2
Mar 21, 2017 Waldman tells Warner he's in Deutscheland; saya he spoke to Steele the previous day
Mar 21, 2017 Business Insider article on hacked text messages sent by Paul Manafort's daughter
Mar 21, 2017 Nunes meets classified source
Mar 21, 2017 Ukrainian lawmaker Sergii Leshchenko claims Paul Manafort masked payments from Yanukovych party
Mar 21, 2017 Bank of China, HSBC Hong Kong, & other Chinese banks caught up in money laundering scheme
Mar 21, 2017 Jeff Jetton interviews Sergei Millian in Central Park
Mar 22, 2017 WaPo: "House Intelligence chair says Trump campaign officials were ensnared in surveillance operations"
Mar 22, 2017 Motion by Forbes Media and Richard Behar to unseal Felix Sater's docket; US govt opposes unsealing
Mar 22, 2017 USSS arrests failed WH intruder who got stuck on a fence
Mar 22, 2017 AP article on secret deals btw Deripaska and Manafort; byline Jeff Horowitz, Chad Day
Mar 23, 2017 WikiLeaks discloses CIA's "Dark Matter" [5/7//17 Wired]
Mar 23, 2017 Secondary search warrant executed for NYC apartment?
Mar 23, 2017 CNN: "US officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians"
Mar 23, 2017 Page: "CNN said officials. I assume dems on Gang of 8"
Mar 23, 2017 HuffPost artcile on Felix Sater
Mar 23, 2017 DOJ receives details for Carter Page FISA renewal app #2; key details left out from Primary Sub-source
Mar 23, 2017 Military officer expected expected to be appointed Director of Secret Service
Mar 23, 2017 NYT's Michael Schmidt flags FBI about upcoming story on Kushner/VEB (Apuzzo, Goldman, Mazzetti?)
Mar 24, 2017 Rick Gates leaves pro-Trump group America First Policies because of ties to Russia,
Mar 24, 2017 Comey makes unannounced visit to the White House at 1:30 pm EST; spotted leaving an hour later
Mar 24, 2017 Daily Caller: "Michael Flynn discussed covert extradition plan with Turkish government"
Mar 24, 2017 WSJ: "Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish Officials Discussed Removal of Erdogan Foe From U.S."
Mar 24, 2017 Senate Judiciary letter to Fusion GPS; requests info about Steele, contacts with FBI/DOJ
Mar 25, 2017 Senate Dems question Kushner real estate deal with Anbang Insurance Group; 666 Fifth Avenue
Mar 25, 2017 Waldman tells Warner that Deripaska is in London 3/27/17-3/30/17; offers a meeting; mentions "idea"
Mar 26, 2017 Marc Elias deletes at least 5,104 tweets
Mar 26, 2017 Jared Kushner tapped to lead a "SWAT" team to fix government with business ideas
Mar ??, 2017 (late March) Adam Waldman visits Assange twice in the Ecuadorian Embassy [6/20/18 Guardian]
Mar 27, 2017 NYT report on Dec 2016 meetings involving Kushner, Kislyak, and Gorkov,
Mar 27, 2017 Evelyn Farkas says she feared Trump admin would compromise Obama admin's intel sources
Mar 27, 2017 Burr and Warner issue a statement on Jared Kushner’s voluntary participation in SSCI Investigation
Mar 27, 2017 article on Felix Sater
Mar 28, 2017 Grassley letter to Comey about McCabe's potential conflicts of interest; 4 pages; pdf
Mar 28, 2017 Laufman emails Waldman, offers Assange immunity and safe passage
Mar 28, 2017 Waldman responds to Laufman with a proffer scribd pdf
Mar 28, 2017 Dan Jones meets with FBI; tells feds about his Penn Quarter Group and funding Fusion and Steele after the election
Mar 28, 2017 WNYC: "Paul Manafort's Puzzling New York Real Estate Purchases"
Mar 29, 2017 Fusion GPS counel informs SJC that Glenn Simpson will be out of town until 4/3/17
Mar 29, 2017 Washington Post article about "Source D" (Sergei Millian)
Mar 29, 2017 NBC News reports that SSCI is interested in interviewing Christopher Steele; by Ken Dilanian
Mar 29, 2017 Vanity Fair article about Christopher Steele; by Howard Blum
Mar 29, 2017 Candace Claiborne (and unnamed co-conspirator) charged in making contacts with Chinese agents
Mar 29, 2017 CNN reports on VEB paying Buryakov's legal tab; also, Kushner meeting with VEB
Mar 29, 2017 Newsweek article on Apr 2, 2017, Ecuador election; Guillermo Lasso promises to evict Assange
Mar 29, 2017 Ivanka says she will take a formal but unpaid role in the White House
Mar 29, 2017 New Yorker article on illicit mirror trading scheme deployed by Deutsche Bank
Mar 29, 2017 WSJ article on a loan Paul Manafort received from the bank of former Trump adviser, Steve Calk
Mar 29, 2017 NYT article on CEFC Chinese Energy buying a 19.9% stake in the the Cowen Group
Mar 29, 2017 Comey speaks at an INSA Leadership Dinner in Alexandria, VA
Mar 30, 2017 President Trump calls Comey at 8:13am est; they speak for about ten minutes
Mar 30, 2017 Comey calls AG Sessions at 10:05am; relays substance of his earlier phone call with Trump
Mar 30, 2017 Carter Page tells journalist Tim Mak at 10:39am that SSCI hasn't scheduled him for an interview yet
Mar 30, 2017 Steele texts Ohr at 9:06pm est; says he is concerned about the leaks from yesterday
Mar 30, 2017 DNI Coats executes amendments to each of the 2016 certifications; 702 raw FISA access re-opened
Mar 30, 2017 Carter Page meets with FBI agents under McCabe's command
Mar 30, 2017 Carter Page tells FBI agents he accidentally lost functional use of his cell phone in October 2016
Mar 30, 2017 Buryakov again waives his right to a conflict-free counsel; Judge Berman approves ; pdf
Mar 30, 2017 Grassley letter to Tillerson; he asks if HRC aides ever had their security clearances revoked
Mar 30, 2017 McClatchy: "A Kazakh dirty-money suit threatens to reach Trump’s business world"
Mar 30, 2017 Steve Bannon electronically files financial disclosure forms
Mar 30, 2017 Just Security: "Following the Money: Russia, Cyprus, and the Trump Team’s Odd Business Dealings"
Mar 30, 2017 Clint Watts testifies to SSCI
Mar 30, 2017 Graham Kates email the Bureau of Prisons at 3:19pm est; he requests a FOIA on Evgeny Buryakov
Mar 30, 2017 Fox News tweets at 1:12pm est that Catherine Herridge will interview Carter Page on 6pm show
Mar 30, 2017 Catherine Herridge interviews Carter Page on Fox News
Mar 30, 2017 Twitter user "dcpoll" live-tweets Fox News; accurately guesses Carter Page is Male-1 at 6:46pm EST
Mar 31, 2017 Evgeny Buryakov released from federal prison; released into ICE custody,
Mar 31, 2017 Graham Kates of CBS News (mistakenly?) says Buryakov will be released into ICE custody on 4/1/17
Mar 31, 2017 Last FBI interview of Carter Page; he disagrees with 1/6/17 ODNI report,
Mar 31, 2017 Grassley letter to Dana Boente asking about Fusion and Rinat Akhmetshin
Mar 31, 2017 Warner: "Keep me informed also any news about ur other guy on Manafort"
Mar 31, 2017 Waldman: "My other guy, like Steele, very mistrustful of USG", "shut out of the country", "dragged through the mud"
Mar 31, 2017 Waldman: "Update re the other other guy, my contact at DOJ has gone silent last 72 hrs. I gave him what he asked for."
Mar 31, 2017 WikiLeaks discloses CIA's Marble Framework documents [5/7//17 Wired]
Mar ??, 2017 Nicole Argentieri leaves EDNY as Assistant U.S. Attorney sometime Mar 2017
Apr ??, 2017 Waldman visits Assange three times in the Ecuadorian Embassy in April [6/20/18 Guardian]
Apr ??, 2017 New York AG Eric Schneiderman starts looking at Manafort transactions
Apr ??, 2017 Huawei allegedly tipped off about DOJ investigation sometime April 2017
Apr ??, 2017 Sometime Apr 2017, the FBI opens a criminal investigation into SSCI for disclosing Top Secret info
Apr 01, 2017 George Papadopoulos and Simona Mangiante go on their first date
Apr 03, 2017 @KT_Thomps: "Michael Cohen is now a national deputy finance chairman for the RNC"
Apr 03, 2017 Steele files a declaration in Webzilla suit
Apr 03, 2017 Reporters call Carter Page saying that US officials have revealed that he is "Male-1" in the 2013 case
Apr 03, 2017 KRGMtulsa: "Leftist claims win in Ecuador election, rival cries foul"
Apr 03, 2017 @JulianAssange: "I cordially invite Lasso to leave Ecuador within 30 days (with or without his tax haven millions)"
Apr 03, 2017 Guardian: "Julian Assange taunts loser of Ecuador's election over tax haven allegations"
Apr 03, 2017 James Wolfe and Ali Watkins exchange 124 electronic communications
Apr 03, 2017 BuzzFeed article reveals Carter Page is Male-1 as described in the Buryakov case
Apr 03, 2017 Carter Page receives a threatening voicemail from a 918-area code telephone number at 9:45pm EST
Apr 03, 2017 WaPo: "Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel"
Apr 03, 2017 MSNBC: "The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 4/3/2017" (Ali Watkins)
Apr 04, 2017 Ali Watkins says her 4/3/17 article on Carter Page was based on "more than court filings"
Apr 04, 2017 Carter Page sends a response to Natasha Bertrand concerning Ali's 4/3/17 scoop on Maddow
Apr 04, 2017 Brian Ross reports Carter Page is Male-1
Apr 04, 2017 NYT: "Russian Spies Tried to Recruit Carter Page Before He Advised Trump"
Apr 04, 2017 WaPo: "Former Trump adviser admits to 2013 communication with Russian spy"
Apr 04, 2017 Vanity Fair article about Carter Page
Apr 04, 2017 DOJ Asst Dir of Congr. Affairs Greg Brower letter to HPSCI saying they can't provide the docs but could do a briefing
Apr 04, 2017 Grassley letter to John Kelly at DHS; he asks about Rinat Akhmetshin and Bill Browder
Apr 05, 2017 CBS News reports that visitor logs in the Russian Embassy in DC show Buryakov has left the country
Apr 05, 2017 Waldman files FARA; indicates Waldman has ended represenation of Rusal/Deripaska; not revealed till 6/29/18
Apr 05, 2017 Waldman: "[Steele] seems to have cold feet from the leaks. Said he wanted a bi partisan letter"
Apr 05, 2017 Laufman emails Waldman asking for clarification on Assange proffer
Apr 06, 2017 Nunes says he's going to temporarily step away from his oversight position
Apr 06, 2017 Imran Awan leaves DWS laptop in Capitol Hill phone booth w/note at 3am [9/9/17 Daily Caller]
Apr 06, 2017 NYT reports Jared Kushner omitted meetings with Russians officials from his security clearance forms
Apr 06, 2017 Waldman: "WSJ just called me and said they heard from senate intel comm that the committee and Steele are speaking"
Apr 06, 2017 Carter Page informs Kevin Clinesmith of death threats since Ali's 4/3/17 story,
Apr 07, 2017 The Hacker Newz: "WikiLeaks Reveals CIA's Grasshopper Windows Hacking Framework"
Apr 07, 2017 FISA Verified Application on Carter Page,,,
Apr 07, 2017 FISA Primary Order and Warrant on Carter Page,
Apr 07, 2017 First tweet from @GeorgePapa19
Apr 07, 2017 National Review: "How the Clintons Sold Out U.S. National Interests to the Putin Regime"
Apr 07, 2017 Fusion GPS letter to Senate Judiciary; asserts 1st amendment right to withhold requested info
Apr 08, 2017 NYT article on Manafort's introduction to the Trump campaign
Apr ??, 2017 Kash Patel joins the HPSCI investigative team
Apr 10, 2017 Strzok: "just gone to find this phone to tell leak strategy with DOJ"
Apr 10, 2017 Strzok/Page informed of "NYT last shot" at an upcoming article; Carter Page FISA's?
Apr 10, 2017 Waldman: "Steele: would like to get a bipartisan letter from committee" [2/8/18 Fox News]
Apr 10, 2017 Waldman: "I convinced [Assange] to make...concessions and am discussing those w DOJ" [2/8/18 Fox News]
Apr 10, 2017 Waldman: "[Deripaska] willing to testify...but interested in state of play with Manafort" [2/18/18 Fox News]
Apr 10, 2017 Russian pranksters, Vovan and Lexus, dupe Adam Schiff into thinking they have kompromat [1/1/18 Atlantic]
Apr 11, 2017 Trump calls Comey at 8:26am est; they speak for about four minutes; mentions Boente, Egypt, Jordan
Apr 11, 2017 Washington Post reveals the FBI obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page; Nakashima, Barrett, Entous
Apr 11, 2017 Then Head of the Criminal Fraud Section at DOJ Andrew Weissman meets with AP to discuss the investigation into Paul Manafort and they swap information, including AP revealing the code number for a Manafort storage unit [7/8/18 Politico]
Apr 12, 2017 Podesta Group retroactively files FARA for ECFMU for years 2012-14
Apr 12, 2017 Strzok praises Lisa for two hit-pieces on Carter Page; warns two more are coming out
Apr 12, 2017 Jake Tapper interviews Carter Page; video (15m22s)
Apr 12, 2017 NYT follows up to WaPo's 4/11/17 article on Carter Page surveillance warrant
Apr 12, 2017 @grantstern: "An EXCLUSIVE Interview with ex-Trump advisor Carter Page about #TrumpRussia"
Apr 12, 2017 CNN: "FBI monitored former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page on Russia"
Apr 12, 2017 NYT/WaPo calls Papadopoulos, says he's heard there's a FISA out on George
Apr 12, 2017 CNN(?) calls Papadopoulos, says they've heard there's a FISA out on George
Apr 12, 2017 On CNN, Tom Barrack says he's "known Paul Manafort for 30 years, I trust him, I believe him"
Apr 13, 2017 CNN reports that the Secret Service has fired two officers over March fence-jumping incident
Apr 13, 2017 Pompeo describes WikiLeaks as a "nonstate hostile intelligence service"
Apr 13, 2017 Guardian reports that "British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia"
Apr 13, 2017 Politico article on House Dems who want Jared Kushner's security clearance suspended
Apr 13, 2017 Carter Page goes on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos
Apr 13, 2017 Vanity Fair article critical of Carter Page's recent Apr 2017 TV interviews
Apr 13, 2017 NYT article on MOAB dropped in Afghanistan
Apr 13, 2017 Strzok concerned about the Guardian's 4/13/17 article about British spies spotting links to Russia
Apr 14, 2017 Strzok says NYT is angry at him because WaPo had beaten them at the Carter Page FISA story
Apr 14, 2017 reports that 500 Pakistanis (as well as ISI and ISIS agents) died from the MOAB drop
Apr 15, 2017 Turkey investigates 17 U.S. politicians, bureaucrats, and academics over 7/15/16 coup attempt
Apr 15, 2017 CNN article about possible methods Russian intel could have used to recruit Carter Page
Apr 16, 2017 Carter Page disputes allegations in Washington Times article
Apr 16, 2017 Carter Page attends Easter Mass in D.C.
Apr 17, 2017 Greg Brower letter to Grassley
Apr 19, 2017 FBI letter to Senate Judiciary. It's four sentences and doesn't provide requested info
Apr 19, 2017 Waldman tells Senator Warner that he's currently in the Maldives [see: 2/8/18 Fox News]
Apr 20, 2017 Mary McCord, leader of DoJ NSD, announces resignation; to take effect in two weeks
Apr 21, 2017 Daily Beast article that alleges Roger Stone reached out to Manafort in Aug 2015
Apr 22, 2017 NYT article indirectly reference Renteria memo; Renteria name withheld till WaPo's 5/24/17 article
Apr 23, 2017 "Get Me Roger Stone" premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival [see: Apr 24, 2017 Entertainment Weekly]
Apr 24, 2017 Entertainment Weekly: "Essential, staggering Get Me Roger Stone rocks Tribeca Film Festival"
Apr 24, 2017 Warner and other are "very frustrated" at pace of Senate Intel Inquiry. Two staffers are hired to help, but the committee was woefully unprepared for this investigation
Apr 24, 2017 NYT: "Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France’s Macron"
Apr 24, 2017 Grassley letter to Boente and Comey
Apr 25, 2017 Christopher Steele makes a court filing in the Webzilla UK case
Apr 25, 2017 Waldman: "Steele is under a lot of duress" "I can't convince him to do a call first" "[Steele] fearful of the triumvirate of cost, time suck and reputation" [see: Feb 8, 2018 Fox News]
Apr 25, 2017 Politico: "Senate confirms Rosenstein as deputy attorney general"
Apr 25, 2017 @DHSGov: "Today, #SecretaryKelly swore in Randolph Alles as Director of the @SecretService"
Apr 25, 2017 "Retired Gen. Randolph 'Tex' Alles to lead Secret Service"
Apr 26, 2017 Rosenstein sworn in
Apr 26, 2017 Judge Collyer approves Govt's 9/26/16 FISC Submission; pdf 99 pages; published 5/11/17
Apr ??, 2017 Senator Durbin says the FBI asked for more resources as soon as Rosenstein was sworn in
Apr 27, 2017 Daily Mail: "Comey lands in New Zealand for top-secret 'Five Eyes' spying conference between US, UK and allies"
Apr 27, 2017 CNN's Chris Cuomo interviews Carter Page on Russia contact; video (15m38s)
Apr 27, 2017 Fusion GPS counsel has a call with Senate Judiciary staff trying to clarify the privleges that Fusion is claiming. Why they feel they don't have to testify
Apr 28, 2017 CRIG registers FARA for Wang Wenliang (Chinese billionaire at center of McAuliffe investigation)
Apr 28, 2017 Grassley letter to Comey; requests responses to more questions about FBI's relationship with Steele
Apr 28, 2017 SSCI sends letters to Manafort, Flynn, Page, Stone and likely other parties as well, requesting information; deadline 5/9/17; scribd pdf
Apr 28, 2017 NSA discontinues including "about" info of foreign surveillance targets in upstream data communications
Apr 30, 2017 Glenn Simpson and Jonathan Winer attend the OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami
May 01, 2017 Trisha Anderson is interviewed by the US Office of Special Counsel regarding whether Comey violated the Hatch Act through announcements in the Clinton emails case
May 02, 2017 Trump tweets that Dems are using the Trump-Russia story as an excuse for losing,
May 02, 2017 Steele and Ohr schedule a Facetime call for 5/3/17 at 9am est
May 03, 2017 Comey testifies about the Clinton email investigation; transcript; video (03h50m)
May 03, 2017 Comey mentions "golden missing emails" on Anthony Weiner's laptop
May 03, 2017 Comey says he's not allowed to discuss some events that questioned the DoJ's handling of MYE
May 03, 2017 Video: Grassley asks Comey about assurances Lynch allegedly provided about HRC email investigation
May ??, 2017 IG Horowitz seeks unsealing of FBI grand jury subpoenas demanding testimony of Clinton aides, other search warrants
May ??, 2017 Psy-Group's "Butterfly Project" brochure; first published 2/28/19 in the New Yorker; pdf 7 pages
May 04, 2017 Carter Page letter to Burr/Warner; scribd pdf (2 separate documents listed)
May 04, 2017 Adam Lovinger security clearance revoked, reported by Bill Gertz
May 04, 2017 WaPo: "The mystery behind a Flynn associate’s quiet work for the Trump campaign" (Jon Iadonisi)
May 04, 2017 Comey and NSA Director Rogers closed-door testify to HPSCI
May 06, 2017 Grassley sends letter to FBI seeking records of a reported plan to pay Steele for the dossier
May 07, 2017 Wired: "WikiLeaks drops 'Grasshopper' documents, part four of its CIA Vault 7 files"
May 07, 2017 Trump asks Stephen Miller to write a memo firing Comey. It never gets sent
May 07, 2017 Carter Page sends letter to Burr/Warner at SSCI, details two felony disclosures concerning his identity
May 08, 2017 HotAir: "Hmm: FBI investigating Jane Sanders for Bank Fraud?"
May 08, 2017 11am, Comey gives speech at Anti Defamation League in Washington. Confirms he's on Twitter as Reinhold Neihbur
May 08, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 May 10, 2017)
May 08, 2017 Eric Trump and Don Jr. at FBI NY HQ; New York headquarters to ask them about attempted overseas cyberattacks against the Trump Organization. Representatives of the CIA also attend meeting. Reported by Brian Ross [See: 5/26/17 ABC News]
May 08, 2017 Sessions, Rosenstein meet in Oval Office; Trump tells them he wants to fire Comey; Rosenstein offers to write a memo
May 08, 2017 1:30pm, At Burr and Warner's request, Comey meets with them to discuss ongoing Russia investigation and next steps.
May 08, 2017 Starting at 2:30pm Clapper, Yates testify to Senate Judiciary Committee. Steele doesn't like their answers and neither does Strzok
May 08, 2017 HPSCI letter to Acting DAG Dana Boente talking about media reports of FISA warrants. Asks to see them
May 08, 2017 Carter Page emails REPORTER #1 and several other journalists; Bcc's James Wolfe
May 08, 2017 Politico: "Obama warned Trump about Flynn, officials say"
May 08, 2017 NYT: "Obama Warned Trump About Hiring Flynn, Officials Say"
May 08, 2017 Trump tweets about Sally Yates; suggests she leaked classified info to newspapers
May 08, 2017 5:30pm, Russia "weekly" meeting inside FBI. Strzok sys that it's "90%+ historical"
May 08, 2017 Trump gives WH tour to Time magazine; narrates pre-recorded clips of the Clapper/Yates testimony
May 09, 2017 Rosenstein letter on Comey firing; "Restoring Public Confidence in the FBI"; 3 pages
May 09, 2017 Steele and Ohr schedule a call for 5/10/17 at 3pm est
May 09, 2017 FBI Inspection Division questions McCabe about the WSJ article leak and about Aug 12 call to PADAG
May 09, 2017 OSC interviews Jim Rybicki on whether Comey violated the Hatch act wrt Clinton email announcements
May 09, 2017 HPSCI letters to Jeff Sessions and Mary McCord asking for voluntary transcribed interview and for document production
May 09, 2017 Sean Spicer submits press release on Comey firing
May 09, 2017 Dems on House Judiciary Committee send a letter to Rosenstein/McCabe; asks them to preserve records
May 09, 2017 Strzok at 8:14pm: "And we need to open the case we've been waiting on now while Andy is acting."
May 10, 2017 Carter Page statement on Comey firing; scribd 6 pages
May 10, 2017 Trump calls McCabe on an unsecure line around 10am
May 10, 2017 McCabe opens two investigations into POTUS on this day, maybe?,
May 10, 2017 NYT: "Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry" Justice spox push back hard on the story.
May 10, 2017 Lavrov visits Tillerson at Foggy Bottom ~9am; he's asked about the Comey firing by the press and he jokes about it
May 10, 2017 In Moscow, Putin is playing in a gala hockey event; a reporter asks him about the Comey firing Putin dismisses it
May 10, 2017 SSCI issues first subpoena to Flynn. SSCI also asks FINCEN for financial information on Trump and some of his associates. Democrats on committee say they will block the confirmation of Sigal Mandelker, Trump’s nominee to be the top Treasury official for terrorism and financial crimes, until the network delivers the information
May 10, 2017 Trump meets with Kislyak and Lavrov in Oval Office; he allegedly shares secret Israeli info [see: 5/15/17 WaPo]
May 10, 2017 Page: "We need to lock in [?]. In a formal chargeable way. Soon."
May 10, 2017 Ohr: "very concerned about Comey firing, afraid they will be exposed” [see: 8/18/18 The Hill]
May 10, 2017 Jeff Sessions informally speaks with potential FBI director candidates, including McCabe and John Cornyn
May 11, 2017 Carter Page bcc's SSCI Staff Director Michael Casey and Minority Staff Director Chris Joyner
May 11, 2017 McCabe testifies to SSCI; he says he was not aware of any request from Comey for more resources
May 11, 2017 ~10:00am, Burr and Warner meet with Rosenstein; Warner requests a special counsel
May 11, 2017 At 12:25pm est, Burr, Warner, Rosenstein, and Boente meet in Senate SCIF
May 11, 2017 Senate Judiciary staff call Fusion GPS counsel and ask to review the confidentiality agreements that Fusion talks about in their letters. Fusion says no because the agreements themselves are confidential
May 11, 2017 DAG Rosenstein recieves a letter signed by 20 State AGs asking him to appoint a special counsel
May 11, 2017 NYT puff profile on MCabe
May 11, 2017 Peter Kadzik resigns
May 11, 2017 "REPORTER #1" (Ellen Nakashima) emails James Wolfe; "What's your cell?" at 11:13am [see: Oct 19, 2018 Emptywheel]
May 11, 2017 "REPORTER #1" emails Wolfe again at 5:16pm; "Hi! When can we get coffee?" The signature block of the second email included a 44-character-long code that appears to be a "PGP" fingerprint [10/19/18 Emptywheel]
May 11, 2017 SJC letter; Grassley & Feinstein agree that Comey is not investigating the president
May 11, 2017 Strzok: "Burr happy. Warner conveyed he wanted special counsel, said DAG said he took that under advisement."
May 11, 2017 Waldman texts Senator Warner, says Deripaska is getting questions about Manafort from multiple directions
May 11, 2017 Trump's disastrous interview with Lester Holt where he said he considered "the Russia thing" when he fired Comey
May 11, 2017 FISC publishes Judge Collyer's 4/26/17 99-page memo; pdf
May 12, 2017 "Get Me Roger Stone" premieres on Netflix
May 12, 2017 WSJ reports federal investigators sought Paul Manafort’s bank records sometime mid-Apr 2017
May 12, 2017 Trump: "James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!"
May 12, 2017 Benjamin Wittes op-ed calling for the resignation of Rod Rosenstein
May 12, 2017 article on Kazakhstan, Bayrock LLC, Felix Sater, and Tevfik Arif; by Richard Behar
May 12, 2017 Grant Stern article on Felix Sater's advisory role in the Trump campaign"
May 12, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 May 12, 2017)
May 12, 2017 DAG Rosenstein asks associates for Comey's contact info to ask him for advice about appointing a special counsel. He is talked out of it. Apparently Rosenstein was considering appointing Obama-era DAG James M. Cole at the time
May 12, 2017 Last day in the office for Mary McCord, who put in resignation two weeks previously
May 12, 2017 Trump tweets that James Comey better hope there aren't any "tapes" of their conversations
May 12, 2017 Sources tell CNN that Rosenstein "sees no need for special prosecutor in Russia probe"
May 12, 2017 McCabe, Cornyn, Fisher, and Garcia to be interviewed for FBI Director on 5/13/17
May 12, 2017 Steele & Ohr schedule a Whatsapp call for 5/13/17 at 2pm est to discuss reengagement,
May 13, 2017 Cornyn, McCabe, Fisher, Garcia, Lee, Hudson, Townsend, and Rogers are interviewed for FBI director job
May 13, 2017 SDNY settles Prevezon case for $5.9m
May 13, 2017 Marco Rubio tweets he's "encouraged that @POTUS is considering @TGowdySC & @JohnCornyn to lead @FBI"
May 14, 2017 Carter Page letter to Rosenstein; accuses Comey of leaks; requests FOIA on FISA's scribd pdf 10 pages
May 14, 2017 Peter Smith found dead
May 15, 2017 Scheduled trial for Prevezon Holdings Ltd. (cancelled, settled out of court) [see: May 13, 2017 Bloomberg]
May 15, 2017 Steele tells Bruce Ohr to proceed with the 5/13/17 re-engagement plan,
May 15, 2017 FBI interviews Bruce Ohr (Ohr FD-302 May 16, 2017)
May 15, 2017 Washington Post reports Trump revealed classified info to Kislyak/Lavrov in Oval Office on 5/10/17
May 15, 2017 At an outdoor press conference, Gen. McMaster disputes claim that WH leaked classified info to Kislyak
May 15, 2017 Waldman: "asks if he wants to discuss Deripaska, or if he respond to HPSCI instead"
May 15, 2017 Tom Barrack re-elected co-chairman of Colony NorthStar’s board of trustees [6/9/17 Reveal News]
May ??, 2017 Manafort final meeting with President Moreno in Quito, Ecuador around this time
May 15, 2017 ~7:00pm Rosenstein says he's "focused on defending the Constitution", not his reputation
May 16, 2017 Rep. Gowdy suggests on Fox News that Comey's 7/5/16 press conference will be justified in the future
May 16, 2017 HPSCI letter to McCabe; asks for voluntary transcribed interview and for document production
May 16, 2017 9:30am McCabe and Rosenstein have a meeting; Rosenstein "offers" to wear a wire to surveil Trump
May 16, 2017 ~1:00pm Anonymous source says Trump interviewed Mueller for FBI job [see: Jun 13, 2017 CNN]
May 16, 2017 5:23pm, NYT: "Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation"
May 16, 2017 6:00pm Cornyn removes his name from consideration for FBI director job
May 16, 2017 7:30pm McCabe, Rosenstein meet in PM; meeting goes long; Strzok is on the edge of his seat to hear a report from Page
May 17, 2017 Chelsea Manning released from prison
May 17, 2017 Palpatine's revenge
May 17, 2017 WSJ: "Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner"
May 17, 2017 HPSCI letter to Mueller and McCabe asking for copies of documents that relate to Comey's firing as well as any "documents memorializing conversations between the President and Mr. Comey"
May 17, 2017 WaPo: "House Majority Leader to Colleagues in 2016: 'I think Putin pays' Trump"
May 17, 2017 Business Insider: "Meet the candidates Trump is considering for FBI director"
May 17, 2017 Before McCabe briefs Gang of Eight about Trump-Russia, he interviews for the position of FBI Director
May 17, 2017 At 5pm, DAG Rosenstein briefs Gang of Eight about state of Trump-Russia
May 17, 2017 6:00pm CNN reports Mueller appointed special counsel
May 17, 2017 Rosenstein letter appointing Mueller as special counsel:
May 18, 2017 DAG Rosenstein briefs entire congress about state of Trump-Russia
May 18, 2017 WaPo article on Gen. Flynn's Turkish lobbying
May 18, 2017 Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens "consequences" if the laptop is not returned to her
May 18, 2017 CNBC: "Trump interviews 4 candidates to post of FBI director"
May 18, 2017 Steele files another declaration in Webzilla lawsuit
May 18, 2017 Announced that Comey is testifying to SSCI
May 18, 2017 Strzok: "I disagree with the [?] decision, though I know that counts for nothing..." "...needless Rome boondoggle..."
May 18, 2017 The Hill: "Mueller shouldn’t forget to investigate Clinton's Russia ties during Trump probe"
May 18, 2017 NBC News: "20 Years' Prison for Ex-Secret Service Agent in Sexting Case"
May 18, 2017 Feinstein: "Still No Evidence Of Trump Camp-Russia Collusion"
May 18, 2017 Trump tells TV anchors at the White House "We're very close to an FBI director"; Joe Lieberman is frontrunner
May 19, 2017 Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to sexting with a minor
May 19, 2017 Huma Abedin files for divorce
May 19, 2017 Daily Caller: "Sweden drops rape investigation against Julian Assange"
May 19, 2017 NPR: "Rosenstein On Comey Memo: 'I Wrote It. I Believe It. I Stand By It'"
May 19, 2017 Sweden drops probe against Assange; he appears on balcony, says, "the proper war is just commencing"
Mar 21, 2017 ABC News: "Russian mafia boss still at large after FBI wiretap at Trump Tower"
May 21, 2017 Page: "In business wear. Because Mueller."
May 21, 2017 Mifsud attends the Riyadh Forum on Countering Extremism and Fighting Terrorism at Kings College London
May 22, 2017 Reuters: "Interpol arrest notice issued ex-Panamanian President Martinelli"
May 22, 2017 Carter Page sends letter to Reps Conaway & Schiff
May 22, 2017 Flynn letter to SSCI saying he invokes the Fifth amendment with regards to the committee's May 10, 2017 subpoena. Extends Fifth amendment to refusing to produce documents
May 22, 2017 WaPo: "Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence"
May 22, 2017 NYT: "What Was That Glowing Orb Trump Touched in Saudi Arabia?"
May 22, 2017 McCabe response to Senate Judiciary; details FBI response to 2015-17 Russian measures; pdf 7 pages
May ??, 2017 Manafort, China Development Bank meet around this time in HK; Ecuador energy; Puerto Rico bond debt
May 23, 2017 Carter Page sends follow-up letter to HPSCI, heavily criticizing Brennan
May 23, 2017 John Brennan publicly testifies to HPSCI; says dossier not used as intel for ICA's Jan 2017 report
May 23, 2017 Mark Kasowitz hired as outside legal cousel for Trump and he starts a legal team going
May 24, 2017 DWS tells the Chief of Police on Capitol Hill to expect consequences for not returning her laptop
May 24, 2017 Daily Beast: "Reince Priebus Sweating Secret Comey Memos, White House Sources Say"
May 24, 2017 Strzok says he's staying on the Special Counsel, possibly out of loyalty to Baker and McCabe (seems uneasy, though)
May 24, 2017 "'It was a very powerful factor in the decision to go forward in July with the statement that there shouldn’t be a prosecution,' said a person familiar with the matter. 'The point is that the bureau picked up hacked material [Renteria memo] that hadn’t been dumped by the bad guys [the Russians] involving Lynch. And that would have pulled the rug out of any authoritative announcement.'" [see: May 24, 2017 WaPo]
May 24, 2017 Washington Post article on the unknown source who delivered the Renteria memo to the FBI
May 25, 2017 WaPo's Tom Hamburger and Rosalind Heldeman reveal Carter Page had approached Ed Cox in 2016
May 25, 2017 DIA briefs Judiciary Committee regarding classified documents about Gen. Flynn
May 25, 2017 FT: "FBI investigates Jared Kushner’s Russia ties"
May 25, 2017 Lieberman withdraws his name from consideration for FBI Director
May 25, 2017 Politico: "Manafort advised Trump team on Russia scandal" (panicked Manafort)
May 26, 2017 WaPo: "Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin"
May 26, 2017 NYT: "Kushner Is Said to Have Discussed a Secret Channel to Talk to Russia"
May 26, 2017 The Hill: "GOP leaders launch internal review into leak" (McCarthy, Paul Ryan audio leak)
May 27, 2017 DIA gives in-camera classified briefing to Senate Judiciary regarding Gen. Flynn
May 27, 2017 Gen. McMaster says he "would not be concerned" if Trump admin staffer had backchannel comms with Russia
May 28, 2017 Lisa Page is hired by the Special Counsel Office [see: Dec 13, 2018 DOJ OIG Report]
May 29, 2017 NYPost: "The real reason red lights were flashing in White House windows"
May 29, 2017 Carter Page sends follow-up letter to Reps Conaway & Schiff
May 29, 2017 Carter Page sends letter to SSCI; complains about Brennan
May 30, 2017 Two more candidates were interviewed for FBI director job (Wray, Pistole)
May 30, 2017 WaPo: "Trump interviews two more FBI director candidates"
May 30, 2017 House Intel Committee says they want to hear from Boris Epshteyn
May 30, 2017 Ed Cox tells the Daily Caller why he referred Carter Page to the Trump campaign
May 30, 2017 Sigrun Davidsdottir: "Iceland, Russia and Bayrock — some facts, less fiction"
May 31, 2017 FARA filings indicate Adam Waldman ceases representation of Sergey Lavrov
May 31, 2017 Nunes issues subpoenas to FBI, NSA and CIA relating to whether intelligence officials in the Obama administration improperly unmasked Trump officials in intelligence reports
May 31, 2017 Washington Examiner: "House Intelligence Committee: We won't be rushed on witnesses"
May 31, 2017 NYT: "CNN Fires Kathy Griffin From New Year’s Eve Broadcast Over Trump Photo"
May 31, 2017 Trump criticizes House Dems for not wanting to interview Carter Page; Schiff response
Jun ??, 2017 Strzok assigned to Special Counsel sometime early Jun 2017 [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jun 01, 2017 Politico: "Russia escalates spy games after years of U.S. neglect" (Ali Watkins byline)
Jun 01, 2017 Border Patrol agent, Jeffrey A. Rambo, calls and meets with Ali Watkins at a Dupont Circle bar in DC, then confronts her about an article published earlier that day that included her byline; to her surprise, Mr. Rambo says he knows she is using James Wolfe as a source, and is able to recite the itinerary of her recent vacation to Spain, including stops at Heathrow Airport and the Canary Islands [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
Jun 01, 2017 White House sets up dedicated unit to deal with "Trump-Russia" investigation, organized by Reince, Bannon and Kushner
Jun 01, 2017 Nicole Argentieri awarded Harry L. Stimson award
Jun 01, 2017 Guardian: "Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history?"
Jun 02, 2017 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee letter to Don McGahn warning the White House against asserting executive privlege to stop Comey from testifying
Jun 03, 2017 Reality Winner arrested [see: Peter Strzok 2017-06-03 text]
Jun 03, 2017 Strzok: "Subj in custody, btw. First ML arrest of the Trump era."
Jun 05, 2017 LA Times: "Contractor is charged with leaking top-secret document about Russian hacking"
Jun 05, 2017 @textifire: "It's unusual to register to vote a month after you die, right? Reg'd in FL 8/22/16" (Poteyev)
Jun 06, 2017 MSNBC: "Chris Matthews to Carter Page: Why are you hiding?"
Jun 06, 2017 Guardian: "Russian whistleblower was not poisoned, widow tells Old Bailey inquest"
Jun 06, 2017 Tom Barrack does an interview with Bloomberg about President Trump [see: Jun 8, 2017 Bloomberg]
Jun ??, 2017 Mary Jacoby posts to facebook "some people still don’t realize what Glenn’s role was in exposing Putin’s control of Donald Trump"
Jun 07, 2017 EDNY Assistant U.S. Attorney, Nicole (Marie) Argentieri receives the 2017 Henry L Stimson Medal
Jun 07, 2017 Grassley letter to Fusion GPS noting that they have refused to provide the requested information. It goes point by point, explaining exactly why the rights and privileges they claim are not valid in this case, legally. The letter sets a new deadline of June 14 for them to submit the requested documentation and threatens to use a subpoena to force testimony from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. Senate Judiciary staff call to confirm reciept
Jun 07, 2017 @realDonaldTrump: "I will be nominating Christopher A. be the new Director of the FBI."
Jun 07, 2017 Page: "We're starting obstruction team brief but just come. Sit in on whatever comes next."
Jun 07, 2017 CNN: "Comey expected to refute Trump" [retracted, see: Jun 7, 2017 The Hill]
Jun 07, 2017 The Hill: "CNN issues correction after Comey statement contradicts reporting"
Jun 07, 2017 Senate testimony: McCabe, Coats, Rogers, Rosenstein; video (2h35m); scribd pdf 202 pages
Jun 08, 2017 Bloomberg: "Trump Knows Exactly What He’s Doing: Tom Barrack on the President"
Jun 08, 2017 Two U.S. men, Ali Kourani and Samer el-Debek, charged with scouting terrorist targets for Hezbollah
Jun 08, 2017 Comey publicly testifies to SSCI; video (2h40m); SSCI statement pdf 7 pages
Jun 08, 2017 George Tawil & Shai Arbel meet with Papadopoulos at a hotel in Tel Aviv,
Jun 09, 2017 NYT: "CNN Drops Reza Aslan Over His Vulgar Criticism of Trump"
Jun 09, 2017 Strzok: "Just got an Agency coin. With Brennan's signature" (N.B. Four months after Brennan resigns)
Jun 09, 2017 Tom Barrack sells all stock in Colony Starwood Homes; resigns as co-chairman from Board of Trustees [see: Jun 9, 2017 Reveal News]
Jun 09, 2017 Reveal News: "Trump friend Thomas Barrack cashes out of Colony Starwood Homes"
Jun 09, 2017 WSJ: "Trump: Willing to Testify Under Oath That He Didn’t Ask Comey to Ease Flynn Probe"
Jun 10, 2017 Washington Examiner: "Carter Page: Committees have 'completely blocked' me from testifying"
Jun ??, 2017 Rick Gates spotted with Tom Barrack at the White House around this time [see: Jun 14, 2017 Daily Beast]
Jun 12, 2017 Financial Times: "Inquest opens into case of whistleblower Alexander Perepilichny"
Jun 12, 2017 Counsel for Fusion GPS asks Senate Judiciary for a week's extension for responding to their Jun 07, 2017 letter because counsel for Fusion GPS was out of town that week on another matter
Jun 12, 2017 Rick Gates chats with Tom Barrack and Yousef Al Otaiba (UAE ambassador in DC) in Trump International Hotel lobby [see: Jun 13, 2017 Politico]
Jun 12, 2017 Miami Herald: "Former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli arrested in Coral Gables"
Jun 12, 2017 WSJ: "Secret Service Has No Audio or Transcripts of Any Tapes Made in Trump White House"
Jun 13, 2017 Miami Herlad: "Ex-Panama president, shackled in Miami court, claims politics are behind his arrest"
Jun 13, 2017 Politico: "Allstate, Marketplace Lending Association and others fly in"
Jun 13, 2017 Jeff Sessions testifies to SSCI
Jun 13, 2017 Reuters: "Russian diplomats expelled from Moldova recruited fighters"
Jun 13, 2017 Strzok: "Need to talk to you before you talk to him...He knows who has them now but not how they got them"
Jun 13, 2017 CNN: "Trump interviewed Mueller for FBI job day before he was tapped for special counsel"
Jun 13, 2017 New Yorker: "Stephen Feinberg, the Private Military Contractor Who Has Trump’s Ear" (Cerebrus)
Jun 14, 2017 Daily Beast: "Pro-Russian Lobbyist Is Lurking Around the White House" (Rick Gates, Tom Barrack)
Jun 15, 2017 Sputnik: "US Senate Votes To Impose New Sanctions on Russia"
Jun 15, 2017 WaPo: "Pence hires outside counsel to deal with Russia probe inquiries"
Jun 15, 2017 WaPo: "Special counsel is investigating Jared Kushner’s business dealings"
Jun 15, 2017 Rosenstein: "...exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to to anonymous 'officials'..."
Jun 16, 2017 Politico: "Trump hires another high-profile lawyer as special counsel probe heats up"
Jun 16, 2017 CNN: "Robert Mueller expands special counsel office, hires 13 lawyers"
Jun 16, 2017 Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Yuriy Lutsenko, says $500k from Skadden Arps has been returned
Jun 19, 2017 Senate Juiciary and Fusion GPS speak on the phone; request for an extended deadline of 6/23/17 is agreed upon
Jun 20, 2017 BuzzFeed: "The Man At The Center Of This Trump Scandal Wants To Clear His Name" (Ekim Alptekin)
Jun 20, 2017 Strzok: "And I deeply sincerely meant it earlier when I said I simply want you happy."
Jun 20, 2017 Page: "Then don't join the team"
Jun 20, 2017 Reuters: "U.S. investigators in Russia probe look at role of Flynn partner"
Jun 20, 2017 163-page transcript between Halper and Carter Page delivered to OI Attorney
Jun 21, 2017 Jeh Johnson appears at an open HPSCI hearing
Jun 21, 2017 Bloomberg: "Trump, Russia, and a Shadowy Business Partnership"
Jun 21, 2017 House Dems letter to Chairman Goodlatte asking for hearing on obstruction of justice
Jun 22, 2017 Politico: "Jane Sanders Lawyers Up"
Jun 22, 2017 CNN story on Scaramucci; later retracted and deleted; no reason given
Jun 22, 2017 Steele: "any news on reengagement yet?" [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Jun 22, 2017 Dan Coats testifies to HPSCI
Jun 22, 2017 Grassley sends letter to Loretta Lynch regarding communications with Amanda Renteria
Jun 23, 2017 ABC News: "Senate probes Loretta Lynch's alleged interference in Clinton email investigation"
Jun 23, 2017 Fusion GPS counsel letter to Senate Judiciary; explains why they can't hand over any documents
Jun 23, 2017 NYMag: "The Senate Is Now Investigating Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch"
Jun 23, 2017 @JimMacKayOnAir: "CNN issues apology to Anthony @Scaramucci over Russian Investment Fund story"
Jun 23, 2017 Sputnik: "Russian Investment Fund Denies CNN Report of US Sanctions Regime Violations"
Jun 23, 2017 Trump outside legal team sends 11-page letter to Mueller team
Jun 23, 2017 Carter Page letter to HPSCI; cross-exam questions suggested for John Podesta; scribd pdf 6 pages
Jun 24, 2017 Buzzfeed article on CNN's now-deleted story about Scaramucci
Jun 25, 2017 Page: "Please don't ever text me again."
Jun 26, 2017 Evelyn Farkas testifies to HPSCI
Jun 26, 2017 Schulte interviewed by the FBI; he asks for the return of his cell phone and PC,
Jun 26, 2017 Three CNN employees resign over retracted Scaramucci story; Frank, Lichtblau, Harris
Jun 26, 2017 Devlin Barrett reports the FBI questioned Carter Page ~10hrs during Mar 2017,
Jun 27, 2017 Manafort and Weber retroactively file FARA on behalf of their work for the Govt of Ukraine
Jun 27, 2017 NYPost reports that CNN faces $100M lawsuit from Scaramucci over botched Russia story
Jun 27, 2017 John Podesta testifies to HPSCI
Jun 27, 2017 Rep. Jackie Spier, member of HPSCI, says on TV: "I wouldn't be surprised if Carter Page is an unwitting agent or a witting agent of Russia"
Jun 29, 2017 Pence's Chief of Staff, Josh Pitcock, announces his resignation
Jun 29, 2017 FISA Verified Application on Carter Page (p. 292-392) [signed: McCabe, Rosenstein]
Jun 29, 2017 FISA Primary Order and Warrant on Carter Page (p. 393-412) [signed: Judge Dearie]
Jun 29, 2017 The Atlantic: "A Right-Leaning Foreign-Policy Think Tank Shuts Down" (Foreign Policy Initiative, Singer, Kristol, Kagan)
Jun 29, 2017 BuzzFeed: "Heat Street Is Folding"
??? ??, 2017 Female Russian national employed by Security Security who is suspected of being mole for the Russians at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow has security clearance revoked sometime summer 2017 (her dismissal thought to be issued while 750 U.S. diplomats expelled from Russia) [see: Aug 2, 2018 Guardian]
Jul ??, 2017 Ali Watkins relationship with Wolfe ends sometime Jul 2017, per NYT editors; story likely false [see: Jun 24, 2018]
Jul 05, 2017 Strzok issued a new Samsung S7 cell phone [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 05, 2017 Text messages from May 18, 2017, until this day are recovered only from Page's iPhone [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 05, 2017 NYPost: "Uncovering the Russia ties of Hillary’s campaign chief"
Jul 07, 2017 Sam Ramer letter to HPSCI; refuses Sessions, McCord interview; no document production; cites special counsel invest
Jul 07, 2017 Trump meets with Putin at G20 Summit in Hamburg;
Jul 08, 2017 NYT breaking news; first report of Trump campaign meeting with Russians at Trump Tower on 6/9/16
Jul 11, 2017 User "Johnnie Walker" posts Robert Otto emails to
Jul 11, 2017 SJC letter to Carl Ghattas and James Rybicki; asks them for a transcribed interview by 7/24/17
Jul 11, 2017 Grassley letter to John Kelly at DHS and Tillerson at State asking about Browder and Veselnitskaya
Jul 12, 2017 McClatchy: "Trump-Russia investigators probe Jared Kushner-run digital operation" byline Peter Stone and Greg Gordon, says that House and Senate Intelligence committees and the DOJ are investigating Kushner
Jul 12, 2017 SJC invites Simpson, Browder to testify at 7/19/17 hearing; first reported by Mariam Khan of ABC News
Jul 12, 2017 Christopher Wray answers questions from the Senate Judicary Committee regarding his nomination to become FBI director
Jul 13, 2017 Glenn Simpson letter to Grassley; declines to testify at SJC hearing on 7/19/27
Jul ??, 2017 Grassley subpoenas Glenn Simpson
Jul 13, 2017 New Republic: "Trump's Russian Laundromat"
Jul 13, 2017 Politico: "Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier will not testify before Senate next week"
Jul 14, 2017 CNN: "Former DNC contractor denies working with Ukrainian officials on anti-Trump research" (Chalupa)
Jul 14, 2017 IG Horowitz responds to Feinstein's Mar 3, 2017 letter inquiring about Sessions' recusal
Jul 14, 2017 Michael Caputo testifies to HPSCI
Jul 14, 2017 Lisa Page turns in her DOJ-issued iPhone to an unidentified person or entity [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 15, 2017 Lisa calls SCO, indicates she left her iPhone and laptop on a bookshelf in her office [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 15, 2017 SCO is able to locate Lisa's laptop, but is unable to locate her iPhone [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 15, 2017 SCO's Executive Officer says she did not physically receive Lisa's iPhone or laptop [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 15, 2017 SCO's Executive Officer completes Lisa's Exit Clearance Certification [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 15, 2017 @MacFinn44: "Deripaska M-SAWO 7/14 Moscow-Newark. Maybe a round of golf with Trump in Bedminster"
Jul 16, 2017 Steele: "they assured me they would stand in the way of our reengagement with the Bureau." [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Jul 17, 2017 WSJ: "New York Seeks Bank Records of Former Trump Associate Paul Manafort" ($15m loan)
Jul 17, 2017 James Clapper testifies to HPSCI
Jul 18, 2017 Fox News: "Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow speech"
Jul 19, 2017 Strzok interviewed in a matter not relating to Gen. Flynn [see: Dec 14, 2018 memo]
Jul 19, 2017 NYT: "Big German Bank, Key to Trump’s Finances, Faces New Scrutiny"
Jul 19, 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee issues a press release announcing an upcoming public hearing titled "Oversight of the Foreign Agents Registration Act and Attempts to Influence U.S. Elections: Lessons Learned from Current and Prior Administrations" with two panels: 1) Adam Hickey, Bill Preistap and Horowitz, and 2) Browder, Simpson, Manafort and Trump Jr scheduled for Jul 26, 2017
Jul 20, 2017 Senate Judiciary committee approves Christopher Wray nomination, sends to Senate floor
Jul 20, 2017 FBI delivers to OIG Sep 2015 - Nov 30, 2016 Strzok/Page texts [see: Dec 13, 2017 Horowitz letter to Grassley, Johnson]
Jul 21, 2017 NYT: "Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary"
Jul 21, 2017 House Judiciary Committee asks for a long list of responses to letters, some years old
Jul 21, 2017 Mother Jones: "Scaramucci May Have a Russia Problem of His Own" (Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF)
Jul 21, 2017 McClatchy: "Ex Trump associates helped fugitive Kazakhs in visa scheme" referring to Felix Sater, Viktor Khrapunov
Jul 21, 2017 @mkraju: "FUSION GPS head Glenn Simpson won't testify before Senate Judiciary next week, his rep attacks "partisan" hearing and vows to plead Fifth"
Jul 21, 2017 @SaraCarterDC: "House Judiciary issues subpoena 4 Glen Simpson w/ Fusion GPS/ behind the salacious dossier. 'His lawyer was very uncooperative,' said source"
Jul 21, 2017 USA Today: "Anthony Scaramucci to be White House communications director"
Jul 21, 2017 Papadopoulos receives $10k from Tawil around this time [see: Nov 2, 2018 Bongino podcast]
Jul ??, 2017 White House Situation Room closed for "remodeling" for two weeks starting around this time [see: Aug 3, 2017 Politico]
Jul 23, 2017 Papadopoulos gives $10k to lawyer around this time [see: Aug 20, 2018 Daily Caller & Nov 2, 2018 Bongino podcast]
Jul 24, 2017 Imran Awan arrested at Dulles International Airport [see: Jul 25, 2017 Daily Caller]
Jul 24, 2017 Jared Kushner letter to SJC; says he was unaware of the substance of the 6/9/16 Trump Tower meeting
Jul ??, 2017 Strzok removed from Special Counsel sometime late Jul 2017 [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul ??, 2017 Kash Patel and Doug Presley (HPSCI staffers) travel to London; knock on Steele's door, but he wasn't there
Jul 25, 2017 Jarred Kushner testifies to HPSCI
Jul 25, 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee receives material provided by Paul Manafort
Jul 25, 2017 Daily Caller: "Wasserman Schultz's IT aide arrested at airport after wiring 300k to Pakistan from House office"
Jul 25, 2017 Bloomberg: "Behind Manafort’s Loans, a Chopper Pilot Who Flew Into Trump’s Orbit" (Stephen Calk)
Jul 25, 2017 Daily Mail: "Prosecutors: Some bribes in oligarch case earmarked for US" (Firtash)
Jul 25, 2017 "Aide pleads guilty, says Brady campaign paid primary challenger to quit"
Jul 25, 2017 Application for search warrant of Paul Manafort's residence filed under seal and attained in Eastern District of Virginia
Jul 25, 2017 @KenDilanianNBC: "Dossier co-author Glenn Simpson has reached a deal with Judiciary, source tells NBC News. Will be interviewed--no public testimony." Committee withdraws subpoena
Jul 26, 2017 JD testifies to HPSCI
Jul 26, 2017 Thor Halvorssen testifies to Senate Judicary Committee
Jul 26, 2017 DOJ Assistant Director of Congressional Affairs Greg Brower letter to HPSCI says they decline to provide documents relating to Comey's firing since it is part of the Special Counsel investigation. Also says that HPSCI has been given access to the Comey memos already.
Jul 26, 2017 Pre-dawn raid of Manafort home [see: Aug 9, 2017 CNBC]
Jul 26, 2017 Tribune: "Ukrainian oligarch's legal team fires back at Chicago prosecutors' 'innuendo'" (Firtash)
Jul 26, 2017 Scaramucci calls Ryan Lizza [see: Jul 27, 2017 New Yorker]
Jul 27, 2017 Ex-Panamian president, Ricardo Martinelli, asks Supreme Court to let him out on bail
Jul 27, 2017 Nunes sends a letter to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats announcing that he is introducing a bill to require "individual, fact-based justifications for each request for U.S. person information sourced from disseminated intelligence reports."
Jul 27, 2017 House Judiciary Committee Republicans send a letter to Sessions and Rosenstein asking for a second special counsel
Jul 27, 2017 Acting Assistant Attorney General Sam Ramer letter to HPSCI refusing to allow an interview with Adrew McCabe or any relevant document production, citing the ongoing Special Counsel investigation. Uses same format as denial for Sessions and McCord
Jul 27, 2017 Acting Assistant AG Sam Ramer letter to SJC; says Ghattas, Rybicki unable to do transcribed interviews
Jul 27, 2017 Horowitz informs Mueller of Strzok/Page texts [see: December 13, 2017 Fox News]
Jul 27, 2017 New Yorker: "Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon"
Jul 27, 2017 Papadopoulos arrested at Dulles Int'l Airport [see: 11/4/17 Politico & 11/5/17 Papadopoulos Statement of Offense]
Jul 27, 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee public hearing with Adam Hickey, Bill Preistap, Michael Horowitz, Bill Browder
Jul 27, 2017 Josh Pitcock's last day as Pence's Chief of Staff
Jul 28, 2017 John Carlin testifies to HPSCI
Jul 28, 2017 Stefan Halper emails Carter Page; suggests recent WH controverseries have taken the heat off of him
Jul 28, 2017 Papadopoulos appears in court w/o lawyer, cooperates with Mueller, case sealed [see: December 4, 2017 Politico]
Jul 28, 2017 CNN: "Priebus latest high-profile departure from Trump admin"
Jul 28, 2017 Augusta Free Press: "Warner, Kaine urge Mattis not to implement transgender military service ban"
Jul 28, 2017 WaPo: "Trump names John Kelly as White House chief of staff, ousting Reince Priebus"
Jul 28, 2017 @MichaelJMorell's first tweet
Jul 28, 2017 OIC investigators meet with McCabe; he is shown Strzok/Page texts; lies about leaks to WSJ
Jul 30, 2017 Last day of the "HuffPost Plaintiff Oeurvre" as described by Carter Page on 9/14/17
Jul 31, 2017 CNN: "Anthony Scaramucci out as White House communications director"
Jul 31, 2017 Lisa Page's iPhone reset to factory settings; all traces of Lisa Page on the iPhone are wiped [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Jul 31, 2017 End date for Ali Watkins's subpoenaed text messages
Aug 01, 2017 McCabe calls OIC to correct statements he gave to investigators on 7/28/17
Aug 01, 2017 WaPo: "Jared Kushner stepped down from 266 ‘corporate positions.’ What does that mean?"
Aug 02, 2017 CNN: "Chris Wray sworn in as FBI Director"
Aug 02, 2017 Rosenstein revised memo to Mueller; outlines scope of investigation, specifically naming Page, Manafort, Papadopoulos and Flynn
Aug 02, 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee gets 20,000 documents from the Trump campaign [See: Aug 8, 2018 Bloomberg]
Aug 03, 2017 Politico: "Life in the West Wing: Bug zappers and helicopter fumes"
Aug 03, 2017 WaPo: "Full transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico and Australia"
Aug 03, 2017 WaPo: "Secret Service vacates Trump Tower command post in lease dispute with president’s company"
Aug 03, 2017 Dallas News reports that GOP campaigns in the 2016 election accepted donations from Blavatnik
Aug 03, 2017 NYT reports that Mueller is issuing subpoenas thu grand juries; focus of article is on Flynn
Aug 04, 2017 Heat Street closes [6/29/17 BuzzFeed]
Aug 04, 2017 CNN: "While Trump's away, 'much-needed' White House renovations begin"
Aug 04, 2017 Fox News: "Sessions announces hunt for leakers, says cases have 'exploded'"
Aug 06, 2017 Steele: “frustrated, perishable, operational opportunities" [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Aug 07, 2017 Lisa Page interviews with OIG (Horowitz team)
Aug 08, 2017 Trump WH lawyer John Dowd sends a thank-you note to Mueller
Aug 09, 2017 CNBC: "FBI raided Paul Manafort's home in July"
Aug 10, 2017 FBI delivers to OIG Nov '16-Jul 28, 2017 Strzok/Page texts [see: Dec 13, 2017 Horowitz letter to Grassley, Johnson]
Aug 11, 2017 Strzok completes his Exit Clearance Certification [see: Dec 13, 2018 OIG]
Aug 13, 2017 Vanity Fair: "Why Robert Mueller has Trump SoHo in his sights"
Aug 13, 2017 TheSternFacs: "Emails Say Whole Trump Family Participated In SoHo Hotel Criminal Enterprise" a
Aug 14, 2017 WaPo: "Trump campaign emails show aide’s repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings" byline Tom Hamburger, Carol Leonnig, Rosalind Helderman, which is the first public mention of Papadopoulos connected to the Russia-Trump narrative. Info comes from documents turned over to congressional committees from the Trump campaign
Aug 14, 2017 Guardian: "Diamond tycoon Beny Steinmetz detained in fraud inquiry"
Aug 15, 2017 In a Russian courtroom, Konstantin Kozlovsky confesses to hacking the DNC; not public till 12/2017
Aug 16, 2017 ABC: "Special counsel's Russia probe loses top FBI investigator" byline Mike Levine, referring to Strzok
Aug 16, 2017 Daily Caller: "Exclusive: Republican congressman meets with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange"
Aug 16, 2017 @billbrowder: "Rohrabacher met with Assange in London to broker his release from criminal liability"
Aug 17, 2017 Daily Caller: "Why was this Trump campaign adviser trying to set up meetings with Russians?"
Aug 18, 2017 FBME: "Tanzania Bank Seeks to Avoid Being Cut Off From U.S."
Aug 18, 2017 NYT reports Bannon leaving White House
Aug 21, 2017 Kislyak's last day as Russian Ambassador to the U.S. (Russian-language website)
Aug 22, 2017 FBI likely interviews Pientka about 1/24/17 meeting with Gen. Flynn
Aug 22, 2017 Glenn Simpson testifies with Senate Judiciary; Brian Ross first to report his testimony; pdf 312 pages
Aug 22, 2017 Gen. Flynn FD-302 submitted for Jan 24, 2017 interview with agents under McCabe's command
Aug 23, 2017 Complaint against Schulte
Aug 24, 2017 Schulte arrested at 5:30am EST
Aug 24, 2017 HPSCI serves subpoenas to AG Sessions and Director Wray for the production of all documents related to Christopher Steele, the Steele dossier, Fusion GPS and any FISA applications involving those actors. Setting 12:00pm on Sep 01, 2017 as the deadline.
Aug 25, 2017 Grassley letter to Mattis; asks DIA to declassify a 5/25/17 briefing regarding Gen. Flynn
Aug 25, 2017 NBC News: "Mueller Seeks Grand Jury Testimony from PR Execs Who Worked With Manafort"
Aug 25, 2017 Grassley letter to Rosenstein; he says he's coordinated with Mueller to limit scope of interviews
Aug 25, 2017 DoJ declines Grassley request to interview Rybicki and Ghattas
Aug 27, 2017 Mother Jones: "A Putin-Friendly Oligarch’s Top US Executive Donated $285,000 to Trump" (Vekselberg, Intrater)
Aug 27, 2017 CNN: "FBI arrests Chinese national connected to malware used in OPM data breach"
Aug 28, 2017 NYT: "Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal ‘Will Get Donald Elected’"
Aug 29, 2017 Bloomberg: "Felix Sater Is a Lean, Mean Trump-Russia Machine"
Aug 30, 2017 Emptywheel: "How does inking a luxury residential real estate deal in Moscow get you elected president?"
Aug 30, 2017 Circa: "A former FBI agent battling Deputy Director McCabe said there is a 'cancer' inside the FBI" (Robin Gritz)
Aug 30, 2017 Andrew Brown testifies to HPSCI
Aug 30, 2017 Yared Tamene testifies to HPSCI
Aug 31, 2017 Preet Bharara tweets a photo with him and Bill Browder
Aug ??, 2017 Paul Manafort's daughter divorces her husband sometime August 2017
Aug ??, 2017 Mueller's team interviews Ivan Timofeev (late summer?)
Sep ??, 2017 Stefan Halper loses contact with Carter Page sometime Sep 2017
Sep 01, 2017 HPSCI letter to AG Jeff Sessions and Director Wray, ripping FBI/DOJ for not responding to requests and explaining why the subpoenas were necessary. Says that DOJ asked for an extension less than 24 hours before the deadline and begrudgingly grants the extension of 13 additional days
Sep ??, 2017 Ivanka's use of private email to discuss govt work is discovered [see: Nov 19, 2018 WaPo]
Sep 03, 2017 Rosneft announces agreement to sell $9.1b (14.16% stake) to CEFC China Energy,
Sep 04, 2017 Guardian: "The Scottish firms that let money flow from Azerbaijan to the UK"
Sep 04, 2017 Guardian: "UK at centre of secret $3bn Azerbaijani money laundering and lobbying scheme"
Sep 05, 2017 NYT: "At CNN, Retracted Story Leaves an Elite Reporting Team Bruised"
Sep 06, 2017 Grand jury indictment against Joshua Adam Schulte
Sep 06, 2017 Facebook publishes a blog post: "An Update On Information Operations On Facebook" which said it had found that an influence operation likely based in Russia spent $100,000 on thousands of ads promoting divisive social and political messages in a two-year-period through May
Sep 06, 2017 The Daily Caller: "Police report indicates Wasserman Schultz IT aide planted computer for investigators to find"
Sep 06, 2017 Louise Mensch fires her legal counsel, Brad Moss, for criticizing Evan McMullin
Sep 06, 2017 Daily Caller reports that Imran Awan planted a laptop for investigators to find"
Sep 06, 2017 Indictment against Joshua Adam Schulte
Sep 07, 2017 Donald Trump Jr. testifies to Senate Judiciary Committee. Transcript:, Exhibits:
Sep 07, 2017 Lisa Page interviewed by OIG (Horowitz team)
Sep 08, 2017 Susan Rice testifies to HPSCI
Sep ??, 2017 Don Jr. gives up Secret Security protection around this time [see: Sep 18, 2017 NYT]
Sep 11, 2017 Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd letter to Senate Judiciary includes: "As a threshold matter, the scope of the Committee's inquiry has not been de-conflicted with Special Counsel Mueller's investigation. Therefore, in order to protect the integrity of the Special Counsel's investigation, as we have previously indicated, we will not be able to provide Mr. Ghattas or Mr. Rybicki for interviews at this time," Apparently Grassley threatens a subpoena and then DOJ starts cooperating more
Sep 12, 2017 Reporter #3: "Hello. I'm heading back now, unless you'd rather chat here"
Sep 12, 2017 Wolfe: "I'm here." [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Reporter #3: "On the subway so it'll be a minute" [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Wolfe: "Roger." [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Reporter #3: "Here" [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Wolfe: "It's always good to see you." [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Reporter #3: "Likewise! It's always a good break from the crazy." [12/14/18 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Reporter #3: "Also, given your position, I consider all our conversations off the record. If I need to push for something with some kind of sourcing I will, but I have a feeling there may not much leeway..." [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 12, 2017 Wolfe: "Roger." [see: Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response]
Sep 13, 2017 DoJ declines Grassley request to interview Rybicki and Ghattas
Sep 13, 2017 CNN: "Exclusive: Justice Department declines Senate request to interview FBI officials over Comey firing" by Manu Raju
Sep 13, 2017 Schulte arraigned; pleads not guilty; defense proposes bail; govt opposes; released on bail conditions
Sep 14, 2017 Carter Page vs Oath, Inc., & BBG; 38 pages (some pages missing?), pdf:
Sep 14, 2017 Bail conditions announced for Joshua Adam Schulte; Judge Crotty requires $250k bond & 4 co-signers
Sep 15, 2017 Schulte released on bail
Sep 15, 2017 WSJ reports Rohrabacher told COS Kelly in a 9/13/17 phone call that he floated a pardon for Assange
Sep 15, 2017 Bloomberg: "Russia Laundering Probe Puts Trump Tower Meeting in New Light"
Sep 15, 2017 HPSCI letter to Sessions and Wray. FBI/DOJ failed to meet deadline. Says that efforts to assemble such documents never advanced beyond a preliminary stage. Grants an additional 7 day extension.
Sep 15, 2017 Manafort's spokesperson, Jason Maloni, testifies before a D.C. grand jury in a Mueller case
Sep 15, 2017 HPSCI staff are in Talinn, Estonia
Sep 16, 2017 HPSCI staff are in Berlin, Germany
Sep 16, 2017 Daily Caller reports that Kyle Freeny has been added to Mueller's investigation team
Sep 16, 2017 Justice Minister of Monaco, Phillipe Narmino, resigns over scandal related to Rybolovlev
Sep 18, 2017 NYT reports that Donald Trump Jr. has given Up Secret Service protection; seeking privacy
Sep 19, 2017 CNN reports that Manafort was wiretapped sometime 2/16-5/16
Sep 19, 2017 HPSCI staff are in Chinau, Moldova
Sep 20, 2017 Brennan opens a Twitter account
Sep 20, 2017 Washington Post reports that Manafort offered to give private briefings to Deripaska
Sep 20, 2017 Fox News reports that Rod Rosenstein has been interviewed by Mueller's team
Sep 21, 2017 HPSCI staff are in Kiev, Ukraine
Sep 21, 2017 NYT: "Skadden, Big New York Law Firm, Faces Questions on Work With Manafort"
Sep 21, 2017 McClatchy: "Trump campaign bodyguard linked to ex-con who’s key in Russia probes" (Gary Uher)
Sep 22, 2017 DAG Rosenstein letter to HPSCI saying he is on foreign travel and needs an additional extension of unspecified length. Very nice language asking for cooperation and understanding.
Sep 22, 2017 DOJ letter to Senate Judiciary agrees to allow Ghattas and Rybicki to testify with four conditions. 1) the interview happens in a classified setting 2) asking for certain scope limitations 3) a DOJ representative must come along 4) the transcripts must be made available to the witnesses and DOJ
Sep 25, 2017 Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21mo in prison; to be transferred to Bureau of Prisons custody on 11/6/17
Sep 25, 2017 Ben Rhodes spotted leaving Hart Senate Office after meeting with Senate Intel investigators
Sep 25, 2017 NBC News reports that Jonathan Tuan Tran to receive no jail time for jumping the White House fence
Sep 26, 2017 HPSCI letter to DAG Rosenstein "With respect to the pending supoenas, the repeated last-minute responses by DOJ and FBI to generous deadlines have been wholly inadequate." Sets up meeting for that Thursday.
Sep 26, 2017 UPI: "Acting DEA head Rosenberg announces resignation" (about Chuck Rosenberg)
Sep 26, 2017 Roger Stone testifies to HPSCI; later determined to have lied during testimony
Sep 26, 2017 Republicans of House Judiciary Committee letter to Sessions and Rosenstein asking for a second special counsel
Sep 27, 2017 Grassley letter in response to 9/22/17 DoJ letter; basically agreeing to the conditions for Ghattas and Rybicki interviews. Asking for the deal to be finalized
Sep 28, 2017 CNN reports Grassley met privately with Rosenstein to discuss interviews for Ghattas and Rybicki
Sep 28, 2017 Devin Nunes meets with Rosenstein in person [see: HPSCI letter to RR on Sep 26, 2017]
Sep 29, 2017 BigLeaguePolitics: "Journalist Who Met With Assange: ‘I Am Willing to Testify Before Any Government Body’"
Sep 29, 2017 CNN reports the DoJ is now allowing SJC to interview Ghattas and Rybicki; byline Raju, Herb
Sep 30, 2017 Chuck Rosenberg resigns (formerly Comey Chief of Staff, then administrator of DEA)
Sep 30, 2017 U.S. Istanbul Consulate staff member, Metin Topuz, detained in Turkey; suspected Gulenist
Oct ??, 2017 SoftBank loans $57m to Kushner Companies for development at One Journal Square in Jersey City [see: Jan 23, 2018 TRD]
Oct ??, 2017 FBI obtains a delayed-notice warrant to image James Wolfe's cell phone sometime Oct 2017
Oct 01, 2017 Papadopoulos charged in sealed indictment
Oct 02, 2017 Joshua Adam Schulte bail hearing (prosecution requests 45 days allotted for discovery)
Oct 02, 2017 Special Counsel Grand Jury Memorandum Opinion on Manafort filed
Oct 02, 2017 The Atlantic reveals selective text messages that Manafort sent to Kilminik; byline Ioffe, Foer
Oct 02, 2017 Special Counsel Grand Jury Memorandum Opinion on Manafort filed; 37 pages; pdf
Oct 04, 2017 Sens Burr and Warner have a news conference where they endorse the ICA
Oct 04, 2017 HPSCI subpoenas testimony of Peter Fritsch, Tom Catan and Glenn Simpson; also subpoenas bank records
Oct 04, 2017
Oct 05, 2017 Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about the timing of his contacts with Mifsud
Oct 06, 2017 Carter Page sells his only piece of real estate in New York
Oct 06, 2017 BuzzFeed: "US Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans’ Financial Records"
Oct 10, 2017 Daily Caller: "Rohrabacher, Rand Paul met to discuss Assange giving up WikiLeaks source to US Government"
Oct 10, 2017 In a letter delivered at 3:42pm, Carter Page invokes the fifth in response to HPSCI & SSCI
Oct 11, 2017 Senators Burr & Warner subpoena Carter Page to attend a 10/27/17 closed-door hearing
Oct 11, 2017 Nunes meets with Rosenstein and requests that Strzok testify to HPSCI. Rosenstein says no.
Oct 11, 2017 CNN: "Nunes signs off on new subpoenas to firm behind Trump-Russia dossier"
Oct 11, 2017 NSA contractor Nghia Hoang Pho, accused of stealing classified information, offered a plea deal by the DOJ
Oct 13, 2017 Samantha Power testifies to HPSCI
Oct 16, 2017 HRC claims to have a broken toe/twisted ankle
Oct 16, 2017 BBC: "Malta blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia dies in car bomb attack"
Oct 16, 2017 Wolfe: "Male-1"
Oct 16, 2017 Reporter #3: "I guessed his name on Friday!"
Oct 16, 2017 Reporter #3: "Wasn't he throwing himself to the committee earlier this year? As in he was willing to talk with you all (at least he'd say that in interviews?) What changed?"
Oct 16, 2017 Wolfe: "He was never very cooperative."
Oct 17, 2017 Wolfe: "I'm glad that you got the sccop!"
Oct 17, 2017 Reporter #3: "Thanks for the help"
Oct 17, 2017 Wolfe: "I may call you later this evening, is this okay?"
Oct 17, 2017 Reporter #3: "Yes should be fine. I may not be right by my phone around dinner time so if I miss it that's why."
Oct 17, 2017 Wolfe: "It will be later, but I'll text"
Oct 17, 2017 Reporter #3: "Sounds good."
Oct 17, 2017 Sotomayor requests Carter Page's # from Wolfe; publishes article about him; later calls for comment
Oct 17, 2017 NBC News: "Senate Subpoenas Former Trump Adviser Carter Page" (Sotomayor byline)
Oct 17, 2017 Carter Page receives a threatening voicemail from a 918-area code telephone number at 8:08pm EST
Oct 17, 2017 NBC News: "Putin Rival Ties Kushner Meeting to Kremlin Bankers"
Oct 17, 2017 John Solomon op-ed about Uranium One, Vadim Mikerin, and an FBI informant
Oct 18, 2017 Soros donates $18b to his charities
Oct 18, 2017 Wolfe: "Hey you."
Oct 18, 2017 Sotomayor: "Hello. What's going on?"
Oct 18, 2017 Wolfe: "Where are you?"
Oct 18, 2017 Sotomayor: "Nowhere near the Hill!"
Oct 18, 2017 Sours Edwards saves Special Activity Reports on a flash drive (Manafort files?) [see: Oct 25, 2018 WSJ]
Oct 18, 2017 AG Jeff Sessions publicly testifies to Senate Judiciary Committee
Oct 18, 2017 Peter Fritsch & Tom Catan of Fusion GPS appear at HPSCI hearing; both refuse to testify; plead the fifth
Oct 19, 2017 Circa reports APCO Worldwide, Inc. lobbied for TENEX; did pro bono work for Clinton Foundation
Oct 19, 2017 BuzzFeed: "Senate Investigators Want To Meet With A Trump Adviser Who Reportedly Tried To Set Up A Meeting With Russia" by Emma Loop. In article, "Burr...told BuzzFeed News on Thursday that former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos 'is definitely a person of interest'" Did Emma know to ask about that name? Did Burr bring it up on his own?
Oct 20, 2017 Daily Caller: "Hillary Clinton's Russian Ghost Stories"
Oct 20, 2017 Loretta Lynch testifies to HPSCI
Oct 20, 2017 Rosenstein sends another revised scope memo to Mueller; specifically names Cohen, Gates, Stone and others
Oct 22, 2017 The Hill: "FBI watched, then acted as Russian spy moved closer to Hillary Clinton"
Oct 23, 2017 Fusion GPS files a court injunction to block release of the bank records subpoenaed by HPSCI
Oct 24, 2017 Reuters: "Russian Direct Investment Fund plans to invest in En+ IPO"
Oct 24, 2017 CNN: "House Republicans investigating Obama-era uranium deal" (Nunes)
Oct 24, 2017 "2 top Brady aides charged in probe of payoff to 2012 primary rival" (Smukler)
Oct 24, 2017 Washington Post reveals that the DNC hired Fusion GPS; byline Devlin Barrett
Oct 24, 2017 Matthew Gehringer (general counsel for Perkins Coie) emails William W. Taylor III (Zuckerman Spaeder)
Oct 24, 2017 NBC News: "Mueller Now Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta"
Oct 24, 2017 Brad Parscale testifies to HPSCI
Oct 24, 2017 Michael Cohen testifies to HPSCI
Oct 25, 2017 Ben Rhodes testifies to HPSCI
Oct 25, 2017 CNN: "Exclusive: Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author"
Oct 25, 2017 McClatchy article about Michael Cohen's mysterious apartment buyers; Peter Stone and Greg Gordon
Oct 25, 2017 Daily Beast exposé on Alexander Nix, head of Cambridge Analytica; kicks off media frenzy
Oct 26, 2017 Steele: will "reach out to my other (SC) contacts on this issue tomorrow."
Oct 26, 2017 Lisa Page interviews with OIG (Horowitz team)
Oct 26, 2017 Fox News: "Uranium One probe: Order to lift 'gag' on Russia informant came from Trump, source says"
Oct 27, 2017 Grand jury in D.C. indicts Manafort and Gates on eight counts
Oct 27, 2017 CNN: "DOJ gives FBI informant green light to testify on Russian uranium efforts"
Oct 27, 2017 Carter Page testifies to SSCI wearing a floppy hat
Oct 27, 2017 NBC: "Ex-CIA Director Spoke to Mueller About Flynn's Alleged Turkish Scheme" (Woolsey)
Oct 27, 2017 WSJ: "Trump Donor Asked Data Firm If It Could Better Organize Hacked Emails" (Rebecca Mercer)
Oct 27, 2017 WaPo: "Dana Boente announces resignation as U.S. attorney for Eastern District of Virginia"
Oct 28, 2017 ZeroHedge: "Podesta Group Subpoenaed By Special Counsel Mueller In Russia Probe"
Oct 28, 2017 HPSCI and Fusion GPS reach a settlement on the bank records shortly before a judge is ready to make a ruling
Oct 28, 2017 QAnon starts posting in 4chan
Oct 28, 2017 Daily Caller article about closeness of Fusion GPS to former WSJ reporters, Evan Perez & Tom Catan
Oct 29, 2017 BuzzFeed article about 13 wire transfers related to Paul Manafort (and Natalie May Sours Edwards)
Oct 30, 2017 George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to making false statements to FBI agents
Oct 30, 2017 Tony Podesta steps down from Podesta Group
Oct 30, 2017 Steele: "I now understand...what you were talking about on Saturday [28th]." [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Oct 30, 2017 Manafort surrenders himself to the FBI; later released on bail; confined to his home, GPS monitoring
Oct 30, 2017 Press release of Mueller indictment against Manafort, Podesta Group, Mercury LLC
Oct 30, 2017 Vanity Fair: "Carter Page gives another 'awesomely stupid' interview"
Oct 30, 2017 Mediaite: "Twitter Has a Field Day With Chris Hayes’ Carter Page Interview: ‘This Is So Weird’"
Oct 31, 2017 WaPo: "For ‘low level volunteer,’ Papadopoulos sought high profile as Trump adviser"
Oct 31, 2017 Chicago Tribune: "Rachel Marsden: Paul Manafort's French connection"
Oct 31, 2017 HPSCI reviews FISA application from Oct. 21 again. First time since initial review in March
Oct 31, 2017 Bill Preistap testifies to HPSCI. HPSCI asks for info on Peter Strzok. Preistap or DOJ associates say no.
Oct 31, 2017 Washington Examiner article on Manafort's promise not to bring baggage to the Trump campaign
Nov ??, 2017 Kushner meets with special counsel sometime Nov 2017 to discuss Gen. Flynn [see: Nov 29, 2017 CNN]
Nov ??, 2017 US Treasury approaches Central Bank of Cyprus seeking information about FBME [see: Dec 24, 2017 Guardian]
Nov 01, 2017 Mary McCord testifies to HPSCI
Nov 01, 2017 HuffPost: "Paul Manafort’s Daughter Texted Friends About How Tight Her Dad Was With Trump"
Nov 01, 2017 La Repubblica: Mifsud says Papadopoulos is mistaken, says he never said anything about dirt or emails on Hillary
Nov 02, 2017 WaPo: "Democrats demand that Sessions explain his meeting with Papadopoulos"
Nov 02, 2017 Fusion GPS balks at some handing over some of the information to HPSCI. They agree to turn over transactions centered around Perkins Coie (which was connected to DNC), Baker & Hostetler (connected with Russia) and Washington Free Beacon but stop there. HPSCI thought they were getting everything, so they file another subpoena, this time for 70 additional records from TD Bank
Nov 02, 2017 Ike Kaveladze testifies to HPSCI
Nov 02, 2017 HPSCI reviews FISA application from Oct. 21 again. Gowdy is proxy to review documents in camera
Nov 02, 2017 Carter Page says he was warned of Steele's targeting by Sep 2016, in a CNN interview with Jake Tapper
Nov 02, 2017 Carter Page testimony before HPSCI,,
Nov 02, 2017 Report from The Hill on Uranium One memos re: exports to Europe
Nov 03, 2017 Chicago Tribune: "The inside story of how Russians hacked the Democrats' emails"
Nov 03, 2017 Adam Waldman testifies to SSCI
Nov 03, 2017 Sally Yates testifies to HPSCI
Nov 03, 2017 Alex van der Swaan misleads Mueller investigation about his last contact with Manafort [see: Feb 20, 2018 Politico]
Nov 06, 2017 Anthony Weiner reports to Federal Medical Center Devens in Massachusetts
Nov 08, 2017 Counsel for Joshua Adam Schulte moves for change in bail conditions; court denies
Nov 08, 2017 Counsel asks for time to review 15TB of evidence; judge denies Schulte request to access email device
Nov 08, 2017 Glenn Simpson appears at a closed-door hearing before HPSCI, but his lawyers intervene and prevent him from actually saying much based on some technical legal issues. Commit to resolving those issues so Simpson can testify fully.
Nov 08, 2017 HPSCI letter to Comey requesting to confirm an interview date and for production of relevant documents
Nov 08, 2017 Anatoli Samochornov testifies to Senate Judiciary Committee
Nov 07, 2017 Pompeo meets William Binney, who cast doubt on U.S. intel assessment that Russia was behind email hacks
Nov 10, 2017 WSJ: "Data Firm’s WikiLeaks Outreach Came as It Joined Trump Campaign"
Nov 10, 2017 WSJ reports Flynn offered $15m bribe to extradite Gulen,,
Nov 10, 2017 Mueller investigating pre-election Flynn Meeting With Rohrabacher
Nov 11, 2017 Steele: "wondering if there was any response to the questions I raised last week?" [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Nov 12, 2017 NYT: "Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core" (Shadow Brokers)
Nov 13, 2017 Huber appointed
Nov 14, 2017 Glenn Simpson testifies in a closed-door hearing before HPSCI
Nov 14, 2017 Russian lobbyist who attended Trump Tower meeting, Rinat Akhmetshin, testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee
Nov 14, 2017 Jeff Sessions testifies to House Judiciary, says he does not remember seeing Carter Page at a June 30, 2016 dinner with campaign team members
Nov 14, 2017 NYT: "Jeff Sessions Displays Unsteady Recall on Trump-Russia Matters"
Nov 14, 2017 Buzzfeed: "Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016"
Nov 15, 2017 Carter Page asks SSCI's Vanessa Le not to leak any more of his personal information to the press
Nov 15, 2017 Christopher Steele says he believes the dossier is 70-90% accurate
Nov 15, 2017 FBI Vault releases Dr. Jill McCabe's Virginia State Senate docs; 76 pages; response to FOIA
Nov 15, 2017 Schulte charged in Loudoun County with two crimes relating to photos he took of blacked-out roommate
Nov 16, 2017 NBC reports that Reza Zarrab is cooperating with Mueller, citing two sources
Nov 16, 2017 Schulte accesses the TOR network
Nov 17, 2017 Schulte accesses the TOR network
Nov 17, 2017 Peter Strzok testifies to SSCI. It's kept a secret, even from other congressional committees
Nov 17, 2017 @tribelaw: "When Mueller & Congress analyze the Flynn/Zarrab/Erdogan triptych, they’re likely to find it intertwined with the Trump/Erdogan duet at Trump Tower Istanbul $$ and Trump’s firing of Comey to protect Flynn and cater to Putin over Magnitsky @RepAdamSchiff @PreetBharara @tedlieu"
Nov 18, 2017 Steele: "we remain in the dark as to what has been briefed to Congress about us" [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Nov 20, 2017 HPSCI again asks FBI/DOJ for availability to talk to Strzok
Nov 20, 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee recieves material from NV
Nov 21, 2017 Newsweek article on Clinton socialite, Bob Brady, being investigated by FBI for campaign fraud
Nov 21, 2017 HSPCI procures ledger of Fusion GPS transcactions re: Baker Hostetler and Perkins Coie; mostly redacted
Nov 21, 2017 HSPCI request for Fusion GPS documents in addition to Baker Hostetler and Perkins Coie
Nov ??, 2017 (late November) Adam Waldman visits Assange twice in the Ecuadorian Embassy [see: June 20, 2018 Guardian]
Nov 22, 2017 NBC News: "Mike Flynn business partner Bijan Kian now subject of Mueller probe"
Nov 26, 2017 Schulte accesses the TOR network
Nov 27, 2017 Steele: "catch-up Whatsapp call this eve GMT...with you?" [last Steele/Ohr text] [see: Aug 8, 2018 The Hill]
Nov 28, 2017 WSJ: "Zarrab to Testify for Prosecution in Sanctions-Evasion Trial"
Nov 29, 2017 WSJ: "U.S. Probe of Malaysian Fund 1MDB Looks at Rap Star’s Political Donations" (Pras Michel)
Nov 29, 2017 WaPo: "The Russian billionaire next door: Putin ally is tied to one of D.C.’s swankiest mansions"
Nov 29, 2017 OIG questions McCabe, McCabe clarifies further the statements he gave to OIG from August 1, 2018
Nov 29, 2017 ProPublica: "White House May Share Nuclear Power Technology With Saudi Arabia" (Barrack, Flynn)
Nov 29, 2017 CNN: "Jared Kushner met with special counsel about Flynn"
Nov 30, 2017 Schulte accesses the TOR network
Nov 30, 2017 Flynn accepts plea deal
Nov 30, 2017 Erik Prince testifies to HPSCI
Nov 30, 2017 Jeff Sessions testifies to HPSCI
Dec ??, 2017 Treasury officials say North Korea’s nuclear missile program was using front companies to move money through ABLV in late 2017 [see: 3/26/18 WSJ]
Dec ??, 2017 Ali Watkins joins the New York Times sometime Dec 2017 [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
Dec 01, 2017 HPSCI again asks FBI/DOJ for availability to talk to Strzok
Dec 01, 2017 ABC: "Flynn promised full cooperation to Mueller and says candidate Trump directed him to make contact with Russians."
Dec 01, 2017 Judge Contreras accepts Flynn's guilty plea
Dec 01, 2017 NYT: "Former N.S.A. Employee Pleads Guilty to Taking Classified Information (Nghia H. Pho)
Dec 02, 2017 Mueller's team interviews WH Counsel Don McGahn
Dec 02, 2017 Washington Post first to report on Strzok-Page texts; byline Karoun Demirjian, Devlin Barrett
Dec 02, 2017 HPSCI submits written request to Rod Rosenstein for Strzok-Page texts
Dec 02, 2017 Inspector General issues statement in response to inquiries
Dec 04, 2017 Politico artice about the 7/27/17 Dulles airport arrest of George Papadopoulos
Dec 04, 2017 John Podesta testifies to HPSCI again
Dec 04, 2017 Free Beacon article on Pras Michael's legal troubles wrt donations to the Clinton Foundation
Dec 04, 2017 ABC article on Paul Manafort's recent contact with Kilimnik in writing a pro-Ukrainian op-ed
Dec 04, 2017 John Solomon op-ed on Rosenstein's "failure" to interview FBI undercover informant, Douglas Campbell
Dec 04, 2017 Fox News reveals Peter Strzok interviewed Gen. Flynn on 1/27/17; also, changed Comey's 5/2/16 HRC memo
Dec 05, 2017 Schulte accesses the TOR network
Dec 05, 2017 Counsel argues Schulte should transferr to Lubbock, TX, to be near family; pretrial services concurs
Dec 05, 2017 Grassley letter to Wray; asks for Strzok-Page texts, other relevant communications from Strzok and the Flynn 302s
Dec 05, 2017 WaPo: "Conservative group says Mueller team lawyer’s email shows bias" by Devlin Barrett
Dec 05, 2017 Bloomberg: "Mueller Subpoenaed Deutsche Bank Records on Trump Several Weeks Ago" (Story retracted)
Dec 05, 2017 Reuters: "Trump lawyer denies Deutsche Bank got subpoena on Trump accounts"
Dec 06, 2017 WaPo: "Republicans hammer Mueller, FBI as Russia investigation intensifies" by Devlin Barrett
Dec 06, 2017 Bruce Ohr stripped of Associate Deputy Attorney General title
Dec 06, 2017 Devin Nunes meets with Rod Rosenstein. Asks for Strzok-Page texts among other things.
Dec 06, 2017 HPSCI letter to Rod Rosenstein asking a series of questions about Weissmann meeting with AP reporters in April 2017
Dec 06, 2017 Goodlatte letter to Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray asking for "all relevant information reportedly presented to the FISA Court used to justify that FISA warrant
Dec 06, 2017 Donald J Trump, Jr. testifies to HPSCI (Schiff accused of leaking)
Dec 06, 2017 CNN: "Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital"
Dec 07, 2017 NYPD arrests Schulte at 6am; charged with sexual assault of his former roommate,
Dec 07, 2017 Govt requests Schulte be reimposed to detention
Dec 07, 2017 Fox News reports Bruce Ohr has been demoted; first article about Bruce Ohr
Dec 07, 2017 Washington Times: "Ethics Committee clears Nunes of revealing classified material to White House"
Dec 07, 2017 Horowitz sends letter to Senators Grassley and Johnson in response to questions about Strzok/Page texts
Dec 07, 2017 Judge Contreras recused from Flynn case [see: March 13, 2018 WaPo]
Dec 08, 2017 CNN's Manu Raju: "Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents" (Fake) Cited "multiple sources." Ended up being an incorrectly read date on an email.
Dec 08, 2017 Walid Phares testifies to HPSCI
Dec 11, 2017 Letter sent from Jerry Nadler and Elijah Cummings to Rosenstein and Sessions complaining about unequal document production with regards to Clinton email server investigation
Dec 11, 2017 Fox News: "Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier" Bruce Ohr is the DOJ official.
Dec 12, 2017 NYT: "Donald Trump Jr. Demands Leak Inquiry of House Intelligence Committee"
Dec 12, 2017 Another HPSCI letter to Rosenstein asking for Strzok-Page texts. Sets deadline of Dec 15, 2017
Dec 12, 2017 McCabe is supposed to testify to HPSCI but cancels last minute, probably due to public revelations about Bruce Ohr
Dec 12, 2017 Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd letter to HPSCI handing over approximately 375 Strzok-Page text messages
Dec 12, 2017 Samuel Clovis testifies to HPSCI
Dec 12, 2017 Michael Goldfarb testifies to HPSCI
Dec 12, 2017 Mueller prosecutors hit with Brady rule in regards to Gen. Flynn
Dec 13, 2017 Fox News: "Watchdog reveals how ex-Mueller agents' anti-Trump texts came to light"
Dec 13, 2017 Marc Elias testifies to HPSCI
Dec 13, 2017 Rod Rosenstein publicly testifies to House Judiciary Committee
Dec 14, 2017 Schulte bail revoked; defendant remanded to custody of U.S. Marshals
Dec 14, 2017 Two FBI agents approach Ali Watkins and question her about James Wolfe [see: Jun 24, 2018 NYT]
Dec 14, 2017 HRC seen wearing a protective medical boot; possibly from broken toe sustained on 10/16/17
Dec 14, 2017 Alexander Nix testifies to HPSCI
Dec 15, 2017 NYT: "House Intelligence Panel Is Rushing to Complete Russia Probe"
Dec 15, 2017 HPSCI reviews FISA application from Oct. 21 again
Dec 15, 2017 FBI agents interview James Wolfe; they ask him if he's had contact with Reporter #2; Wolfe denies
Dec 15, 2017 HPSCI reviews FISA application from Oct. 21 again
Dec 16, 2017 Bloomberg: "Banned Over Terror Clients, FBME Has Added Woe"
Dec 17, 2017 Politico article that is highly critical of the Obama's handling of Hezbollah & Project Cassandra
Dec 17, 2017 Konstantin Kozlovsky says he hacked the DNC on instructions from FSB Major Gen. Dmitry Dokuchayev
Dec 18, 2017 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz testifies to HPSCI
Dec 18, 2017 Rob Goldstone testifies to HPSCI
Dec 19, 2017 Andrew McCabe testifies to HPSCI
Dec 19, 2017 David Kramer testifies to HPSCI
Dec 19, 2017 El Pais: "Several hooded men enter the office of ex-judge Baltasar Garzón" (Assange legal defense director)
Dec 19, 2017 Assange reports that masked intruders have broken into the Madrid office of the WikiLeaks legal team
Dec 19, 2017 Julian Assange given diplomatic role by Ecuadorian minister [see: Sep 26, 2018 Guardian]
Dec 20, 2017 SBU arrests alleged Russian spy, Stanislav Yezhov, in Kiev
Dec 20, 2017 Felix Sater testifies to HPSCI
Dec 20, 2017 Mike Gaeta testifies to HPSCI
Dec 20, 2017 James Baker (FBI General Counsel) demoted and reassigned
Dec 21, 2017 DOJ requires Russia Today to register as an agent of a foreign country
Dec 21, 2017 Newsweek report on Trump's financial connections to Deutsche Bank
Dec 21, 2017 First tweets from Brennan; first is about PanAm 103 bombing; second, about Trump
Dec 21, 2017 DOJ prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal
Dec 21, 2017 Dana Rohrabacher testifies to HPSCI
Dec 21, 2017 Jake Sullivan testifies to HPSCI
Dec 23, 2017 Medium: "Real Estate transactions on the old New York Times Building" (Kushner, Lev Leviev)
Dec 24, 2017 Guardian: "FBI investigates Russian-linked Cyprus bank accused of money laundering" (FBME)
Dec 28, 2017 HPSCI sends a letter to Rosenstein, tearing him apart. New deadline of 1/3/18 for documents. Also asks for testimony from Strzok, Baker, Page, Ohr, Sally Moyer, Brower. "At this point, the DOJ and FBI need to be investigating themselves"
Dec 30, 2017 NYT expose on Papadopoulos' 5/10/16 meeting with Downer; byline LaFraniere, Mazzetti, and Apuzzo
Jan 01, 2018 The Atlantic: "What Putin really wants"
Jan 02, 2018 Glenn Simpsons NYT op-ed, demands 8/22/17 transcripts be made public
Jan 03, 2018 Och Ziff hedge fund exec, Michael Cohen (not related), indicted for fraud in Africa investment scheme
Jan 03, 2018 Final deadline for documents from FBI/DOJ set by Nunes and HPSCI. Rosenstein and Wray ask for a meeting with Paul Ryan at the last minute to try to get out of some document requests. Ryan backs Nunes and they "reach an agreement"
Jan ??, 2018 Viktor Vekselberg detained and searched at NYC airport by Mueller around this time [see: 5/4/18 NYT]
Jan 05, 2018 Senators Grassley and Graham send a criminal referral of Christopher Steele to FBI and DOJ
Jan 05, 2018 Judge forces Fusion GPS to hand over 70 records from TD Bank
Jan 05, 2018 FBI Vault releases McCabe's Ethical Guidance and Recusal documents; 13 pages; pdf
Jan 08, 2018 Joshua Schulte requests bail
Jan 08, 2018 Bruce Ohr removed as head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
Jan 08, 2018 HotAir: "Report: Grand jury took testimony regarding failed college led by Jane Sanders"
Jan 09, 2018 James Turgal (FBI Executive Assistant Director for Information and Technology Branch) retires
Jan 09, 2018 Wash Times: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein releases transcript of closed-door meeting with Fusion GPS exec"
Jan 10, 2018 @caphilltrish: "Stunned to find out that Senate Intel Committe's 'watchdog' (SCIF Chief) Jim Wolf has retired! Sad day...Stakeouts not nearly as entertaining."
Jan 10, 2018 Meeting between HPSCI staffers and Rosenstein where Rosenstein threatens to subpoena staffers calls and comms. Assuming House staffers get some info from DOJ but not all they are asking for.
Jan 10, 2018 David Kramer testifies to HPSCI again
Jan 10, 2018 Reuters: "Cyprus company sues ex-Trump campaign manager Manafort for fraud" (Deripaska, Black Sea Cable)
Jan 11, 2018 FBI agents interview James Wolfe; they ask him if he's disclosed classified info; he denies
Jan 12, 2018 Pitchfork: "Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him to Spread the Word About Trump and Russia"
Jan 12, 2018 Kyiv Post: "Courts freeze $3.32 billion in assets of 3 top oligarchs" (Akhmetov, Kolomoisky & Bogolyubov)
Jan 12, 2018 @JulianAssange "White Rook" photo
Jan 12, 2018 DoJ charges Mark Lambert on 11 counts; related to uranium One, Tenex, Vadim Mikerin
Jan 12, 2018 WSJ reports Michael Cohen arrangement of a $130k payment to Stormy Daniels
Jan 12, 2018 Politico article about Gen. Michael Hayden's possible role in the Stuxnet case
Jan 13, 2018 In a self-published book by two Italian friends, Mifsud denies telling Papadopoulos about HRC emails
Jan 13, 2018 Fusion GPS retracts claim of FBI mole in Trump campaign
Jan 17, 2018 Schulte's 1/8/18 request for bail is denied
Jan 17, 2018 Corey Lewandowski testifies to HPSCI
Jan 17, 2018 George Nader accosted by federal agents at Dulles airport, electronics seized, agrees to cooperate
Jan 18, 2018 HPSCI votes to share memo with full House the contents of the memo, prompting around 200 House Republicans to visit the secure facility where it was housed to read it.
Jan 19, 2018 Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd letter to HPSCI describing the production process of the Strzok-Page texts
Jan 19, 2018 Axios: "How the CIA’s spy network in China collapsed"
Jan 19, 2018 Trump re-authorizes Section 702 of Title VII of FISA; good for six more years
Jan 19, 2018 TheRealDeal: "Deutsche Bank identified ‘suspicious transactions’ related to Kushner Cos. accounts"
Jan 22, 2018 Politico: "House GOP won't show secret Russia memo to Justice Department"
Jan 23, 2018 New York Post: "Comey’s former chief of staff finally quits FBI under pressure from GOP lawmakers"
Jan 23, 2018 Fox News: "James Rybicki, chief of staff to James Comey and Christopher Wray, has quit"
Jan 23, 2018 Fox News: "FBI Director Chris Wray replaces James Rybicki, Comey-era chief of staff" (Harmon)
Jan 23, 2018 TheRealDeal: "SoftBank subsidiary issues loan to Kushner for Jersey City project"
Jan 24, 2018 Schiff in interview with WaPo: "It’s highly distorted spin by Nunes. The Nunes spin memo distorts the underlying materials and has presented Members with a very misleading impression of what those materials show."
Jan 24, 2018 Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd letter to HPSCI trying to stop the release of the Nunes memo. Calls releasing memo "extraordinarily reckless"
Jan 24, 2018 Office of Special Counsel is asked if they were able to locate Lisa Page's DOJ-issued iPhone on 7/15/17; they say they could not find it [see: Dec 13, 2018 DOJ OIG report]
Jan 24, 2018 Grassley Letter to Rosenstein, Wray re: Steele, Fusion GPS, first two Carter Page FISA apps
Jan 25, 2018 Grassley releases 7 pages of Strzok-Page texts; 2/23-24/16, 3/18/16, 5/12/16, 10/28/16, 4/10/16, 6/3/17
Jan 25, 2018 HPSCI letter to Rosenstein and Wray stating concerns about the five months of lost text messages between Strzok and Page and notifying FBI/DOJ of retention and preservation requirements for all communications between Strzok and Page
Jan 25, 2018 Feinstein letter to Robert Foresman; asks for correspondence to various Russian figures
Jan 26, 2018 Twitter response letter to Feinstein & Schiff wrt #Releasethememo possible origins from Russian bots
Jan 27, 2018 Assange DM's fake Hannity account, promises info on Warner [see: January 29, 2018 Daily Beast]
Jan 28, 2018 The Atlantic: "The Plot Against America" (Manafort)
Jan 28, 2018 NYT: "Secret Memo Hints at a New Republican Target: Rod Rosenstein"
Jan 29, 2018 HPSCI votes along party lines to release Nunes memo; motions by Schiff are voted down
Jan 29, 2018 President Trump receives and reads the Nunes memo in the afternoon. He allegedly expresses to aides that the memo will allow him to fire Rosenstein.
Jan 29, 2018 Rosenstein and FBI director Christopher Wray meet with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to lobby against the memo’s release. Wray later calls Kelly to renew his request.
Jan 29, 2018 Daily Beast: "Julian Assange Offered Hannity Impersonator ‘News’ About Top Democrat"
Jan 29, 2018 WaPo: "How a classified four-page Russia memo triggered a political firestorm"
Jan 31, 2018 Feinstein and Schiff letter to Facebook and Twitter asking for on #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag
Jan 31, 2018 FBI Statement regarding Nunes Memo: "With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy."
Jan 31, 2018 Nunes Statement: "Having stonewalled Congress’ demands for information for nearly a year, it’s no surprise to see the FBI and DOJ issue spurious objections to allowing the American people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies...Once the truth gets out, we can begin taking steps to ensure our intelligence agencies and courts are never misused like this again."
Jan 31, 2018 Schiff tweets the Nunes memo under review by WH counsel is different than the one presented to HPSCI
Jan 31, 2018 Mueller files Status Report to postpone Gen. Flynn sentencing hearing for 90 days (5/1/18)
Feb 01, 2018 Rick Gates tells material lie to Mueller about 3/19/13 DC meeting set up by Manafort & Vin Weber
Feb 01, 2018 Comey letter to HPSCI declining to testify to committee
Feb 01, 2018 Senate Democrats press release: "Schumer’s demands to Ryan to rein in House GOP and remove Rep. Nunes from House Intelligence Committee comes in wake of recent actions taken By Nunes – including news that he changed a committee-approved classified document before it was sent to the White House – and the fact that, under Speaker Ryan’s leadership, the House GOP has not taken credible action to fully address Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. Elections"
Feb 02, 2018 NYT Op-Ed: "Why I am leaving the FBI" (Josh Campbell)
Feb 02, 2018 Nunes memo is released with approval from Don McGahn; memo is four pages long; pdf
Feb 02, 2018 CNN: "Disputed GOP-Nunes memo released with Trump's approval"
Feb 02, 2018 Assistant Director of Congressional Affairs Greg Brower sends letter to HPSCI acknowledging retention and preservation requirements.
Feb 02, 2018 WaPo: "‘Never any hesitation’: Trump was quickly persuaded to support memo’s release"
Feb 03, 2018 Reuters: "U.S. proposes sanctions on the Latvian ABLV Bank over money-laundering concerns"
Feb 04, 2018 Time: "Carter Page Touted Kremlin Contacts in 2013 Letter"
Feb 05, 2018 Laura Ingraham interviews Carter Page on Fox News; mentions 10/28/16 OSCE letter; video (14m20s)
Feb 05, 2018 Times Union: "N.Y. GOP's Cox introduced Carter Page to Trump campaign"
Feb 05, 2018 NBC News: "Who is Carter Page and what does he have to do with the Russia probe?"
Feb 06, 2018 Don Jr. points to a tweet-thread by Brian Cates about Carter Page's potential role as UCE-1
Feb 06, 2018 @CNN: "House Democrats sounded an alarm about their Republican counterparts planning to interview a 'confidential informant' for the Uranium One probe"
Feb 06, 2018 Guardian: "Russian millions laundered via UK firms, leaked report says"
Feb 06, 2018 Daily Mail: "Adam Schiff sent his staff to try and collect 'classified materials for the FBI' after Russian pranksters told him Putin has NAKED blackmail pictures of Trump"
Feb 06, 2018 RedState: "Did Carter Page Help Bust A Russian Spy Ring As An Undercover FBI Employee?"
Feb 07, 2018 RedState: "Don’t Be Ridiculous – Carter Page Was NOT An Undercover FBI Operative (The Latest Bait For The Gullible)"
Feb 07, 2018 Daily Caller: "Was Carter Page An Undercover FBI Informant?"
Feb 07, 2018 Washington Post report that David Laufman is stepping down
Feb 07, 2018 The Hill: "Uranium One informant makes Clinton allegations to Congress"
Feb 08, 2018 WaPo: "Devin Nunes is investigating me. Here’s the truth." (Jonathan Winer)
Feb 08, 2018 Assange: "When the sun shines it gets warner"
Feb 08, 2018 Trump tweets that Senator Warner has been texting with Adam Waldman
Feb 08, 2018 Michael Kortan (FBI Assistant Director of Public Affairs) resigns
Feb 08, 2018 Fox News publishes texts btw Senator Warner and Adam Waldman; PDF
Feb 08, 2018 RFEL: "The Deputy PM, The Oligarch, And His Lover: New Navalny Exposé Highlights Tycoon's Ties To Kremlin Bigwig"
Feb 08, 2018 In letter to Nunes, McGahn cites Priestap that corroboration of Steele dossier was in its infancy for Carter Page FISA
Feb 08, 2018 Telegraph: "Oligarch met with top Russian official after Trump aide 'offered briefings'"
Feb 08, 2018 Washington Press: "A new video shows how the Trump team may have sent campaign updates to Putin"
Feb 13, 2018 DOJ sends a letter to Ali Watkins, says they have seized her 2014-18 comms; NYT not informed [see: 6/24/18 NYT]
Feb 13, 2018 FinCEN Names ABLV Bank of Latvia an Institution of Primary Money Laundering Concern
Feb 13, 2018 Grassley/Wyden letter to Dimitri K. Simes; 2015 meeting, Maria Butina, two Obama admins, sanctions
Feb 14, 2018 Judge Sullivan asserts Brady Rule, orders Mueller to submit exculpatory evidence on Gen. Flynn
Feb 14, 2018 The Hill: "Rice’s odd memo: Did Obama withhold intel from Trump?"
Feb 14, 2018 Ali Watkins has dinner (possibly with Dan Jones?), who surprises her with chocolates [see: 6/24/18 NYT]
Feb 15, 2018 Judge Collyer letter to Nunes & Goodlatte in response to requests for FISC transcripts,
Feb 15, 2018 In an email to colleagues, Ali Watkins says, "from an old source who somehow thought it wouldn’t be creepy to bring [chocolates] to a dinner, stupidly and unintentionally scheduled on valentine’s day" [see: 6/24/18 NYT]
Feb 16, 2018 Mueller's team indicts 13 members of a Russian troll farm (Concord Management)
Feb 16, 2018 WSJ: "Latvian Bank Pushes Back Against U.S. Allegations"
Feb 16, 2018 HPSCI letter to Stephen Boyd at DOJ asking for relevant FISA court transcripts
Feb 16, 2018 Judge Sullivan enacts Brady Rule for Gen. Flynn [see: 2/20/18 Courtroom News]
Feb 19, 2018 WSJ: "ECB Freezes All Payments by Latvia’s ABLV Bank Amid Treasury Department Probe"
Feb 20, 2018 The Federalist reports on the post-election activities of Dan Jones
Feb 20, 2018 Alex van der Swaan pleads guilty to lying to the feds about a report concerning Tymoshenko
Feb 20, 2018 HPSCI sends letters to McCabe and Comey with a series of questions regarding information in the Steele dossier
Feb 20, 2018 NBC News: "Russia probe: Lawyer Alex van der Zwaan, oligarch's son-in-law, pleads guilty"
Feb 20, 2018 Courtroom News: "Judge Tells Mueller to Provide ‘Exculpatory Evidence’ to Flynn Defense Team"
Feb 22, 2018 Grand jury in EDVA charges Manafort on 22 counts relating to 2010-14 Ukrainian payments
Feb 22, 2018 Former WH Counsel John Dowd emails associates of idea to raise funds for Manafort and Gates [see: 9/21/18 WSJ]
Feb 22, 2018 Bloomberg: "Trump-Linked Real Estate Firm Settles Suit by Ex-Employee" (Jody Kriss, Bayrock)
Feb 22, 2018 WSJ: "Latvian Bank Facing U.S. Sanctions Threat Wants Government Bailout"
Feb 23, 2018 Financial Times: "Latvia: a banking scandal on the Baltic" (Ilmars Rimsevics)
Feb 23, 2018 Grand jury in D.C. issues a superseding indictment for Manafort related to the Hapsburg Group
Feb 23, 2018 Rick Gates guilty plea; 45 pages
Feb 24, 2018 Time article on Schiff memo; scribd pdf 10 pages
Feb 26, 2018 Guardian: "Russian millions laundered via UK firms, leaked report says"
Feb 27, 2018 WaPo: "A self-described sex expert says she will spill information on Trump and Russia to get out of a Thai jail"
Feb 28, 2018 Office of Professional Responsibility receives OIG report (re: McCabe) [see: 10/15/18 FBI Vault]
Feb 28, 2018 Grassley letter to OIC requests review of any improper political influence in counterintelligence investigations
Feb 28, 2018 Forbes: "Why The U.S. Treasury Killed A Latvian Bank"
Feb 28, 2018 Hope Hicks announces she will be leaving the Trump administration
Mar 01, 2018 HPSCI letter to Jeff Sessions asking for the FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DOIG)
Mar 01, 2018 Nunes letter to AG Sessions re: potential crimes against Carter Page; 6 total pages; scribd pdf
Mar 05, 2018 @yashar: "Erin Burnett says she can smell alcohol on Sam Nunberg’s breath."
Mar 05, 2018 NYT: "In Poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Russian Ex-Spy, U.K. Sees Cold War Echoes"
Mar 05, 2018 Grabien: "CNN travels to Thailand to speak with prostitute who claims to have dirt on Trump"
Mar 05, 2018 Politico: "When Israel Hatched a Secret Plan to Assassinate Iranian Scientists"
Mar 06, 2018 WaPo: "Special counsel has examined episodes involving Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime lawyer"
Mar 06, 2018 Medium: "Deripaska’s private jet: Newark-Moscow-Molde for secret yacht meeting"
Mar 06, 2018 Secret Service employee, Jeffery Litteral, of Denton, Maryland, arrested and charged with possession of illicit images of minors [see: Jun 12, 2018 WMDT]
Mar 07, 2018 @carterwpage first tweet
Mar 07, 2018 Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd sends letter to HPSCI saying no FISA court transcripts exist that are relevant to the Carter Page FISA.
Mar 08, 2018 Daily Caller: "Oleg Deripaska Op-Ed: The Ever-changing 'Russia narrative' is false public manipulation"
Mar 11, 2018 Poly Prep Day School: "Thank You to All Who Worked to Make Poly Gala 2018 a Great Success!" (Argentieri listed)
Mar 12, 2018 NBC News: "Mueller team asking if Kushner foreign business ties influenced Trump policy"
Mar 12, 2018 BuzzFeed: "How A Player In The Trump-Russia Scandal Led A Double Life As An American Spy" (Sater)
Mar 13, 2018 Trump fires Johnny McEntee; unable to pass a security clearance, possibly due to gambling debt
Mar 13, 2018 ABC: "Roger Stone: Allegations I met with Assange in 2016 'provably false'"
Mar 13, 2018 CNN: "Trump fires Tillerson, taps Pompeo as next secretary of state"
Mar 13, 2018 CNN: "FBI tried to contact 'sex coaches' in Thai jail"
Mar 13, 2018 Daily Kos: "Did Trump Collude with the Russians on the Aluminum Tariff at the APEC Summit in November?"
Mar 15, 2018 Grassley letter to Rosenstein and Sessions
Mar 15, 2018 Carter Page appears on Comedy Central's "The Opposition" with Jordan Klepper; video (3m45s)
Mar 16, 2018 CNN: "Trump business associate Felix Sater speaks out on Russia ties" (interview with Chris Cuomo)
Mar 16, 2018 MSNBC: "Felix Sater On President Donald Trump, Russia, And Being A Spy" (interview with Chris Hayes)
Mar 16, 2018 WaPo: "Texts show judge who recused himself in Flynn case was friendly with FBI agent involved in probe"
Mar 16, 2018 USA Today: "In war of words with Trump, fired FBI's McCabe says he will no longer be silent"
Mar 16, 2018 "New Text Msgs Reveal FBI Agent was Friends with Judge in Flynn Case"
Mar 17, 2018 Felix Sater's tweets ""; all other tweets before this are deleted
Mar 18, 2018 BigLeaguePolitics: "Documents: FBI Carefully Planned Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Trip, Tried To Cover It Up"
Mar 20, 2018 Trump floats idea to Putin in a phone call to someday soon visit the White House [see: 4/2/18 WaPo]
Mar 20, 2018 Carter Page pro se claim against Oath, Inc., & BBG
Mar 20, 2018 "Feds file new charges against Ken Smukler, aide to Bob Brady" (Margolies)
Mar 20, 2018 NYT: "Saudi Crown Prince Arrives at White House to Meet with Trump"
Mar 21, 2018 Politico: "Judge nixes ex-Trump adviser Carter Page's suit over Yahoo Russia article"
Mar 21, 2018 NYT's Adam Goldman tweets that George Nader has been granted immunity by Mueller's prosecutors
Mar 21, 2018 NYT: "How 2 Gulf Monarchies Sought to Influence the White House"
Mar 22, 2018 BuzzFeed: "The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Said He Wanted To Create 'The NSA’s Wet Dream'" (Christopher Wylie)
Mar 22, 2018 HPSCI Majority releases Report on Russian Active Measures; 254 pages; archived pdf
Mar 23, 2018 WSJ: "Behind Richard Gates’ Guilty Plea in the Russia Probe"
Mar 24, 2018 Greg Olear tweets that Kushner met w/Sergei Gorkov somewhere near Newark Airport on 12/13-14/16
Mar ??, 2018 Diamond smuggling investigation into Lev Leviev begins sometime in late March [see: 11/5/18 Haaretz]
Mar 25, 2018 Daily Caller: "A London Meeting Before The Election Aroused George Papadopoulos’s Suspicions"
Mar 26, 2018 HPSCI minority members submit memo in response to majority "Report on Russian Active Measures"
Mar 26, 2018 WSJ: "How a Tiny Latvian Bank Became a Haven for the World’s Dirty Money"
Mar 28, 2018 CNBC: "Mueller links former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates to Russian spy" (Kilimnik?)
Mar 28, 2018 Guardian: "Ecuador cuts off Julian Assange's internet access at London embassy"
Mar 28, 2018 Fox News: "DOJ Inspector General reviews alleged FISA abuses by DOJ, FBI"
Mar 28, 2018 The Intercept: "Department of Justice charges whistleblower under espionage act"
Mar 30, 2018 Greg Brower (FBI Assistant Director for the Office of Congressional Affairs) resigns
Mar 30, 2018 MSNBC: "Carter Page returns to All In"
Mar 31, 2018 @carterwpage: "Great to be on @WattersWorld at 8 pm EDT tonight!"
Mar 31, 2018 IG Horowitz Semi-annual Report to Congress; covers 10/31/17-03/31/18; pdf 87 pages
Apr ??, 2018 Inquiry into Tony Podesta referred to SDNY prosecutors sometime shortly before 4/9/18 Cohen raid
Apr 01, 2018 DC rumors that Trump isn't pleased with Mattis in the administration
Apr 02, 2018 WaPo: "Trump floated a Putin visit to the White House in a March 20 phone call"
Apr 02, 2018 WSJ: "Roger Stone’s Claim of a 2016 Julian Assange Meeting Draws Scrutiny"
Apr 03, 2018 CBS News: "Rod Rosenstein outlined scope for special counsel probe in August 2017"
Apr 03, 2018 Mueller tells Trump attorneys the president remains under investigation, but not a criminal target
Apr 05, 2018 CNN: "Exclusive: Mueller's team questioning Russian oligarchs"
Apr 05, 2018 CNN: "Mueller using information related to searches of Manafort's belongings for ongoing investigation"
Apr 05, 2018 CNN: "Sex coach who claims to have US election dirt charged with prostitution"
Apr 06, 2018 Reuters: "Russian businessmen, officials on new U.S. sanctions list" (Shamalov, Bogdanov, Rotenberg, Deripaska)
Apr 09, 2018 Mueller agents execute search warrants on Michael Cohen's home, office, and hotel room [see: Oct 25, 2018 WSJ]
Apr 09, 2018 EDNY prosecutors Nicole Argentieri joins O'Melveny
Apr 09, 2018 Carter Page letter to Stephen Boyd; he offers to provide written constent for release of his FISA's
Apr 11, 2018 Speaker Ryan says he won't seek re-election
Apr 13, 2018 @NPR: "'His leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty,' Comey writes."
Apr 13, 2018 NYT: "Trump Pardons Scooter Libby for Perjury in C.I.A. Leak Case"
Apr 13, 2018 article says DOJ granted immunity to former U.S. Rep. Marjorie Margolies
Apr 13, 2018 Global insurer Hiscox is hacked; possibly related to The Dark Overlord hacking group
Apr 13, 2018 McClatchy article says Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague sometime Aug 2016
Apr 15, 2018 Comey: "there was material that I knew someday, when it's declassified, and I thought that would be decades in the future, would cause historians to wonder, 'Hmm, was there some strange business going on there? Was Loretta Lynch somehow in -- carrying water for the campaign and controlling what the F.B.I. did?'" [see: 4/15/18 ABC News]
Apr 15, 2018 ABC News: "Transcript: James Comey's interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos"
Apr 15, 2018 CNN: "ABC News: Comey says his belief Clinton would win election 'a factor' in email probe"
Apr 16, 2018 Daily Beast: "Exclusive: FBI Investigated Former CIA Chief Michael Hayden in Secret-Spilling Case"
Apr 17, 2018 Vice News: "‘Sex huntress’ who claims to have dirt on Trump and Russia may spend years in Thai prison"
Apr 18, 2018 House republicans send criminal referrals of senior DoJ officials to Huber, Wray, and Sessions
Apr 18, 2018 Free Beacon: "FBI Delays Release of Communications With Firm That Examined DNC Servers" (CrowdStrike)
Apr 19, 2018 WaPo: "Inspector general referred findings on McCabe to U.S. attorney for consideration of criminal charges"
Apr 19, 2018 DOJ files sealed FARA case against Pakistani Nisar Ahmed Chaudhry [see: 5/7/18 Reuters]
Apr 19, 2018 Daily Beast reports that Rudy Giuliani is in talks to joining Trump’s legal team
Apr 19, 2018 Comey memos released: 1/8/17, 1/28/17, 2/8/17, 2/14/17, 3/1/17, 3/30/17, 4/11/17
Apr 19, 2018 WaPo: "What the Comey memos say"
Apr 20, 2018 NBC News: "Comey memos detail his version of meetings with Trump, Priebus"
Apr 20, 2018 NYT: "Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore."
Apr 23, 2018 FT: "Aluminium falls on US signals over Rusal sanctions" (Deripaska)
Apr 24, 2018 NBC News: "Former Obama lawyer Greg Craig leaves firm after brush with Mueller probe"
Apr 24, 2018 Bloomberg: "Skadden Lawyer Craig Leaves Firm After Inquiry on Ukraine Report"
Apr 26, 2018 RCP: "Baier to Comey: If Dossier Was "Salacious," Why Did You Use It To Get FISA Warrant?" ("broader mosaic of facts")
Apr 26, 2018 Politico: "Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state"
Apr 27, 2018 Talking Points Memo: "Flynn And His Son Met With Russian Ambassador In December 2015"
Apr 28, 2018 Sunday Morning Herald: "China is not Russia says former foreign minister Alexander Downer"
May ??, 2018 Schulte passes classified info to family members sometime May 2018
May 02, 2018 @TomArnold: "Spent the day at my Funny & kind friend Felix Sater’s beautiful LI home."
May 02, 2018 CNN: "Michael Caputo says 'it's clear' Mueller investigators focused on Russia collusion"
May 03, 2018 James Wolfe grand jury proceedings begin
May 04, 2018 Washington Examiner: "FBI's James Baker, Lisa Page resign"
May 04, 2018 First mention of "13 angry democrats" during a presser outside Air Force One
May 04, 2018 Giuliani consults with Felix Sater at Trump Tower [see: May 5, 2017 @TomArnold]
May 04, 2018 NYT: "Viktor Vekselberg, Russian Billionaire, Was Questioned by Mueller’s Investigators"
May 04, 2018 Glencor cancels agreement with Qatar to sell China Development Bank 19.5% of Rosneft shares
May 05, 2018 @TomArnold: "but Giuliani he did consult Felix Sater at Trump Tower yesterday so I'm good"
May 07, 2018 @eorden: "Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, of Physical Abuse" (7:00pm est)
May 07, 2018 Variety: "Eric Schneiderman Resigns Amid Claims of Violence Against Women"
May 07, 2018 Reuters: "Pakistani pleads guilty; failed to register as U.S. foreign agent" (Nisar Chaudhry)
May 08, 2018 Politico: "First Mueller convict reports to prison" (Alex van der Zwaan)
May 08, 2018 @awprokop: "Avenatti claims Viktor Vekselberg sent Michael Cohen money" ($500k)
May 08, 2018 CNN: "Trump withdraws US from Iran nuclear deal"
May 08, 2018 Daily Caller: "Michael Cohen allegedly received $500k from Russian oligarch after election"
May 08, 2018 NYTimes: "Firm Tied to Russian Oligarch Made Payments to Michael Cohen"
May 08, 2018 Politico: "Trump campaign veteran leaving White House communications office" (Cliff Sims)
May 09, 2018 Daily Caller: "Treasury Department opens IG investigation into leak of Michael Cohen's records"
May 09, 2018 @SenBlumenthal: "December 13, 2016: Secret Kushner meeting with sanctioned Russian VEB Bank CEO Sergey Gorkov."
May 10, 2018 Royal Bank of Scotland pays DOJ's $4.9b fine for its role in 2008 mortgage crisis
May 10, 2018 Haaretz: "Trump Says Five 'Most Wanted' ISIS Leaders Captured"
May 10, 2018 Crusader Journal: "Iraq used Baghdadi aide’s phone to capture Islamic State commanders"
May 10, 2018 AP: "Insight or influence? Trump attorney’s business scrutinized"
May 11, 2018 Peter Gleason sends letter to District Judge Kimba Wood asking for any recordings seized during Mueller's raid on Michael Cohen to be sealed from publication
May 11, 2018 NYT: "Lawyer for 2 Women Who Say They Were Schneiderman Victims Talked to Michael Cohen"
May 11, 2018 Daily Caller: "Ex-CIA contractor stole 60 notebooks of classified info, pleads guilty"
May 11, 2018 The New Yorker Radio Hour: "Senator Mark Warner on the Threat of Russia"
May 12, 2018 National Review: "Did the FBI Have a Spy in the Trump Campaign?"
May 13, 2018 Daily Caller: "Mark Warner: Trump aides' contacts with Russians could be 'coincidences,'"
May 13, 2018 @Patribotics accuses @dcpoll of being a spy?
May 13, 2018 @MichaelAvenatti: "Why was Ahmed Al-Rumaihi meeting with Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn in December 2016 and why did Mr. Al-Rumaihi later brag about bribing administration officials according to a sworn declaration filed in court?"
May 14, 2018 The Hill: "Mueller may have a conflict — and it leads directly to a Russian oligarch" (
May 15, 2018 CNN: "Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meetings in 2016" (Ahmed Al-Rumaihi)
May 15, 2018 NYT article on Joshua Adam Schulte
May 15, 2018 WaPo article on Joshua Adam Schulte
May 16, 2018 U.S. District Judge Denise Cote orders Search and Seizure Warrant against Anthony Weiner be unsealed
May 16, 2018 CNN: "DOJ Inspector General report on FBI handling of Clinton email probe entering final stages"
May 16, 2018 New Yorker article about Michael Cohen's "missing" Special Activity Reports (SAR's)
May 18, 2018 NYT says Papadopoulos' "wine-fueled conversation" with Downer was the origin of Crossfire Hurricane
May 17, 2018 Bob Bauer leaves Perkins Coie
May 17, 2018 Daily Caller: "Cambridge prof with CIA, MI6 ties met with Trump adviser during campaign, beyond"
May 17, 2018 Manafort's former son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai, cuts plea deal with government; files under seal
May 17, 2018 BuzzFeed: "Trump Moscow: The Definitive Story Of How Trump’s Team Worked The Russian Deal During The Campaign"
May 18, 2018 Warner: "...Intelligence Committee...the critical importance of protecting sources and methods."
May 18, 2018 @SaysSimonson: "Extremely eclectic group at Dorian’s with @felixsater @alexnazaryan @DavidKlion @LevineJonathan @Pfro"
May 19, 2018 Fox News: "Ex-UK spy Christopher Steele ordered to appear for video deposition in London"
May 20, 2018 NYT: "Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations"
May 21, 2018 Scott Dworkin: "Trump Started Cooperating With The FBI In 1981"
May 22, 2018 CNN: "Carter Page: Never found anything unusual about FBI source"
May 22, 2018 Trump hints that a very well-paid spy was planted early on inside his campaign
May 23, 2018 Amy Fiscus: "NEW: Jared Kushner got his security clearance, per @mattapuzzo"
May 23, 2018 @carterwpage: "Why did the media...leak/spin my identity as a 2013 UNPAID/burned FBI source last year"
May 24, 2018 Irish Times: "Oligarchs and ‘unexplained wealth’: London’s rich Russians"
May 24, 2018 WaPo: "Sessions taps Zachary Terwilliger to lead high-profile Va. U.S. Attorney’s Office"
May 25, 2018 WaPo: "How a Russia-friendly adviser found his way into the Trump campaign" (Carter Page)
May 26, 2018 NYPost: "Carter Page: The FBI ruined my life" (break-up with longtime girlfriend)
May 27, 2018 Chelsea Manning posts a photo on Twitter of herself standing on the ledge of a high building
May 29, 2018 Fox News: "Former Trump campaign members on contact with Mueller probe" (Clovis, Caputo, Carter Page)
Jun 03, 2018 ABC News (Australia): "Felix Sater: The business partner Donald Trump wants nothing to do with"
Jun 03, 2018 NYT: "New York Times Reassigns Reporter in Leak Case" (Ali Watkins)
Jun 04, 2018 Daily Caller: "Papadopoulos' wife: Trump aids was 'absolutely not' involved in Russian collusion"
Jun 04, 2018 Daily Caller: "Former DIA officer arrested for allegedly spying for China"
Jun 06, 2018 TheHill: "Cambridge Analytica director met WikiLeaks' Assange in 2017 'to discuss US election'"
Jun 08, 2018 "Andrew C. Campi Named Special Agent in Charge of the Intelligence Division for the New York Field Office"
Jun 07, 2018 NYT: "Ex-Senate Aide Charged in Leak Case Where Times Reporter’s Records Were Seized" (James Wolfe)
Jun 07, 2018 Daily Caller: "Soon after Imran Awan's other wife called police on him, gunmen shot at her"
Jun 07, 2018 New York Post: "Ex-Senate Intel staffer charged with lying to feds about reporter contacts"
Jun 07, 2018 @MariannaNBCNews: "When NBC News spoke to Jim Wolfe yesterday, he was asked whether law enforcement had reached out to him. He flat out lied, telling me 'No.'"
Jun 08, 2018 Grand jury in D.C. charges Manafort and Kilimnik with witness tampering
Jun 12, 2018 "Andrey Telizhenko: I Was Told Directly that the Task Was to Remove Trump from the Elections"
Jun 12, 2018 Fox News: "Rosenstein threatened to 'subpoena' GOP-led committee in 'chilling' clash over records, emails show"
Jun 12, 2018 "U.S. Secret Service employee among 56 child exploitation arrests in Md."
Jun 13, 2018 Politico: "White House counsel McGahn recused his office from Mueller probe"
Jun 13, 2018 Rolling Stone: "A Day in the Life of George and Simona Papadopoulos"
Jun 14, 2018 CNN publishes key dats of the FBI probe of HRC's emails
Jun 14, 2018 DOJ OIG releases report on various action by the FBI and DoJ in advance of the 2016 election
Jun 15, 2018 D.C. court remands Manafort to prison
Jun 17, 2018 WaPo: "Trump associate Roger Stone reveals new contact with Russian national during 2016 campaign"
Jun 17, 2018 CNN: "Former Trump operative Roger Stone met with Russian who wanted $2M for Clinton dirt"
Jun 17, 2018 Michael Caputo publishes a dossier on Gennady Vasilievich Vostretsov (aka "Henry Greenberg")
Jun 18, 2018 Christopher Steele appears for a deposition in London
Jun 18, 2018 Senator John Kennedy asks IG Horowitz about the alleged Amanda Renteria memo; video timestamp
Jun 18, 2018 DoJ press release on Joshua Adam Schulte; superceding indictment pdf (14 pages)
Jun 19, 2018 Horowitz Statement on the FBI and DoJ actions in advance of the 2016 election
Jun 19, 2018 Video: House Hearing on Inspector General Report on Clinton Email Probe (six hours long)
Jun 19, 2018 NYPost: "House GOPer unmasks identities of anti-Trump FBI agents"
Jun 19, 2018 Miami Herald: "Mystery Miamian tied to Trump probe had many names, foul mouth, 2 DUI busts"
Jun 19, 2018 WaPo: "At height of Russia tensions, Trump campaign chairman Manafort met with business associate from Ukraine"
Jun 19, 2018 Lawfare: "Superseding Indictment Against Joshua Schulte for Alleged Leak of CIA Hacking Tools"
Jun 20, 2018 Guardian: "US lobbyist for Russian oligarch visited Julian Assange nine times last year"
Jun 20, 2018 Emptywheel: "Two days after Julian Assange threatened Don Jr, accused Vault 7 leaker Joshua Schulte took to Tor"
Jun 20, 2018 Yahoo: "Obama cyber chief confirms 'stand down' order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016"
Jun 20, 2018 Bloomberg: "Michael Cohen Has Resigned From the RNC, Sources Say"
Jun 21, 2018 Gowdy and Goodlatte letter to Lisa Page's lawyer requesting another interview
Jun 22, 2018 Daily Caller: "The FBI deliberately ignored 'golden emails,' crucial Abedin messages and more"
Jun 22, 2018 WaPo: "Former CIA officer accused of selling top secret information to China" (Kevin Patrick Mallory)
Jun 22, 2018 @TomArnold: "Michael Cohen didn't say Me & him were teaming up to take down Trump!"
Jun 24, 2018 NYT article about James Wolfe and Ali Watkins
Jun 25, 2018 @jSolomonReports: "How Comey intervened to kill WikiLeaks' immunity deal" (6:36pm est)
Jun 26, 2018 RCP: "Here's One Unverified File the Feds Won't Leak: About Loretta Lynch"
Jun 27, 2018 Peter Strzok hearing; full transcript; searchable pdf 312 pages
Jun 28, 2018 Rosenstein and Wray testify to the House Judiciary Committee.
Jun 28, 2018 "the information that's public about that doesn't match with my understanding of the one that I signed"
Jul ??, 2018 Bruce Ohr meets with Horowitz team sometime Jul 2018
Jul 02, 2018 Michael Cohen says "family and country come first"
Jul 03, 2018 CNN: "New York Times DC reporter who dated Senate intelligence staffer reassigned to New York"
Jul 07, 2018 The Hill: "Memos detail FBI's 'Hurry the F up pressure' to probe Trump campaign"
Jul 09, 2018 Radio Free Europe: "Russian Tycoon Deripaska Wins Million-Ruble Claim Against 'Nastya Rybka,' 'Sex-Guru' Partner"
Jul 10, 2018 Judge Emmitt Sullivan schedules status hearing for Gen. Flynn
Jul 11, 2018 CNN article on Lisa Page; her attorney says she plans to defy GOP subpoena for her testimony
Jul 11, 2018 CNN article on possible contempt charges against Lisa Page
Jul 11, 2018 Trump tweets that Lisa Page has defied a subpoena to testify before HPSCI
Jul 11, 2018 Counsel for Lisa Page says she intends to cooperate with the Mueller investigation
Jul 11, 2018 Cummings and Nadler call for release of full Strzok transcript
Jul 11, 2018 Grand jury issues first subpoena against mysterious principally foreign state-owned commercial business
Jul 12, 2018 CNBC article on Strzok televised hearing before HPSCI
Jul 12, 2018 NYT: "Border Agent Who Questioned Reporter Is Investigated for Computer Misuse"
Jul 13, 2018 Rep Mark Meadows puts out a statement that Lisa Page is a credible witness,
Jul 13, 2018 Lisa Page closed-door testimony; 370 pages (pdf)
Jul 13, 2018 Mueller indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers; 29 pages; pdf
Jul 14, 2018 Indictment against Maria Butina
Jul 16, 2018 Reuters: "Trump emerged from a meeting with Putin saying he saw no reason to believe Russia hacked 2016 U.S. election"
Jul 16, 2018 Reuters: "After Helsinki, U.S. intel chief defends findings on Russian meddling"
Jul 17, 2018 Bloomberg: "Trump Retreats and Says He Accepts U.S. Finding Russia Meddled"
Jul 18, 2018 Adam Lovinger files complaint with Pentagon senior ethics official
Jul 19, 2018 Michael Pillsbury testimony to HPSCI
Jul 21, 2018 Carter Page declassified FISA's are published; nytimes article; scribd pdf 412 pages
Jul 22, 2018 CNN: "Jake Tapper presses Carter Page on Russian contacts -- full interview"
Jul 25, 2018 Grassley letter to legal counsel for Gubarev; asks to be sent info on Steele's London deposition
Jul 25, 2018 Politico: "White House lawyer Passantino planning to leave"
Jul 26, 2018 First reports of Omarosa's book "Unhinged" said to be released soon
Jul 26, 2018 Brennan's security clearance revoked [see: August 15, 2018 Kaitlan Collins tweet]
Jul 26, 2018 Politico reports that Tad Devine is assisting with Mueller's investigation
Jul 26, 2018 Daily Caller: "Judge orders Fusion GPS to reveal dossier details in BuzzFeed lawsuit"
Jul 27, 2018 CNN: "Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting"
Jul 31, 2018 Mueller refers inquiry ihnto Tony Podesta, Vin Weber, and Greg Craig to SDNY
Jul 31, 2018 BuzzFeed: "Here Is The Money Trail From The Russian "Agent" And Her Republican Partner"
Aug 01, 2018 Surveillance warrant approved to monitor Sours Edwards phone line [see: Oct 25, 2018 WSJ]
Aug 02, 2018 Daily Mail obtains an excerpt from Omarosa's book
Aug 02, 2018 Suspected female Russian spy found working with USSS at US embassy in Moscow for over a decade
Aug 03, 2018 ABC: "Assange in 'solitary confinement' at embassy, fears possible extradition to US, lawyer says"
Aug 03, 2018 FBI turns over 70 pages of heavily redacted records about Christopher Steele, per Judicial Watch FOIA request
Aug 05, 2018 "Trump Tower Chicago: Media fraud, Mob contractors, casinos and shady investors"
Aug 06, 2018 @dliebelson: "I filed a FOIA about Jeff Rambo, the rogue CBP agent who went after reporter Ali Watkins. Office of Inspector General says I can't have records right now"
Aug 06, 2018 OIG press release says FBI SSA had inappropriate relationship with CHS (bribes, etc.), criminal prosecution declined
Aug 07, 2018 The Hill: "How a senior DOJ official helped Dem researchers on Trump-Russia case" (Bruce Ohr)
Aug 07, 2018 Rick Gates tells Judge Ellis he embezzled from Manafort to pay for a London apartment
Aug 07, 2018 Bloomberg: "Manafort's Former Accountant Fired by Firm After Testimony" (Cindy Laporta)
Aug 08, 2018 John Solomon article about Bruce Ohr asking Christopher Steele to re-engage the FBI; trove of texts
Aug 08, 2018 Washington Examiner article about Steele, Ohr, and Simpson; trove of texts
Aug 09, 2018 John Solomon article on Bruce Ohr's handwritten notes
Aug 10, 2018 Strzok fired [see: August 13, 2018 CNN]
Aug 10, 2018 New York Post: "Omarosa claims Trump is a racist, used N-word on ‘The Apprentice’"
Aug 10, 2018 American Banker: "Banker who OK'd Manafort loan sought Cabinet post: Ex-employee"
Aug 10, 2018 WaPo: "Bank CEO wanted Manafort to secure him a Cabinet post in Trump’s administration"
Aug 12, 2018 Chicago Tribune: "Manafort’s Chicago banker allegedly angled to get top jobs at HUD or Treasury"
Aug 13, 2018 CNN: "Peter Strzok fired from the FBI"
Aug 13, 2018 Fox News: "Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok sets up anti-Trump Twitter account; GoFundMe page seeks $150G"
Aug 13, 2018 American Banker: "CEO Calk conspired with Manafort to defraud his own bank"
Aug 13, 2018 DOJ/FBI to provide discovery to Papadopoulos, Mueller to seal discovery
Aug 14, 2018 Kurds hold Syria territory talks with Damascus
Aug 14, 2018 Omarosa book "Unhinged" flops
Aug 15, 2018 USA Today: "Donald Trump revokes former CIA director John Brennan's security clearance"
Aug 15, 2018 Foreign Policy: "Botched CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents"
Aug 15, 2018 Kaitlan Collins: "The date on President Trump's statement about revoking John Brennan's security clearance? July 26."
Aug 16, 2018 Chuck Ross: "DOJ national security lawyer George Toscas deposed by House Judiciary and House Oversight tomorrow."
Aug 16, 2018 Rush Limbaugh says Nellie Ohr wrote the dossier
Aug 16, 2018 U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta rules the FBI cannot issue a Glomar response wrt verifying the Steele dossier
Aug 17, 2018 CNN: "Mark Warner wants to block Trump from 'arbitrarily revoking security clearances'"
Aug 17, 2018 AP: "...Burr said there is 'no factual evidence'...on collusion or conspiracy between Russia and...Trump’s campaign."
Aug 17, 2018 @NatashaBertrand: "Papadopoulos received $10k in cash from a foreign national"
Aug 17, 2018 Politico: "Mueller recommends sentence up to 6 months for Papadopoulos"
Aug 17, 2018 Fox News: "DOJ's Bruce Ohr wrote Christopher Steele was 'very concerned about Comey's firing -- afraid they will be exposed'"
Aug 19, 2018 Fox News: "Escort says oligarch now has tapes on Russia interference"
Aug 20, 2018 Daily Caller: "Papadopoulos told feds he received $10,000 from foreign national he believed was a spy"
Aug 20, 2018 Reuters: "Two arrested for allegedly spying for Iran in U.S."
Aug 21, 2018 Washington Examiner: "Former Democratic IT staffer Imran Awan avoids jail time"
Aug 21, 2018 Washington Post: "Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty of 8 charges"
Aug 21, 2018 NPR: "Donald Trump's Attorney And Fixer Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To 8 Federal Counts"
Aug 21, 2018 Flynn hearing rescheduled
Aug 22, 2018 Daily Caller: "The FBI deliberately ignored 'golden emails', crucial Abedin messages and more"
Aug 22, 2018 Assange is referred to an unrelated sealed case to having charges against him by the U.S. [see: 11/15/18 WaPo]
Aug 23, 2018 DOJ: "Correctional Officer Arrested For Accepting A Bribe To Smuggle Cellphones Into The Metropolitan Correctional Center" (prison smuggler for Schulte?)
Aug 23, 2018 Paul Ceglia detained in Ecuador, prepared for extradition to U.S. [see: 11/16/18 Sputnik]
Aug 23, 2018 CNN: "NSA leaker Reality Winner sentenced to more than 5 years in prison"
Aug 23, 2018 Acting CIA Inspector General, Christopher Sharpley, resigns
Aug 24, 2018 NYT: "Gold Trader in High-Security Jail Was Smuggled Booze, Cell Phones and More by Guard" (Zarrab)
Aug 25, 2018 Real Clear Investigations reports they've seen a copy of the Cody Shearer memo (two four-page reports)
Aug 27, 2018 NYT: "U.S. and Mexico Agree to Preliminary Nafta Deal"
Aug 27, 2018 Buzzfeed: "Lanny Davis Says He Was A Source For CNN’s Trump Tower Story"
Aug 27, 2018 Daily Caller: "Source: FBI agents told Congress the Bureau used leaked stories to obtain spy warrants"
Aug 27, 2018 Daily Caller: "Sources: China hacked Clinton's private email server"
Aug 27, 2018 True Pundit: "FBI Raid Thomas Paine’s House, Point Guns At His Young Children; How an Award-Winning Reporter Became Thomas Paine"
Aug 28, 2018 EDNY: "Members of Eastern European Organized Crime Syndicate Convicted Of Racketeering and Other Violent Crimes" (Leonid Gershman, Aleksey Tsvetkov)
Aug 28, 2018 NYT: "Canada and U.S. Meet as Trump Moves Ahead With Mexico Trade Deal"
Aug 28, 2018 CNN: "Justice Department official in Trump's crosshairs faces lawmakers Tuesday"
Aug 28, 2018 The Hill: "Russian oligarch, Justice Department and a clear case of collusion"
Aug 28, 2018 NBC News: "One-Time Paul Manafort Banker Robbed of iPad, Briefcase in Mysterious Overnight Break-in at His NYC Penthouse"
Aug 29, 2018 Daily Caller: "Christopher Steele reportedly worked for sanctioned Russian oligarch"
Aug 29, 2018 CNN: "Don McGahn to leave job as White House counsel, Trump says"
Aug 29, 2018 Washington Examiner: "Bruce Ohr named 'half a dozen' FBI, DOJ officials who knew about Trump dossier ties"
Aug 29, 2018 @JenniferJJacobs: "The White House ethics lawyer, Stefan Passantino, leaves the post *tomorrow*, sources tell me."
Aug 29, 2018 The Hill: "What professor really told FBI about Trump, Russia and Papadopoulos"
Aug 30, 2018 Fusion GPS deposed in Washington, DC for Gubarev v Buzzfeed lawsuit
Aug 30, 2018 Clinton Digital Library: "Declassified Documents Concerning Russian President Boris Yeltsin"
Aug 30, 2018 Daily Beast: "Rudy Giuliani Is Putting Together a ‘Counter-Report’ to Question Robert Mueller’s ‘Legitimacy’"
Aug 31, 2018 Guardian: "Manafort associate paid Trump inauguration $50,000 in Ukrainian cash" (Sam Patten)
Sep ??, 2018 DOJ's Justice Management Division locates Lisa Page's DOJ-issued iPhone, notifies DOJ OIG who then take custody of the iPhone. Upon examination, DOJ OIG discovers the iPhone had been reset to factory default settings on Jul 31, 2017, a little over two weeks after Lisa Page departed the Special Counsel's team. All text messages are found to be erased, and [see: 12/13/18 DOJ OIG report]
Sep 01, 2018 NYT: "Agents Tried to Flip Russian Oligarchs. The Fallout Spread to Trump"
Sep 03, 2018 @realDonaldTrump: "According to the Failing New York Times, the FBI started a major effort to flip Putin loyalists in 2014-2016. 'It wasn’t about Trump, he wasn’t even close to a candidate yet.' Rigged Witch Hunt!"
Sep 04, 2018 Speculation that Bob Woodward's new book will drive a wedge between Trump and Mattis
Sep 05, 2018 NYT: "Jerome Corsi, Conspiracy Theorist, Is Subpoenaed in Mueller Investigation"
Sep 05, 2018 NYT: "Opinion: I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration"
Sep 06, 2018 WaPo: "Prosecutors use grand jury as investigation of Andrew McCabe intensifies"
Sep 06, 2018 John Solomon article about Bruce Ohr's engagement with Fusion GPS in Aug 2016
Sep 06, 2018 NYT: "Trump to preside over U.N. Security Council, prompting anxiety all around"
Sep 07, 2018 George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in jail
Sep 07, 2018 Bloomberg: "DNC Lawyers Say Papadopoulos’s U.K. Contact May Be Dead"
Sep 09, 2016 @carterwpage: "...I spoke with FBI / SDNY Prosecutors whom I had helped. My records show March 2, 2016."
Sep 09, 2018 Joseph Mifsud reported to be alive
Sep 09, 2018 George Tawil asks George Papadopoulos for the $10k retainer fee to be returned
Sep 10, 2018 Rep. Meadows letter to Rod Rosenstein about FBI-DOJ coordinated leaks; scribd pdf 2 pages
Sep 10, 2018 Carter Page: "[SDNY]....[DOJ]...made a kangaroo court out of...our country" [see: 9/10/18 The Hill]
Sep 10, 2018 The Hill report on Strzok-Page strategy to leak damaging details about Carter Page to friendly media
Sep 12, 2018 New Strzok-Page texts reveal media leak strategy leading up to Mueller appointment
Sep 12, 2018 BuzzFeed exposé on large money transfers re:Agalarovs following Jun 2016 Trump Tower meeting
Sep 12, 2018 Trump executive order on possible sanctions against foreign interference in U.S. elections
Sep 13, 2018 NYT: "U.S. Spies Rush to Protect Defectors After Skripal Poisoning" (NYT declines to expose Poteyev)
Sep 14, 2018 Daily Caller: "Strzok sought to capitalize on news reports about dossier, text messages suggest"
Sep 14, 2018 Manafort pleads guilty to two counts; requires cooperation with the special counsel
Sep 14, 2018 Manafort Statement of Offense,
Sep 15, 2018 NYT: "Fraying ties with Trump put Mattis' fate in doubt"
Sep 15, 2018 Daily Beast: "Paul Manafort in an Email to Pro-Russia Client: Non-Partisan Think Tank Wonk Did My Bidding"
Sep 16, 2018 The Epoch Times: "Nunes Says House Intelligence Committee to Release Russia Probe Interviews"
Sep 17, 2018 Daily Caller: "Lisa Page testified the FBI hadn't seen evidence of collusion by the time Mueller was appointed"
Sep 17, 2018 @NatashaBertrand: "JUST IN: Mueller says FLYNN is ready for sentencing."
Sep 17, 2018 Fox News: "Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe"
Sep 17, 2018 "Graham Stack: Everything you know about Paul Manafort is wrong"
Sep 18, 2018 WSJ: "Justice Department Has Ordered Key Chinese State Media Firms to Register as Foreign Agents"
Sep 18, 2018 @LMartinezABC : "Mattis dismissed reports that he will be leaving the Pentagon."
Sep 18, 2018 Guardian: "'Fort Trump': Donald Trump proposes US military base in Poland"
Sep 19, 2018 Financial Times: "Danske Bank chief Thomas Borgen quits over money laundering scandal"
Sep 19, 2018 @chrisgeidner: "Michael Flynn sentencing is set for Dec. 18. Memos preceding it to be filed starting Dec. 4."
Sep 20, 2018 John Solomon article on Strzok/Page texts; concealment of assessment of Russian influence
Sep 20, 2018 "FBI Memos Raise Deep Questions About Russia/Trump Intel Assessment"
Sep 20, 2018 James Clapper tells Chris Cuomo that the dossier wasn't the primary source for FISA warrants
Sep 21, 2018 WSJ: "Ex-Trump Lawyer Tried to Help Pay Legal Fees for Manafort, Gates"
Sep 21, 2018 NYT: "Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment"
Sep 21, 2018 Daily Beast: "Trump Is Ready for Justice Department ‘Jihad’ After Rod Rosenstein Report"
Sep 21, 2018 BuzzFeed: "The Planners Of The Trump Tower Meeting Moved Millions, And Mueller Is Now Investigating"
Sep 22, 2018 Yahoo: "Publicist wonders if he was 'patsy' in Trump Tower meeting"
Sep 22, 2018 Daily Beast reports Lisa Page seriously considered Rosenstein's offer of wearing a wire against Trump
Sep 24, 2018 Financial Times report on London’s role in Danske Bank's money laundering
Sep 24, 2018 Bloomberg report on Abramovich
Sep 25, 2018 Abramovich willing to sell Chelsea for 3b pounds
Sep 26, 2018 Guardian report about Assange allegedly receiving a diplomatic role at the Moscow Embassy
Sep 26, 2018 Financial Times report about Danske Bank whistleblower, Howard Wilkinson
Sep 27, 2018 French report of the Areva-Orano corruption scandal – France’s taxpayers
Sep 27, 2018 Yes, please, Mr. Kurd
Sep 30, 2018 Tom Arnold tweets a photo of Papadopoulos and Mangiante
Oct 01, 2018 Jason Leopold comments about Best of Enemies
Oct 02, 2018 Best of Enemies hits bookshelves (Aleksandr Shcherbakov pseudonym is "Anatoly Stepanov")
Oct 02, 2018 BBC video on an attempted assassination of Alexander Poteyev in Fall 2014
Oct 02, 2018 Account of Robert De Niro's assistance in rescuing Gennady Vasilenko from a Russian gulag
Oct 02, 2018 Mark Urban's "The Skripal Files" is published; pdf 267 pages
Oct 03, 2018 BuzzFeed exposé on Alexander Poteyev
Oct 03, 2018 Nikki Haley resignation letter dated 10/3/18; not delivered until
Oct 03, 2018 The Hill: "Freedom Caucus Chairman says 'strong suggestion' undercover FBI sources taped Trump campaign"
Oct 03, 2018 The Hill: "Russia collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on dossier before surveillance warrant"
Oct 03, 2018 Fox: "Top FBI lawyer Baker offers 'explosive' testimony on 'abnormal' handling of Russia probe into Trump campaign"
Oct 04, 2018 NSA responds to FOIA request by Ty Clevenger, says 32 pages are responsive to Seth Rich, all top secret or secret
Oct 04, 2018 Daily Caller: "Top FBI official met with DNC lawyer on Russia prior to 2016 election" (Baker, Sussmann)
Oct 04, 2018 Daily Beast: "Russian Official Linked to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Trump Tower Lawyer, Is Dead"
Oct 07, 2018 Papadopoulos tweets that he was being surveilled before 9/19/16
Oct 08, 2018 NYPost: "Feds freeze Russian oligarch’s assets, Upper East Side mansion" (Deripaska)
Oct 08, 2018 Daily Caller: "A Senate Democrat reportedly outsouced parts of the Trump-Russia probe to operative linked to Soros"
Oct 08, 2018 New Yorker article examines credibility of story on Alfa Bank servers
Oct 08, 2018 Author David Wise passes away
Oct 09, 2018 Nikki Haley resigns
Oct 11, 2018 David Lugo provides communications to the FBI during an interview at his home [11/7/18 Daily Caller]
Oct 11, 2018 Ruslan Stoyanov receives medical treatment for a pulmonary embolism
Oct 13, 2018 House GOP seeks Glenn Simpson testimony; Simpsons intends to plead Fifth
Oct 14, 2018 Trump speculates to 60 Minutes that Mattis could leave the administration; calls him a Democrat
Oct 15, 2018 FBI Vault releases OPR Investigation into McCabe; tweet link; pdf's
Oct 15, 2018 Forbes article about Danske Bank whistleblower, Howard Wilkinson
Oct 15, 2018 Carter Page files complaint against DNC, Perkins Coie; 37 pages; pdf:
Oct 17, 2018 Natalie Edwards revealed to have leaked Trump associates' financial records to BuzzFeed
Oct 17, 2018 Fox News reports State Dept provided false statements to derail requests for Clinton docs
Oct 17, 2018 U.K. freezes $250m of Deripaska assets in London due to litigation of Three-Mount Manufactory
Oct 19, 2018 Emptywheel: "Who told Carter Page that James Wolfe was the source of the FISA leak?"
Oct 19, 2018 David Lugo testifies before federal grand jury [11/7/18 Daily Caller]
Oct 19, 2018 James Madison Project vs United States Dept of Justice
Oct 23, 2018 The Seven Million Dollar Spy audiobook is published
Oct 24, 2018 Speculation of possible link to Mueller investigation in mystery grand jury appeal
Oct 25, 2018 Report about Natalie Edwards making bureaucratic complaints about another unit within Treasury
Oct 29, 2018 Assange says Ecuador seeking to end his asylum
Oct 29, 2018 VTB demands £100m from Deripaska; Putin is owner of VTB
Oct 30, 2018 Joshua Adam Schulte claims he’s being tortured in jail
Oct 31, 2018 Wired article on steps China takes to recruit spies"
Oct 31, 2018 U.S. Govt reveals it has video evidence of Joshua Schulte sharing classified info,
Nov 01, 2018 US charges former Goldman bankers, Tim Leissner a& Roger Ng, for 1MDB corruption scheme
Nov 01, 2018 Newsweek article on Aleksandr Scherbakov's role in taking down Robert Hanssen
Nov 02, 2018 CIA contractor Reynaldo Regis receives 3-month prison sentence for taking home classified information
Nov 02, 2018 Vladimir Neelov, an expert on private military companies, arrested in Moscow; suspected of treason
Nov 02, 2018 Yahoo: "The CIA's communications suffered a catastrophic compromise. It started in Iran."
Nov 05, 2018 Israeli police itend to question Lev Leviev's diamond business dealings in Moscow
Nov 05, 2018 El Chapo sentencing begins
Nov 06, 2018 Rybolovlev detained in Monaco; questioned on corruption charges
Nov 06, 2018 Book review of The Seven Million Dollar Spy (Hanssen, Shcherbakov)
Nov 07, 2018 Jeff Sessions resigns
Nov 07, 2018 Filmmaker David Lugo backs up Roger Stone's claim in Mueller grand jury testimony
Nov 07, 2018 Jury selected for El Chapo trial of El Chapo
Nov 07, 2018 Manafort ex son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai, arrested on new criminal charges (fraud schemes)
Nov 08, 2018 Former NY AG Eric Schneiderman to aviod charges in abuse investigation
Nov 08, 2018 Mueller teambegins writing final report
Nov 08, 2018 Democrats of the House Judiciary Committee send letter to Goodlatte wrt Whitaker & special counsel
Nov 08, 2018 Democrats of the House Judiciary Committee send threatening letter to acting AG Whitaker
Nov 08, 2018 U.S. Treasury targets serious human rights abusers in territories in Eastern Ukraine
Nov 10, 2018 U.S. Treasury freezes Deripaska assets, including mansions
Nov 10, 2018 Papadopoulos twitter screenshot of Felix Sater's LinkedIn work history
Nov 12, 2018 Jerome Corsi says he expects to be charged in Mueller probe
Nov 13, 2018 Papadopoulos attorneys file motion to withdraw from case
Nov 13, 2018 Mifsud lawyer indicate he wants to testify before the Senate
Nov 13, 2018 Jerry Nadler letter to Whitaker and Wray asking for responses to a list of his letters
Nov 13, 2018 Charity CEO of Alternative Opportunities, Marilyn Luann Nolan, pleads guilty to corruption scheme
Nov 14, 2018 LAPD arrest Michael Avenatti on suspicion of domestic violence
Nov 14, 2018 Schiff wants "comity" for House Intelligence Committee
Nov 15, 2018 U.S. optimistic it will prosecute Assange
Nov 15, 2018 Inadvertent court filing reveals Julian Assange to be indicted
Nov 15, 2018 Ecuador approves extradition of Paul Ceglia to U.S.
Nov 15, 2018 Pentagon fails first-ever audit
Nov 16, 2018 Papadopoulos hires new lawyers: Michal Patrick Hatley (criminal case), Caroline Polisi (DNC lawsuit)
Nov 16, 2018 Mueller probe investigates John Hannah's ties to George Nader and Joel Zamel
Nov 16, 2018 Subpoenas served to Comey, Lynch to appear before the committee the week after Thanksgiving|
Nov 16, 2018 FBI releases 2nd installment of records from investigation into McCabe; all 752 pages redacted
Nov 16, 2018 Newt Gingrich tweets that he's asked the House IG to release critical info concerning Imran Awan
Nov 17, 2018 Trump demands China remove missiles in South China Sea
Nov 18, 2018 Malta police identify criminals suspected of murdering journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
Nov 19, 2018 Washington Post article on Ivanka's use a personal email account to conduct govt business
Nov 19, 2018 Putin visits Istanbul to mark the completion of Turkstream gas pipeline
Nov 19, 2018 Actress Mareli Miniutti files for domestic violence restraining order against Michael Avenatti
Nov 19, 2018 Ex-Panama President, Ricardo Martinelli, argues in Panama court that he shouldn't have to stand trial
Nov 19, 2018 The Hill article that questions the FBI's vetting of Christopher Steele's expertise
Nov 19, 2018 Exposé of Danske Bank’s €200 Billion laundering scandal
Nov 19, 2018 Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested over financial misconduct
Nov 19, 2018 WHCA announces acclaimed author Ron Chernow as featered speaker for 2019 dinner
Nov 19, 2018 NYT book review of new title by White House staffer, Cliff Sims
Nov 20, 2018 NYT report that Trump wanted to order DOJ to prosecute Comey and Clinton
Nov 20, 2018 Trump provides written responses to Mueller questions
Nov 20, 2018 Trump says being president has cost him a fortune; says "someday I’ll tell you what that is"
Nov 20, 2018 Interpol elects South Korean, Kim Jong-yang, as new president; Russian frontrunner rejected
Nov 21, 2018 House Judiciary Committee issues a subpoena for Comey to appear for an interview
Nov 21, 2018 Ex-Rep Marjorie Margolies says she "didn’t think I did anything illegal" with campaign financing
Nov 21, 2018 Erdogan accuses Soros of supporting anti-government protests to divide Turkey
Nov 21, 2018 International Petroleum Investment Company (Abu Dhabi) sues Goldman Sachs over 1MDB scandal
Nov 22, 2018 Saudi Arabia, UAE sends troops to support Kurds in Syria
Nov 23, 2018 Money laundering in Europe more expansive than first though (Danske, Deutsche bank, BofA, JPMorgan)
Nov 24, 2018 Assange Lawyers barred from visiting him in the Ecuardorian Embassy ahead of U.S. court hearing
Nov 26, 2018 Open Society Foundations to pull out of Turkey, reports The Guardian
Nov 27, 2018 Manafort revealed to have held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy
Nov 28, 2018 Atlantic article on Papadopoulos’s supposed ties to Russian officials
Nov 29, 2018 Michael Cohen expected to plead guilty to lying to Congress in collusion probe
Nov 29, 2018 FBI agents show up at Alderman Ed Burke’s City Hall office, paper over windows
Nov 30, 2018 U.S. Seeks to recover $73m in proceeds traceable to bank fraud concerning Jho Taek Low
Nov 30, 2018 The Hill: "Trump, Russia and lessons from the mob: Did ‘godfathers’ steer collusion probe?"
Dec 03, 2018 NYT report of Manafort attempt to broker deal with Ecuador to hand Assange over to U.S.
Dec 03, 2018 Mystery grand jury subpoena fight headed for DC courthouse on 12/14/17 (Turkey, Flynn)
Dec 04, 2018 Emails of top NRCC officials stolen in major 2018 hack
Dec 04, 2018 Jeffrey Epstein settles lawsuit, avoids testimony by women he allegedly abused
Dec 04, 2018 China announces punishments for I.P. theft
Dec 04, 2018 Joe Biden says he's "the most qualified person in the country to be president"
Dec 04, 2018 Ramses Owens, Dirk Brauer, Richard Gaffey, Harald Joachim Von Der Goltz charged in Panama scheme
Dec 04, 2018 Grassley says Glenn Simpson lied in Senate testimony
Dec 04, 2018 Roger Stone declines Dem request for interview, invokes fifth amendment
Dec 04, 2018 Charles Hudson of Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative resigns after Blavatnik donation revealed
Dec 04, 2018 Daily Caller: "Republicans hired DNC's cyber-firm CrowdStrike, got hacked in 2018"
Dec 04, 2018 Indictment against Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian; unsealed 12/17/18 [see: 12/17/18 BuzzFeed]
Dec 05, 2018 Patrick Ho convicted of bribery, money laundering
Dec 05, 2018 China implicated in Marriott database hack
Dec 05, 2018 Mueller begins interviewing witnesses concerning Greg Craig
Dec 05, 2018 Email chain concerning FBI's suspicion of Christopher Steele's reliability comes into question
Dec 06, 2018 Kathy Kraninger confirmed by Senate as new CFPB Director
Dec 06, 2018 Reports of Michael Flynn helping prosecutors in Turkish lobbying probe
Dec 06, 2018 Ecuador's president says Britain has provided sufficient guarantees for Julian Assange to embassy
Dec 06, 2018 Huawei investigated over using HSBC to allegedly make illegal transactions involving Iran
Dec 06, 2018 Telegraph: "Julian Assange rejects UK-Ecuador deal for him to leave the embassy"
Dec 06, 2018 Reports that FBI received whistleblower evidence in 2017 alleging Clinton Foundation wrongdoing
Dec 06, 2018 Kassim Tajideen pleads guilty to laundering money for Hezbollah
Dec 06, 2018 Dmitry Peskov expected to be focus of Mueller investigation
Dec 06, 2018 Nissan’s Ghosn to be indicted
Dec 06, 2018 British Telecom (BT) to remove Huawei equipment from parts of 4G network
Dec 06, 2018 Speculation that U.S. could disconnect Russia from SWIFT over aggression against Ukraine
Dec 07, 2018 George Papadopoulous released from prison
Dec 07, 2018 Trump picks William Barr, Attorney General under H.W. Bush, to return to DOJ helm
Dec 07, 2018 U.S. accuses Russia of helping fabricate Syria chemical attack to undermine truce
Dec 07, 2018 Trump expected to name Gen. Mark Milley next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Dec 07, 2018 Guardian: "Huawei pledges $2bn in effort to allay UK security concerns"
Dec 07, 2018 WSJ: "U.S. Readies Charges Against Chinese Hackers"
Dec 07, 2018 BuzzFeed: "Federal Prosecutors Say Michael Cohen Should Serve A 'Substantial Term Of Imprisonment'"
Dec 07, 2018 CNN: "Paul Manafort filing from Mueller to be largely secret"
Dec 07, 2018 Comey HPSCI hearing #1; pdf 235 pages
Dec 08, 2018 Comey HPSCI hearing #2; pdf 173 pages
Dec 08, 2018 Daily Caller: "House Committees release James Comey transcript"
Dec 08, 2018 Comey transcript released. Says dossier not verified before, or after, FISA warrant
Dec 08, 2018 U.K. police revisit "suicide" of Scot Young, Alexander Perepilichnyy
Dec 10, 2018 Malaysian official, Najib Razak, arrested for allegedly tampering with 1MDB audit
Dec 10, 2018 Turqoise Council President, Kemal Oksuz, pleads guilty to conceal funding of 2013 Congressional trip
Dec 10, 2018 WSJ: "Alleged Russian Agent Maria Butina Expected to Plead Guilty"
Dec 10, 2018 Maria Butina reaches plea deal with prosecutors; includes cooperation
Dec 11, 2018 U.S. plans to target Chinese hackers & spies
Dec 11, 2018 James Wolfe sentencing memorandum; Wolfe responds 12/14/18,,
Dec 11, 2018 Christopher Steele shown to have provided information to Strobe Talbott during 2016 election
Dec 11, 2018 Flynn asks Judge Sullivan to spare him from prison time in response to government sentencing memo
Dec 11, 2018 NYT: "Trump Administration to Step Up Pressure on China"
Dec 11, 2018 Michael Cohen visit to Prague not mentioned in Mueller sentencing, files indicate
Dec 11, 2018 AM Greatness: "James and the Giant Impeachment"
Dec 12, 2018 Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison; blames "blind loyalty"
Dec 12, 2018 Clinton Foundation whistleblowers to testify 12/13/18, in public hearing
Dec 12, 2018 Mueller ordered to submit Flynn 302's under seal; unsealed 12/18/18
Dec 12, 2018 Ukraine court finds Ukrainian officials meddled in 2016 U.S. Election; leaked Manafort Ledger
Dec 12, 2018 Nicole Argentieri on Fox News show, Daily Briefing; explains details of Cohen guilty plea
Dec 12, 2018 Gottfried Leibbrandt announces he will step down as CEO of Swift sometime Jun 2019
Dec 13, 2018 Details of OIG's investigation into recovery of Strzok, Page text messages (16 pages)
Dec 13, 2018 Pelosi, House Demos to ask for Trump tax returns
Dec 13, 2018 NYT article on downfall of oil tycoon, Ye Jianming (bribes)
Dec 13, 2018 No evidence FBI tried to destroy Peter Strzok or Lisa Page texts, IG report finds
Dec 14, 2018 James Wolfe response to govt's 12/11/18 sentencing memo; filed 12/20/18; pdf
Dec 14, 2018 Govt's response to James Wolfe sentencing memorandum; filed 12/20/18; 11 pages; pdf
Dec 14, 2018 Federal DC courthouse locked down for mystery trial,,
Dec 14, 2018 Brazil charges former Trafigura executives with corruption; Petrobras
Dec 14, 2018 Washington Post article on Gen. Flynn and conspiracy theories
Dec 14, 2018 Mick Mulvaney announced as acting Chief of Staff, replacing Kelly in new year
Dec 14, 2018 FBI says it can't reveal a short portion of one of Comey's memos that deals with FISA
Dec 14, 2018 Giuliani tweets that Mueller’s office erased texts from Strzok and Paige cell phones
Dec 14, 2018 Rep Meadows tweets about the importance of a 8/25/17 Grassley letter concerning Gen. Flynn
Dec 14, 2018 FBI releases part of Russia dossier summary used to brief Trump, Obama
Dec 14, 2018 Trump calls Erdogan; asks Turks to clear ISIS east of the Euphrates,,
Dec 15, 2018 Judge Sullivan orders 302 of 7/19/17, Strzok interview & Jan 24, 2017, Strzok memo filed
Dec 15, 2018 Daily Beast: "Maria Butina's Boss Alexander Torshin: The Kremlin's No-Longer-Secret Weapon"
Dec 15, 2018 NPR: "The Russia Investigations: A Case Still Unproven"
Dec 16, 2018 Carter Page notifies counsel for James Wolfe that he intends to file an amicus curiae,
Dec 17, 2018 Carter Page hand-delivers amicus curiae to U.S. DC Courthouse wrt James Wolfe sentencing submission
Dec 17, 2018 Malaysia to sue Goldman Sachs for $2.7b
Dec 17, 2018 Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian charged as unregistered agents of Turkey;; pdf, 21 pages
Dec 17, 2018 Judge Sullivan orders redacted 302 of 1/24/17 Flynn interview be filed publicly,
Dec 17, 2018 British file reveals Fusion GPS hired Steele to assist DNC to challenge 2016 election
Dec 18, 2018 Flynn sentencing postponed; joint status report due 3/13/19 to Judge Sullivan
Dec 18, 2018 Transcript of Comey's 2nd day testimony to House Judiciary Oversight task force from 12/17/18
Dec 18, 2018 SDNY arrests, charges oil drilling CEO Todd Kozel with wire fraud, money laundering conspiracy
Dec 18, 2018 Belgian PM Michel offers resignation to king over criticisms of unpopular immigration policies
Dec 18, 2018 Mystery DC courthouse lockdown on Dec 14, 2018, concerns U.S. subpoena to foreign-owned bank
Dec 18, 2018 State Dept approves possible $3.5b sale of Patriot missiles to Turkey
Dec 18, 2018 Treasury notifies Congress of intent to delist En+, Rusal, & EuroSibEnergo (ie, Deripaska)
Dec 18, 2018 DOJ asks court to keep gag order in place Maria Butina in case her cooperation leads to other arrests
Dec 18, 2018 Gubarev vs BuzzFeed order on motion for summary judgment
Dec 19, 2018 U.S. troops to withdraw from Syria; victory claimed over ISIS
Dec 20, 2018 DOJ indictment against Chinese hackers, Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong
Dec 20, 2018 DOJ indicts FinCEN employee, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, with unlawfully disclosing SARs
Dec 20, 2018 BuzzFeed: "Russian Agents Sought Secret US Treasury Records On Clinton Backers During 2016 Campaign"
Dec 20, 2018 Papadopoulos indicates he was the target of six spies
Dec 20, 2018 Carter Page amicus brief against James Wolfe; mentions Michael Casey, Chris Joyner; 11 pages; pdf
Dec 20, 2018 Carter Page indicates that James Wolfe did not leak Male-1; someone else at SSCI
Dec 20, 2018 James Wolfe sentencing memo; includes cell phone screenshots; scribd pdf 82 pages
Dec 20, 2018 Sec of Defense Mattis turns in resignation letter; due to leave administration Feb 2019
Dec 20, 2018 Mueller expected to submit 2016 Russian interference report to DOJ sometime mid-Feb 2019
Dec 20, 2018 7k U.S. troops expected to withdraw soon from Afghanistan
Dec 20, 2018 Israel to escalate fight against Iran in Syria after U.S. exit
Dec 20, 2018 Suspected sponsor of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Peter Cherif, arrested in Djibouti
Dec 20, 2018 Louise Mensch suggests that info given to James Wolfe about Carter Page was invented
Dec 20, 2018 Grand jury indicts Natalya Veselnitskaya for obstruction of justice; sealed until 1/9/19
Dec 21, 2018 Maligant growths removed from Justice Ginsberg's lungs
Dec 21, 2018 DC Circuit denies motion filed by mystery company in mystery grand jury dispute,
Dec 21, 2018 Mueller team says Russian company charged w/election interference can't share info w/Russian owners
Dec 22, 2018 Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, resigns
Dec 22, 2018 Mysterious foreign company challenging Mueller subpoena under seal files appeal to Supreme Court
Dec 22, 2018 CNN says mystery foreign company appealling to Supreme Court is involved in Mueller investigation
Dec 22, 2018 NYT on cybersecurity firm New Knowledge; ran botnet against Roy Moore; wrote SSCI report
Dec 22, 2018 WikiLeaks hints it's an open secret in DC that Mattis has been angling to run for president 2020
Dec 25, 2018 USGS identifies largest continuous oil and gas resource potential ever assessed; NM, TX
Dec 26, 2018 Carter Page files response in opposition to DNC in an Oklahoma courthouse; 49 pages; pdf
Dec 28, 2018 Goodlatte/Gowdy letter to McConnell, Whitaker, & Horowitz
Dec 29, 2018 Dmitry Viktorovich Makarenko is arrested by the FBI in Saipan
Dec 31, 2018 Hacker group The Dark Overlord threatens to release 9/11 secrets
Jan 04, 2019 Edgar Veytia, former AG of Nayarit, MX, pleads guilty to conspiracy to smuggle drugs to the U.S.
Jan 07, 2019 Justice Ginsberg misses her first day on the Supreme Court in 25 years
Jan 07, 2019 WSJ reports China sought to close 1MDB scandal; also, spioed on WSJ journalists researching 1MDB
Jan 08, 2019 12/20/18 grand jury indictment of Natalya Veselnitskaya is ordered unsealed
Jan 08, 2019 Manafort response to Mueller,
Jan 08, 2019 Reuters reveals Huawei had control over Skycom Tech Co Ltd & shell company Canicula Holdings Ltd.
Jan 08, 2019 Manafort filing accidentally reveals he and Kilimnik entertained several Ukrainian peace plans
Jan 10, 2019 Newsweek article on Trump's ties to the mob; Jeff Stein suggests Trump is an FBI informant
Jan 12, 2019 Veselnitskaya says she won't appear in Manhattan to face charges from SDNY
Jan 12, 2019 WaPo article on omitted translator notes of meetings between Trump & Putin
Jan 14, 2019 UK police confiscate $1m diamong ring purchased by jailed Azerbaijani banker, Jahangir Hajiyev
Jan 14, 2019 Supreme Court rejects challenge to the appointment of acting AG Whitaker
Jan 14, 2019 Epoch Times report on Bruce Ohr's role in Summer 2016 and McCabe in May 2017
Jan 15, 2019 Trump threatens to pull out of NATO
Jan 15, 2019 Skadden settles FARA violations with DoJ; settlement details not released till 1/17/19
Jan 15, 2019 Mueller and Gates file joint status report; they ask the court for a 60-day delay
Jan 15, 2019 Former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker revealed to be under criminal investigation for media leaks
Jan 15, 2019 Artem Radchenko and and Oleksandr Ieremenko face 16-count indictment for computer hacking of SEC
Jan 15, 2019 Govt submits under seal a redacted report substantiating breach of plea deal by Manafort; 31 pages
Jan 15, 2019 Nastya Rybka and nine others plead guilty to sex charges in Thailand
Jan 15, 2019 NYT article on translator notes between Trump and Putin that remain classified
Jan 15, 2019 Marziyeh Hashemi, an American journalist working for PressTV, arreseted in St. Louis, sent to DC
Jan 16, 2019 Turkey issues arrest warrant, extradition request for NBA superstar, Enes Kanter
Jan 16, 2019 The Epoch Times publishes excerpts from George Papadopoulos' 10/25/18 HPSCI testimony
Jan 16, 2019 Dem Senate effort to maintain sanctions on Deripaska falls three votes short, 57-43
Jan 16, 2019 John Solomon article on Bruce Ohr's briefing of senior DoJ/FBI officials wrt HRC-Steele connections
Jan 16, 2019 Gregg Jarrett tells Sean Hannity that James Baker prepared the FISA on Carter Page
Jan 16, 2019 Article about FBI asking Papadopoulos to wear a wire; he replies, "Spying on their own asset. Wild."
Jan 17, 2019 Skadden settles with DoJ; agrees to register as a foreign agent; agrees to pay $4.6m to Treasury
Jan 17, 2019 DNC files lawsuit against Russian hackers, Trump family, Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, Mifsud, et al
Jan 17, 2019 BuzzFeed reports President Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress
Jan 18, 2019 Mediaite reports BuzzFeed has not seen firsthand the documents about Trump instructing Cohen to lie
Jan 18, 2019 The Epoch Times publish excerpts from FBI General Counsel, James Baker
Jan 18, 2019 Mueller spokesperson denies BuzzFeed reporting that Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress
Jan 18, 2019 Chris Christie op-ed; details curious interactions with Kushner the week of 5/16/16
Jan 19, 2019 Nastya Rybka testifies in Moscow court that she won't disseminate stories about Deripaska
Jan 20, 2019 Court documents show Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk funded the false report on Tymoshenko
Jan 21, 2019 Alexey Navalny reports that Deripaska may have framed Nastya Rybka for sex crimes in Thailand
Jan 21, 2019 Emin Agalarov cancels U.S. concert tour, citing fear of being detained by U.S. authorities
Jan 22, 2019 Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders instructed to no longer give formal press briefings
Jan 22, 2019 VTB Bank Chairman Andrey Kostin denies his bank was involved in a proposed Trump Tower in Moscow
Jan 22, 2019 Nadler letter to acting AG Whitaker; inquires about discussions with Huber, Mueller, etc.
Jan 22, 2019 Supreme Court response to a petition for a writ of certiorari; possible Mueller mystery defendant
Jan 22, 2019 DoJ seizes $2.9m from a Bank of America account owned by Perkins Coie; tied to
Jan 22, 2019 Chelsea Manning is served a subpoena to testify before a grand jury in EDVA
Jan 24, 2019 John Solomon op-ed; says Jim Baker reviewed Carter Page's FISA; passed Corn's dossier to CH team
Jan 24, 2019 Gregg Jarrett op-ed; mentions Trish Anderson's involvement in Crossfire Hurricane (minimal)
Jan 24, 2019 Grand Jury indicts Roger Stone; 24 pages; pdf
Jan 29, 2019 OIG finds misconduct by three senior FBI officials (one retired) and an FBI contractor
Jan 29, 2019 AP reports former NY AG Schneiderman used campaign finances to pay law firm while under investigation
Jan 30, 2019 Daily Caller reports Nellie Ohr was hired to research the Trump kids while working for Fusion GPS
Jan 31, 2019 NBC News reports WH security specialist, Tricia Newbold, was suspended around the week of 1/25/19
Jan 31, 2019 CNN reports Don Jr's phone calls ahead of the 6/9/16 Trump Tower meeting were not to his dad
Jan 31, 2019 The Independent reports an Iranian diplomat had extensive involvement in the 6/30/18 Parisian bomb plot
Jan 31, 2019 ProPublica reports on a lobbying-related 2/17 Colony Northstar memo authored by Rick Gates
Feb 04, 2019 Carter Page letter to FBI Director Wray; 3 pages pdf
Feb 05, 2019 BuzzFeed publishes texts between Cohen and Sater; 284 pages; pdf
Feb 06, 2019 South Dakota grand jury indicts Paul Erickson for wire fraud and money laundering; he pleads not guilty
Feb 07, 2019 2/4/19 sealed transcript of Manafort's breach of plea hearing; 143 pages; pdf
Feb 13, 2019 Monica Witt charged w/sending classified info to Iran; DoJ press release; pdf (27 pages)
Feb 15, 2019 Mueller recommends Manafort be sentenced to 19-24.5 years in prison; 120 pages; pdf
Feb 17, 2019 Transcript of McCabe's 60 Minutes interview with Scott Pelley
Feb 17, 2019 Australia Prime Minister Morrison says Australian political parties were hacked by a state actor
Feb 20, 2019 CNN reports the Special Counsel expects to deliver its report to the DOJ sometime within the week
Feb 22, 2019 DoJ Central District of California press release says they are seeking $37m from 1MBD scandal
Feb 22, 2019 AP reports that a grand jury investigation into Andrew McCabe is still ongoing
Feb 23, 2019 Mueller prosecutors file new sentencing memo for Manafort in D.C.; pdf 25 pages
Feb 23, 2019 Attachment to Manafort's 2/23/19 sentencing memo; pdf 823 pages
Feb 25, 2019 Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, resigns
Feb 25, 2019 Epoch Times reports the DOJ prevented the FBI from pursuing gross negligence charges against HRC
Feb 25, 2019 Daily Caller reports Michael Cohen was paid $200k to secure $5b govt loan for nuclear plant in Alabama
Feb 27, 2019 Sergei Mikhailov sentenced to 22 years in prison; Ruslan Stoyanov receives a 14-year sentence
Feb 27, 2019 Bloomberg reports a bank from Kazakhastan, BTA Bank JSC, paid Michael Cohen $300m in 2017
Feb 28, 2019 U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro orders Christopher Steele's deposition to be relesed on 3/14/19
Feb 28, 2019 NYT reports that POTUS ordered CoS Kelly to issue a security clearance to Jared Kushner in May 2018
Mar 01, 2019 NYT reports that Chelsea Manning has been served a subpoena to testify before a grand jury in EDVA
Mar 01, 2019 WaPo article on Chelsea Manning's EDVA grand jury subpoena; potentially involves pre-2016 activites
Mar 04, 2019 New York Post reports Maria Carey's former manager is suing Felix Sater for stealing private info
Mar 04, 2019 Christopher Steele backs out of a scheduled tele-conference in Baltimore, citing "cold feet"
Mar 04, 2019 Comey op-ed in the Washington Post
Mar 04, 2019 Daily Caller reports Glenn Simpson was desperate to get in tough with Jonathan Winer in Sep 2016
Mar 07, 2019 Judicial Watch 319 pages Ohr
Mar 12, 2019 Lisa Page interview w/HPSCI; pdf 165 pages; MegaNZ alt pdf: Day 1, Day 2
Mar 12, 2019 Washington Examiner reports the FBI considered charging HRC with espionage until DOJ stepped in
Mar 13, 2019 The Epoch Times reports that Nellie Ohr worked as a CIA contractor from 2008-14
Mar 14, 2019 Superseding indictment against five Amalia, NM compound defendants; PR; indictment
Mar 14, 2019 The Hill reports Carter Page and Papadopoulos made exculpatory statements that never reached FISC
Mar 14, 2019 NYT reports Aleksi Gubarev's tech firms may have been used by Russian spies during the 2016 election
Mar 14, 2019 David Kramer testimony is published; scribd pdf 39 pages
Mar 20, 2019 John Solomon reports Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to probe 2016 election interference
Mar 20, 2019 John Solomon reports Steele began discussions about Manafort with Bruce Ohr between 12/15—2/16
Mar 21, 2019 Comey op-ed in the New York Times
Mar 22, 2019 McCabe-Page texts 10/12/16—10/15/16; scribd pdf
Mar 27, 2019 Trump phones into Fox News with Sean Hannity; video (44m)
Mar 28, 2019 Harold T. Martin pleads guilty to retaining national security information
Apr 09, 2019 Seitu Kokayi convicted on child porn charges; associated with WikiLeaks, and potentially Schulte
Apr 11, 2019 Trey Gowdy says a law enforcement officer wore a wire while surveilling the Trump campaign (at 02m20s)
Apr 11, 2019 Carter Page interview on Fox News with Hannity and Dershowitz (5m20s)
Apr 18, 2019 Searchable Mueller report
Apr 19, 2019 Marcus Hutchins (aka "MalwareTech") pleads guilty; scribd pdf 19 pages
Apr 26, 2019 Maria Butina sentenced to 18 months in prison
May 01, 2019 James Murray sworn in as Director of Secret Service
May 01, 2019 The Hill reports on Nellie Ohr's emails concerning 2016 meetings with Fusion GPS and DOJ prosecutors
May 01, 2019 Jerry Chun Shing Lee pleads guilty to sharing secret information concerning CIA informants in China
May 02, 2019 NYT story outs "Azra Turk" as a U.S. govt investigator, who had posed as a research assistant
May 03, 2019 Nunes letter concerning Mifsud; scribd pdf 7 pages
May 22, 2019 Gowdy letter to POTUS
Apr 20, 2020 Crossfire Razor (General Flynn) documents; scribd pdf 12 pages
Aug 14, 2020 Kevin Clinesmith prosecutor information; pdf 5 pages
Aug 18, 2020 SSCI releases Russia Report Volume #5; pdf 966 pages
Aug 19, 2020 Kevin Clinesmith plea deal; 10 pages
Sep 10, 2020 Judicial Watch obtains Mueller team cell phone records